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RWBABIES: Schnee-Nikos Family.

I’m finally getting around to posting my next RWBABIES post! I’ve been in a good mood in terms of writing, so I finally decided to finish what I have for the Schneekos family so far and sharing it with you guys!

Previous Post(s): Rose-Polendina Family, Xiao Long-Belladonna Family.

So let’s get started!

1) Weiss Schnee.

  • She’s currently 47 years old.
  • She’s working as a part time huntress. She’s also the president of the Schnee Dust Company and has been working extremely hard making big changes to improve the company’s reputation. 

2) Pyrrha Nikos.

  • She would’ve been 47, if she had survived her incident. She passed away at the age of 42, due to a fatal injury she received during a mission.
  • When she was alive, she was working as a part time huntress. She was also the owner and head personal trainer of her own workout facility, “Ironflex Fitness Center.” Weiss’ brother-in-law took over after her passing.

They have two pets:

  • There’s Cypress, a 10 year old Ragdoll cat (she’s completely white in colour).
  • And Diana, a 4 year old Scottish Fold cat (she’s completely black in colour).

Weiss and Pyrrha only had one child together and her name is Gwendolyn (Gwen) Schnee. More info will be under the cut!

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I have nurse questions for you. Will you answer?

Jut bored, curious, and wanted to try something new!

If you want to answer a question or two, leave a comment or send me a message (anonymously or not). I’ll post answers! I know my answers but want to hear from all the other nurses out there too! I want to make sure to uphold HIPPA, so no names or anything too detailed. 🙂

1. Tell me about a patient you’ll never forget.

2. Why did you decide to become a nurse?

3. What would you do if you weren’t a nurse?

4. What’s your favorite part about being a nurse?

5. What’s your least favorite part?

6. What do you see yourself doing 10 years from now?

7. When you got your first job out of nursing school what was the best part?

8. What was the worst part about your first job?

9. Tell me about a challenging patient.

10. What’s the nicest thing a patient has ever said to you?

11. What’s the funniest thing a patient has ever said?

12. What’s the grossest thing you’ve had to do as a nurse?

13. What’s your #1 pet peeve?

14. What’s something you’re really proud of?

15. What’s one thing you’ve had to do you never thought you would have to do in nursing school?

Just a quick note: I prefer not to discuss dancers’ weight. I’ve received a couple of questions / comments through ask which touch on this subject, and I’m not going to respond. I don’t want to appear rude or make it look like I’m ignoring you, but I’m really not comfortable having this discussion. It feels wrong.

Recently, I’ve seen an increase in critical (and downright rude) comments targeting VBA girls online. It seems that not even the first-year students (10-11 y/o girls) are safe from having their bodies scrutinised and criticised by “ballet fans”, to say nothing of the older girls… 

Sorry if I’ve ignored your question. I don’t think you’re rude for asking it. I just don’t want to take part in this discussion.

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please do: 
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Day Two

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Oversharing Asks

(Disclaimer: These questions are very personal and may touch on sensitive subjects; you may want to look over them before reblogging. You can strike out or totally delete questions you don’t want to deal with.)

  1. Who hurt you the most?
  2. Who have you hurt the most?
  3. Who do you miss the most?
  4. Who do you want out of your life the most?
  5. Who had the biggest positive impact on you?
  6. Who had the biggest negative impact on you?
  7. Who do you wish you could be honest with?
  8. Who have you harbored (any kind of!) secret feelings towards?
  9. Who would the world be better off without?
  10. Who do you wish you’d treated differently?
  11. What was the worst day of your life?
  12. What’s your greatest fear?
  13. What’s your biggest insecurity?
  14. What’s your biggest regret?
  15. Describe your ideal world.
  16. Describe your personal hell.
  17. What’s a hopeless dream you’re still holding on to?
  18. What’s the most embarrassed you’ve ever been?
  19. What’s the angriest you’ve ever been?
  20. What’s the saddest you’ve ever been?
  21. What’s the most scared you’ve ever been?
  22. What’s the most hopeless you’ve ever felt?
  23. What’s the most frantic you’ve ever felt?
  24. What’s the bravest you’ve ever felt?
  25. What’s the best case scenario for your future?
  26. What’s the worst case scenario for you future?
  27. What’s the most physical pain you’ve ever felt?
  28. What’s the most emotional pain you’ve ever felt?
  29. Describe a time you felt like a hypocrite.
  30. Describe a time you felt like a traitor.
  31. Describe a time you felt like a hero.
  32. Describe a time you felt inhuman.
  33. Describe a time you felt like a failure.
  34. What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done?
  35. What are you proudest of?
  36. What’s your relationship with your family like?
  37. What’s your relationship with religion like?
  38. Talk about someone you’ve lost.
  39. Talk about someone who abandoned you.
  40. Talk about a desire you have that scares you.
  41. What’s something you wish you were capable of?
  42. What’s something you’re afraid that you’re capable of?
  43. Describe the kind of life you wish you’d been born into.
  44. Describe your worst heartbreak.
  45. Describe your worst disappointment.
  46. Have you ever taken a fall for someone?
  47. Have you ever forced or let someone take a fall for you?
  48. Have you ever done serious physical harm to someone?
  49. Have you ever done serious emotional harm to someone?
  50. Have you ever self-harmed?
  51. Have you ever attempted suicide?
  52. Have you ever stolen something?
  53. Have you ever cheated on someone?
  54. Have you ever been cheated on?
  55. Have you ever taken revenge on someone?
  56. Have you ever seriously considered killing somone?
  57. Have you ever betrayed someone who trusted you?
  58. Have you ever experienced something supernatural or unexplainable?
Taking Questions - How Much Is Gold?

