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Boy do I have a lot to say about this cover. And what Sarah said about it.

It’s a scene from A Court of Wings and Ruin. 

But look at the backdrop, Feyre is definitely in the Spring Court. Yet her hand is engulfed in flames. No darkness, no hint of the Night Court. Flames are the Autumn Court. Flames are Lucien and Elain. What is little Lucien up to?

And look at our badass of a High Lady with her hand engulfed in flame, even as she is trapped in the Spring Court. (Not to mention she’s wearing a tiara, bless her.)

But also, look at the flowers. One is definitely wisteria, and I believe the other is ranunculus. But idrc about the ranunculus right now, because wisteria has so many meanings. 

Now, I may be overthinking things a bit, but look at all of that. 

There are some things we definitely want (victory over hardship, releasing burdens, good luck, etc.); some things we already have (serious devotion, longevity, honor, etc.), and there are some things that have been motifs and themes throughout the series so far (duality of love, creative expansion, releasing hardships, etc.).

Sarah never does anything for no reason, so what on earth do these flowers mean. 

- Is the duality of love Tamlin’s poisoned love vs Rhys’ love, or is it more familial love and the duality of Feyre’s love for her sisters and the inner circle vs Rhys. 

- A spring birth, does that contribute to the theories of Tamlin knocking up Ianthe? 

- Victory over hardship? Is that Feyre’s victories in the Spring Court and role as a spy?

- honestly, I could analyze most of these (in further detail too) but I’ll spare everyone.

If anyone knows something about the maybe-ranunculus or the flower they actually are, please chip in. (I’m also probably definitely overthinking all of this.)

But in the mean time, I’m going to keep staring at this scene and trying to piece it together, because what is it and what’s happening to our badass darling Feyre. 

gUESS WHAT i jzust spent all my savings on an iPad Pro so I can use it as a drawing tablet. With the Apple Pencil thing.  SO I am gonna be doing lots of terrible sketches all the time from now on and will be able to answer u questions with drawings really easily now. Which has been a huge barrier with me using this tumblr cos it’s just too much to draw,photograph/scan, edit and try to fix the shitty low light of the picture bcos it’s always nighttime wen I feel like drawing and not being able to upload a picture as a response to asks using my phone so it was just. UGH . And u guys always send me so many nice messages and I read them thank u ❤️ I will be trying to answer them all soon.0 thnx for patience sorry this blog ws but ghost town for a bit.  AnYway I’m not going to bother proof reading this . I have to go to work now:((( I want to play on my new toy. Iv had it for one hour ! I did u this drawing! Yay! coffee! Ok bye

GaLm and Fubar playing Dead Rising 3. It’s been awhile since I laughed so hard watching a co-op series. These two are going to be the death of me, honestly. They are zombie killers! Legendary!

The outfits were a toss up between GaLm’s school girl outfit (someone notice that man) and Fubar in bright red gogo heels (legs for days) but I decided at the last minute: matching suit bros. Now that I think more on it, I should have added the sombrero that GaLm wore for like 6 episodes.

Links below for episode 1 of each pov.



0-determimed-frisk-0  asked:

Eyy- I just started reading 'It's Not Too Late' yesterday, and I'm already on chapter 46. I'm sure I'll probably be caught up on the last update before the end of today. I just have to say, I love it so much! It's funny, I've been in a lot of similar situations that the 'reader' has during the story, it just makes me get into it that much more. My real question is, could you possibly draw Sans and the reader (reader only has to be a silhouette) cuddling in the hospital bed in ch. 45? Thanks! ^-^

Aw, I’m glad you’re liking the story!! You’ve got quite a journey ahead of you haha. I hope this is what you had in mind!

cosmicchibi  asked:

Hello! I'm a really big fan! (sorry if this question has already been asked!!) How did you become a storyboard artist? I'm aspiring to be one and I was just searching for some advice on how to make that job a reality?

Sorry it’s taken me sooooooo long to answer questions! I’m back–sort of. I gave a small cryptic post before on how I became a board artist:

But here’s my best advice, not in any particular order: 

(1) Get yo’self an internship at an animation studio. Big or small, whatever you can get. Take advantage of the opportunity and ask questions. 

(2) Draw yo ass off. Practice makes perfect. Carry a sketchbook wherever you go. 

(3) Always keep learning. There’s so many resources available on the web. Also take classes if you can. @radfordsechrist is someone definitely worth learning from. And FIgure Drawing is super important! 

(4) Meet people with similar goals. This is why art schools are so good because you get great connections. If you can’t afford art school like Cal Arts or Art Center, it’ll be a much tougher road but it can be done. I graduated from Cal State Northridge. Just break out of your shell and meet people at events. Get out there. The better the artist you become, the more people want to be your friend. It just works that way.

