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-Is it echolalia if i repeat things over and over in my head? And is it echolalia if I listen to the same song over and over again?

Repeating things in your head can be echolalia but listening to the same song many times is stimming.

-What are spoons and how do I use them? Can someone help?

Spoons are an abstract measure of the energy a disabled or chronically ill person has. This can be mental, emotional or physical energy. It’s a way of differentiating normal tiredness and tiredness related to the disability/illness. For example, “I’m too tired to go out” = I need an early night whereas “I don’t have the spoons to go out” = I can’t handle being around people rn/I’m dealing with physical or mental exhaustion

-(Not a feel) is it possible for a special interest to just be one character? I like the rest of the show too, just not in an SpIn way ~ 🍒🌟

Could be. Special interest can be basically anything.

- Question, is it an autistic thing to never feel comfortable around people your age growing up? Like, I couldn’t stand to be around more kids, and preferred being around old people? I don’t know.

It’s one of those things that isn’t explicitly an autism thing, but does seem fairly common, so it’s possible

-I’ve heard about autistic folk being more sensitive to medicines, I am more sensitive to some types and less sensitive to other types, itaat? 💚💊


- Hi! I’m non-binary, DMAB. I had a screening/test for autism at an early age, & never saw psychologists for autism again, don’t know why. It could be b/c my parents found I didn’t have it.. but I don’t have a good relationship w/ my parents & don’t have access to that info. On one side of the coin.. it could be them misunderstanding my extreme, gender nonconformity. On the other side, I was overcompensating so much to look like a boy I worry it got in the way of accurate test results. Thoughts?

I’d probably look into it again if you can, since you don’t actually know the results of the screening

  • Ravi: If I mix a 6 hour sleeping aid pill and a 5 hour energy drink, do you think I will get a one hour nap?
  • Hongbin: How have you survived this long?

There are those of us who get asked for medical advice by friends and family as doctors. There are those of us who get asked even when they are med students. And there are those for whom it starts before they even get to pick up a medical textbook.

It’s a dizzying level responsibility even when you’ve graduated, because people have started to trust your opinions before you’ve finished your training. Let alone when you haven’t even started.

tentaculartacos  asked:

I hope you don't mind me asking, I see a lot of people calling for mugwort tea, I've even found it in some commercial teas. I thought it was fine in moderation? Did I miss something?

Mugwort is not overtly poisonous, but it can be dangerous is used incorrectly.

It’s supposedly all right in small amounts or moderation IF YOUR DOCTOR SAYS IT’S OKAY. Seriously, check on that first. Mugwort can interact badly with a lot of health conditions and medications. Avoid it like the plague if you’re pregnant (it can cause miscarriage), if you’re allergic to Ragweed (it can cause hay fever), or if you’re on bloodthinners or mood stabilizers. Don’t ever start an herbal treatment without talking to your doctor first.

The trouble is that pagan authors (we’re talking mostly the New Age Classics here) don’t always bother to include those health warnings in their books when they tell you to put Mugwort in your tea or this or that potion for magical purposes. I don’t know if it’s because they couldn’t be bothered or because it was somehow understood (the community WAS much smaller than).

But it’s something that should be addressed, since it results in inexperienced bloggers reprinting that information without being certified herbalists and without taking health risks for their readers into account.

I get a ton of messages basically asking the same question: How do I make myself the best applicant to medical school I can be?

1. Most imporantly: Do everything in your power to be a well rounded applicant
- Pick a major your interested, does NOT have to be a science major!

– Just because you want to be a doctor or work in healthcare doesn’t mean only science topics interest you! You can be an art major and still take all the courses required for premed. Ex. I did anthropology and Psychology, I have premed friend who were engineering and music majors. 

- Volunteer in the community with organizations that you are passionate about, NOT just ones that look good on an application

– These should be diverse but should be things you are passionate about, if you get more out of planting trees than volunteering in a hospital gift shop, thats okay! Volunteer in different groups and organizations, some should be medically related but they don’t all have to be! Showing a commitment to life long service doesn’t just mean in medicine. 

- Shadow: different fields of medicine and not just doctors, look into dentistry, nursing, psychology, social work –> figure out what type of healthcare provider you want to be. Contacting people may seem scary but it never hurts to ask, look for positions available, write them an email talking about the strengths and skills you have, maybe you don’t have a lot of experience but you can still be a fast learner and hard worker! 

