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Ok I've got a question regarding spirit guides. So I just did a meditation to meet mine, and while I never saw a face my left side felt like someone was sitting beside me. Then my ear went all ringy, like it was trying to hear something, but I didn't. How can I tell if I'm actually sensing a spirit/ then get them to fully make contact? Sorry if that's long, thanks so much know advance, this is all still new to me!

The ear ringing is a good sign that it was a spirit trying to communicate, you just couldn’t hear them clearly. That happens to me sometimes too, more when I am working with a new spirit and I haven’t tuned into their energy yet to communicate with them. Next time you do the meditation, notice the things around you as well too. See if theres anything symbolic. They may try to communicate that way knowing you cant quite ‘hear’ them yet. <3 Pay attention to the images they may paint for you, as spirit communication isn’t always about words.

The Booklr Creation Guide

If you were looking for a sign to start your own bookish tumblr, this is it! The book blogging community on this strange blue site is hundreds strong, but there’s always room for YOU. So here’s a step-by-step guide to creating your book-tumblr (booklr, if you will) and jumping into the community.

1. The Name

Your url should ideally have something to do with books so that people looking to follow booklrs will click through to check it out. Consider the following words: book, words, pages, read, tome, fiction, story, library, bibliophile… you get the idea. Two common options are including your name (e.g. @immzies-adventures-through-books) which has the added bonus of people remembering what to call you, or pairing books with something you like (e.g. @books-and-cookies). Be as creative as you like but don’t get too stressed over finding the perfect url. You can change it or grow into it in time.

2. The Theme

Browse through themes and think about what to go for. While you’re a new blog you might not want a lot of links and additional boxes, but if you’re planning to post reviews, promote your other social media/projects and generally have a more complex blog, a more complex theme may suit you. @theme-hunter reblogs all kinds of themes for you to choose from. At the very least I recommend having a theme that shows captions on image posts and shows text posts and asks in a readable font. You can change your theme whenever you like to better fit your blog. Add an avatar featuring yourself and/or books and you’re ready to blog.

3. The Community

Follow some book blogs. Only follow blogs you like & don’t follow with the expectation that they’ll follow you back. @bookblognetwork has a decent (if dated) list to get you started. I would recommend that every time you follow a new blog, send them a message! Tell them you love their blog and talk about a book you see you’ve both read or ask them an interesting question. Mention your book blog url in asks if it’s not your main account. Reblog posts you like. Keep reblogging, keep socialising, don’t take it personally if someone doesn’t reply. You’ll get the most out of booklr if you keep trying to make friends and have some good conversations.

4. The Content

Now you’ve reblogged and chatted, hopefully you have a few followers! Welcome to booklr, friend! It’s time to think about the kind of stuff you want to throw into this world. Photos and funny/cute text posts tend to get the most notes. Reviews get less attention but can be more personally rewarding, and you’ll need them if you’re hoping to get free books for review. It’s completely okay to not create your own content at all, but a lot of bloggers find it more rewarding to do so and it will help you gain followers. You can also make graphics, post poetry and stories, do themed book recs, liveblog what you’re reading, add videos or audio - do whatever you want!

See you around, bookworm. x

Albert Einstein (whose birthday we celebrate today) once said:

“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.”

What are you curious about? Is there’s something you’ve always wanted to know? Or a question that just popped into your head? We pledge to use science (and animation, and art, and music) to answer it. Skunk Bear is looking for Good Questions to guide our next series of videos. Submit here:

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Final Stretch of 2016 Challenge!

