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No Sleep Till Brooklyn, Part 2

Heartmate Series: Steve Rogers x Reader

Characters: Steve Rogers, Deadpool, Falcon

Warnings: language, violence - Deadpool’s in it guys, it ain’t PG.

A/N: This is my take on the soulmate trope. It’s not necessarily an AU, because technically heartmate is canon in the Marvel world - at least with Wade’s comics. 

Summary: You’re a mutant turned mercenary, working with the best merc around - Wade Fucking Wilson aka Deadpool. You are also someone who doesn’t believe in the whole heartmate crap. How could two people solely be made for each other? Steve Rogers is Captain America,  Avenger extraordinaire. Call him old fashion, but he believed in heartmates and knew he had one out there. The two of you cross paths one day and things get set in motion. Can Steve get passed the jaded wall you built or would things just crash and burn? And will Wade Wilson finally learn to put the seat down after taking a piss? Who knows.

Part 1

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Bedtime Stories

Requested by @hochiiiyo

Prompt; that’s not how it goes! 


“Daaaddy, we’ve already heard that one, tell a new story!”  

Gajeel chuckled, rolling his eyes at his daughter’s insistence. It was getting late, but neither of the twins were going to settle without a story for bedtime, and it was his turn to enthrall them with a new tale. He could hear Levy giggle in the next room, and silently vowed to get back at her later on, when the kids were safely tucked away and sleeping. Right now, he had each twin perched on either knee, bouncing them gently.

“Eh? Ya don’t wanna hear about the dragon and the princess?” He teased, ruffling Shutora’s wild locks. So much like her mother’s…

“Nope! Mama told us that one last night,” she replied, and Yajeh nodded sagely, a serious look in his eyes.  

“Yeah, so we wanna hear a new one,” he added, and Gajeel couldn’t help but ruffle his hair as well. Yajeh was more like his father, though he did have a few silly moments thanks to his sister. Despite the years that he had been a father to these two miscreants, he was still in awe that he was something he’d never thought was possible. Maybe he’d give Levy a bit of loving instead of teasing, just to thank her for the millionth time for this.  

“Aight then, what did ya have in mind?”  

“How’d you and mama meet?” Yajeh piped up, tucking his feet up under him while Shutora nodded wildly at him.  

Gajeel froze at the question, a cold sweat pooling at the base of his skull. He clenched his teeth slightly, fighting the shudder of dread that threatened to sweep down his spine. ’Fuck,’ he thought, lcikign his lips nervously. ‘I didn’t think they’d ask this early.’  

Two sets of dark honey eyes were staring at him expectantly, waiting for his answer. Obviously, they were hoping for a pretty story that involved anything but that. He knew that they’d ask one day, and then he and Levy would have to tell them honestly; he certainly didn’t want anyone else to do it before they could. But as to how to tell them now…

“Ah, that,” he said, sighing after a long moment. He hugged the twins closer to him, settling for a more vague story that he hoped they would be happy with. After all, they had attention spans of a kitten, hopefully they’d get bored enough to ask for a more entertaining story.  

“You know how all your friends are scared of me?” He asked, and the twins bobbed their heads in response. “Well, it was like that with me and yer mom too. I wasn’t exactly the nicest of guys back then, either,” he said, his voice taking on a slight edge.  

“So you were mean to mom?” Shutora asked, snuggling closer.

“… Yeah, a bit.”

“Did you say sorry?” Yajeh asked, staring at his father seriously. Gajeel blinked, almost shocked by the question. He nodded slowly, exhaling deeply as he regarded the kids seriously.  

“Yeah, I did. Lots and lots, too.”

“Good!” The twins chorused, hugging Gajeel and surprising him. Good? He bit back a mirthless chuckle. It was anything but good, but the kids’ simple answer had him reeling. They were just as forgiving as their mother, he realized.  

At least, for now, till they learned everything. And he hoped that when that day came, they would still just be as loving and forgiving as they had been tonight.  

“Okay, it’s late guys,” Levy popped her head in, gracing the trio with a warm smile. Gajeel nearly sighed in relief; she had rescued him from elaborating further in his story. He lifted the kids in his arms, ignoring the protests that the kids expressed. Whirling around lightly, he rolled one twin into one of the bunk bed and hoisted the other into the top bunk.  

“There, story time’s over, you’re getting the princess and the dragon next time,” he growled, tickling Shutora before ruffling Yajeh’s hair. “Now, get to sleep, brats.”


“You didn’t tell them,” Levy mused gently, threading her fingers through his mane. He only grunted, nuzzling his face into her lap as she substituted his head for a book stand. It was the last hour before they would drift off into sleep themselves, the time where they could finally cuddle and share their day without the kids bounding in excitedly.  

“Couldn’t.” He said simply, sighing deeply. She rubbed a slow circle on his scalp, making him rumble in content. Gone was the anxiety that he had felt earlier, yet he still felt uneasy. It never truly went away, the regret that he felt when he thought back to the fateful event. Despite her eternal forgiveness, he still couldn’t stop the tendrils of guilt wrap around him, threatening to drag him into nightmares.  

Her fingers continued their dance on his skull, sliding down to his shoulder as she set aside her book. “Need a distraction?” She asked simply, and he chuckled. Count on her to know exactly what he needed. No words were required, just simple love and understanding.  

“Gods yes.”  

Divination in Hyrule

So after making this post the other day, my brain rattled it around for a bit more. I asked my peeps over at the hyrulian pc discord chat for some input and we got a few more ideas hammered out:

Hylians seem to have a certain skill for dream interpretation and the Royal Family is known for their eerily accurate prophetic dreams. This is believed to come from their divine lineage and the goddess Nayru.

The Sheikah are masters of trancework and shadow-scrying. Its been said that their dreamwalkers were able to see hundreds of years into the future at one time. The Lens of Truth could be coaxed into revealing the true nature of things, and it’s accompanying Mask could even coax the secrets out of stones. (Interestingly, the Shadow Temple holds a great many secrets, and a young Sheikah is considered to be of age when they can traverse it’s numerous dangers with naught but the Lens)

Gorons feel changes in their volcanic home the way others feel the rains, deep in their stone-wrought bones and with a sense of the earth holding it’s breath. They cast dice and runes made of Dodongo spines and precious gems, and scry the curl of smoke and hot metals in their forges. Goron elders will bathe in blessed hot springs, where they listen to the Mountain’s hollow voice echo the earth’s secrets and the heat lulls them into deep trances.

Zoras cast shells and stones into reflecting pools, the answer in the number of ripples, or in the persistent stillness of the water surface. A special pool hides at the bottom of Zora Falls, for especially difficult questions. Zoras read the pool, the spray, and the emergent miniature rainbows for a fuller, in depth answer. Rain, mist and fog are parted by very skilled diviners, and rumors tell of a Zora hermit who collects the densest mist into a special bottle that can even see into parallel worlds.

Deku Scrubs divine leaves of all kinds, sometimes after tea, sometimes dried and crumpled into a special bowl. They can tell much by the state of their swampland, and the murky depths carry secrets from all corners of the land. Lily pads can be coaxed into formations that reveal the future, and glowing mushroom spores can be cast into beams of light or ingested to induce visions. (Quick-witted Business Scrubs cast lots with driftwood and moss-covered stones to find the best place for business and how much stock they should carry)

The Gerudo are masters of astronomy, the clear desert sky giving them a consistent view of Hyrule’s constellations. Pendulums made from sun bleached bones and hardy desert plants casting their shadows upon carved spirit boards are common. The witches Kotake and Koume (called Twinrova) scry with fire and ice, the elements the have power over.

I Saw An Angel [a future!Barry Allen imagine]

Request: I need an angst fluff with future Barry. Like reader died but she traveled time and finds future Barry and just imagine his reaction when he sees her

a/n: the angst……damn yall tryin to kill me…kill jules…..*sighs* if only I was pretty enough for him….


Stepping the blue holographic door you created, your black Vans hit the cracked pavement. Huh, so this is 2024 Central City. It doesn’t look too different. Clicking the watch on your wrist, the door disappears behind you. Okay, now all you have to do is actually find the Scarlet Speedster to give him a message from past Barry… Yeah, don’t ask.