- Research: if this seems boring to you, find someone researching something you’re interested in so you will actually enjoy it! I appreciated the results of research but always thought working in it would be boring and it was just another thing I had to do to put on my application. I was very WRONG! I found something lab researching a topic I was interested and it consumed me, I now have a greater understanding research and how fun it can be exploring a hypothesis! 

- Extracurricular: again do what your are passionate about, everything does not have to be about medicine, different life experiences teach you different life lessons. I learned different things from being VP of my Doctor Who club vs.  in my medical internship vs. being a ski instructor! 

- Study hard: create study groups, find tutors or be a tutor! If you are struggling in a class, study groups are shown to be a very effective way of studying, or spend the money on getting a tutor because it will be worth it in the end. When you are struggling in a class, especially a premed class, it can be a good time to reflect on whether this is a career for you. Being a doctor means a lifetime of learning, school, and tests. Seriously look into other career you might be interested in, its okay to change your mind about medical school, there are other careers in medicine, or other professions you might enjoy more. Everything in life takes hard work, its finding what you can endlessly work hard for. General Chemistry made me seriously look at whether of not this was the right path for me. After some serious self reflection, there was nothing else I could work this hard for. 

- Time management: Managing work, school, social life and everything else can be hard, don’t take on too much, figure out your limits, remember to ask for help when you need it and to take care of yourself. If you push yourself too hard you will break, we are not invincible. Its okay to say no, to take time for yourself!

Keep a detailed resume of all your actives, exact dates of when they started and ended, who to contact about them and a detailed summary of what you did and what you learned form your experiences! This will help you immensely when filling out your AMCAS 

If your application isn’t perfect or not very well rounded (lacking in areas), I highly recommend taking time off to fill those gaps. The biggest reason people who apply straight out of college don’t get in, even with great applications is maturity level. You may think, I am adult, I am mature! But just because you can act professionally doesn’t mean you are mature. The maturity they are looking for is achieved through life experiences. Many college kids really haven’t had much life experiences other that college, what adversities have you overcome, do you even really know who you are yet outside of your college experience. 

I have take two years off, even though I had a pretty good application before, it has only become stronger and I have lived life, I thought I knew who I was before but I really had explored that until I was out of college on my own.   

Optional: Take time off before applying (Recommended)
- Gaining more life experiences: Maybe move to a new place or Travel 

- Get a Masters Degree: this can help boost your GPA if it is not competitive 

- Work: doesn’t have to be in medicine but if you lack hand-on patient experiences than this is great opportunity to chance that! If you have never worked a job, than I highly recommend taking time off and working for a living to experience what its like to pay your own bills

- Learn about who you are: this will help you appear more mature when interviewing and make you more confident 

The Process of Applying 

- Competitive MCAT Score: you don’t have to pay for a course, do what works best for you. I believe the examkracker books were most helpful, Kaplan tend to have the hardest BS and PS practice test but Examkrackers is the best for VR. If you don’t do well the first time, figure out what went wrong and retake it! Learn from this experience because your future in medicine will require many more standardized tests so figuring out how to best prepare for them now will help you in the future! 

- Picking Medical Schools: pick 15 schools, have a few reach schools and a few back up school and then the rest ones you can reasonably get into. Take into account their curriculums, locations and if you are thinking about a competitive speciality look at the what residencies their students are matching! If you are interested in research, or rural care, looks at schools that over special programs for these paths. 

- Letters of Rec/Committee Letter: hopefully in college you made meaningful relationships with professors you had (you should definitely do this!), you will need a science class professor letter of rec, if you did research you will need one from your PI, if you worked with a doctor for an extended period ask them to write you one or if you worked with a volunteer organization for a long period.  Write them a nice letter in why you are asking them, provide them with your resume and all the information they need to know as well as where to send it to. Its okay to send emails reminding them to write it, they are busy people and reminding them shows it is important to you. Also figure out if your school offers a committee letter and be diligent about keeping up on every thing you need to do for it. 

Primary Application AMCAS

- Personal statement- make it personal, talk about experiences that have lead you hear today, but most importantly what you learned from them. This is about you, WHY YOU? vs. everybody else who is applying. This is a Persuasive essay! 

