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Love can be a miracle, darling

Pairings: Harry x reader in the beginning, Draco x reader in the end

Word count: 2281

Requested: Hey, can you write a Harry Potter x Reader where they have been dating for a while but the reader caught Harry cheating on her with Cho and they have a huge fight. After that, she keeps crying and Draco tries to cheer her up and they kiss. Pleaseeeee <3 by @partyiinthedungeons

A/N: I hope you like it and sorry for posting it so late. I did my best to finish it today because of my full schedule. Sorry for the mistakes because i am sure there are and let me now what you think ♥ 

Originally posted by crystelgreene

Being Harry Potter’s girlfriend had it advantages and disadvantages. The good part was the loyal friends you got by your side and the bad…well the bad are the slytherins always trying to offend you somehow. Well, they were mostly hostage toward Harry not me but the fact I was ready to kill everybody who had said something bad about him was enough for a way the others to mockery him.

But besides the bad attitude we got in fifth year, I was more than happy to be with him. Half of the school thought he was a liar, a boy wanting an attention and I were just a chick using him to become famous and so on. However, Harry never paid so much attention to those words but I did. I tried not to but it was hurting to hear such lies. Harry was so nice to stay hours after curfew to calm me down, to say he loved me and that’s all that mattered. He even said that if I wanted we would break up so he could see my smile again. I, of course, punched him slightly always exclaiming that he was much more important than some stupid students.  

We were going to Hogsmeade on dates, drinking butterbeers, shopping at Zonko’s, we basically tried everything there for such a short period. I did my best to stay focused when helping him with his homework but usually ended making out on the sofa in the common room. That led to an angry Hermione who didn’t skip an opportunity to remind us we were falling behind with it. But let’s come to the present where the interesting part is.

Today was just an ordinary Saturday. We had finally finished another rough week. Early in the morning I woke up and after dressing up, I headed towards the library. There was an hour till breakfast so I decided to spend it while searching information for Snape’s essay.

“Hey (Y/N)! Why are you awake so early?”, Hermione’s voice ranged through the empty library.

“I just want to get something done. I don’t want to fall and spending time with Harry isn’t helping me.”, smiling I sat down next to her.

“You managed to find the truth! Only for that I will lend you my notes, but don’t tell the boys.”, we both laughed and after promising I would not each one of us continued her work.

“If we don’t hurry we will miss the breakfast. Come on.”, I packed my things and with my friend we exited the room going straight to the Great Hall.

There weren’t a lot of people but our boys were already on the Gryffindor table. Harry was reading something while Ron was eating…a lot, as usual. A smirked appeared on my face as I went to my boyfriend as quiet as I could. He was facing me with his back so I used this opportunity to cover his eyes, well specifically his glasses. The boy jumped due to being surprised. His hands left the newspaper and touched mine trying to identify the person messing with him.

“(Y/n)!”, my boyfriend exclaimed seconds later and turned around to face me. There was a smile on his face which caused me to smile, too. I sat down next to him placing a kiss on his cheek.

“Don’t tell me you are still reading those lies.”, I took the newspaper from his hands but Hermione did the same to me, making the research instead of us.

“Well, you were late, so we had to take it.”

“You two are disgusting.”, Ron noted as he continued to eat.

“You will be too when you find a girl, oh my pardon, if you find a girl.”, Hermione retorted as she closed the paper and put it in her back.

We all laughed while Ron gave Granger a dead look.

“What are we doing tonight?”, although it seemed as an ordinary question, it wasn’t. Since some weeks, we were training spells in out secret group, or so called D.A.

“We have a studying session at 8 pm. as always (Y/n), how can you forget about it?”

“Oh, sorry Harry but when I see you I forget everything.”, we usually played this game of being so in love only to make no suspicions but we did enjoyed it, it always amused us.

After we finished our lunch we went to the lake. The weather was fantastic and neither one of us wanted to spend the whole day locked in the castle. We sat down next to a tree trying to stay in its shadow and began doing our homework. I can’t say we desired to do it but there was a trip to Hogsmeade tomorrow and I didn’t want to miss it because of stupid two meters long essays. Harry and Ron were complaining instead of working, Hermione used her energy to quarrel with Ron while I and Harry laughed at their ‘family problems’. The time was passing by and soon dinner came. After we were done, we agreed to go to the Required room separated so Umbridge won’t be able to catch us.

“What are you going to teach me today, Mr. Potter?”, I teased my boyfriend as we were heading towards our wanted direction.

“Someone is eager for knowledge? You should spend less time with Hermione.”

“Oh, shut up!”, I punched him slightly and laughed, “You are just jealous that I’m coping with school, while you might be failing.”

“That huts. That’s it! You made me cry, what kind of a girlfriend are you?”

“Come here and let me kiss you, you’ll feel better.”, leaning closer we shared a kiss that would had definitely turned out in a heated one if it wasn’t somebody’s cough to make us separate.

“Hey there lovebirds! You can continue that later, we have a work now.”, Fred Weasley smirked and entered the Required room. We followed his actions.

This time Harry showed us some others spells. I was with Neville who surprisingly was doing much better than me. I was doing well to be honest, practicing with Ginny, Ron, Harry, but maybe like 30 minutes later I didn’t fail to notice something. Cho Chang, a ravenclaw girl Harry used to like in his fourth year, was now watching my boyfriend carefully, trying to get his attention. That made me mad and that’s why I got hit my Neville’s spell that paralyzed me for a moment.

“I hit her, I did it!”, Neville screamed at top of his lungs happily, “Sorry (Y/n).” He then came closer and helped me stand.

“No problems. I am happy you did it, Neville.”, he was so happy that I couldn’t tell him I wasn’t paying enough attention to block the spell.

