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...And Begin Again

Summary: He lost her once in a crumbling castle. He lost her again in a mist of darkness. And he’ll do whatever it takes to stop what’s left of her from fading away, before he loses her again. Spriggan Lucy AU. Nalu.

*blinks* Wow, this actually became a thing…. What a pleasant surprise! I thought there would be a hell lot more objections to this evil headcanon/AU baby @nanakoblaze and I created during one of our daily sinning sessions!

And with that latest chapter 455 of FT, whoah, coincidence much? Or is it…? So without further ado, here’s part two, enjoy! (Though i wonder, what would happen if i did write a part three with a different…naughtier ending…? Hmm…)

Parts: Part 1

Jet black painted nails tapped methodically against the cold marble surface, the clicking sound bouncing off the high domed ceiling and echoing throughout the stone walls of the circular hall.

Sat in one of the thirteen chairs surrounding the massive round table in the center of the room, the Goddess of Stars stared blankly at the gilded lacrima sphere before her, dull brown eyes lazily trailing the one red dot that inched ever so slowly towards Alvarez on the map displayed on the reflective surface.

“Antsy about meeting your ex-comrades in battle, Lucy?”

Golden armor clinked as the War Maiden leaned toward the woman clothed in stars, her lips curving up in a deceptively friendly smile, “I’m sure you still have some lingering feelings for them, especially that-“

“I threw all that away the moment I accepted His Majesty’s hand.” She replied sharply, tossing her long blond hair to look the armored woman in the eye, “They… He, means nothing to me now.”

“Don’t question my loyalty to His Majesty, Dimaria.” She said monotonously, but the silent threat behind her words hung thickly in the air between them as their brown eyes held firmly in a silent battle.

Dimaria leaned back into her own throne-like chair, calculative sharp eyes never leaving hers, darkening a shade when she said smugly, “But that wasn’t all that you threw away, right, Lucy?”

Bunching up the sheer shimmering fabric at her lap in her fists, Lucy remained silent, maintaining the emotionless mask that she’s grown very accustomed to during her brief stay.

From across them, listening keenly to this exchange, was the Emperor himself, his lips twitching up ever so slightly in a ghost of a smile, approving red eyes taking in the newest addition to his personal army.

The last pawn in his game with death.

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           Well, well. Look who decided to grace us with his presence tonight. Let’s see how productive I can be with drafts and the like, I’m so terribly sorry for the long wait. Also, if anyone is down with a Strange Magic AU hit me up cause it definitely gave me some Labyrinth feels. Feel free to send in some questions or generally bug his Majesty while I assess what is owed. Goodness knows he deserves it.


German interview 05 august 2015
question: Are you still making ‘love metal’ music?
Ville: We play music that is very hard and masculine, but yet it does have this sort of sentimental side to it. So I guess that is one thing that has never changed.

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White Light on a Black Sea: Chapter XXV

So, I figured I’d try posting this chapter on Tumblr, for those who prefer to read it this way. If you want it on, the new chapter is here. If you haven’t been folling this story and want to start from the very beginning, it’s here.

Thanks for being patient while i was sick!  Enjoy!


The late afternoon sun glittered on the water as her ship rounded a final turn, bringing her destination into view. She had thought of it as a prison, so when King John’s startlingly beautiful castle finally appeared, she could scarcely believe that the elegant palace perched on a cliff was the home she’d been dreading. Far from the dark twisted fortress of her nightmares, its walls sparkled like a pearl above the clear azure sea.

Once docked, she was escorted to a royal carriage for travel to the castle. The harbor was filled with dozens of tall ships, from gigantic Man o Wars to maneuverable clippers, all of which she knew to be but a fraction of the king’s navy. As the horses drew her into the city proper, it became startlingly clear that two decades of war had taken their toll on the coastal nation. Constantly looking to expand his influence, John had apparently bled the common people dry to outfit his military, and it showed with just a glance at her surroundings.

The fountain in the main square was dry, and the children who played in it went quiet as the carriage pulled near. The outdoor market sold staples such as bread and fish, but lacked any more extravagant goods that indicated people had spending money for the finer things. Much like the fountain, the rough brick buildings and cobbled streets suffered from obvious neglect. She could only begin to imagine the living conditions, and Emma knew that her first acts as queen would be to reduce the suffering of the common people. Just one of her jeweled necklaces could feed the better part of a neighborhood for a year, and her parents had always made sure their people were cared for before indulging in frivolous things. John may not have the same set of values, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t find ways to help. The people of both Sylvania and Leinster were counting on her, and she would not let them down.

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