- Academic Record- make sure to request you transcripts to be sent as soon as possible so AMCAS can verify them quickly 

- 15 Activities - out of everything you have done you have to pick the 15 most important activities you have done and briefly talk about them. Then you get to pick three that were most important 


- Strong Essays- These are your chance to show again why you!? highlight your strengths when you can, make sure they are concise and well written free of grammatical errors. Ask friends to read them over for you. 

- Resume - Remember that detailed resume I told you to about keeping! Many schools allow you to upload addition documents like a resume! Now beyond your 15 they have a list of all the actives you have ever done and what you have learned from them! 

- Headshot- passport photo size, 2 x 2 inches. Dress profession, SMILE, only should show show just below the shoulder and up. Remember this is their first glimpse of you, putting the face together with your application! 

- Research abstract - if you did research, make sure to have a document with just your abstract to upload if the offer additional documents area. 


1. Practice - Practice answering interview questions, use examples, highlight your strengths! Try limiting your answer to two to 3 minute: look up “Elevator Speech” - pitch to the ceo a great idea on an elevator ride of only 4 floors! 

2. Reading - the more you read the smarter you are! Reads books about doctors and their experiences, how to apply to medical school, affordable healthcare act, current events, current events in medicine, NIH, read papers on tough ethical topics, read papers published by people from that school, read everything you can on their schools website! Schedule a mock interview, video record yourself answering questions. 

3. What to wear -
Females - professional fitted pants suit or suit with skirt no more than an inch about knees with skin tone matching stockings. flats or heels no more than 2 inches high, make sure you can walk all day in them. simple jewelry, studs and a necklace, no more than one ring on each hang. nothing big and distracting. suite should be black, navy, or gray. Blouse or profession top not showing cleavage. If you hair is long wear it back. Make up, light. You don’t want anything distracting from what you’re saying!
Males- Well fitted suit, tie (safer) or bow-tie, pick a professional one that is not busy looking or distracting. Suit color: black, navy or gray. business professional shoes. Belt and shoe color must match. 

Don’t wear fragrances (but wear deodorant!), bring a briefcase or similar size professional purse or professional folder (just need something to hold business cards and papers). Look well manicured make sure nails are trimmed and neutral colors only. 

Remember to be professional, have a firm handshake, ask them for their business card at the end to write them a handwritten thank you letter. Sit up straight, smile, be you, and don’t forget its a conversation so don’t be over rehearse your answers. If you don’t know the answer to a question, say “I honestly don’t know the answer to that”. Come up with a list of your 3 strengths and weakness and examples of each as well as what you are doing to work on your weaknesses. 

Good luck! One day your hard work will pay off, there will be bumps along the way but each one will teach you something and bring you closer to your dream of going to medical school! 

Love Sick ~Finn Balor Imagine~

Summary: When visiting Finn’s family in Ireland, his girlfriend falls victim to food poisoning.

Warnings: none that I cant think of, mention of being sick ??

Sorry if its crappy Ive had this idea in my head and its been eating away at me to be posted.

Originally posted by baleesi

The bar was a bad idea.

Well maybe not the bar, maybe it was the Guinness. Couldn’t be, I was not even close to drunk nor tipsy, wanting to make a good impression on Finn’s friends and siblings. It had to be that “Fresh” Seafood platter Finn’s sister Anna-Marie and I shared.

I groaned as my stomach cramped, a chill ran up my spine as I rolled onto my back in Anna-Marie’s old bedroom. I felt as if all the contents of my stomach were churning in a blender. I sat up, throwing my legs over the side of the bed when it felt like top of the blender had blown off. I slapped a hand over my mouth and dashed to the bathroom across from the bedroom.

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quick question for y’all

So this is something I’ve been thinking about off and on for a while now, and I just saw a string of posts that brought it back into the forefront of my brain:

When it comes to interacting with medical professionals – doctors, nurses, EMTs, whoever – what are the things they say or do that make you feel unsafe or uncomfortable? Conversely, what things do make you feel safe, comfortable, or respected, or would make you feel that way if someone took the time/effort to do it? What do you wish medical professionals would say or do when it comes to partnering with you about your health?

I like to think I’m pretty good about certain things when it comes to working with my patients, but I know there’s always room for improvement on a personal level, and there’s definitely room for improvement when it comes to the system as a whole. I’d love to hear about situations other than the emergency department, too: primary care visits, urgent care visits, OBGYNs and surgery consults and mental health, whatever. There is always, always crossover, and harmful attitudes in one specialty are probably present in another.

