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Questions! How old is mark? And how long have they been together?


Mark is 27 and he’ll be turning 28 next month! 

And I’m assuming you mean how long have Mark and Amy been together? They announced on twitter that they were together in, I think, June of last year? So we’ve known about them for almost a year now! Wow, I didn’t realize it’d been so long! We’ve come a long way since then!

They are the best~

I remember being in this dream
where there was a fishbowl
used as a flower vase,
and there was an old song
playing in the background,
and it sounded like people arguing
in rhymes, and a piano crash,
and suddenly you appeared.

What do people do when they wake up
and still remember their dreams,
like something that held you once
that you want to let go of?
A set of keys fallen behind the shelf
and I’m always sticking my arm
to reach it, and never reaching it,
and so I just gave up on finding the piece
of music, or the people,
or the argument,
and you still appeared.

You’ve got a face like a question mark
and I’m always puzzled
at the idea of becoming an unanswered
letter collecting dust
in the bottom of the mailbox.

It’s five years later and I still remember
the dream, and the fishbowl
suddenly breaks in my hands,
and I remember being cold,
and repurposed
into glass vases
holding flowers for you.

—  Like a dream upon waking, Five Mondays in May (4/5) by aye rah

Namesake: ? and the Mysterians

Appearance: Mysterians appears as a large, muscular man with no distinguishing features except a white question mark on his face, and is otherwise just a black silhouette. It would appear as if it is naked, although it has no genitalia to speak of.

Power: B
Speed: B
Precision: C
Range: D
Durability: D
Development: C

Ability: Mysterians can obscure any information that it can “physically touch” ranging from written information (which would either black bar the desired passages or jumble the letters to make it illegible), memories or common knowledge (which Mysterians would need to touch the persons in order to obscure the info, but the memories would then become cloudy and unclear, and common knowledge and other information would be hard to recall, as if it was at the tip of their tongue), or it can even obscure the information of the world around someone, making their vision blurry at the specified areas (it would need to “touch” or pass through these areas in order to obscure them)
While information can be obscured for long periods of time, the information still exists. If the stand user were to be knocked unconscious, the stand defeated, or the information learned through some other means, it could be restored. The only information that Mysterians can completely erase is the information pertaining to itself and its user’s name. As such, the user of Mysterians is commonly referred to as ?

and the drawing of him standing there glowering in his pyjamas is one of my favs ever too because he’s not dressed up and he’s just got his hands in his pockets all deciding what’s going to happen next

and he doesn’t quite remember why the heck he has a question mark shaped cane but hey it’s there on the wall and he’s pretty pissed and he’s deciding it looks like a pretty good weapon right now