No matter what I did afterwards was, to put it mildly, horrible. I tried to practice but my eyes were glancing and Cho and Harry. I knew he was helping her but I didn’t like she was doing poor just for his attention. Harry was observing everybody and when he saw my actions he came closer and gave Neville time for a rest.

“What’s going on? Are you okay?”, I could read the care in his eyes and it made me feel a little better. Besides everything Harry was with me, not with her.

“I’m fine now.”

“If you wanted to train with me you could have just asked.”

Till the end of the lesson I was actually getting more and more capable of using the new spells. Deep inside me I felt pleasure to show Cho I was better that her. When the ‘class’ was over we were heading out by three. I wanted to stay and help Harry to clean but he refused, telling I’d better go and rest. I listened to him and left the room with Hermione and a tall Hufflepuff boy. We were already on the stairs when I realized I had forgotten my barrette.

“Wait for me, I’ll be back in a minute.”, after notifying Hermione I ran upstairs.

The door was slightly open. Cursing the stupid people who left it that way I entered the room but stopped where I was. My eyes widen when I saw Harry and Cho kissing in front of me. She had put one of her hands on his face, while Harry had placed his hands on her both sides. My eyes were filled with tears by now.

“How could you?”, was the only thing my mouth let out. I felt a strange feeling in my throat, not letting me to breathe or talk anymore. Harry and Cho jumped away from each other, both looking at me as a deer looking at the headlights coming towards her.

“(Y/n), I-”


I exited the room and ran in some direction not caring where I was going. Suddenly I felt somebody grabbing my hand and spinning me around. It was Harry with his messy hair and sad face.

“Stop.”, he said softly.

“Let me go, please. Let me go!”, I managed to find my voice again and screamed at him.

“It’s not what it seems.”

“Oh, really? Because it seems you still love Cho and was messing with me the whole time!”, he didn’t know what to say, he did try but nothing came out, “Have you ever loved me, Harry? Have you?”

“Of course I have, I still do.”

“Do not lie to me! Do not!”, licking his lips, the boy was about to talk but I interrupted him, “I cannot believe you used me like this.”

“I-I didn’t, I-”

“Are you sure because stuttering like this now shows me I am right.”, I bit my lips trying to prevent the others tears to roll down my face, “Look at me, look at my eyes and say you did not use me to forget Cho or to fucking make her jealous! Look at me for god’s sake and say it!”

But the boy was still looking at his feet ashamed.

“I loved you, Harry. Everything I have ever said was true. I showed you my feelings, I gave you my heart…and for what? To be your little toy!? To be the girl you would go to if Cho didn’t like you back?! To be the second option?! Fuck you Harry!”, I screamed at his face, spun around on my heels and attempted to get away from him.

“No, (Y/n), wait!”

“Don’t you dare touch me again or call me, Potter. Don’t you dare!”, this time my voice was low, almost calmly but I felt how he trembled from it. I didn’t mean to threaten him but his presence was no longer wanted around me.  

After minutes of walking I ended in the Astronomy tower. I sat down and let myself cry out all the pain inside me. How could he do this to me? I believed him when everybody thought he was a liar, I was beside him every time he was bullied…and what did I get? A knife in the back! As I was sobbing a voice spoke beside me.

“I see there are troubles in heaven, huh?”

“What do you want Draco? I am not in the mood for your stupid jokes”, but as soon as I turned to face him, his expression changed. With some steps he came next to me and kneeled down.

“Hey, hey. I’m sorry, I didn’t think it was that serious.”, he spoke with a soft and caring voice, something I’d never thought I would hear from him.

“Don’t act as you care.”

“I do care if you haven’t noticed, darling.”

Looking at him, especially at his eyes, some moments ran through my mind. He had always been good to me, never saying bad about me, helping me in Potions, not gloating when I fail… For the first time I felt I could tell him what happened, what I was feeling and he would care about it. All those small details were showing something deeper and complicated to be explained.

“I-Ha-Harry cheated on m-me.”, saying those words out made me sob again. Draco wrapped his hand around me, getting me closer for a hug.

“Hey, look at me.”, with his forefinger he lifted my chin up so now I was facing him, “He doesn’t deserve your tears.” He remover some of them, “He doesn’t deserve your love. You have to stand up, smile and show him what he has missed. Show him you are happier without him. You are the one who deserves better – somebody who would do anything for you, and by anything I really mean anything. You are so kind, funny, just amazing. I cannot explain it but each time I see you, my mood changes. I become more gleeful just because of hearing your voice, laugh or seeing the spark of joy in your eyes. You deserve somebody that can make you feel the same way you make me feel… ”

Without thinking I leaned closer and connected our lips. The kiss was salty due to my tears but was enough to make me feel butterflies in my stomach. I didn’t feel it only with my body; I felt it with my soul. It warmed me up, made me feel loved. That kiss wasn’t like the kisses I’d shared with Harry. It was kind of passionate but showing things that could hardly be explained even from the hand of a skillful poet. It was something not to read about but to feel it.

“I’ve never thought you could be showing such emotions.”

“Love makes miracles with everybody, darling.”, he smiled and leaned for another kiss.  


Brett x Reader


Requested by @rochyu

Prompt list

Every Saturday you’d come to Sinema, getting in through the backdoor via Hayden when Liam and Mason persuaded her to let you in. This time you had to figure out something else to get in since Liam weren’t with you.

The air was heavy to breathe inside the crowded room, the smoke blocking your eyesight as you tried to squeeze yourself past the dancing bodies. Panic started to rose within you when you couldn’t see him. 

Your heart was pounding hard against your chest, anticipation pumping in your veins as you kept sliding between couples who sent glares at your way after you’d accidentally been bumping in to them.

Then he found you.