As always, I’ve left anonymous turned on, and I absolutely understand if people would rather send me anonymous asks as opposed to replying or sending asks under their own username. This is one of those topics where I think it’s important for me to sit back and really listen to what people have to say instead of jumping in with my own thoughts right away, so it’s going to be a while before I reply to anything.

You're Not Dying// Spencer Reid x Reader

Prompt: Reader calls Spencer and insists she’s dying even though it’s just a flu. (I changed it to a phone call instead of texts so I hope it’s okay with you!)

Requested by: @willthecrystalgemflowerchild

“Is that Y/N?” JJ asked with a sly smile as Reid’s phone went off while they made their way through the hotel hallway. He nodded, smiling slightly at the way your names flashed on the screen.

“She’s got good timing,” JJ added with a grin as she stopped at her own room. “Goodnight Spence.”

“Goodnight,” he replied quickly as he hit the answer button. He had been wanting to hear your voice since they’d landed that morning but the case they were on had demanded more attention than he had anticipated.

“Hey beautiful,” he said as he answered your call. He grinned to himself as he opened his own hotel room and let himself in, his shoes immediately kicked into a corner.

“Spencer I’m dying. Oh my god. I’m dying.”

Immediate alarm flushed through him at your words.

“What are you talking about? What’s going on?” He asked, his mind already racing. He instinctively took a step back towards the door, ready to run out of the case for you. He had seen you the night before and you had been fine for the most part. You had complained about allergies but it was something that wasn’t a life threatening situation.

“I’m heating up. My throat is sore. This is it, Spence. I’m done for,” you managed to croak out. He recognized the stuffiness in your voice. He’d heard it all last winter when you’d spent a week in bed after insisting on walking in the rain.

“Y/N, you have the flu. Those weren’t allergies last night,” Spencer replied in realization. “You’re not going to die,” he chuckled.

“You don’t know that,” you replied stubbornly. Your head had been pounding since the morning and you had slept through most of the day. Already you had gone through two tissue boxes since waking and the fatigue in your body was less than pleasant. “You’re not that kind of doctor you know.”

Spencer laughed at your defiance. It was always the same when you got sick. You’d quickly overthink everything and he had to peel you away from the WebMD website every time, with you declaring that you were dying of some terminal illness. It was amusing but he knew just how much attention you needed while ill and he wasn’t there this time around.

“Have you taken any medicine?” he questioned as he kicked off his trousers. He struggled to undress with one arm holding the phone before he decided to simply put you on speaker.

“Yes. All I had was NyQuil though so I’ve been asleep for ages,” you replied. You were still curled up in bed, the blankets around you only fueling the fever you had.

“You said you were hot. You need to take some Tylenol or Advil. Something to stop it.”

He could hear unhappy grumbles on your side as you forced yourself up and towards the small cabinet that held all the medications. You fumbled around for a bit, grabbing the bottle of pills and a glass of water.

“There. I did it,” you announced before trudging back to your bed. You were exhausted and the pains of sickness had left you feeling a bit loopy. “Are you coming home soon?”

“We just got here. So no, I don’t think so,” he replied with a sigh. “It depends on how the case turns out.”

He hated leaving you alone when you were sick. You would revert back to a childlike phase, refusing to see a doctor and begrudgingly taking the medication you needed. He only hoped you’d get better soon.

“Alright. I should get some rest and you should too. Call me when you can, ok?” you replied sadly.

“You know I will. I love you,” Spencer said. “Goodnight.”

You were asleep. Or at least you had been until a warm hand had wrapped around your shoulders, shaking you lightly until your eyes finally opened. You blinked, forcing your eyesight into focus.

“Spence?” you asked in confusion. He smiled at your sleepy state, his hand cupping your face and running a finger across your cheek.

“Hey,” he said softly, “I came home for you.”

“What? Are you sure that’s okay?” You asked as you sat up, your mind still foggy from the medicine you had taken.

“Yeah. They can do one case without me,” he assured with a nod. Suddenly your mind cleared and you realized he was actually home.

You grinned, your arms reaching up to pull him down. He laughed as he landed on top of you, his head on your chest as you placed kisses on his forehead. He caught sight of the flu medicine and the trash can overflowing with tissues.

