questionable outfit

Sometimes I feel that if GOT7 and BTS were on a reality show at the end of every episode the narrator would say something like:

“Will Jackson ever stop being extra? Will Namjoon ever stop wearing questionable outfits and avoiding Jackson? Will bambam ever stop dabbing? And will anyone ever find out why Jimin put Taehyung on a leash? Find out next on TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND!”


Oingo Boingo At Dick Clark’s American Bandstand 1983



Questions included in this video:

0:20 - If you could only keep one peice of clothing from the wardrobe you have right now, what would it be and why?
0:51 - How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? The outfits look like they take a lot of work!
1:38 - Did it take you awhile to be able to put together such lovely outfits?
2:11 - I don’t mean this in a rude way, but do people stare at you because you dress so extravagently?
2:41 - What kind of sports do you do?
3:34 - You have a beautiful style!! And I ma so happy you pende a YouTube channel too 😄 my questions are : “Have you ever been in Italy?” And “What is your biggest dream and goal?” Xoxo from Marina from Italy
4:21 - Love your sense of style and just how you present yourself in general. I was wondering, since I wish to improve my own wardrobe and achieve a more polished look, if you could show what makes up a good outfit? And what do you look for when putting an outfit together?
5:20 - How long is your hair at the moment? Do you always keep it at the same length?
5:55 - Do you support the book Lolita?
6:20 - Hello Fanny! Thank you for your beautiful posts! I want to ask you since I also have long hair, how do you deal with hair fall? And how do you protect it while sleeping? Thank you!!
7:39 - Hi I think you are fabulous! I was wondering if you have clothing in all colors or is there a color you don’t like?
8:28 - I had no idea you were married! How do you like married life, and what does your wedding dress look like? P.S. You are my absolute favorite blogger.
9:20 - Hi, Fanny! I have been following you for 3 years now and must say you have ceased to disappoint. You are lovely, eloquent and do inspire many! I wanted to ask, was it hard getting Madame Bissonnette from Canada to Japan?
13:33 - Are you going to stay permanently in Okinawa or will you return to Montreal in the future?

나는이 사람을 사랑:3 <3

I love that guy:3<3

Eu amo esse cara,meeo :3 <3

mercurius-orion  asked:

Haha xD why do you hate Lucy's recent outfit do much? Just curious.

The outfit in question is this:

And god do I hate it so much. I don’t know if it’s pigtails, or the fact that I’m surprised Lucy hasn’t popped right out of that shirt yet, or the skirt that literally would cover nothing if it was real, but I loath this outfit. 

That, and it seems like it’s become Mashima’s new go-to? If Lucy ever needs a replacement outfit it’s always this one??? Granted, I don’t think I’ve liked a lot of Lucy’s blue outfits. 

Im bleeding out of my vagina, do you still want to argue?
—  Bored out of my mind thoughts