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Love your blog! Could I request an RFA + V & Saeran scenario where MC and them have to babysit MC's baby cousin? And MC's amazing with the baby and just loves to take care of the bab, and they realise that MC would make a great parent.

omg this sounds adorable I’m gonna have so much fun with this one~~~~ I’m glad you like my blog, thank you!!


  • He’s never babysat a human before
  • After the child has been dropped off at MC’s house he stares at it for a second like…… “now what”
  • The baby is about 18 months old so he can say a few words such as “want cookie” or “me up” and Yoosung is s h o o k. He must obey the child’s commands
  • But MC swoops in and manages to convey to the baby in less words than Yoosung thought possible that he can’t have a cookie until he’s had lunch
  • Yoosung has no time to be impressed with MC as the baby starts to go into what gamers would call a “rage”
  • Clearly not pleased that MC won’t give him a cookie, the baby starts to cry, and while Yoosung’s first instinct is to freak out (he doesn’t know what abilities this child has), MC gets up, turns around, and ignores the kid
  • Once again Yoosung is quite shook
  • MC tells Yoosung that making a big fuss about the child is only going to make him spoiled and that “If you were to throw a tantrum, I’d probably ignore you too because that’s a way of getting attention, right?”
  • Our boy really hasn’t seen MC act this way yet. She’s being so mature and adult-like and this side of her is completely new. Yoosung is more familiar with the MC who games with him and acts silly and goofy and immature.
  • And when the baby finally calms down, eats lunch, and MC keeps her promise of giving the child a cookie, just as she had predicted, Yoosung feels his chest swell with love and thinks having a child wouldn’t be so bad if it was with MC


  • He’s so excited and he just can’t hide it
  • Knows seeing MC caring for a baby will be the most adorable thing in the world
  • This one has just turned a year old not long ago! So it’s only just starting to walk and can’t say any words except she’s starting to get the hang of “mama” and “dada”
  • Zen is completely comfortable with children and the baby, much like everyone else in this world, is enchanted with him. She crawls/waddles toward him at a feverish pace almost as soon as she sees him
  • MC and Zen spend soooo much time playing with her and sitting a little ways apart so that they can have the baby walk to and from them in a straight line
  • Zen spoils the kid let’s be honest
  • He’ll sneak her snacks all the time when MC isn’t looking (she probably knows let’s be honest but it’s just too heartwarming to stop)
  • Eventually the baby gets really tired out from playing and wants to take a nap, so Zen goes into the other room to get one of the blankets that MC’s aunt and uncle gave them
  • When he returns though, he finds MC curled up on the couch also asleep holding the baby in her arms and Zen’s heart practically explodes it’s so cute
  • He sits on the couch right beside MC and brushes her bangs back from her forehead, silently promising that he’ll have his own child with her someday


  • She’s never done babysitting before but hey, if she can be crushed with paperwork and phone calls as Mr. Han’s assistant, she can easily take care of a kid
  • This one is a little girl, 2 years old! She can make small sentences and point to things in books and can be pretty defiant of rules for someone so young
  • Jaehee was a little worried about that because MC’s aunt and uncle warned them that she probably wouldn’t listen to anything they say and just… try not to let her break anything
  • MC to the rescue!!!
  • Whenever the kid gets a little too feisty MC’s party training comes in handy because it’s made her persuasive and winning
  • So Jaehee kind of gives MC all the authority because she’s doing so well and Jaehee really doesn’t want to mess anything up
  • But when Jaehee is sitting at the kitchen table trying to work while MC is in the bathroom, the toddler comes up to her and snatches an important document off the table
  • death it is time to panic this child is going to destroy it my life is over
  • In a moment of desperation Jaehee firmly tells the child to give the papers back to her. And the kid immediately does what she says. Apparently being Chief Assistant for so many years just gives you an automatic sort of authority
  • When MC comes back into the room Jaehee is practically gushing like “I got her to do something! By myself!” And she’s already decided that adopting a kid would be pretty awesome


  • He has only one worry, really
  • “If they are too rough with Elizabeth, they will have to leave. MC are you listening. This child may not know to be gentle with Elizabeth the 3rd. MC.”
  • jumin calm yourself the kid is five
  • MC’s little cousin is a boy who adores MC. When he’s dropped off he says “Hello Mr. Han!” after greeting MC with a big hug and kiss
  • Now while Jumin has to admit the “Mr. Han” coming from a five-year-old is adorable, he can’t shake the irrational jealousy that MC just allowed him to give her a big smooch on the cheek
  • MC really wants Jumin to like kids so this is really the only chance she’ll get to show him how rewarding it is… But he’s starting to get that possessive look in his eye and that’s never a good sign
  • Right at that moment Elizabeth saunters into the room with a leisurely “meow” and the kid is deLIGHted he loves animals!
  • Jumin has a moment of unbridled panic as the boy makes a beeline for Elizabeth with outstretched hands
  • But he stops right in front of her, kneels down, and looks at Jumin. “Mr. Han, may I pet Elizabeth the 3rd please?”
  • Saying the cat’s full name along with the heartbreakingly cute politeness suddenly makes this kid a winner in Jumin’s eyes. “Y-yes, you may,” he says, surprising himself by thinking that he might actually really love to be a father