As if on cue, a familiar gust of wind blows your jean jacket and you remove the hair from your face, grinning at the leather-clad man. He got a new suit! There’s a gold belt instead of his usual red and a little more yellow. “Barry! I found you!” you squeak, watching him take of his coil, letting his long locks fall over his eyebrows. “Look how long your hair is…” you breathe out, grinning while you move closer.

Barry takes a step back, dull green eyes shining with tears. “I… I can’t do this.” he whispers, swallowing harshly. You scrunch your eyebrows together as he covers his face with his pale hands. “It took m-me years! Years to a-accept you were g-gone!” he fumes, getting himself worked up. His shoulders shake vigorously in the suit; almost vibrating.

“Gone?” you question, black tank top pooling at your stomach as you bend to the right faintly. You aren’t one hundred percent sure, but you think Barry is having a mental breakdown in front of your eyes. This is worse than what he was like when his parents died. “Where did I go?” you ask innocently.

His straight brown locks dangle behind his ears when his head tilts back. Cheeks are stained with wet salty tears that also hang on his eyelashes. “You died, Y/N.” Barry chokes out, peering at you; lip quivering. “I c-can’t do this. I-it’s like looking-looking at an angel… You’re dead!” he shouts, balling his hands into fists at the side of his head. “You’re dead!” he hisses again, gritting his teeth.

Sucking in a deep breath, you watch him crumble in on himself, unsure of what to do. This isn’t the man you know back in 2017. Barry‘s mouth hangs open while he shakes his head, long darker brown hair swaying in the wind. “Don’t give up, please, don’t give up.” you whimper, repeating past Barry’s words as you step forward. “Barry, please, look at me.” you say in a small voice, cupping his cheek.

Those same eyes stare back at you, holding buckets of water. Enough to fill an ocean. Standing up as tall as you’re able to, you brush his hair off his forehead, hearing his breath hitch. “I love you, Barry Allen.” you hum, leaning up to connect your lips. His upper one is pressed just above yours and he feels your palm against his chest curling on the leather.

The kiss is one of those unmoving ones; both of your eyes are shut. His arms wrap around your waist, pulling you tightly to his body. His white eyelids squeeze so hard as he concentrates all his energy on you. You feel his gloves collecting the fabric of your tank top and you know you have to stop.

Slowly, you remove yourself from him, trying not to break when he shakes his head, pawling at you while tears fall. “I have to go, Barry. I’m sorry.” you cry, tapping your watch.

“No, no, please, please!” Barry begs, reaching out for you helplessly, hair in his face.

You sniffle, opening the door. “I’m so sorry, Barry.” you shake your head; water dripping off your nose. “Don’t give up.” you whisper, walking through the threshold.

“No! Y/N don’t leave me!” the speedster shouts, throat becoming raw. “Please!” he cries, watching the door vanish.

Lucky - Jaehyun (M)


• I know requests are currently closed right now, but if you could, can you just keep this sitting in your inbox until you have time to do it? Please?? Sex in public with NCT’s Jaehyun. It could be movie theater, a dressing room, parking garage, SM’s practice studio, or whatever else you have in mind! Pleaseeeeeeee ^^

• Hiiii Could i ask you to do one with NCT Jaehyun going on a trip with his girl for spring break and they end up having sex one night in the pool? :3

A/N: So this ended up being kinda longer than expected to fit the whole going on a trip story line but hopefully you like it! Sorry it got a little messy towards the end heheh i tried my best ._.
-Admin Kay

Pairing: Jaehyun x Reader


Word Count: 2,144

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Control Freak of a Customer (or, the Bitchy Lady)

A woman called my store today to bitch at me specifically. Here’s how it went down:

Phone rings

“Hello, thank you for calling [my store]. This is [my name]. How can I help you today?”

“This is Christy (she didn’t say her last name) and I need to speak to whichever employee rang up my last purchase.”

All’s well so far. I work at a pool supply store. Maybe she needs help with chemical dosing instructions.

“Okay, ma'am, what’s your last name and I’ll look up your transaction history. (Gives me her last name and I check.) Well, it looks like it was me who rang you up. That purchase was made on the 4th of April. What can I help you with?”

“I’m very upset with you. You sold my husband [chlorine shock x] when I specifically sent him to get [chlorine shock y]. I ALWAYS get [chlorine shock y]! And now my pool is still cloudy.”

“Ma'am, I’m sorry to hear that. Did we give you dosing instructions after your water test?”

“I NEVER get my water tested with you! I have a pool guy take care of all of that. He’s been in the business for 45 years! He knows what to do with my pool and he says only buy [chlorine shock y]. I don’t know why you couldn’t just sell my husband exactly what I told him to get. My pool was cloudy and now it still is! He’s in the dog house now and it’s your fault!”

This goes on in this vein for a while. All about she was out of town, and had her pool taken care of by someone else and when she got back it wasn’t right… Basically, I would need a water test to find out exactly why her pool was cloudy in the first place. A test is always free, and only takes about 5 or 6 minutes. But no, she KNOWS with no test that [chlorine shock y] would have just solved all her problems. B.S. For a lot of reasons, that would make this post unnecessarily longer than it already is.

Meanwhile, I’m super busy as she rants at me. Four other customers actually buying things/needing help in the store and the other phone line ringing. I’m not alone, but my help is 39 weeks pregnant. There’s only so much she can do, which I understand. She finally takes a breath long enough for me to reply.

“Ma'am, there’s no way to know exactly what made your pool cloudy in the first place if no test was done, and it has rained since that date, which can affect clarity.”

More ranting, and repeating herself. I’ve been on the phone for about 7 minutes at this point, according to our display. Finally, I’ve had enough.

“Ma'am, how can I help you TODAY? I’m extremely busy here in the store. What can I do for you?”

“Next time I send my husband in, you can sell him what he asks for with no questions!”

It is literally my JOB to ask qualifying questions about pool chemicals.

“Okay, but how can I help, RIGHT NOW? I’m very busy.”

“You know what? You can give me your district manager’s number because you obviously don’t care about my cloudy pool and…”

I cut her off.

“MA'AM, it’s not that I don’t care about your pool. But I need to know what you need from me.”

“Nothing! Just nothing! I’m never shopping with you again!”

“Okay, I’m sorry you feel that way. Have a nice holiday.”


The timer on the phone say 12 minutes and some seconds.

I looked back through her transaction history again, only to discover she’s made maybe 5 purchases in the last 4 years the store has been open. She already said she doesn’t get her water tested with us, which means she’s disqualified from several programs we offer, and has also never bought chlorine tablets from us. All of this, combined with the [chlorine shock y] she does buy, means her pool chemistry is probably so jacked up there’s no wonder why her pool was cloudy in the first place. I’m not saying her “pool guy” is bad at his job, but a lot of things have changed in pool chemistry even in the last 10 years, nevermind 45.

I don’t mind losing that sort of customer, but it is frustrating when people tell me what my job is/how to do it. My job is to sell solutions and also upsell product in the process. That’s any retail business. Yes, I want to help you get what you need, but I’m a business. If you come in my store with vague explanations and a product name, I might try to sell you something else I feel will be better suited to the issue. Your control issues with your husband are not my fault or my problem. So kindly don’t blame me for your marital issues ten days and a heavy rain storm after your purchase.


Seung-Hui Cho (January 18, 1984–April 16, 2007), also known as Cho Seung-Hui or Seung Cho was a mass murderer who shot and killed 32 people and wounded many more.The shooting rampage, termed the “Virginia Tech massacre,” took place on April 16, 2007, on the campus of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University—commonly known as Virginia Tech—in Blacksburg, Virginia, United States.He committed suicide after law enforcement officers breached the doors of the academic building in which he had killed 30 of his 32 victims and wounded many more, both faculty and students. Cho was a South Korean national with permanent resident status in the United States and was a senior English major at Virginia Tech.

