question 1

Get to know me a little better ASK Prompt.

1. What question do you hate answering?
2. If you could be anywhere in the world right now where would it be?
3. Do you have any obsessions right now?
4. Does anyone in your real life know you have a tumblr and do they follow you?
5. What is something you disliked about today?
6. What’s one thing that people compliment you on and you don’t know why they do that?
7. Do you like bubble baths?
8. Do you talk to yourself?
9. Are you a writer?
10. What are somethings you’ve written?
11. Has someone ever written something for you?
12. Have you ever gotten a love letter?
13. Favorite quote?
14. Name one book that you will always remember.
15. Name the top five things you spend the most time doing.
16. What are your 5 favorite songs right now?
17. What’s the highest you’ve accomplished in school?
18. What do you do when you wake up?
19. Morning showers or night showers?
20. Beer or Wine?
21. inside or outdoors?
22. Morning or Night?
23. Summer or Winter?
24. Rain or Sun?
25. Ice-cream or Cookies?
26. Sweet or Salty?
27. What is your favorite beverage?
28. Has any one person ever made you so angry that you couldn’t forgive them?
29. Are you outgoing or shy?
30. Has someone ever made you cry?
31. Who are you looking forward to seeing?
32. Have you ever liked someone so much it hurt?
33. Do you have a crush on anyone right now?
34. Does anyone have a crush on you?
35. Do you still talk to your first crush?
36. Name a person you love?
37. Ever broken someone’s heart?
38. Ever been heartbroken?
39. Do you ever want to get married?
40. Who are five people you find attractive?
41. What’s your dirtiest secret?
42. Has someone ever bought you a drink?
43. Have you ever gone home with someone you just met on a night out?
44. Does talking about sex make you uncomfortable?
45. Why did your last relationship end?
46. Would you get back with the person you were last in a relationship with?
47. Have you recently made any big decisions?
48. What has been your most favorite moment of 2017?
49. What did you do on April 7th, 2017?
50. Are you excited for May 12th, 2017?

anonymous asked:

1 question... What cancas size do you use for your comics? (Kisses for the poor human zombie)

I use 1280x1920 pixels (at 300dpi), which is the Tumblr recommended HD size, apparently! Happy drawing, friend!

mxingno replied to your post “the cutest thing about sweaterboys is that they love absolute…”

you have to know: I did the Which Dynamic Are You quiz you reblogged a few days ago and it came up basically a 50/50 split. who am I peyton. the dynamic has given me an existential crisis

it’s a rare thing to be a perfect absolute nightmare or a perfect sweaterboy and in fact i think i got absolute nightmare on my first attempt and 50/50 on my second? so do not sweat it. that said, further questions to consider:

1. do you darn your socks to do theatre, or do you row crew to avoid pleasure?

a) socks
b) crew

2. do you pretend to jump off the back of the titanic just for the drama, or do you not even ask to share the floating door?

a) pretend to jump off the back of the titanic just for the drama
b) not even ask to share the floating door

3. are you the one who smashes a ten-foot antique mirror in a fit of inexplicable blind rage brought on by quintessential love song “leave a tender moment alone” or are you the one who finds that intriguing?

a) the latter
b) the former

4. are you a top who’s down to bottom or a bottom who’s not down to top?

a) a bottom who’s not down to top
b) a top who’s down to bottom

5. do you shout “daddy i love him” or do you immediately live with the eccentric you met at the beach?

a) daddy i love him
b) immediately live with the eccentric you met at the beach

6. do you have primarily internalized issues or primarily externalized issues?

a) primarily internalized
b) primarily externalized

7. do you date a sixty-year-old english professor who will validate your intellectual capacity without ever demanding emotional intimacy or do you date a wet saltine with no personality and no intellectual capacity who will fulfill your need for companionship without ever challenging you? 

a) english professor
b) wet saltine

8. when you and your loved one are about to die, and you want to die holding hands, do you take their hand in yours, or do you permit them to take your hand?

a) permit them to take your hand
b) take their hand in yours



anonymous asked:

my friend is incredibly self-conscious about her body etc and i noticed the she has three planets in her 1st house (venus, mars, pluto) and as the first is the house of the self i wondered if maybe there could be a correlation?