(5) Be persistent. Be passionate about your work. Be unique. Be an overall good person. Throw your ego out the window.

(6) Move to California. It’s a sacrifice but it’s the truth. CA is where all of the jobs in the US are. It may be a big jump and you may have to room up with other people cause rent isn’t cheap. 

(7) Luck. You need good luck. But you make your luck. There are many different roads you can take to get into the industry but following the above advice will create more opportunities for you.

There’s always more tips but these are the most important.  

the-one-and-only-scar-225  asked:

Hello again, apologies for so many questions I just find you fascinating. Strange question but can I draw you? I'm in need of practice when it comes to anatomy and different moods when it comes to drawings. Would you mind?

“I wouldn’t mind at all, lovely.”

A brilliant and wild grin flashed upon Dark’s face as his body was electrocuted with energy, appearing endlessly eager as he actually wiggled, yes, wiggled, in his seat.

“I adore when someone creates something for me. The development of nothing into something is simply marvelous to me.”


Cultural Exchange. (Yuuri can’t cook, but luckily he also can’t speak Russian.)

nyatarts  asked:

So like...when are you gonna do more RFA kids? ;ー;

……. idk i draw them when i draw them i guess… idk

hopefully soon tho but i have lots of other art to finish …


AU where Yuuri opens up a quaint little patisserie in Russia that Victor walks past all the time on his way to the ice skating rink he practices at.

I just wanted an excuse to make a chubby Yuuri AU tbh XD

There may or may not be a fanfic in the works for this~ > w >

An idea I have in mind that I desperately needed to do. No shipping please. :T

journal jar challenge

100 journal prompts for you to pick out each day: make and decorate a little jar, write all these prompts on bits of paper (or just print them out) and put them in the jar, and then pick out one each day and write about it in your journal. if you are thinking about starting one, this is a good excuse to start!

1. your favourite band right now
2. the last concert you went to
3. dear ______, here is something ive never told you
4. yourself
5. body positivity
6. what kept you awake last night?
7. food
8. some things that make you happy
9. cultural appropriation
10. colours
11. dear past me
12. fluffy blankets
13. highs and lows of today
14. a playlist for when you are feeling sad  
15. how did you feel this morning?
16. your favourite book 
17. your friends
18. ten quotes you love
19. someone you really want to punch
20. dear future me
21. your pets
22. the most fun you have ever had
23. your sunshine
24. what did you dream last night? 
25. what are you worrying about?
26. places you have enjoyed visiting
27. a playlist for when you’re angry
28. what song makes you dance?  
29. draw your feelings
30. someone who inspires you 
31. how was your week?
32. write something down that you can’t tell a soul
33. who, from your past, would you not mind seeing?
34. something that scared you today
35. write a wishlist
36. what are the world’s problems today?
37. ten restaurants you love
38. what is your saddest memory?
39. what are you looking forward to?
40. a playlist for when you are happy
41. your favourite season
42. a headline from the newspaper today
43. what did you learn this week?
44. write a letter to someone you need to forgive (this could be yourself).
45. how do you stand out from the crowd?
46. short term goals
47. what would you like to do today?
48. list your otps
49. what have you been thinking about the most today?
50. your strangest talent
51. thoughts on religion
52. reality check: something you need to realise but can’t admit to yourself
53. do you believe in karma?
54. what is your greatest weakness and strength?
55. do you feel like you belong?
56. five songs that make you smile
57. are you happy with yourself?
58. a memory with a family member
59. why you are grateful for someone
60. where are you right now?
61. someone you admire
62. a good movie you watched recently
63. what can you smell right now?
64. dear ______, i love you because
65. a playlist for when you’re uninspired
66. the worst place you have been to
67. a song that really resonates with you
68. what does your dream room look like?
69. what is the weather like right now?
70. if you wanted someone to really understand who you are, what would they have to read, listen to, and watch?
71. where do you see yourself in 10 years?
72. have you been bullied?
73. are you an artist?
74. one word that describes your mood
75. how are you feeling, pal?
76. do you feel you were born in the wrong era?
77. something that inspires you to become an activist
78. what do you dislike about yourself and why?
79. something that makes you laugh
80. top ten movies to watch
81. who is the most supportive person in your life right now?
82. make a collage that is aesthetically pleasing for you
83. don’t hold back, just vent until your hand hurts
84. if you were an animal, what animal would you be?
85. who do you miss?
86. first five words that come to your mind
87. do you sometimes doubt your existence?
88. a playlist for dancing to
89. long term goals
90. the most disappointed you have ever been
91. how are your relationships with others going?
92. your ideal world
93. paste an image here
94. somewher you would like to be right now
95. why are you upset?
96. talk about your best friend
97. ten people you want to meet
98. a poem you like
99. your favourite story
100. what makes you smile?