Fellow students described Cho as a “quiet” person who “would not respond if someone greeted him.” Student Julie Poole recalled the first day of a literature class last year, when the students introduced themselves one by one: when it was Cho’s turn, he did not speak. The professor, she said, looked at the sign-in sheet, and where everyone else had written their names, Cho had written a question mark. “We just really knew him as the question mark kid,” Poole added.

According to a CNN interview with both his roommates, Andy Koch and John Eide, Cho demonstrated repetitive behavior such as listening repeatedly to Collective Soul’s “Shine” and writing the lyrics “Teach me how to speak; Teach me how to share; Teach me where to go” on his dormitory room wall.

Andy described two unusual incidents, one in which Cho stood in the doorway of his room late at night taking photographs of him, the second in which he repeatedly placed harassing cell phone calls to Andy as “Cho’s brother, Question Mark”, a name Cho also used when introducing himself to girls with whom he was allegedly obsessed. Koch and Eide searched Cho’s belongings and found a pocket knife; they did not find any items that they deemed seriously threatening.

In the fall of 2005, Cho told Koch and Eide that he had an imaginary girlfriend he called “Jelly”, a supermodel that lived in outer space who called Cho by the name “Spanky”. Due to Cho’s troubling behaviours during 2005-06, Koch and Eide who had tried to befriend Cho, gradually stopped talking to him and told their friends, especially female classmates, not to visit their room.

Andy Koch and John Eide also stated that that Cho was involved in at least three stalking incidents, two of which resulted in verbal warnings by campus police. The first stalking incident occurred on Sunday November 27 2005.

According to Koch, after the incident Cho claimed that he had AIMed the girl online and found out where she lived. He then went to her dorm room to see if she was “cool”, but only found “promiscuity” in her eyes. Eide added that when Cho visited the girl he said, “Hi, I’m Question Mark” to her, “which really freaked her out.”

The girl called campus police; she complained that Cho sent her annoying messages and he had made an unannounced visit. Two uniformed members of campus police visited Cho’s dorm late Sunday evening and verbally warned him not to contact the girl again, no further contact was made.

The final stalking incident occurred on Tuesday December 13 2005. Cho frightened a friend of Koch by writing on her door board a line from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Act 2, scene II, in which Romeo laments to Juliet:

My name, dear saint, is hateful to myself… . Had I it written, I would tear the word.

The young woman contacted the campus police and again Cho was verbally warned. No further contact was made. Later on Tuesday, Cho texted Koch saying, “I might as well kill myself now.” Worried that Cho was suicidal, Koch contacted his father for advice and they both contacted campus authorities. The campus police returned to the dorm and escorted Cho to Carilion St. Albans Behavioral Health Center in Radford, Va.

Double Date - Solangelo

Double Dates


Will popped the question when him and Nico were walking along the shoreline. “How would you feel about, oh, I don’t know, double dating?”

Nico, misunderstanding the question, jumped back, yanking his hand out of Will’s larger one in the process. “W-what!?” Nico stuttered in disbelief. “This is a wholly monogamous relationship, Will… We are in no way polyamorous and if you enjoy partaking in things like that, then maybe you should’ve mentioned it before we made us official not because that’s wrong or anything but because that’s pretty vital infor-”

“Woah, woah, woah!” Will stopped in his tracks and grabbed Nico’s skinny wrist, turning the younger boy until he was facing him. “Woah. I don’t really know what ‘monogamous’ or ‘polyamorous’ means - you know I don’t speak nineteen thirties - so before you continue to freak out, could you explain what in Olympus you’re talking about?”

Nico grimaced, shooting the blonde a look that obviously read seriously, Will? “Monogamous means a relationship between only two people, and polyamorous is, as you put it, double dating - having many or more than one romantic partner - which is something that doesn’t appeal to me. Like, at all.”

To Nico’s further confusion, Will’s jaw dropped. “You think that’s what double dating means?” Will threw his head back, laughing. “No, Gods, I keep forgetting that you’re still so behind on twenty-first century lingo… Double dating doesn’t mean having an open relationship. It means going on a date with another couple.”

“Oh.” As embarrassment took over, Nico could feel red hot blood rush up his body and to his cheeks. It wasn’t his fault that he categorized double dating with polyamorous relationships - they sounded like they could’ve had similar meaning, and learning modern terms wasn’t exactly on his list of things to do now that the Giant War was over. Besides, he was still trying to grasp the concept of the foolish mortal term, YOLO. You’re only little once? You Only Like Oreos? He just didn’t understand.

Will smiled crookedly at the sight of his blushing boyfriend, and caught the dark-haired boy off guard when he leaned forward and pressed a gentle kiss to the reddened skin of his cheek. “You’re so cute, you know that?”

Nico shied away and hung his head so that his shaggy hair fell over his eyes, embarrassed by both his mistake and Will’s affection. “I’m not cute…”

He heard Will hum in thought. “You’re right… You’re not cute, you’re adorable, Darling.”

Knowing that there wasn’t a chance to get Will to take the unmanly term back, Nico got over his embarrassments and lifted his head back up to glare at his boyfriend. “I just can’t win with you, can I?” He exhaled.

“Nope!” Will grinned, popping the ‘p’ in nope. “Now, your opinion on double dating?” The two resumed their walking, and it took a moment of thinking before Nico shrugged in reply.

“I don’t know, it kind of sounds weird… Going out with another couple? I’m just barely l at ease when it’s just the two of us, so who knows how awkward it’ll be when we bring two others into the equation.” Nico wrinkled his nose. “Yeah, while I can’t really base my answer on experience, I’d have to say that I probably wouldn’t enjoy it all that much.”

From the corner of his eye, Nico could see that Will had pulled his bottom lip between his teeth. “Are you sure? Maybe you’d like it, if you gave it a try…”

Nico knew Will too well to know that his boyfriend was hinting at something. “You set up a double date, didn’t you?” He asked with a sigh, raising his arm to brush his hand through his hair. His fingers knotted in the dark strands, and he had to tug a couple of times to free them.
“Yeah, about that, I might ha-” Before Will could finish his sentence, a faceless force pounced onto Nico’s back, successfully knocking the son of Hades face-first into the ground.

“What the-” Nico flipped himself over so he could see what the heck just sent him flying to the ground and groaned once he was met with the sea-green eyes of his past crush. “Percy.” He warned in annoyance, trying and failing to push the older boy off of him. When Percy refused to move, he could hear Will chuckle from somewhere above. “Get off of me.” He said bluntly, but once again, the son of Poseidon didn’t budge.

“But I’m so comfortable here… No wonder Will likes to cuddle you.” He nuzzled his face into Nico’s neck, giving the boy he had trapped under him an unpleasant mouthful of raven hair. “You’re like a giant, fluffy teddy bear from the Underworld… Maybe I should steal you for myself.” The trapped boy heard Will make a sound of disapproval. Nico was sure his face was redder than Apollo’s cows at that point, and had never been so thankful for Annabeth - she had arrived with Percy, but her arrival was nowhere near as pronounced - who crouched down to lug her boyfriend to his feet.

“That’s enough, Seaweed Brain.” Annabeth chided, but there was laughter laced in her voice.

“Yeah, hands off my boyfriend!” With a light smack to Percy’s arm, Will reached his hand down to Nico and pulled him up. The underworld-born narrowed his eyes at Percy, who became slightly uncomfortable from the intense look as he spoke.

“So, uh, are you guys ready? We have reservations in like, half an hour. Or, I think it’s half an hour…” Percy glanced down at a watch he was given by Leo before looking up at Annabeth in puzzlement. “Annabeth, this thing doesn’t make any sense!” He huffed, shoving his wrist up to the stormy-eyed girl’s face.

“Perce, it’s just a normal watch.”

“No, it’s a stupid watch!”

Ignoring their further banter, Nico turned to his boyfriend with a mixture of question and annoyance pooling in his dark eyes. “Ready? Will, what does he mean by ‘are you guys ready’?” Nico crossed his arms, cocking his hip to the side in expectancy for an answer.

