question timeee

Question Timeee

Thanks @star-shapedfruit for getting me to finally do one of these question things after three days of telling myself I’d do this but being too lazy and not on a computer xD

Name: Daniel

Nickname: Sass, Dan, Dan-cicle

Star sign: Cancer

Height: 5′ 11″

Sexual orientation: Ace all the wayyy

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff. I’d never done this until today oopsie. *hugs Newt* HE’S MINE NOW YOU CAN’T HAVE HIM

Favourite colour: Blue + Purple. You can’t make me decide

Favourite animal: Aahhh so many to choose from. One of them is definitely penguins. I have a penguin mug that I use and its super cuteee :3

Average hours of sleep: 6-9 probably. Especially recently KH has been taking over my life slowly

Number of blankets: I just counted because I’d forgotten and 4. The amount I use varies xD I’M PREPARED FOR ALL WEATHER OK?

Favourite singer/band: I listen to Paramore and Panic! At The Disco a fair amount. I spend most of my time listening to anime openings and endings though so… uhhh… my favourite band is Anime?

Dream trip: Anywhere abroad is good for me. I wanna go see cool places and take pictures of everythingggg. Exploring the world sounds like a lotta fun :D

Dream job: A Counsellor. I always wanna help people and I think I could do well with the job. We’ll just have to wait and see :3

Current number of followers: 89. It’s a good thing I’m here for the memes and not the followers :’)

What made you create tumblr?: A friend at college said I should make a tumblr account for a while and eventually I stopped being lazy and did :’) Go thank @yumanaa for turning me into tumblr trash!

@yumanaa @olatana @michael-loffet @violetren @valenshawke @kytomori Hi I’m tagging you all go do it if you wanttt!

Ok guys, question time: I’m probably gonna be at Japan Expo in Paris this year. It was an idea I’ve been caressing with a couple of artists friends for a while and it’s looking less and less like “yeah we would like to do that” and more like “well shit we are going there aren’t we”.

I’m going to bring pins and gadgets (mostly Marvel, probably, especially considering AoU it’s gonna be released around that time frame) but what I really want to bring its a SteveTony doujinshi. Problem is, I don’t have the slightest clue of what’s gonna happen. Will it sell? Will people care? It’s gonna be pretty 616-heavy so I’m afraid people might be not all that interested- and I don’t want to find myself with a box full of unsold doujinshi and a whole lot of money lost from my pocket, considering its clearly gonna be self-produced and all that. What I’m asking you now it’s: would you guys eventually be interested in purchasing it? Not looking to make a shitton of money as much as at least covering the printing expenses. I want to make one because I’ve been shipping these two idiots since, like, 2008 and making a douji had always been a dream of mine, but at the same time I really don’t want to lose a lot of money and find myself covered in unsold copies of my own comic XD