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Hong Seol: “I used to frequently hear that I was sensitive and frustrating to be around. So I worried a lot about that. My conclusion was…“That’s just who I am."”

Amanda Knox: Trial by Press

**SPOILER ALERT** for anybody who has not seen the film or does not know the case well!


Amanda Knox and her boyfriend (of less than one week) Raffaelle Sollecito were convicted (twice) and ultimately acquitted twice, of the murder of English student Meredith Kercher.

Rudy Guede, a known house breaker, was also convicted of the murder and to this day remains in prison.

Meredith Kercher:

I would just like to say the lack of sympathy and empathy for the victim from multiple people interviewed was appalling.

Too many people saw this as a career opportunity and in particular some in the media should forever be ashamed by their conduct.

The question:

Did she do it?

The courts gave their answer, I’ll give my opinion at the end of this article, but first…

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  • *inside a store*
  • Employee: Would you two like to try any of these scents?
  • Me: actually, that would be great. Do you have Gaultiers?
  • Employeed: We do *sprays Gaultier Classique (For women) on a piece of paper and hands it to me*
  • Me: Hmmm... Yeah, I'm just not as into that as their cologne
  • Daddy: I know, that is just so good right?
  • Me: Do you have that? 'Le Male' by Gaultier?
  • Employee: Umm.. *looks at shelf* No, we don't have that.
  • Daddy: *Sees that exact cologne two shelves away* It's right there isn't it?
  • Employee: Oh yes! Would you like to sample that? *sprays it on a piece of paper, specifically avoids handing it to me even though my hand is out*
  • Me: lol wut.

Image courtesy of Jess Walter and Sherman Alexie 

Authors Jess Walter (left) and Sherman Alexie have a podcast called “A Tiny Sense Of Accomplishment.” I just discovered it thanks to Electric Literature’s list of their favorite literary podcasts, and it’s my new favorite thing. They answer listener questions about writing, conduct author interviews and read drafts of their own work.

They call themselves “the Car Talk of scribes.”  And their podcast actually is kind of like Car Talk. It’s funny, and it makes you feel like everything will be okay.

–Lidia Jean 

AmRev College Modern AU:

College President George Washington who has inherited a college that has gone thru a lot of changes very quickly and doesn’t quite know how to keep everything going without going crazy. He is very tempted to retire asap.

Science Professor Benjamin Franklin conducting questionably legal experiments on his students, but hey he’s paying them for this so. Also, being the cool old guy who crashes frat parties and outdrinks everyone there.

Assistant Ecology Professor Thomas Jefferson being a dickbag and trying to undermine the college’s recent decision to allow students of color in with rants about affirmative action and how it isn’t in the school’s “tradition.”

Political Science Professor John Adams who is angry because hardly no one likes to take his classes because he assigns way too much work, and he thinks all his students are slackers.

Women’s Studies Professor Abigail Adams who is probably the best qualified at her job, and she doesn’t tolerate mansplaining from her male students and colleagues.

Senior class James Madison having a breakdown due to taking too many extra classes and collapses from the overwork.

Freshman Aaron Burr who’s only there because his grandfather was a famous alumni. He parties hard all the time, and yet somehow still has amazing grades. Rumor has it he’s slept with half the women on campus.

Assistant Political Science Professor Theodosia Bartow who disagrees with everything Professor John Adams says. She may or may not be having a relationship with student Aaron Burr.

Senior class Gouverneur Morris, who rumor has it has slept with the other half of women on campus. He’s a laid-back student, but will fight you if you pick on the little guys.

Sophomore Phillis Wheatley who’s the top of her class but has to fight the dudebros who think she’s only there because of quota. She thinks that Professor Abigail Adams’s doesn’t take her feminism far enough.

Freshman Alexander Hamilton who hides the fact he’s a scholarship boy, and fights with every professor he’s in class with, though he thinks Economics Professor Benjamin Banneker is alright.

Social justice warrior Elizabeth Schuyler.

Freshman John Laurens who had to switch schools fast because there’s a rumor he got a girl pregnant, but in fact it was the result of trying to convince himself he wasn’t gay that got out of hand. Get’s constantly called out for his White Knight tendencies.

Freshman Richard Allen who skipped like four years of grade school, but deals with passive-aggressive comments from Religion Professor Patrick Henry.