How much would a gold coin be worth in real life?

Well, to celebrate the revival of Taking Questions, we’re starting off with more Maths!

For the weights of the coins, apparently they are 5.670 grams for a quarter, 2.268 grams for a dime, 5.000 grams for a nickel, and 2.500 grams for a penny. 

Now, lets take the heaviest coin, at 5.67 grams.

And, assuming that a gold coin is 100% 24 karat gold, pure gold in every way…

We can create an estimate for the maximum price of a gold coin in D&D.

So, using the current prices for 24 karat gold, and the weight of the coin, we get a answer of:

$209.57 per Gold Piece

And you can use the current conversion rates to convert this into any other currency.

So, their we have it!

So thank you for your questions! And thanks for reading!

And if you have a question you would like answered, submit a question through our “Ask Us Anything” Page.

And you could see your question next time!

More MBTI Questions I Need Answers to

DISCLAIMER: I legit need answers actually hahaha, if you can comment that’d be great because MY CURIOSITY NEEDS TO BE QUENCHEDDD  ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

- how do I adjust your preprogrammed cookie instructions so that I don’t die from coronary heart disease after eating all your cookies? That stick of butter y'all put into them got my arteries going like @.@
- can I have some more cookies pls? I ate all 12 of them in one sitting
- how often would you like to set your ‘it’s normal to feel insecure’ reminder?

- will you come with me to this party 3 weeks from now? I promise to never leave your side and I heard there will be pets there (my attempt at bribery)
- how do you have the best hugs? what is your secret?!?!?!? I MUST KNOWWW
- how are all of you so uniquely artistic? Every INFJ I know does some kind of knitting, oil painting, guitar playing on the side and THEY’RE EXTREMELY GOOD AT WHAT THEY DOO

- How do animals know to approach you for your mystical blessing (i.e. legendary head rub that makes all the animals kneel before you in praise)?
- y'all have such colourful outfits! Can you share your wardrobe with me?
- is there a cap on the number of art forms you dabble in or is it more like all ISFPs gets at least one?

- can I come with you to Thursday’s yoga class? I don’t have a matching yoga mat, but I’ll bring you that soy drink that you’ve been wanting to try
- how is your social media game so on point? TEACH MEH YOUR WAYSSS
- do you ever randomly forget someone’s name while talking to them? Because that happens to me wayyyy more than it should

- is there a daily tears limit or is it more like a you must meet a certain quota by the end of the month?
- how many years are you granted Special Snowflake status? Or do you renew it every 5 years or something?
- do y'all come out of the womb knowing how to make flower crowns or what? THEY’RE TOO PRETTY TO EXIST HOWWW??!?!?!

- on a scale from 1 (“I never do this”)  to 10 (“what does it feel like to not do this?”), how often do you think about world domination?
- is it possible to like puzzles but also suck really badly at them? Because that’s me T__T
- how often do you wonder about whether or not you messed up a social interaction? how often is too often? oh crap, my INTJ just lagged a little bit, DON’T BLUE SCREEEN NOOOOOOOOOO

- Are y'all anti-change or just pro-routine? because there’s a difference apparently *eyes ENTJ*
- HELPPPP my ISTJ is stuck in a loop/routine!! Is this normal?
- From all the mbti types, pick one to clean your house according to your instructions, one to walk your dog, and one who’s house might collapse into itself from the hoarding unless you intervene

- where are y'all at? I don’t know enough ISTPs
- did you have fun last Friday night? 😉
- how do all of you have this sexy smouldering thing going on?!?! I CAN’T NOT FALL IN LOVE WITH ALL OF YOUUUU

- how many hours did you sleep last night? Aim for 8 next time 🙂
- list me your 5 most recent wiki page visits .. I need stuff to do … and researching about a random obscure science thing sounds like a fun Tuesday
- are the science functions pre-installed or is it only calculus that’s pre-installed? How do I upgrade these functions?