  • “MC I sit in my babies all the time!”
  • stop calling cars your babies saeyoung
  • He’s got a natural talent with kids and his weirdness just makes them tend to like him more
  • One thing that four-year-old children like to do is insist on various things and also pester you and this little girl is all up in Saeyoung’s business
  • “What does that big computer do?” “Are you a spy?” “Should you be in jail?”
  • Saeyoung answers all her questions (some more honestly than others) and that just makes the girl fall in love with him more
  • MC and the kid get along really well too, so the three of them are what we like to call in the industry: instant BFF’s
  • They have the most fun day ever, playing hide-and-seek and tag around Saeyoung’s house like they’re secret agents and discovering that the little girl is actually a BOSS at video games
  • Right before the child gets picked up, Saeyoung and MC watch a movie with her to get her a little less hyped up when her parents arrive
  • And now that Saeyoung has his mind cleared up to think to himself, there is absolutely no question that he wants every day with MC to be as fun as this, them together with their own child


  • MC’s cousin is just a baby, but she’s so calm and doesn’t fuss much
  • V was a bit nervous when he heard that they would be babysitting a really little kid who couldn’t even talk yet
  • He was afraid he would do something wrong because he can’t even see the baby, so if he accidentally hurt it somehow…
  • But MC’s soothing presence is right there next to him, guiding him all through it
  • She picks up the baby, glad that it’s calm because she doesn’t want V to get any more anxious than he already is, and gently places her in V’s arms
  • Who is instantly dazzled by the feeling of holding such a small thing and falls in love right away
  • MC spends time telling V the few stories that her aunt and uncle have already told her about different milestones the baby has been making over the past few months and V is so invested
  • Because V is barely moving, the little girl eventually starts looking tired according to MC
  • So MC starts singing a little lullaby that her parents would sing when she was a baby, and V knows in that instant that he would be the happiest man in the world if he could have a child with MC


  • He thought taking care of a kid would be easy
  • MAN was he wrong
  • The little five-year-old boy that is brought to them is a menace–not to MC, but to Saeran. It’s like the kid’s personal mission is to torment Saeran
  • And he knows it, too. He’ll be cuddling up next to MC one minute and then as soon as he sees Saeran looking, he’ll give this little devilish smile like there’s nothing you can do about it~
  • So needless to say Saeran is not altogether pleased with this arrangement
  • MC is starting to get a little nervous; she had been hoping that her cousin would make a good impression on Saeran
  • So she thinks of a distraction to get the kid off his back for a little while, and turns on his favorite cartoon and gives him a few snacks to keep him busy
  • MC insists to Saeran that not all kids are like this and that the boy is just used to getting all her attention during babysitting
  • Saeran hmph’s and pretends not to care, but later when she sits back down with the kid and starts playing a little game with him, he notices how much fun they both look like they’re having
  • So even though he might not get along with this particular kid, who’s to say that their own child wouldn’t be different?

Ask me

1: Is there a boy/girl in your life?
2: Think of the last person who hurt you; do you forgive them?
3: What do you think of when you hear the word “meow?”
4: What’s something you really want right now?
5: Are you afraid of falling in love?
6: Do you like the beach?
7: Have you ever slept on a couch with someone else?
8: What’s the background on your cell?
9: Name the last four beds you were sat on?
10: Honestly, are things going the way you planned?
11: Who was the last person whose phone number you added to your contacts?
12: Which hurts the most, physical or emotional pain?
13: Would you rather visit a zoo or an art museum?
14: Are you tired?
15: How long have you known your 1st phone contact?
16: Would you ever consider getting back together with any of your exes?
17: If you knew you had the right person, would you marry them today?
18: How many bracelets do you have on your wrists right now?
19: Is there a certain quote you live by?
20: What’s on your mind?
21: Do you have any tattoos?
22: Next time you will kiss someone on the lips?
23: Who are you texting?
24: Have you ever had the feeling something bad was going to happen and you were right?
25: Do you have a friend of the opposite sex you can talk to?
26: Do you think anyone has feelings for you?
27: Has anyone ever told you you have pretty eyes?
28: Were you single on Valentines Day?
29: Has anyone upset you in the last week?
30: Have you ever cried over a text?
31: Where’s your last bruise located?
32: Last time you wanted to be away from somewhere really bad?
33: Who was the last person you were on the phone with?
34: Do you wear hats if your having a bad hair day?
35: Would you ever go bald if it was the style?
36: Do you make supper for your family?
37: Does your bedroom have a door?
38: Does anything on your body hurt?
39: Are goodbyes hard for you?
40: How is your hair?
41: Do you wish you were somewhere else right now?
42: Is there one person in your life that can always make you smile?
43: What was your last thought before you went to bed last night?
44: Have you ever tried your hardest and then gotten disappointed in the end?
45: How old will you be in 5 months?
46: Where is your Mum right now?
47: Have you held hands with somebody in the past three days?
48: How many people have you liked in the past three months?
49: Has anyone seen you in your underwear in the last 3 days?
50: Will you talk to the person you like tonight?
51: If your BF/GF was into drugs would you care?
52: Who was your last received call from?
53: Have you ever trusted someone too much?
54: Do you get along with girls?
55: Are you keeping a secret from someone who needs to know the truth?
56: Everybody has somebody that makes them happy, do you?

Halloween Oneshot

Summary: While working a case on Halloween, Dean suggests Castiel dress as your favorite character to grab your attention. SFW.

Note: This is my first posted Supernatural piece, so I hope its sufficient. There will be more to come.

Castiel X Female Reader

Word Count: 2790

“Morning,“ Dean greeted you and Sam, entering the bunker kitchen going straight for the coffee machine.

"Hey,” You called, taking a spoonful of your cereal.

“Any cases, Sammy?” Dean asked, glancing over at his younger brother, who instead of eating was glued to his laptop screen.

“Yeah, get this,” Sam called. “There was a death last night at one of the sororities of the University of Nebraska.” Sam quoted the article on his computer. “‘Bridget Dawn, age twenty, was found strangled to death around ten last night at Delta Gamma’s sorority Halloween party. Dawn’s body was found in the sorority house’s bathroom.”’