I wanted to create a challenge to help myself reflect on this year and set a focus for next year. I’m facing a lot of changes over the next year (graduating college and entering the workforce) so I thought these questions would help guide me focus on what is most important and figure out what I want in life. Hopefully this can help others too. If you want to join me, feel free to mention me at the end of the post (using @ninja-in-training…I can’t track my username tag) or tag #finalstretch2016! If you need to refer back to this point at any time during the challenge, you can search #finalstretch2016master

I’m still crying over how perfect the writing for Alex’s coming out scene was. It wasn’t about making Sanvers canon or any of the other characters. It was all about Alex figuring out her feelings and that’s something that I feel like is usually taken away from lgbt+ characters in media when they’re coming out. Writers too often make it about the character(s) being come out to: the family, the ex, etc. When they shape the narrative that way, we, the audience, get the “I still love you” or “I don’t care about that” kind of response from the other characters and while that’s all great and positive, it kinda always leaves me thinking that the scene is more of a pat on the back for allies and not for the lgbt audience. 

Maggie listening throughout Alex’s stream of consciousness and asking guiding questions at the right time is the way an interaction like this should be written. Focused on the character and their journey, while still being supportive of that journey.

Maybe it’s the fact that Alex came out to a canonically gay character before anyone else, even Kara, or that their relationship is built on a solid friendship, either way that exchange was one of the most genuine bits of lgbt writing I’ve seen in a long while. 

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40. What do they wonder about? What sparks their curiosity and imagination, and why? How is this expressed, if it is?

“People,” Bell rumbled, thoughtful. “Other places, and cultures. What’s the fashion like in Doma, really? Do Garleans play Whist the same way? Do…they play any games?” He paused, as if making a mental note of that for a later inquiry.

“Ah, but mostly: people. I like watching a crowded street of strangers in a new city, just to see what a handshake means there. They laugh more easily in Thanalan, but an Ishgardian will kill you for days with just one joke,” he gestured with an ever-present cigarette. That sort of thing. 

Bell leaned back, faintly embarrassed. “I spend a lot of time travelling for research, but also just for the interest of it. To meet people, or observe a place. I keep a lot of journals, informally, but otherwise,” the mage shrugged. “I won’t talk your ear off about the sacrilegious practices of the ecclesiastical underground in Dravania unless you really want to hear about it.” He grinned wickedly.

(( Thank you, @misakiito-ffxiv! <3 ))


Carmilla hsau Fool’s Gold survival guide: How to make a Crunch wrap

Ingredients needed: 

Flour Tortilla shells size large

Tostada shells

1 package of ground beef

1 packet of taco seasoning

1 tomato

Nacho cheese

Sour Cream

Shredded lettuce


Brown the meat (cook it till it’s all brown)

Add taco seasoning to meat and stir till mixed thoroughly

Heat up Nacho cheese 

Dice tomatoes

Place tortilla shell on plate

Add a scoop of seasoned meat

Add a spoon of Nacho cheese

Place Tostada shell over cheesed meat

Spread sour cream and add lettuce and tomatoes

Fold shell around as shown in photos. To do so fold one corner up and continue along going one direction until all corners are folded up. 

Place entire crunch wrap on a pan and brown both sides. 

Congratulations you have made a homemade crunch wrap! Eat to your hearts content. (The amount of crunch wraps I can make from the supplies shown above equal to about 7 or 8 depending how much meat you add to each crunch wrap. This should be plenty of crunch wraps needed to deal with the emotional slaughter we face from a update.)

Enjoy your crunch warps and may the feels be ever with you!


Final designs of characters from my fake game school project that I love so much that I forgot to post them!

The first one is the player character (you!) Shadow, then your questionable Guide (who has ponytail tied with vertebra which makes me envious) and then leaders of each of the seven parts of the city - Dura the doghead guy, Onos the short but tall merchant, Endur the despot who is cold like a freezer, Kama the spider lady, Yolaksha who is actually like 5 meters tall and really weird, Mashda the fish guy who is MY FAVOURITE and also completely crazy and Suna who has five arms growing straight out of his coat, which sure is…handy

Residency Interview Survival Guide (part 1): 10 program questions that demand answers

Interview season is in full swing for the fourth year med students, and it was only but a few months ago that I was in your shoes.