Will smiled down at him sheepishly. “Surprise…” He tried, shaking his hands in the air. “We’re going on a double date with these two! Isn’t that, uh, exciting?”
“Will, really?” Nico complained, lolling his head back to look up at the darkening night sky. Annabeth stepped away from Percy before will could respond. “So, apparently Percy’s been reading his watch wrong and we actually have ten minutes to get to the restaurant, not thirty…” She paused to glare at her embarrassed-looking boyfriend. “And that means that if we want to keep our reservation, we need to leave right this second.” With that, Athena’s daughter snatched Percy’s hand and began to walk away from the shoreline. Will and Nico followed, but Will could see that Nico didn’t look as happy as he would’ve liked.

“Aw, cheer up -  it’ll be fun! Well, as long as Percy doesn’t try anything funny with you.” He sent a challenging look Percy’s way, slinging his arm around Nico possessively. Nico angled his head to look back at his boyfriend, the smallest shadow of a smile dancing across his lips. “Don’t worry, he’s not really my type.”

From ahead, Nico could hear an irritated grunt leaving Percy’s lips, followed by a grumbled “Not his type…” Percy shook his head. “I’m everyone’s type.”

Sweater Weather

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Challenge: Written for @jpadjackles‘s 1k Follower Challenge
Prompt: The song “Sweater Weather” by the The Neighbourhood
Summary: Dean takes the reader for a surprise in the forest but the reader starts to get cold.
Word Count: 1,086
Tags: it’s literally just a disgusting amount of fluff
A/N: Lol sorry for the shitty summary but eh whatevs. Took a quick break from Taken to write a fic for this challenge. It was fun!


It started with a slight tremble in your hands.

It was subtle, so incredibly subtle.  You balled up your fists and stuck them behind your back, worried he would notice.  Your eyes drifted downward, avoiding his ever-observant gaze, and you focused on keeping your breath steady.

He was Dean Winchester, though, and he knew you enough to notice any small shift in your demeanor.

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@drethecajun I meant it as a rhetorical question then people started jumping in with the maintenance and the taxes and the blah, blah, blah. Can I just not “adult” one dang thing? The answer to the pool question in south Louisiana is always YES for me.

You’ve Gotta Let Me Fight [2]

Title: You’ve Gotta Let Me Fight [2]

Characters: Winchester brothers, Winchester!reader. (+Surprise character that I don’t want to spoil.)

Words: 2700 Because I can’t seem to keep it short.


A/N: As usual, if you read it on my blog, the name inserter thing should work

Your name: submit What is this?

Things went okay throughout the car ride except for the dull pain, but you could endorse that. However, when you exited the Impala, things went south.

Simultaneously, you could feel it all unfolding, the pain, the dizziness. You got so much worse all at once.

You stumbled inside the bunker, Sam and Dean following behind throwing worried glances at you. To be honest you felt like complete and utter shit. Your whole body ached, your head was pounding like no tomorrow and you felt just plain dizzy, to the point you forcedly had to blink several times in a row to try and focus you sight.

Suddenly, your legs gave away under you, and you had fallen to the floor, if Sam hadn’t caught you.

”(Y/N)!” He let out a scared gasp, as his good reflexes enabled him to grab a hold of your arms.

He shifted his grip on you, who didn’t say anything as you tried to get your world to stop spinning. He helped you walk with a hand wrapped around each of your arms. It was if you were a toddler and he was teaching you how to walk all over again. Dean trailed behind. Your legs were weak, and almost all of your weight were on Sam as he led you towards his room, since it had the closest bed.

Once you were seated on his bed, Sam and Dean both looked anxious, as their eyes scanned you, looking for any signs of what was wrong.

”How are you feeling, (Y/N)? Really.” Dean asked, and you could hear the crack on his voice even though he sounded far away in your ears.

”Not good.” You sighed. ”Exhausted.”

”Is there anything we can do? Anything we can get you?” Sam questioned with his eyes pooling with concern.

”No, I-I think I just need to sleep.”

The pain came in waves. You didn’t know how you were supposed to do that, but it was the best thing that you could think of.

”You’re sure we shouldn’t go to the hospital? I just got us some more money, so that’s okay, and I have a fake ID ready for whenever…”

”No, it’s okay.” You shook your head. ”It’ll be fine.”

You knew the reason to the pain. The exorcism. It wasn’t natural, and therefore nothing a couple of nurses and doctors accompanied by some machines could take care of.

”Well, get yourself some shut-eye, kiddo. Call on us, any time.” Dean spoke reassuringly, as if he was both trying to calm you and himself.

You nodded, and both of your brothers reluctantly started leaving the room. However, you knew them well enough to know that they would probably be waiting right outside.

You lied down on the bed, and tried to get comfortable. Slowly, you closed your eyes and tried to distance the pain as much as you could. A few moments later, against all odds, you could feel yourself drifting off.

The timber creaked underneath your feet as you walked down the steps of the stairs of Bobby’s porch, one foot in front of the other. You stopped when you came face to face with the gesture. You already knew who it was, you had know by the first glimpse.

”(Y/N) Winchester.” He nodded as he greeted you, his dark orbs boring into you as if they could see all the way to your soul, your core. A faint, barely there, smile played on his thin lips, and he looked as put together as ever in his formal, dark-hued costume.

”Death,” you solemnly nodded back, although you swallowed nervously and your eyebrows knitted over your eyes. Guess it was that serious.

A huff of wind brushed past you, and you pulled the oversized jacket tighter around your upper body. There was only you and Death there, and just like in Bobby’s house it was quiet. Only subtle blows of wind.

”It’s a nice house. A bit torn, but robust.”

”It’s the closest thing I’ve ever had to a home, except for the Impala.” You admitted as you looked over your shoulder with an expression of affection. You almost awaited younger versions of you, Dean and Sam to run out of the house any moment, playing. But, why you told Death about your childhood, you didn’t know, but maybe it was just procrastination from the subject that really impended.

”I have to admit, what you did (Y/N), was admirable.” He acknowledged, well spoken with a croaky, yet somehow smooth voice. He talked as if he had no rush in the world, but who else to do that than actual Death. He also looked at you, almost as if he was proud. Like he was here to collect a human of favor, one that he admired.

You looked down on you feet that was standing in gravel of rocks. You had to know.

”Is this it?” You asked, your words without any particular emotion except for curiosity, not the eager kind though. It was more of a pessimistic I’ve-been-anticipating-this-and-now-I-need-to-know.

”It can be,” Death replied, and a flicker of bother sparked in you as you wanted a clear answer. He always had to be so cryptic.

You slightly shook your head and looked away into the distance, somewhere into the forest behind him.

”It’s your decision.” He clarified after a moment, when you seemed displeased with his last answer.

You nodded as you looked back at him, meeting his eyes. ”If I come with you, it means that no one can reverse it, right?”

”I can make that happen, yes.”

You contemplated his words deeply for a quiet moment. It felt weird to leave this world behind, everything you knew. Everything you had grown up around, everything you had learned to think of as just that, everything. And your brothers, the thought of leaving your brothers was the hardest, but maybe also one of the main reasons you should be going with Death. Because whenever a Winchester died, the others went to extreme, and you meant way-too-damn-far measures to bring them back. Sometimes even resulting in death, like when Dean sold his soul to save Sam; he died a year later. If you let Death guide you into the unknown, your brothers couldn’t at least sacrifice themselves for you, which is precisely what you wanted.

Right when you were about to take the first step towards Death before you, the door that you had closed behind you flung open so violently it hit the wall behind it a slightly bounced back. In the doorway, your two frantic brothers appeared, present day version, their eyes beginning to scan the area for you. It only took them a split second since you stood in the middle of the field before them and the rickety house.

When they saw who you were accompanied by, they got even more frantic.

”(Y/N)!” Dean roared, as if he didn’t already have your attention.

You thought to yourself that this would be a perfect opportunity for the saying ’speaking of the devil’, but since you had actually met the Devil, you had stopped using it by now.

”Don’t go with him!” Sam yelled, sheer panic in his voice. ”Wait!”

You tilted your head slightly to the side as you watched them run towards you. When he reached you Sam, who was running first, crashed into you with his arms wrapping around your upper body, pinning your own arms down.

”(Y/N), we’re so worried.” Dean spoke up from your side. You managed to spot how he was intently watching Death, distrust in his eyes. ”You do know where we are, don’t you?”

