question the carrot

I was thinking about the baby carrots joke in the Sausage Party trailer (”They’re eating children!”) and not only is it not a very good joke, it demonstrates a fundamental misunderstanding of how baby carrots are made. They’re not carrots prematurely ripped from the ground, they’re cut and shaped from ugly, “unsellable” regular carrots. Which begs the question, weren’t those carrots sentient to begin with? Aren’t all baby carrots in the SP universe born of intense trauma, and wouldn’t they then already be aware of the cruelty humans can inflict?

And where does sentience begin in this universe? Does it begin when food is packaged? When it grows? Do the individual byproducts of a hot dog have sentience? Do they scream and wail as they are shoved together and mashed into a sausage casing? Do hot dog buns come alive in the oven? Are their first memories that of indescribably hot temperatures and being baked alive?

In the script, there’s a pizza that complains of its legs being eaten. When did the pizza gain a sense of self? Did its individual pepperonis, sauces, and cheeses have identities before they became the pizza? Does the pizza remember them? Or is the pizza more akin to a Hetalia country, where the personifications of countries have their own identities but are also aware of their citizens? Is pizza a country?

I fucking hate this movie.


Lazy days, Levi’s head pillowed on Erwin’s stomach and Erwin’s fingers carding through his hair. The grass prickles softly beneath their weight, sandwich crusts and empty bottles of lemonade scattered around as the last vestiges of the summer slip away. 

“That one looks like a heart,” Erwin murmured lazily, his hand reaching up languid to point at the sky, where puffy clouds skitter cotton-ball across the blanket of the sky. Levi doesn’t see it, he thinks the cloud in question looks like a carrot, but he smiles and snuggles back into Erwin’s stomach anyway, wondering if this is a preliminary indication to the ring box he can feel digging into his back through the pockets of Erwin’s coat.


As requested, comparison photos of all the colors of fur in my shop, and maybe some that aren’t. I tried my best to adjust the colors so they were accurate, but I had some trouble and’t it isn’t perfect. Also, they still may not display correctly on all screens. I make wigs from these furs to fit a variety of BJDs, Monster High, and American Girl dolls (must be bald).

I get a lot of questions about carrot colored faux fur, and I haven’t found a good carrot for sale ever. I promise I’ll buy it when I do. 

Also, I’ve found most colors/types are discontinued by the manufacturer by the time I get them, so consider every color I have limited. 

Thanks for looking!