“What makes it unusual? I mean, I love sorority girls, but this seems like a stretch?”

“Yeah, it sounds like a regular murder,” you said. “That’s not our gig-”

Sam continued. “No, listen. Dawn’s bodies had multiple crushed bones, similar to injuries related to a fall. No suspects have yet been apprehended as police are still puzzled by the strange occurrences of her death.”’

“Okay, that’s something to work with,” Dean said.

At that moment, Castiel walked in. “Caught a case, you coming?” Dean asked the angel.

“I have recently finished the latest season of Orange is the New Black and in result have fallen into a show-hole. I could use something to take my mind off of my predicament. How far?”

“Three hours,” you said.

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A Day at Lake Hylia

I discovered “A Tale of Two Rulers” by @figmentforms back in May and immediately and uncontrollably began shipping Zelgan.  From there I found @s-kinnaly and her AMAZING artwork of the zelgan babies.  I am by no means a writer, but I felt the urge to write a light-hearted piece that would take place after “A Tale of Two Rulers” and before “The legend of Zelda and Time Again” by DreamingoftheSea.  

All of the characters belong to @s-kinnaly except for Cian and his mother. :)

A Day at Lake Hylia 


Rinku’s voice could be heard over the roar of the wind and water. It was a beautiful summer’s morning and Rinku had taken Kanisa and Tebanam to Lake Hylia for sailing and water sports.

Rinku gave Kanisa a thumbs up.

“She wants us to speed up!”, Kanisa shouted across to Tebanam.

The two Dragmires were aboard the King of Red Lions boat, working the sails and tiller as Rinku skimmed along the water’s surface behind the boat on wooden skis.

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I’m sorry. I have a question. Why do so many Little Mix singles need a male artist when there isn’t one on the album? Secret Love Song had Jason DeRulo. Hair had Sean Paul. No More Sad Songs had Machine Gun Kelly. And now Power has Stormzy. These girls are good enough on their own. If Syco would do their job right they would not need this. I get a collaboration is good cross promo. But when someone independently lays down something that’s not on the album it’s hardly a collaboration. Besides. It’s getting a bit too much now.

anonymous asked:

Single dad Harry has his gf over to introduce them to his girls and they sit her down and interrogate her with questions (all lighthearted of course, they're only just little girls) x

STOP THIS IS SO CUTE. And they’re just the most innocent of questions, but in their minds, the most important. And very seriously because I can imagine them being super protective of their daddy. :’) 

“Do you like dogs?” 

“Do you like pizza? We always have pizza on Fridays.” 

“Do you like to cuddle? Daddy loves to cuddle.” 

“Do you know how to do a fishtail plait?” 

“What’s your favorite color?” 

“Do you like unicorns?” 

And they’d probably spill some sneaky secrets about Harry too. Like, how he snores and leaves his clothes on the floor and snorts when he laughs and sometimes his toes smell. xx.

VIXX REACTION When they come to their gf's dormitory, and find that her little sister (3 or 4 years) will stay for the weekend.

Hey guys! I hope you like today’s update!



Hakyeon would be very happy with the news. Your new guest would make him think about future, as he sees how good you are with her, but wouldn’t let this thoughts ocupy his mind all the time. He’d gladly play with her, letting ge do his hair right after she did yours.


“You mean.. we’ll be like parents for a whole weekend..?” he’d say in his usual soft voice smiling while he secretly imagine his dream family with you. When your sister wants to play or eat, he’d do almost everything by himself, pampering the little girl with absolutely everything she wants. He’d probably need a scolding for being like that all the time. But above everything, you two would have a good time with your sister.


As N, Ken would play with your sister as much as she wants, since his smile made her confortable with him instantly. He’d be like her doll, letting her do make up and hair in him, but also helping her to catch you, so the little girl would make yours too.


Wonsik would have some problems with the little girl, since she didn’t get used to him so fast. After some awkward moments, she’d slowly open up for him, making him relieved. He’d try his best to be an awesome oppa for her.


Hongbin might get called “unnie’s prince” by your sister for the whole weekend. He’d feel shy but happy to see that she liked him and was comfortable with his presence.


Hyuk would be a bit awkward at first but then he suddenly feels good with the little girl laugh, noticing how it reminds yours. He’d pamper her while you’re not looking, like giving her cookies before dinner (Of course he’d take some for him too), and making a secret hideout with sheets and pillows for them to hide and eat.


Hope it’s what you wanted! 

I got a question! Have anyone watched Boarding House No.24? That one that Ken did.. I really want to watch it but I don’t know if it’s good! What do you think? Should I?

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Secret Santa [Newt x Reader]

Notes: Posting earlier ‘cause I don’t know when I’ll have Wi-Fi again. I hope you like this one.

Brief summary: You and Newt had broken up, but since your families were so close you would have to spend Christmas with them.

Warnings: none, only fluff.

Words count: 1396

Because of your mothers’ friendship, you and Newt knew each other since you were babies; he has actually been your first ever friend. Your families were really close and lived almost in the same house as you, considering they would come to your house really often. His mom loved you and your brother and considered you her nephews.

You went to Hogwarts one year later than him and your brother. During the year you both were apart Newt kept sending you letters once in a while to give you some advice about teachers and classes, also telling you some secret passages and how to annoy some teachers that he didn’t like.

When you finally went to Hogwarts your friendship just got stronger; he would help you with some of your homework and teaching you some stuff that he had learned. But it was in your fourth year at Hogwarts that you became really close. You both would stay in the common room until late so that you could cuddle on the couch or just kiss without your brother knowing.  Not that he wasn’t allowed to know, it was only because you both didn’t want to see his reaction.