”Let me guess, in my head?” You answered, as Sam let you go and took a step back, looking like a sad puppy dog.

Dean nodded. ”You’ve been in a coma for over a day.”

Over a day? You thought it was only this morning. Guess the hunt was yesterday, then.

”What happened?”


Sam walked into the room to check on you. He had just gone to get some coffee to help him stay awake, and since you in contrast to him were asleep, he had thought that the coast was clear. He sat down in the chair next to your bed, where you were laying on your side, almost completely covered by the covers. He could feel the tightness around his chest just by the sight.

After a few moments, Sam got suspicious. Call it brother’s intuition, but the way you hadn’t moved the slightest… Something was up. Sam slowly stood up and put the coffee cup on the bedside table. He needed to check on you, although he was scared to do so. He shouldn’t be, since he didn’t have definite grounds, but for some reason, he could feel a sinking feeling in his stomach and how the hairs on his arms and the back of his neck beginning stand up.

He carefully reached out an arm, and put it on your shoulder, as he slowly sat down on the bed next to your body, his weight making the bed dip underneath him.

”(Y/N)?” He whispered, without getting any reaction. He gently rubbed your shoulder, hoping for you to stir or something, but you didn’t. The bad feeling got worse. ”(Y/N)?” He asked once again, this time louder.

Not a movement, again. He could feel the anxiety get to him, his pulse rising as he grabbed a hold of your shoulder roll you over to him, hopefully waking you up. But as your body fell to its back, your head lulled to the side.

”(Y/N)!” Sam exclaimed, his large hands gripping the sides of your face. He shook you head, slightly slapping your cheeks, lifting your eyelids to see that your eyes had rolled back. He did everything to try and wake you up.

”DEAN!” He called ultimately, a desperate call that echoed through the building.

Merely a minute later, that seemed far too long for Sam that was full on panicking as the rocked your limp body without any result, newly awoken Dean appeared in the doorway.

His tired, green eyes went round as he saw the scene in front of him, your limp body in a terrified Sam’s arms.

”Dean, what do we do?” He cried, when he saw that his big brother had arrived. His big brother that always had the answers for everything.

Dean ran the couple of steps towards the bed, and flung himself on top, careful not to harm you. His trembling hands checked on you, making their ways to your neck. Thankfully he recovered a pulse, but it was weak.

”I-I don’t know!” Dean’s gruff voice yelled back, and Sam’s world crumbled a little bit more.

Without thinking Dean took to action, anyway. ”CASS!” He called out with all of his lungs.

Cass then had emerged almost immediately, with a frown on his face. Sam had cradled your body in his arms, and Castiel had placed two of his fingers on your forehead.

Then he had looked even more concerned and spoken with his deep, gruff voice; ”It seems like her body is shutting down.”


”(Y/N), you’re in the hospital. They… They say it’s real bad this time. Organs shutting down, internal bleedings…”

It confirmed your suspicions even though it still felt quite nauseating. Like everything you knew just crumbled under your feet and you had to quickly adjust to keep standing.

Your eyes wandered to Death, and you felt the atmosphere that both of your brothers projected instantly shift to even more anxious.

”They think I’m gonna die, right?” You rose your eyebrows in a questionable matter, your eyes boring into them both, since they looked bothered as if they didn’t want to answer.

Sam slowly nodded. ”Yeah.” His voice was strangled.

You looked at Death, who quietly listened to your conversation, and took a few steps towards him.

”I don’t want to become Bobby.” You reasoned when your brothers firstly tried to grasp after you, and then looked brokenhearted.

”If you go with him, we haven’t even got a shot at bringing you back!” Dean exclaimed as he took a step forward, closing the gap a little again. He looked about as desperate as you’ve ever seen him. His voice was stern and could almost have been taken for angry, if it wasn’t for the way it cracked.

”That’s my point, Dean-o.” You said with a small smile. ”I don’t want you to risk your life for me.”

”But, please, don’t!” Sammy begged. They were out of arguments. ”We need you. You can’t go, how are we supposed to live on back there when you’re not with us. It’s always been us three against the world!”

”It’s our job to look after you! So, please, let us!” Dean added, tears in his eyes.

It was so hard to see your brothers like this. So damn hard. It was eating at you.

There was a moment of silence. Death, Sam and Dean all waited for you, for your response. Meanwhile you just wished that someone else could make the call for you.

”I won’t if you promise me not to do anything stupid.” You finally spoke up.

”We can’t.” Dean said after a few seconds. He shook his head.

Dean would do anything for his younger siblings. He had always said so. Throw himself in front of a bus, go after the king of hell, work with any bad guy, come whatever. He couldn’t just let you die.

”If I wake up, and either of you have sold your soul for me, or done anything else reckless that put you in danger, I will never trust you or even talk to you again. Never. I mean it.” That was a serious, cruel, threat. But you had to, because you didn’t trust them enough otherwise, not in this situation.

Sam and Dean both blinked, taken back from what you’d just said. It was cruel. What felt like stab of guilt hit your chest.

”I want you to let this one be. Leave it up to me. If I make it through, then that’s great. But if I die, I die. And I stay dead.” You continued on. ”You’ve gotta let me fight.”

”(Y/N), the doctors said that your body was shutting down. That you most likely won’t wake up again.” Sam’s voice was low and trembling. His hazel eyes was filled with teardrops.

”Then so be it. Whatever happens, happens. But you’ve gotta believe in me, brothers. If you do so, I’ll say no to him.” You glanced at the darkly dressed figure standing slightly behind you. He was expectantly waiting to see what you were going to do, still not uttering a word.

Your brothers looked at each other. They didn’t have much of a choice.

”Fine,” Dean ultimately whispered, his voice giving in on him.

Sam nodded in agreement, as he swallowed trying to keep the tears from running down his cheeks.

You reached out your hands and took one of either brothers’ hands in your own. They were larger than your own, and had a chilly touch because of the cold although they still had a warm core. And as you gave their hands a squeeze, you also let them go, their figures fading away into thin air.

You felt empty inside, and longed for nothing more than to be with them again. But that was up to you now, just as you had chosen.

You fully turned to Death. He was still waiting patiently.

”Guess I have to say no then.”

He nodded slowly. ”Okay.”

”Just like that?” You questioned, surprised.

”Just like that.” He echoed your own words. ”Only, do not run away from me next time.”


Then he politely nodded at you, and you nodded back. He really had earned a lot of respect from you, and you couldn’t believe you thought that.

Death turned around and began walking, heading towards the forest with his iconic cane in his hand. You turned around and walked in the opposite direction, back into the house.

It was all on you now. And you didn’t think you could make it.

But once again you proved yourself and everyone else wrong.

Because eventually, you woke up.



paperbaghead219  asked:

Great new chapter! I thought Arthur was already in deep but apparently that was just the tip of the iceberg! And Lizzy! I'm starting to think of her as a jaded secret agent (or whatever its counterpart is) that's seen too much. Have no worries about the OCs, they're well defined and have significant impacts on the plot. All round good job! (Question about the pool though. We know it's an open air pool(or whatever it's called) but how deep was it? Or were they just by the center of the pool?)

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs


I’m guessing I’ve been exposed to too many Swiss pools, huh? In Switzerland, most public (and to an extent private) pools, irrelevant of indoor or outdoor, steadily get deeper. So the pool might start at 1.5 metres deep in one end, but will be 2 metres deep at the other. This is so normal to me that it never occured to me that it may be different in other countries! Whoops…

Keep in mind, Arthur is in a sitting position when he’s being drowned. His chair can also be tilted backwards, so he doesn’t even need to be up to his neck in water to drown. I’d say that the pool is perhaps 1.5 metres deep if it’s level and if it’s not, 1.25 metres deep at one end and 1.75 metres deep at the other. In the most extreme case, it starts at 0 metres deep and steadily goes down to 2 metres. I already knowk vaugely how Alex got his hands on a pool with no witnesses around, but I haven’t worked it out solidly yet. ^^;

Btw, canonically, Arthur is 1.75 metres tall, so even if he were standing in the non-level pools, he’d be drowning in the deep end, unless he were standing on his tiptoes or in the case of 2 metres, continuously swimming / jumping up and down in the water.