- Of all the mbti types, pick one to be your employee, your significant other, and your child
- HOW MANY SUITS DO YOU OWN?!?! Can you lend me one?
- describe your ideal workplace environment (are you turned on by this question?)

- do you get an adrenaline rush when you bulldoze during an argument? because I totally feel that
- what does an ENTJ mating ritual look like? (i.e. how do you act around your crush? or no diff because can’t run StrongFeelings.exe?)
- I think my ENTJ is broken, it keeps running IsolationMode.exe! How do I fix it?!?! T____T

- HEY ESTP! WHERE IS THE PARTY AT!?! Please take me with you, I’ll dance on the porch outside your house if I have to
- how do you feel about manuals? or do you just set them on fire? can we do a group manual burning? *ISTJs are probably having a heart attack*
- Pick one mbti type to kiss, one to marry, and one to have casual sex with

- name me ONE project you’ve ever finished that wasn’t for school/work (y'all get so excited when you start a new project but the old projects feel neglected AF y'know)
- Since you’re the Meme Lord(ess), if you marry a commoner, are they Duchess of Memes or Lady Meme? or Lord Meme? (just throwing that in real quick before the I see pitchforks outside mah house)
- how do y'all have so much air to debate for as long as you do? do ENTPs have unique genetic mutations that allow for larger lung capacity? do y'all double as Olympic swimmers too?

- where do all of our secrets go after we tell them to you? do you have a personalized file on each of us that you flip through from time to time as a bedtime story or what?
- why do all of you want me to reveal my emotional wounds? Is that the equivalent of foreplay or something?
- how do I install PersonalSpace.exe onto my ENFJ?

- how do you have sooooooo many tabs open?!?!?
- do pets come to you or do you come to pets?
- will you take me with you on your next spontaneous surprise trip to Tokyo? All my bags are already packed, just tell me what day we’re going

- why do y'all always smell nice? can I bottle your scent or something?
- do you take dance lessons or is dancing well just a feature of all ESFPs?
- have you seen my butt? Because you’re sexy AF and I’d like to give you permission to dance within 2 ft of it

consider: cameos for both Cassian & Jyn in the Han Solo movie, wherein they narrowly miss meeting each other

Was doing the pv but got tired so drew my two LL! fav charas


A Hetalia themed ask set:

1. Who’s your favorite character? Why?

2. Who do you think is most like you?

3. Who is your Hetalia OTP? 

4. Brotp?

5. Notp?

6. How do you feel about the canon?

7.Who do you think you’d get along best with? Worst?

8. Who’s your Hetalia soulmate?

9. What do you base your headcanons off of? (News, politics, demographics, the canon, ect.)

10. When did you first get into Hetalia?

11. Have you ever written fanfiction, drawn fanart, or cosplayed Hetalia?

12. Did Hetalia ever drag you into liking another subject or make you study history? 

13. Do you think your Hetalia country is accurate to your country? 

14. What’s the best  line in Hetalia? (Or scene.)

15. Who would win in an arena deathmacth? 

how to build a sentence!!

i was taught back in freshman year of high school that there are two ways you can structure a sentence. for example:

american sign language(ASL)


this structure is commonly called glossing.

say i pick a sentence from a song 

“i just cant stop loving you.”

by glossing, you have a reorganized sentence.


there is also active and passive signing.

if the subject is your topic , you are using an active voice.


if the object is your topic you are using a passive voice.


fun fact- a lot of people tend to use an active voice because of how similar it is to English grammar.

a topicalized sentence is using the object of the sentence as the topic and introducing it as a “yes/no question expression” ending with a comment.

1. topicalized


your candy is the topic and the sentence is in object-verb-subject word order.



woahhh kaylee, you made an error. why is ate not capitalized but the rest of the sentence is?

well first off, i didn’t make an error. second, words that have a sign for them such as “SOUR” are in caps. words without a sign such as “of, ate,ran,” can be finger spelled but then you'd be using SEE instead of ASL. there aren’t past tense words, that’s why you say what time of day it is!! “YESTERDAY, I RUN” or “I RUN YESTERDAY”.

either way is fine.


signing exact english

that is exactly what it sounds like. SEE is based on signs drawn from asl but is expanded using words that give a complete visual representation. “the girl had soft, silky hair.”

thats all i can think of atm so if you have anything else on asl and see let me know/add on. i might add on a bit later tho after i go shower brb

Night Changes - Tom Holland Imagine

Friends – this was a long and tedious battle with myself. 

Send comments, questions, concerns, complaints, requests.

Originally posted by spiderholland

“Look, I understand that everyone seems to be obsessed with finding their soulmate,” you continued, “– and I know that it seems like everyone is obsessing over it – but they aren’t, darling.” You gripped your nephew’s hand a bit tighter – you don’t want him to continue to feel pressured by this system, especially at such a young age. “I know that it seems like this is everything the world is worrying about, but it’s honestly just a phase right now, buddy.”