Now that I’ve been on both sides, I want to share some topics I wished I had taken more seriously, and why I think you should, too when you’re creating your rank list. **EDIT: @agreekdoctor made an excellent point: ask these questions of several people, residents and program leadership, to check for any differences.

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1. How many sites do residents train at? Very few programs these days have their residents stay at one hospital for the entirety of their training. Find out how far apart these sites are and what that means for your possible future commute, vehicle of choice, and gas budget.

2. How do meals work? As an intern, you’ll spend most of your year in the hospital. You are going to go home exhausted and make less than minimum wage for the hours your keep (this isn’t a joke, this is financial truth). So find out: is the hospital food edible? Do you get a cafeteria discount? How do interns and residents eat at work and off? Is it a meal plan or is a point system like back in college?

3. How do residents get prepped for the boards? Some programs make it a big priority to hold lectures or “boards prep crash courses” to insure that all their residents pass. Others throw the MKSAP books at you and tell you Godspeed.

4. Do the residents here hang out after work aka what do residents do for fun? This innocuous question (I’ve provided two phrasings) can tell you a LOT. This gives you a hint to some unspoken criteria that residencies might be considering: supportive, cohesive teammates versus isolated gunners, married residents versus single people, etc. This also tells you if people LIKE each other. AND tells you what the hell is there to do on your days off. 

5. What’s the policy on moonlighting? Moonlighting is the term for when a licensed resident works a few shifts for monetary compensation to bolster our meager salaries. Some programs forbid it, others are totally cool. If you know that you need to support a family, have massive student loans, or want to live in a city with a high cost of living, this will invariably become a consideration. You want to be able to have this choice.

6. Is there an education stipend? My program does not have a stipend. We were told “it was in the works.” This is VERY IMPORTANT. Without an education stipend, you will not get reimbursed for some very expensive shit like:

-Step 3 ($830 dollars)

-UWorld Qbank for Step 3 (from $100-300 depending on months)

-Licensure (+$1000)

-DEA license to write for controlled substances (+$1000)

-Expenses to go to required educational conferences (travel expenses, lodging, food, gas, cost to print the poster if you’re presenting)

-medical apps, new equipment, textbooks, study aids ($$$)

7. What electronic resources are made available to residents? This is the most polite way of asking “Do I have to pay out-of-pocket for Uptodate and Epocrates?” the top two websites and apps we use. Subscriptions to both cost money.

8. What things are provided free of charge by the program? Ask because that which is provided free at one program does not necessarily hold true at another. Extra tip: see if there’s money given to you for moving, because moving can be costly.

9. Have there been or will there be changes to program leadership? I used to think this was the stupidest question. And I now retract that opinion. This does matter to the continuity and management of the program. A bumpy, drama-filled transition in leadership leads to bad feelings that trickles down to the way attendings and other leaders of the program treat residents. The peds program at my hospital had really big changes in leadership and it’s resulted in really disorganized preparation for interview season, which has been incredibly painful for the applicants and the residents.

10. Do the senior residents who will be graduating feel ready to go into the world as practicing physicians? If all of them are terrified or apprehensive, YOU will certainly not be ready for the real world by the time you are in their shoes.


After like, a month of not using it, I present to you, the URL of my DCU/Batman blog! Follow me you assholes. *cuts ribbon*


Yes the bitch is necessary.

And my “Jason in a bank during a robbery” headcanon in all it’s horrible glory is right here!

The proper use of -ah & -yah

I’ve read some Kookmin fanfics written in English and some writers seemed confused or not entirely sure how to properly use ‘ah’ and/or 'yah.’ Most people know that it’s Jimin-ah and Jungkook-ah, but it gets confusing when you start throwing in Jiminnie and Jungkookie, and hyung and all that other Korean stuff. So I whipped up this short(ish) guide to hopefully help some people and maybe answer some common questions.
Onto the guide:

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