Even after Newt was expelled you two kept seeing each other in secret, but like all things, that had to come to an end. For you, it felt like it was something more physical for him than feelings because he had never said the three words you wanted to hear and your friends made you think that he just wanted someone to snuggle, not someone to have a story with, so you decided to break up with him during the summer.

You went home during Christmas break on your last year at Hogwarts which was also the year you had ended things with Newt, so when your mom told you his family was coming over for Christmas you felt like your world was just about to collapse.

How would you face him? If you dressed too well would it look like you wanted to tell him you were doing better without him? If you put too much makeup on, would it look like you were trying to win him back? What if he appeared with another girl? What if he looked like he was doing better without you? All of this questions were going around in your head, but the biggest one that was haunting your head was: what if you were his secret Santa and you would have to hug him? That looked like a really awkward and also embarrassing, moment in your head.

Christmas day came earlier than you expected and also did your family’s guests. While you were looking yourself in the mirror and trying to decide if it was too much or too little you heard a knock on the front door.

“Y/N, can you please open the door?” Your mother screamed from her room “I’m not ready yet.”

You panicked, you couldn’t be the one to open the door and if you did that you would also have to greet them with a hug, as always. You saw you brother passing on the corridor.

“Go, open the door.” You said to him.

“Mom told you to go.” He replied.

“I’m not ready yet” You lied closing your bedroom’s door.

You heard him going down the stair and opening the door. Pressing your ear against the door you heard the sweet voice of Mrs. Scamander and then you heard the voice of the one person you didn’t want to hear. You sat on your bed, reviewing your plan to not face him alone and avoiding had to discuss your break up.  You would stay with your and his mother, talking about whatever they were talking about and then you would sit next to your mother and in front of you brother, this way you wouldn’t have to talk to him or face him in any way.

“Honey, come on.” your mom said opening the door without knocking “You look beautiful, let’s go down.”

She grabbed your hand making you stand up and dragged you to the top of the stairs. She went ahead and you followed her. Your mom greeted them and you stood beside her, Newt’s gaze met yours and you felt butterflies on your stomach, you looked away really quickly.

“Oh dear, you look so pretty.” His mom said hugging you and you hugged her back.

“Thank you.” You said looking over her shoulder to find Newt raising one eyebrow at you.

“Come on, let’s go to the kitchen so the boys can catch up.” You mother suggest to his and they both went to the kitchen.

“I’ll go with you.” You said and followed them.        

“Where’s Theseus?” Your mother asked.

“He couldn’t come, something to do with work…” Mrs. Scamander replied and kept talking.

You zoned out really quickly thinking of the way he looked at you and also just the way he looked as handsome as ever. It just killed you inside. Sooner than you thought, everyone was sat on the dining table eating the delicious Christmas dinner your and his mother had cooked. Your plan was going well until that moment.

“Darling, can you go get the pie in the kitchen, please?” Your mother asked.

“Me?” You asked pointing at yourself.

“Yeah, honey, please.” You mother insisted.

“Sure.” You said while standing up from the chair and making your way to the kitchen.

You opened the oven and got the pie, placing it over the cupboard that was next to the oven.

“Why have you been avoiding me all night?” You jumped hearing the only voice you didn’t want to hear.

“Hell, you scared me!” You said putting your hand over your heart.

“Can you answer me?” He said walking towards you.

“I-I haven’t.” You mumbled looking down and avoiding eye contact with him.

“Are you sure?” newt kept walking in your direction and placed his hand on the cupboard in a way that you couldn’t escape. “That’s not what it looks like.”

“Can you leave me alone?” You asked.

“I want to know why you broke up with me through a letter. Can you explain that to me?” He was staring at you with a serious expression on his face.  

“You never really asked me to be your girlfriend in the first place, so there was nothing official.” You said with a sarcastic tone in your voice “Should I have just stopped to meeting you? Would it be better that way?”

“No.” He sighed and took his hands off the cupboard, letting you go.

You got the pie in your hands and, when you were walking out the kitchen, you heard him say. “I thought you loved me.” His voice sounded broken and much more vulnerable than before.

“Well,” you placed the pie over another cupboard and turned to him, “I thought you loved me as well, but you never told me that, so I guessed that you didn’t and a relationship does not work if the feelings are not mutual.

“Are you saying that I had to be the first to say it?” He sounded a bit confused.

“I mean, that’s what girls expect.” You answered.

“Well, if it still matters, yes I loved you.” He said looking down and blushing

“Do you still do?” You asked stepping toward him.

“Yeah Y/N, I still love you.” He blushed even more.

“Well,” you took a deep breath “I still love you too.”

He smiled and looked directly into your eyes, you felt your cheeks burning and blushing. Newt lifted you chin with one of his hands and with the other one he grabbed your waist and pulled you closer, you stood on your tip toes and felt his soft lips touching yours. You had missed his kiss and the way he pulled closer as if he was trying to protect you from something.

You heard you mother walking over to the kitchen and pulled him away, giving him a sing to wait and you walked through the door holding the pie in your hands and telling you mom some excuse you just made up, avoiding her to go inside the kitchen.

During the rest of the night you and Newt exchanged smiles and looks, also you found out you were indeed right, Newt was your secret Santa.

Thanks for reading :)

Also, because I’m on a family road trip, I won’t be able to post until  Wednesday when I get back home. You guys can leave request because I’ll still be able to write, I just won’t be able to post.

And I know I say this everytime, but thanks for the amazing response I got on the other imagines I posted, seriously. I’m really insecure about my writing and just seeing that a lot of people liked it makes me happy! 

I really just have to say something that I keep seeing that’s really concerning. I keep seeing posts like this in all kinds of random FB groups.