- Super Sister

Lost In The Woods - Part 4

A/N: I really enjoyed writing this part, lol. Hope you enjoy!
Warnings: None really. 
Part 1 ~ Part 2 ~  Part 3

We had been walking the trail for what felt like days, my feet were definitely blistering and I had a whole lot of insect bites that were screaming out to be scratched. After my phone call with Penelope, I’d kept my distance, travelling just behind Spencer, mostly because I didn’t know what to say or if I could trust myself not to cause a scene.

Her words were repeating over and over as I tried to figure out some other scenario, one that was not as hideous and as obvious as she’d implied.

Why would Spencer do that to me? Why would he even THINK that getting us lost was a good idea? I felt a slight migraine coming on, I had so many questions and a tiny pool of burning rage sat at the pit of my stomach.

“Hey, um… (Y/N)… look…” I whipped my head up to see Spencer standing at an opening in the trees, I blew out a frustrated breath and jogged over.


The clearing revealed a set of four wooden cabins; mine and Spencer’s, Derek and Garcia’s, Hotch and JJ’s and Rossi had one all to himself. Lucky fucker. They were modest in size and each porch was decorated in strings of glittering fairy lights. It looked magical. A glowing campfire burned brightly, I could see the rest of the team sitting around on various logs and stools, a pot of what I could only assume was soup bubbled away as it cooked on the fire.
I let out a loud squeal and took off towards them, alerting them of our presence.

“About time guys!” Derek grinned, helping me take the lead heavy bags off of my back before pulling me into a quick hug.

“Took a detour huh?” Dave raised an eyebrow and Spencer avoided his gaze.

“Something like that” he mumbled, grabbing my bag and throwing it over his other shoulder to take into our cabin.

“You guys must be starving, here you go (Y/N)” JJ smiled and handed me a bowl of the chicken stew she had started to dish up.

“I really am, thank you so much” I plopped myself down next to Penelope and we both tucked in.

No words could describe how happy I was, to be out of that wretched forest and to finally be with my friends. My family. We spent the entire evening sat together around the campfire, roasting marshmallows and sharing stories, drinking wine and laughing together.

But it was still there.

That niggling thought in the back of my head. The tiny flame of anger inside.

It obviously wasn’t going away, I needed to ask him straight up. I figured I’d wait until we were all headed to bed, it would be only us two in our cabin and it was to better to have some privacy… who knows how this would go.

I excused myself to the bathroom, as I was about to close the door behind me somebody pushed in and grabbed my wrist. A tiny scream escaped my throat and I scrambled to turn on the light.

“Penelope are you serious?! You gave me a heart attack!” I mumbled in relief, watching her as she made her way further inside.

“(Y/N)! What happened in the woods? I am DYING to know!” she bounced around like a child and I rolled my eyes.

“Nothing happened. But tell me again, what you tried to say on the phone?”

“Oh come on, you can’t fool me, my lovely! You and Spencer spent the night alone in a tent and you expect me to believe nothing happened?” she folded her arms across her chest “You know our boy-genius has a super-duper Eidetic memory… he looked at our map and told us he knew where he was going.”

I looked at her in disbelief. It was true. Spencer had purposely taken us the wrong way so we would spend the night in the tent. My emotions were all over the place, a mixture of anger and excitement. Spencer… the boy I adored had actively tried to get me alone. But he lied to me to do it.

“So spill the beans, sister” Penelope’s shrill voice shattered my thoughts and I sighed.

“We kissed a little… a lot of… things occurred…” I felt my cheeks heat as the embarrassing memories came flooding back.

“I knew it!” she clapped her hands with glee “I knew you guys didn’t conveniently “get lost” in the woods”

We didn’t. He did. On purpose.” I stated matter-of-factly and Penelope’s smile faded away.

“Wait… you genuinely didn’t know that he knew the trail?”

“Correct. And he insisted it was late and we should set up camp for the night.” I mumbled in reply.

“That is so unlike him… it’s so… romantic!” she gushed and I again, felt the anger starting to build.

“Romantic? Yeah, right. If he wanted to get in my pants he could’ve just asked. Instead, I was subjected to fresh fucking hell.” I breathed deeply and proceeded to tell of her the events. Mortifying events one and two.
Penelope tried desperately not to laugh at first but soon sympathised, her only words of advice were to talk to him. Oh, we were going to talk alright.


The team headed to bed around midnight, I’d stayed inside after my talk with Penelope, asking her to let them know I was feeling a little unwell. I was sat in the corner of the sofa, reading my book when Spencer walked in. I read silently as he hung his jacket on the back of the door before wandering into the kitchen for a drink. As he returned, I clasped my book shut and placed it on the coffee table, standing and facing the fireplace.

“Why did you do that to me?” My voice was almost a whisper and my hands shook with nerves, contrary to popular belief, I hated confrontation.

“Do what, (Y/N)?” I turned to face him and saw a look of terror in his eyes. He knew.

“Why did you purposely get us lost? Why did you lie to me when you knew where to go all along?” I maintained eye contact, I wanted him to know I was serious.

“I… I just… I don’t know what to say” he stammered out, shifting his gaze to the floor. “I thought I saw an opportunity to spend some time with you. Just us. Are you mad?”

“Yeah, I’m fucking mad Spencer. We had the whole weekend to spend together here but instead I had to face two extreme phobias and have far too much to drink and make a huge ass of myself.” I spat out, a huge part of my brain was telling me to calm down. What he’d done was kind of cute but I just couldn’t keep my attitude in check.

“I’m sorry… I didn’t know you hated camping so much and well, I didn’t know that you were scared of those things or that they would happen.”

“Yeah, I guess you don’t know me.”

“That’s kinda the point, I want to know you, (Y/N). I want to know the parts of you I don’t get to see at work, the you that isn’t in the field…”

“Right.” I started to walk towards the bedroom door but turned back, not being able to bite my tongue. “If you wanted to get me into bed so badly, Spencer, you could’ve just… you know, fucking asked.”

“That’s not fair!” he raised his voice and I felt the hair on the back of neck stand on end. “You know it’s not like that. I’m not like that. Maybe you should stop being so scared of just being real with me for five minutes, drop the woman scorned facade and stop denying how you really feel.”

Oh. That hit a nerve.

I changed direction and stormed towards the front door, I’m sure Penelope would let me stay the night. I had to get out of here.

Just as I gripped the handle and opened the door, I felt Spencer lean over from behind me and slam it shut. I span on my heel to face him, the look of anger and desire in his eyes sent chills down my spine as I realised he had me pinned against the door. We both stood there, taking each other in, I bit down on my lip as his eyes searched mine. The overwhelming combination of rage and lust took over every fibre of my being, I grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him towards me and our lips connected in a desperate and hungry kiss.

Balconies: Chapter 3 - A Bitter Taste

Originally posted by sokkarang

Balconies Series Masterlist

Characters - AU Bartender!Reader x Mechanic!Dean

Summary - She moved into a new apartment, got herself a new job and a few new friends. What she didn’t realize, was that on the other side of her wall was someone who would change her life. A man with bright green eyes and a charming grin.

The neighbors met on the balcony, but can their little world up there survive when it meets the real world?

Word Count - 1639

Warnings - Mild language. Mention of a Mental Hospital. A mullet. A bad joke. Angst. Small bits of canon that make me happy.

A/N - I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly. Things are happening, guys. So strap in and hold on tight. This may be a bumpy ride.

Every morning was the same, always spending time on the balcony with Dean. The only difference was that you drank tea and after Dean left for work, you would go to sleep. You loved the time you spent with him. You often waited all day just for the moment of peace that time on the balcony afforded you. The two of you talked about anything and everything and the more you talked, the more you liked him.

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I’m Fine.