Venus in the 1st house is the reason why.  It is the planet of social graces, beauty and all that is aesthetically pleasing.  Having it parked in the first place brings those traits as a priority in the behavior.  This type of person tends to care very much about how they look so they are socially acceptable.  If you know any libra ascendants or taurus ascendants they tend to exactly like this too.  My mom has a Taurus Ascendant and when i was a kid we went NO where without her putting on an hour of makeup first.

all-about-the-focus  asked:

Do you think DCEU Harley would have Bud and Lou? I've been thinking about that question a lot. Do you think Joker would be able to even tolerate it? One last question, do you happen to have any head canons involving the topic of Harley's hyenas ? Sorry for all the questions!

1. I would love to see her having Bud and Lou, but honestly I can’t say since we really don’t know much about Harley’s everyday life in the DCEU 

2. I think Joker could tolerate it since Harley’s the main person taking care of them (plus they double as weapons which I’m sure J would enjoy)

3. I have a few headcanons :) 

- Joker doesn’t allows Harley to go anywhere that might not be safe if she’s alone, so she’s required to bring Bud and Lou for protection when J isn’t there

- If Joker doesn’t feel like personally killing multiple victims, he’ll just throw them aside to get eaten by two hungry hyenas (which creates quite a mess…)

- All of their bones are not dog bones but the leftovers from their human victims


Guys, I need help
Phil said twice “Goodbye London apartment”
And Dan wrote on Tumblr that this is a London Apartment
I have 1 question. English not my first language. Could you please explain me WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS GOING ON? Are they moving to another city (leaving London)???
I just don’t get it, sorry, if I’m too dumb

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Hey I am a huge fan of PJO and HoO and I have have 3 questions. 1.Who is your favorite Person? 2.Would you be Roman or Greek? 3.Who would be your God/Goddess parent? I know that this is A LOT BUT I am also a big fan of your blog and the book

1.) My favorite character is Annabeth 

2.) That’s tough, I’d definitely like Romans and the discipline factor, although Greeks were the OG and seem more fun, but I think Roman probs in that discipline aspect, but Greek in godly parent?? Idk.

3.) This one is hard since personally I think I’m a bit of a hybrid. Ik I asked my followers awhile back, but based on my account what godly parent do you think I’d be?

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Hello, sir! Two questions if I may! 1/ What do you think of Kakashi as Hokage? And of Kakashi without his sharingan in general/term of strength? I've loved this character since day one, but since the end of the manga adn reading Kakashi's story, I wonder about it out of curiosity. What are your thoughts? ^^ 2/ Now that Naruto has ended, any other manga to watch (that could take its place)? I'm already watching Boruto, obviously, but any other you know maybe? Thank you very much for reading me!^^

1. We unfortunately weren’t really able to see too much of Kakashi’s reign as Hokage. However, in terms of personality and character, I had no doubt he did a good job. he had the credentials for it. Similarly to the first point, we weren’t really exposed to much of what Kakashi could do once he lost his Sharingan, but I’m sure he was still a very capable combatant. I preferred it that way anyway, because that Sharingan wasn’t his power. If it were up to me, I would have set Kurama free and made Naruto lose his Jinchuuriki status, because Kurama’s power isn’t his. That’s why I respect Hashirama and Madara a lot; they reached mythical levels of strength, and it was all their innate ability.