It starts out something along the lines of “GIRLS ONLY! way TMI post. Guys do not read!!! Seriously its way TMI. Not for guys to read!!!” and the question is “what kind of birth control are you on?”. Like birth control is some crazy thing thats way too much info. for guys to even read the post…?

I really just have to pray that they aren’t having sex. If you can’t talk about birth control without acting like it’s some super secret super embarrassing thing, you are not mature enough to be having sex. The end. 

The signs' personalities from personal experience. (I'm a Taurus)
  • Aries: standoffish. They are respectful but very opinionated. Stylish af
  • Taurus: lonely. Silly. A good music taste. Overlooked. Thrives off of stability.
  • Gemini: talkative. Have a good ability to improvise. Loud. Nosy.enjoy the fictional world.
  • Cancer: talented and silent. Intellectual and patient. Sweethearts. Strong
  • Leo: materialistic. They seek approval. Tend to be too playfully times. Secretive
  • Virgo: so affectionate. Misunderstood. Hardworking and observant.
  • Libra: really controlling. Don't really like people questioning their positions. Nosy. Caring.
  • Scorpio: dark humored. They like to be alone. Paranoid. Scary to have as a best friend. Easy to understand. Hard to get with.
  • Sagittarius: omg goofy. Sort of nerdy. Wild. They like to share. They feel obligated to do what's socially positive. Proper talkers
  • Capricorn: hard working. Reflective. Good team leaders. Reliable.
  • Aquarius: far sighted (figuratively). Free. Lazy talkers. Nice legs. I am groot(groot af)
  • Pisces: complete fan girls (people). They love to make friends with people who listen. They like to education themselves.
So many notes ((closed RP))

(( closed continued RP w/ @askteensherlockholmes  ))

“He had gotten a promotion from his job. He actually co-ran all of the banks in Cheshire but since his promotion, he co-runs the banks in London now. When he has any free time before and after work, he’ll drink and spend his money on prostitutes…” She spoke then took note on sherlock’s words as she looked at him confusingly.

“You’ve never had sex before or anything? I understand we all have our preferences of doing sex and not but…if you tell me how far you’ve gone with a girl, I’ll tell you a secret about myself that I’ve never told anyone about me” she spoke as she would be curious on why sherlock did say what he said.

“And why do you find biological urges an annoyance?” she questioned once more as she quoted his words as she had never heard anyone word it that way before, which made Sherlock way more interesting with his choice of vocabulary.  

“And do you drink, too besides smoking?” She asked but then realized she was asking a bit too much. “Sorry. I’m practically bombarding you with questions without even realizing it. You’re just…you’re interesting, Sherlock” she spoke as she grinned towards him.

Coming Soon: A 2015 DCBB Challenge, written by mishandcas and llustrated by lostloona (promotional poster by mishandcas)

Ex Nihilo

Rating: Mature
Warnings: depictions of mental illness (ptsd, depression), discussions of war trauma, Cas-centric (Dean doesn’t show up much in the beginning), there is no sex in this story, Cas smokes,  written by a horribly bitter Cas!girl who just really wants more than anything for someone to give a shit about and take care of Cas :), more to (possibly) be added

Ex Nihilo: Latin. (adv., adj.) out of nothing, from nothing. “creatio ex nihilo”—creation out of nothing.

Castiel is a disillusioned war veteran who thought he was too broken to ever have anything resembling a normal life, and has settled himself with the bare minimum. His life changes when he finds himself with custody of his young niece after his twin brother and his wife are killed. To prevent Claire from being taken away and sent to live in foster care or with distant relatives, Castiel attempts to get his life together enough to raise her. But problems arise when people start questioning his capability to take proper care of Claire. He finds help in the form of a quirky social worker and his brother—a lawyer—who help him fight to keep full custody of his niece. And maybe, along the way, these broken people create a new family together. 

Dean gives the file an affronted look, like it’s holding the secret to the universe and he simply can’t access it. He then turns that look to Castiel, as if it’s actually him who’s hiding the secret and won’t say. “Look. I get it. You don’t want to talk about it. I can respect that. My dad was a vet too. But I’m not trying to purposely pry into your business, man. I’m just trying to do my job here. And you gotta give me something to work with, okay? I’m sure you care about your niece, but I can’t give the okay to send a young child to live with freaking I, Robot, who’s got a questionable file. I have to know you can actually provide for and take care of this girl.”

The “I, Robot” comment makes Castiel flinch, though he does his best to withhold it. The reference is completely lost on him, but he can assume it’s not good, just from the way Dean says it. He’s reminded of what Hannah told him last night about not even being capable of taking care of himself. But the other man doesn’t give him a chance to say or do anything else.

“Yeah, I could make a decision based purely on the information I have in my hand.” He waves the papers for emphasis. “But I don’t think you really want me to do that. And I know first-hand that what other people say about you isn’t always the truth. So I’m trying to give you a chance to defend yourself.”

Dear, No One | Jungkook

Originally posted by sungjxngkook

Word Count: 4,778

Warnings: nothing really just kinda fluffy

A/N: Thank you for the lovely message!! I hope this is okay because idk but this request + the song Dear No One by Tori Kelly (a song which Jungkook also said he likes in an interview :3) inspired this fic so I hope you all like it!

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Let’s take a look at Ian’s laptop…

Truthfully, this is one of my favorite scenes from “‘A’ is for Answers”. I still have questions about Ali and Ian’s time in Hilton Head. But I have questions about everything. Lol.