“I told you that you weren’t dying,” he chuckled. You rolled your eyes playfully. You did feel better this morning.

“Well I guess you’ll just have to make sure I don’t take a turn for the worst.”

poisondartwolf-deactivated20150  asked:

Odd request but there was a time when radium was in everything. Was it used much in snake oil type stuff?

Very very yes. I actually have tons on that that apparently I haven’t posted (or at least haven’t tagged - I know I’ve had this stuff for a LONG time and I wasn’t great at tagging at first), but I have a bit on radiation…just not much on radium, itself, outside of radium toothpaste.

Have a few minutes? Or an hour? Sawbones is great, funny, and has episodes on both patent medicines and quack-a-rific radiation therapy (mostly involving radium). Now that I know I haven’t posted much on the subject, I’m definitely gonna get back to that.

Asking All Witches!

Wondering if anyone has tried a relatively new type of healing called ‘Tapping’

It’s a relatively new form of alternative medicine, and I’m interested in seeing if anyone has tried it and have any information or want to share their experiences with me.

Thanks in advance my lovely witches!

Stay Wild, Moon Child. 🌙🔮

The Witch Biitch. ☆

When the cure is worse than the disease…

No. 97: Metallic stomatitis sores, concurrent with re-emergence of syphilitic mucous papules. Caused by mercuric injections.

No. 98: Bullous Erythema multiforme brought on by arseno-benzene injections. Patient had nine injections of mercury and eleven of arseno-benzene, and presented his rash two-and-a-half months later. His urine had much protein in it and showed signs of acute yellow atrophy of the liver. He was given three more injections of arseno-benzene and apparently recovered?

No. 99: “Typical” presentation of nails after acute arsenical dermatitis, after the rash has disappeared.

There were many recorded deaths from the “cure” for syphilis, often from infection of open wounds caused by reactions to the deadly poisons that people were ingesting to try and avail themselves of an illness that, if anything, would probably have killed them much more slowly…

Venereal Diseases: Their Clinical Aspect and Treatment. J. E. R. McDonagh, 1921.

Cresco Amor

So I have been trying to start writing little things here and there and decided to give this a shot. I wanted to explore slow, burn, pre-official MSR with my own personal ideas of the season 6-7 timeline and what I think may have been happening behind the scenes leading to … well, everything. Totally innocent (at this point), nothing explicit here. This is (hopefully) going to be the first of many stories. But that all depends on my motivation and bursts of quasi-creativity.

Somewhere in Nevada, heading east

October 30, 1998

“I do want to stop.”

“Mmk” she responded groggily rubbing her eyes and reaching for the folded map in the glove box. “I think there’s a motel about 20 miles or so ahead, small town called Littlefield.”

“No. I mean stop. Get out of the car… eventually”

“Oh.” She said simply, realizing his meaning. “That’s… good, Mulder.” She looked out of the window into the darkness wondering what she would be seeing if it were daylight. It was a barren desert which they had been driving through for two hours now, since they were turned away from Area 51.

“I just cant stop now, Scully. Not with everything that’s been taken from us.”

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If the Hetalia characters owned businesses
  • Italy: an upscale Italian restaurant that looks like it's been there forever
  • Germany: a doggy day care where they also offer obedience training (it's a high quality service but afterward the dogs will only respond to German commands)
  • Japan: an animation studio with highly advanced technology that goes unnoticed because their writing isn't always the best
  • America: franchise owner of a fast food place, one that has one of those indoor playground things
  • England: a magic shop so tightly packed with different tricks and materials to buy you don't know where to look
  • France: a prestigious private culinary school
  • Russia: a small flower shop that is always struggling to stay in business
  • China: a shop that sells traditional medicine, where questions are met with vague answers and prices seem a little crazy
  • Canada: an ice rink that has fun themed nights on weekends and offers deals during the week
  • Prussia: the kind of little bar where everyone knows the bar tender and there is always laughter
  • Austria: a cute little coffee shop that sells gourmet pastries and fancy drinks, where classical music is always playing
  • Romano: a hole in the wall pizza place where the line is often out the door
  • Switzerland: a bank with the overseas accounts of many foreign businessmen
  • Greece: a struggling museum, in a tattered looking building because there isn't enough income for repairs
  • Hungary: an obscure little dress shop with a lot of strange styles