Request- Hi can u do an imagine where the reader is always jealous of Sam and Dean’s relationship with each other because she’s never had that, and everyone in her family pretty much hated her so she always felt alone

A/N- Okay so this took a little personal feels trip haha It was getting too real for me so I changed it up and this is what was left. I kept some of it but eh- ALSO I made the decision of making this into a series or at the very least adding another part so this isn’t the end! Tell me what you think! x)

SPN x Reader

Part 1 | Part 2 |

Word Count- 1040

Warning- insecurity?

“Oh were you here?” a man you had no choice but call father asked. You tried to ignore him, but he wasn’t going to take it. “You know you have a mouth to talk right!” he shouted.


“I- I know,” you answered in a small voice.


“The use it damn it!” he’d shout again. He’d roll his eyes and sigh out of frustration, “Just get out of here. Just seeing your face makes me angry,” he’d say.


To prevent provoking him yet again, you silently ran out of the house. As you ran out you passed by your mom and brother. You ran right passed them with tearful eyes. Not that they would care in the least. They’d just shun you the same way your so called father did, or rather does.




It’s like this every day for you. You were just a teenager but you felt like you’ve lived through a lifetime of ridicule. It felt like all you could ever do was run, and you had no choice but to do that. Then you came to a halt. You stopped and just cried, right there in the empty street.


“Will it ever stop?” you questioned to yourself, tears pooling out no matter how much you tried to wipe them away. “Can I go a day without feeling pathetic!” you shouted out into the open. Of course, there was no one else around but you could practically hear you father yelling at you to ‘shut up’. You couldn’t take it anymore. You had to get out of there. It didn’t matter how or where but anything had to be better than there. So you decided to leave.


You didn’t return home until well after dark. Everyone was asleep and they locked the doors, as they always did, even when they knew you weren’t home. You were so used to this that you already had something to hold your window from closing all the way. Though, your room being on the second floor was the only hassle. You clamped as quietly as you could, grabbed your backpack, dumped all your school supplies, packed as much clothes as you could, and left your home without ever looking back.


“Y/N,” Dean called, shaking you a bit.

“Hm?” you answered with closed eyes.

“You alright?” he asked.

You sat up and wiped your tears. “I’m fine,” you responded.

“Bad dream?” Sam questioned.

“What kind of dream are you having that makes you cry?” Dean asks.

“Uh-” you say looking down at your hands, you didn’t really want to tell them about your horrible childhood. You smiled, “I don’t actually remember what I was dreaming.” If only that were true.

“You’re okay though?” Sam inquired.

“Yep,” you answer.

Dean smiled, “Sam didn’t remember his nightmares when he was little either. Well… he couldn’t remember his dreams either,” he said.

“Really?” Sam asked.

Dean nodded, “Yeah but I still had to stop you from crying,” he teased.

Sam simply rolled his eyes.

You forced on a smile and got up from the motel bed. “I need to wash my face,” you say while rubbing your eyes. You tried to make it seem like you were just trying to brush the sleepiness out but in fact you were trying to prevent tears from spilling.

You’d been hunting with the Winchesters for a few years already. From day one, you were envious of their relationship. How much they loved each other, even when they didn’t outright say it. They were a family and it shown. You wished with all your heart you had that but the very little instances that you feel like maybe you were a part of their family, you’d have that dream to remind you that you’ll never have a family that’ll love you.

You entered the bathroom, closed the door, and stared at your reflection in the mirror. Your eyes were already red. “I just… want a family,” you whisper. You tried to smile but even that was hard and painful.

Minutes later, Sam knocked on the bathroom door, “Y/N… You okay in there?”

You stared at you reflection and managed a smile, “I’m fine,” you answered. It was amazing how well you lied. It was a bit scary as well. No matter how many times you’d tell yourself that you were fine, it didn’t sound as convincing as when you tell either of the brothers. It was so much more believable that you held that tiny bit of hope. ‘Maybe I am okay?’ you’d think.

You washed your face and headed out.

Dean starred at you, “You sure you’re good to go?” he asked.

You sighed, “I’m fine. Plus we’re just going to your bunker right?”

“Well yeah we just finished the hunt but you look like you could use some more sleep,” he said.

“I’ll sleep in your car,” you say.

Dean shrugged, “Alright. Let’s go,” he said.

You grabbed your duffel bag and headed out the door with Dean right behind you. You got in the impala and leaned against the door. You could feel the light vibrations as Dean drove on. After twenty minutes you fell asleep again.

“Finally fell asleep,” Dean mumbled.

Sam turned to check on you, “Looks like it,” he said.

“Do you think they’re really okay?” Dean questioned.

“What do you mean?” Sam asked in return.

“Whatever the hell Y/N was dreaming of… Y/N- Y/N was shaking… I’ve never seen em so… scared,” Dean said. “If we ask… Y/N will only say-”

“I’m fine…” Sam sighed. “Yeah… I know what you mean… You think it’s something Y/N just… can’t tell us yet?” he inquired.

“That’s the problem… I don’t know. Can’t ask. All we’d get is- I’m fine,” Dean answered. “I hate that I can’t help… Y/N’s one of us… We’re family,” he added.

“Yeah. We’re a family,” Sam repeated.

This was something you should have been awake for. Something you needed to hear. Something they should tell you more often. Yet they let you sleep out of consideration of your lack of. You would never imagine that the thing you were so jealous of, the relationship between the boys- their sense if family bond- was something they considered you a part of.

Hope you liked it! x)
Part 2

Swimming Pool - A.I. AU


Summary: Ashton’s summer job is taking up most of his time, so he finds a way to make it up to his girlfriend later on. (THANK YOU @cliffxnada​ FOR REQUESTING THIS)

Pairing: Ashton x Female Reader

Warning: pool sex

“Where are you taking me?” Y/N giggled as Ashton lead her down the walkway of the country club, her flip-flops slapping the pavement obnoxiously with each step she took. Ashton only silenced her, a chuckle escaping his own lips as he tugged her in the direction of the pool, where he spent most of his days hunched at the lifeguard station. The job was quite boring, since he was just getting paid to sit in an uncomfortable chair and fry in the sun, but the pay was decent and he needed a new car. As they reached the gate, he pulled out the set of jingly keys all country club employees were given on their first day and jammed them into the lock.

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Preference #12.1 He Doesn’t Like The Way Your Boyfriend Treats You



“So where is Jake? I thought you guys were hanging out today,” Liam asked during the middle of your lunch date. 

You rolled your eyes thinking about your boyfriend of eleven months, Jake. After he lost his job at a factory, he decided to crash you and you were fairly sick of him, his friends, and their antics. The rent was due, and he couldn’t even find a way to pay half; he wasn’t even trying. 

“Yeah but he rather get high with his friends and make my house smell like a frat house on a Saturday night,” you huffed, crossing your arms. “And I don’t mind that he does smoke, I just wish that wasn’t all he did! I mean he won’t even try to look for a job,” you complained. 

“Y/N, all you do when you talk about Jake is complain about how unhappy he makes you,” Liam reminded you. 

It was true. The last couple months have been the worst for you both. You had more fights within one month than the entire time you guys were together. As annoying as it was, he never left. 

“Maybe you should just end it,” he suggested. 

“Liam, it’s not that simple. We’ve been together for almost a year, and we still have love for each other,” you admitted. 

“What you and Jake have isn’t love, and you know that.“ 

"Okay, maybe I don’t love him like I used to, but I don’t want to go home to an empty house and be alone again,” you confessed almost too loudly receiving some stares from other customers. “Yes I have other friends and I have you, but Jake is different. He’s my first boyfriend in awhile,” you whispered the last part. 

You know you could do better, but Jake was your first love. You just wasn’t sure if you wanted to love him anymore. 

“Y/N, if you have to make up excuses to why you love him compared to actual reasons why then you don’t, and he makes it evident that he doesn’t love or respect you anymore,” Liam said. “He doesn’t treat you or even look at you like he used to and should and you deserve the best the world as to offer and you should never settle for less,” he told you, taking you back a bit and making you blush. 

“Uh thanks Liam,” you smiled, “I’ll definitely think about it." 


Since you knew that Niall would of been leaving in a couple weeks, you decided to spend the night over at Niall’s. Even though your boyfriend, Chris, was little upset that you were spending the night with another guy,you made it clear that you and Niall were just friends. He was your best friend.