This shot could prove to be pretty useful later. Ian has videos on nearly every one of our main characters. There’s “Jenna & Toby” which is a creepy pll classic by now. But there’s some other ones that I can’t wait to see. (or find out if we’ve seen.) let’s look at the rest of these file names, shall we? (It’s pretty hard to read these file names on mobile so I may have gotten some of the numbers a little wrong, but I know I’ve got the idea right.)



nat final 65

hm11c - Hanna Marin? Cut

am17uc -Aria Montgomery? Or Ashley Marin? (I hope it’s Ashley. ) uncut


mv12f- Mona Vanderwaal?


dbs sat

tc 08- Toby Cavanaugh


jm27!! (Text) -Jenna Marshal


efbdrm - Emily Fields bedroom


hm-sh comp (JPEG) -Hanna marin /Spencer Hastings or Sara Harvey?

blowup mv


RAW (folder)

natf (folder)


bbt (HTML)

spp cut

cuts (folder)

sh04uc - Spencer Hastings or Sara Harvey uncut

am13xd -Aria Montgomery or Ashley Marin


Initially when I started looking at this, I assumed these initials must be referring to the liars. And then I started thinking… How weird would it be if they were only filming Alison’s friends ( and Mona) ? I mean Jason said about girls setting up their friends to get filmed for money… So if the only people being filmed were Ali’s friends, it kinda suggests the possibility that Ali was one such girl. Which is not out of the realm of possibility with Ali.

But then I thought, maybe some of these are actually characters with the same initials as our girls? Or of course what if the letters don’t stand for initials at all, but maybe situations or locations?

I really can’t wait to have more revealed about these videos. I have so many questions, and I think they hold many answers. Ali said that each of the girls had something on those videos that could take them down. And I don’t think it was the Jenna thing, because it would’ve taken Ali down too, so it’s unlikely she’d think it was a good enough threat. So what dirty secrets do those really hold of our girls? Or are they some other characters dirty secrets?

Anybody have any thoughts on what might be in some of these videos? Or who?

anonymous asked:

mini fic whatever, cuddling during the christmas season

december 21st, 2012 (morning) 

it was a game for little kids and the floor was lava. she and melissa used to bounce from chair to tabletop when her mother wasn’t home: “don’t touch the floor or you’re dead!” they used to use the bed as a lifeboat, like she and mulder were doing now.

the clock is brushing past 9 am on her bedside table but neither of them has moved. usually in the mornings she finds herself halfway across the bed, their limbs touching each other at random and reassuring points of warmth along her body. 

today is different and it is cold in the bedroom at the top of their house, and she’d woken up pressed against him like the apocalypse might start early, like the alien’s first order of business would be to pull him away from her again.

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“If you don’t mind me asking, why do you choose to train in secret?”

“It’s a whole list of reasons, but let’s just say that I don’t like being judged while I train.”

“All right. I can respect that.”

“Can I ask you a question too?” 

“Of course.”

“Why can’t all boys be like that? Why do boys have to be so insecure that being beaten by a girl in a battle is the most shameful thing for their testosterone-filled heads? Why do boys have to assert their dominance over a girl by breaking her spirit and making her feel worthless just because she defeated them in a battle? Why is it so damn hard for boys to accept that being a man or a woman isn’t an indication of how good you are at being a trainer?”

Steven gives your daughter the 'talk'

Requested by @youcouldbeaxl

“We will be the coolest parents y/n, you’ll see”
Yeah sure, the coolest parents, for ‘common’ standards, the way your family worked was kind of, well, dis functional, there were never relationship problems, and your daughter loved both of you a lot, you worked and obviously so did Steven, though, you managed to arrange your agenda in order to work, earn a good amount of money and be home to your six year old daughter.
When you opened the door, Layla rushed inside to play, you observed her as she happily made a mess in the living room floor, you sat on the couch and watched her play, when Steven got home, it was his turn to play with Layla.
You heard the giggling and Steven imitating cartoon voices, making the small blonde child to burst into loud laughter, you chuckled and tried to organize some dull paperwork, out of nowhere, the girl popped a question that you and Steven clearly were expecting to come in a considerable amount of time.
“Daddy?” She called out
“Mhm?” Steven looked at her and fixed her messy hair
“Where do babies come from?” You jerked your head, hoping Steven wouldn’t traumatize the child, you tried holding your laughter too, but when you looked at Steven’s face you couldn’t help to snort.
“Uh, why are you asking sweetie?”
“A friend told me she knows, and she told me only parents have the secret” Steven took a deep breath and rubbed his palms together, searching for the right fitting story.
“Okay, so… Uh- pollen, and a magic bird come along…” He started mixing stories, and you looked at your daughter’s confused look, you smiled widely enjoying the scene.
“Okay, when mom and dad love each other so dam- much” he avoided your stern look “they decide that they’re ready to share their love and create something out of it” he paused “and then, they talk to the moon and the sky, and uh-” he looked at you fondly “and when everything is set and they know it’s meant to happen, a baby forms inside mommy’s belly, it’s sort of a surprise sometimes too-” you cleared your throat loudly.
“So, babies are a product of love?”
You and Steven crossed looks and shrugged “yeah, pretty much”
“So why don’t you have other babies mommy?” Your eyes widened and you looked at Steven, who was trying to hold back his laughter “it’s a surprise, remember” you glanced at Steven who started to question himself.
When the girl finally went off to sleep you looked at Steven “when did we talk to the sky and the moon?” You mocked and and he narrowed his eyes at you, bringing you close to him “remember that camping trip?” You slapped his shoulder as he laughed, him following you inside the room.

Another big question

I don’t know if it depends on the fact that I’m a girl or something but… do you ever stop and think “how the hell do these magnificent women in the pjo series manage to be so awesome and kill monsters and go to hell and back and fight giants and titans and be away from camp for damn weeks or months and HAVING TO DEAL WITH THEIR PERIODS TOO IN THE MEANWHILE (also mentioning the fact that they have no money for the majority of the times, they always lose them in some weird way)?????????????”

damn. girls, you freaking rule

tell me your secrets??????