You wrap your free arm around his shoulders and you grip him tight. You place your chin on the top of his head, you love holding him close.

“Okay, but,” he starts, “it’s not fair that Chris and Alex are soulmates – it’s not fair that they found each other in the fourth grade!” He whined a bit, and you heard him gasp slightly as he continued to try to regain oxygen. “Everyone is obsessed with it and now it’s making me worry about the future.”

“Okay, but honey,” you said, “you don’t have to worry about the future! You’re so young and you have so much time left before you – you have so much time to figure yourself out before you have to worry about someone else." 

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Liquor Gonna Carry Me Down

ship: wincest (could be read as a general pairing though)
rating: teen
ao3 link
tags: drinking, angst
summary: “Dean hated it. He hated being sent on a mission by those pompous sons of bitches that thought they were better than anyone else with their perfectly manicured hands and fancy tools.”
word count: 2,052
a/n: so this is kinda seen as a coda to the last episode but it takes place after the episode actually and this kinda came out of some of my own questions that i have when it comes to what’s currently happening in the plot. you’ll see what i’m talking about. plus it’s the first thing i’ve written since my dwbb so yay about that.

Dean was an alcoholic. He would try to deny it whenever Sam would bring it up (which wouldn’t be often because he knew where that conversation always ended) but there was no denying the facts. There was almost never a time that Sam didn’t see his brother without some kind of drink in his hand. However he was getting better. His morning coffee wasn’t spiked with whiskey anymore.

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Just wondering...

Would you be interested in becoming part of a photography travel club/group. The purpose of this group would be to travel to different destinations at certain interval throughout the year, explore new cultures and indulge in our passion for photography. This club would ideally have photographers/members with various level of expertise and members would be able to share their ideas, styles, and tips on photography during the travels. Leave your answer in the comments section or send me a message if you are interested.  

UPDATE: Great response so far…keep it coming. I don’t have a lot of details to share but I can see great potential especially if we have members from around the world.  Also, someone asked and the short answer is; you don’t have to be a seasoned photographer, amateur photographer or photographer at all to join this club.  Just passion for travel, an open mind and the desire to learn as you go would suffice!

anonymous asked:

i asked that question about only answering rude questions to prove a point, and i feel you have. i've constantly asked questions and gave comments that i feel are something an author would like to hear from a reader yet those sat in your ask box, but you answered that question quicker than i imagined, probably because it criticized your character. idk if you want this input, but i feel as if you should focus on the positives people send in, not the negative and rude, like i sent in earlier xoxo

I’ve explained many times that I am free to answer whatever asks I want, and I’m free to not answer whatever I wish. 

Usually I don’t answer if it’s: 

-an overly complicated ask that would require me to either invent lore on the spot or do a lore dive that is too time intensive

-it’s an ask I’ve recently answered

-an ask I’ve answered many times

-a very common ask that I’ve answered in most interviews (i.e. what inspires you, how did you come up with RQ, etc.)

-it’s a spoiler ask (I’m not answering spoiler heavy KC questions at all, let alone people asking if characters live or die)

-it’s extremely rude or ignorant (trust me, there are ones I let slide bc I just am not going to deal with it sometimes)

-it’s very kind and complimentary to the point where I would feel really rude and self-indulgent and bratty answering it publicly for all to see. I love you guys for your kind words but idk, it just feels so crude to acknowledge yourself in that way. 

-I just don’t have the *energy* to answer the ask the way it deserves

-I just. don’t. feel. like. it.

I’m very sorry that I haven’t lived up to your expectations or answered the questions you wanted asks. I’m one person. I cleared my inbox entirely about two weeks ago. I now have 843 asks in the box. I can’t answer them all. I’m very sorry about that. 

And if you’ve been asking questions over a period of time, then you would have clearly seen that I answer a wide variety of questions. So yeah, I don’t appreciate you sending me something false just to get a reaction and prove a point. But you did. You win. I’m tired.

I love you guys so much and I hope to give back 1% of what you’ve given me. I know I’m not perfect and I’m never, ever going to amount to what everyone wants from me. I’m trying, I really am. It’s just not in my DNA to let people run me over for their own enjoyment. And it may be better in the long run to step back a little bit, because unfortunately, in spite of the truckloads of lovely asks & readers, the not-so-nice ones seem to outweigh them in my mind. I need to work on myself to ignore the sting, but I’m not there yet. 

As I’ve said on Twitter, I’m not a dartboard. I’m a person. I’m not some abyss people can fling whatever they want into, and not expect anything in return. 

And if people want to go on Goodreads and give me shit for being a human concerned about her mental health and safety, feel free. They can say it’s part of the job all you want, but it really isn’t. It really isn’t.