"So how are you and Chris,” Niall asked out of a pool of questions he had gathered in your mind. You knew that he wasn’t a big fan of Chris, but he was respectful of your relationship with him. 

“Uh it’s okay. We have just been fighting lately,” you sighed. 

“What about?” he asked curiously. 

“Stupid things; don’t worry about it,” you said trying to blow it off. You didn’t really know how to tell Niall about what was really going on, but you were just hoping it would blow over. “Actually, I’ll be right back,” you said, getting up from the couch and walking over to Niall’s room. 

You stripped down to your underwear getting ready to change into your sweats. You looked at the mirror as you changed into you bottoms. You saw the bruises on your collarbone, seeing the color was fading, but it was still there. What was a dark purple had turned a now lighter purple, but the bruising was still there. 

“What happened?” Niall asked from the door making you jump. 

“Niall, I’m getting dressed!” you yelled, quickly covering yourself. 

“I didn’t know!” he said, throwing his hands up in defense. “But what happened, Y/N?” he asked getting closer. 

“Uh you know, late night with Chris,” you said, trying to laugh it off. He rubbed his hand against it making you wince in pain. “Niall stop…” you demanded, hitting his hand. The demand came out like a faint whisper. 

“What have you and Chris been fighting about?” he asked more serious. 

“I said it was nothing Niall." 

"Did Chris do this to you?” Niall asked. 

“I already told you I had a late-" 

"No, Y/N, you know what I mean,” Niall said cutting you off. “Did Chris do this?” he asked again, making you flinch. 

“I started it,” you began. “We were fighting and I shoved him and it happened, but I’m fine, Niall,” you admitted. 

“I don’t care; he hurt you!" 

"Niall, I’m fine,” you tried to convince him. “When did he stop treating you like a princess Y/N?” he asked handing you your shirt. “He doesn’t deserve you and you don’t deserve that,” Niall whispered before hugging you. 

You felt your eyes tear up before you sobbed in his chest. “Can I stay here for the week?” you asked in his chest. 

“Of course,” he said before kissing your forehead, “I won’t let it happen again." 


You stumbled in front of Zayn’s door before leaning on it. You felt your self sway on the door making yourself giggle. Your hand hit the doorbell a couple times. 

"Zayn!” you yelled after a minute of waiting knocking on the door before it hung open. 

“Y/N? What you doing where? It’s one in the morning,” Zayn said letting you stumble in. “And are you drunk? Again?” he asked. 

“I’m not drunk…..I’m just not sober,” you hiccuped. 

“This is the third time I have seen you drunk this week, and it’s only Thursday,” Zayn reminded you. 

“I’m fine! It’s just Zach was being sooo annoying so I got a taxi and left the party. It was kinda lame anyway,” you slurred before falling on the couch.

“Does Zach know you left?” he asked. You shook your head. “Y/N, ever since you started going out with Zach, you’ve been partying a lot more, and he doesn’t even gives a shit if you’re okay or not during it,” Zayn mentioned, sitting next to you. 

“Maybe I learned to party more and have a better time,” you sighed. “You always said I should have more fun and now I’m having fun." 

"You get wasted almost every other day and I’m concerned; that’s all." 

You nodded slowly trying to comprehend what he was saying. "So you think I can do better?” you asked. 

“Yeah and you deserve better. You shouldn’t have to do this to yourself to make him happy. In my opinion, he isn’t worth it." 

"Then show me what is better; show me that you’re better,” you said before placing your lips on his. He hesitantly responded and grabbed your waist. As wrong it was, it just felt right. You felt yourself lean onto him to the point of straddling him. You felt the electricity run through your veins. You moved your lips to his neck, receiving a moan in doing so.  

“Wait Y/N, you’re drunk,” he said, pushing you off a bit. 

“It’s not because I have a boyfriend but becuase I’m drunk?” you smirked. 

“Y/N, seriously-" 

"I know you like me, Zayn, and you make it pretty obvious,” you said cutting him off. “You say Zach doesn’t treat me right, and you think I can do better and we both know you are talking about yourself.” You smiled before moving down to the hem of his shirt to lift it up. “Just show me that you are better." 

"You know this is wrong, and you’re drunk Y/N, but you can stay in the guest room,” Zayn said, pushing you off once again. 

“Fine but I still want you when I’m sober.”


From the start, Harry never really liked your boyfriend Max. You knew for your relationship with Harry and Max to stay intact, they would have to learn to get along. You took them out for lunch and you tried to keep the conversation light, but the tension was still there. You couldn’t stop that. 

“I’m sorry babe, but I have a call-in to work,” Max said standing up. 

“No, you can’t leave yet. We haven’t even ordered any food yet,” you complained. 

“I’m sorry, but my boss just text him and told me that it was an emergency, but I’ll make it up to you later,” he said before kissing your cheek. “And Styles, it was great seeing you again,” Max smiled, but you could hear the hint of sarcasm in his voice. 

“Same,” Harry nodded before Max left making you sigh. 

“Thanks anyway, Harry, for being here and trying to get along with Max,” you smiled. 

“It’s nothing, I just don’t trust him still,” Harry mentioned making you sigh. 

“He’s a good guy Harry. He treats me right,” you told him. 

“Just today alone, I saw him check out three girls’ asses, and one of them was our waitress,” Harry said with annoyance clear in his voice. 

“So you’re telling me that you never looked at another girl’s ass before?” you challenged. 

“Not if I had a girl like you in front of me,” he said making you blush slightly.

“Harry-” you began before he cut you off. 

“Y/N, I think Max is cheating on you,” he blurted out, taking you back a bit. 

“I know he isn’t cheating on me,” you confirmed shaking your head. 

“He’s always checking his phone when he’s with you, and I doubt that it’s always his boss calling him in." 

"That doesn’t mean he’s cheating on me,” you said, your voice getting a little bit louder. 

“Fine, but just ask him when you see him again. When you ask he’s going to answer with a question because he’s stalling. He knows you trust too much to think otherwise. When you asked again he’ll answer you, but then he might try to kiss you or hug you to distract you because his answer might not be good enough and you’ll know it." 

You felt hot tears form in your eyes. "Why can’t you see that I’m happy, Harry!” you yelled before storming out of the restaurant.


You huffed as you finished the last of your homework. You were suppose to do it with your boyfriend, Marcus, but he never showed up or answered your calls. It was beginning to become the same routine everything night with him. 

The doorbell rung before it was quickly opened and closed. “Louis?” you asked, but you knew it was him since he was the only person with a key to your apartment. 

“Yep!” he yelled before entering into the kitchen. 

“You know I don’t mind you here, I really don’t, but you knew that I was suppose to be here doing my homework with Marcus. Why would you show up?” you questioned as you started to put your stuff away. 

“Because I knew he wasn’t going to show up like he always does,” he said, mumbling the last part. “Why are still with him anyway?” he added, very blunt. 

“Louis, I’m not really in the mood to talk about my love life,” you muttered. In all honestly, you were pissed that Marcus didn’t show up, and you were rethinking your relationship with him. 

“All I know is that a boyfriend should always try and help you out and make sure that you’re okay; not leave you for his friends almost every night when you had made plans,” Louis stated, putting a comforting hand on your shoulder. 

You smiled knowing at least Louis cared about how you felt. “Thanks, Lou, but can we just watch a movie?” you asked. “I don’t really want to talk about him anymore,” you sighed, getting out your chair. 

“Sure but I’m picking the movie,” he laughed running over to your living room.

“Fine, but no horror ones,” you warned as you followed him. 

You sat on your couch when your phone vibrated in your pocket. 

“Is that him?” Louis asked. “Yeah he text me and said "Hey babe. Sorry I missed our study date but can I still come over? We could work on a little anatomy ;)”You read out loud making Louis gag. 

"Come on Y/N, that’s disgusting!” Louis complained before sitting right next to you. “Just forget about him for one night.” Louis told you before taking your phone. “I’ll text him and tell him you both will talk tomorrow." 

You huffed before sinking into your seat. “Okay but don’t say anything stupid,” you warned.

“I got it. Don’t worry.”

Part 2