2. I don’t really look at it as another anime/manga taking Naruto’s place, because it’s irreplaceable as a series for me. Rather, I just look at it as moving on to something else. At the moment, there isn’t really anything in a weekly serialisation that has quite filled the void that Naruto has left, but I’m regaining my focus on One Piece, and now that the anime is back, Attack on Titan once again has my full and undivided attention ^_^

Fanfiction Survey Results

Details: Six questions were asked—five for public consumption and one for private use. (Because I doubt anyone cares whether most of my readers are Dragon Age or Young Avengers fans.) 100 answers were tallied. Graphs and analysis have been offered as relevant; please consider yourself welcome to provide additional analysis. Research Methods was a very long time ago.

Note: Also please be aware that this survey includes a selection bias. As it was posted on my Tumblr—and its respondents were my readers—it cannot be considered a purely random sample. Also, several people commented that they wanted to answer with multiple choices or an “it depends”. That’s understandable, but since it would have made analysis difficult, I didn’t offer it as an option.

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Is the concept of kitchen shears actually a difficult one?

I’m genuinely asking.

See, to me, the nice, sharp scissors that came with my good knives? They’re supposed to be kept clean and sharp so that I can cut meat and other foodstuffs with them.

But I know a lot of really intelligent people who use them to open boxes, clip zipties, and other nonfood tasks.

And then put them “away” with the office supplies, as if they were a normal pair of scissors. (And where, had they looked, they would have in fact found a normal pair of scissors)

So, two questions:

1) Am I overreacting? Is it ok to use kitchen shears for everyday tasks? Will the shears hold their sharpness, and stand up to food after a good wipedown?

2) Even if I am overreacting, is there a polite way to tell these really intelligent people that if you take the scissors from the knife block (or dishwasher, or dish strainer), “away” is either back in the knife block or in with the dirty dishes?

Because seriously, people. You wouldn’t like it if I misused and then hid your shit.

OC Questions

1. How would they react to having to take care of a child?
2. Did they ever suffer through a great loss?
3. What is their favourite pass time?
4. What is their most dominant personality trait?
5. When is their birthday?
6. How would they describe themselves?
7. What is their primary personal goal(s)?
8. Do they have a romantic life?
9. Do they have any pets?
10. Do they have any siblings?
11. What type of food do they like?
12. What is their favourite genre of music?
13. What is their trademark thing? What would they be known for?
14. Have they ever been in a verbal fight and flamed the other person?
15. Do they enjoy relaxing?

So I never named this OC I won from @neacomix egg raffle thing (Thank you again by the way). I tend to way over think naming OCs… Anyway, she has a name now and it is….

Scarlet Moon!

I have an idea for her cutiemark and fairly vague idea of her personality. She is not currently open to questions because 1) I don’t have time to answer them and 2) I want to introduce her as part of one of Spirit Roots adventures at the Great TREE (the one after I finish this Troublemakers one).

I have decided that until then, I will occasionally open her up to questions because I want to use her before then (I’m concerned it’ll be to far in the future) and because I think it will help me flesh out her personality more. Anyway look for something about that in the fairly near future. :)

And here’s some more bitching:

What pisses me off the most is that I was constantly asked about my pregnancy by everyone at work to the point it was really intrusive. Like, they couldn’t ask me about how my weekend was or what I did the other day or whatever. It was always these same questions:

1. When are you due?
2. Boy or girl?
3. Name????

These three questions. Over. And over. And over over over over again I swear I almost wrote them on my forehead

1. March 3rd. Thank you. I know I’m huge.
2. Girl, and yes I’m sure it’s a girl. Thank you.
3. Haven’t said. Oh that’s a wonderful suggestion of a name. Let me jot that winner down. Thank you.

I was so moody and terrible as a pregnant person. But still people love to pick and prod at us preggos with every question imaginable. But oddly enough, it’s the same three questions formatted in different ways.

And then the slow motion of a hand, reaching out to stroke your belly, as if this is normal and okay just because you’re carrying a person inside of you. Oh damnit do I miss that! It’s like your right of passage to be christened by the unfamiliar and oh-so-uncomfortable stroke of hand by a person you barely know.

No thanks. I’ll stay sinned and plagued if it means I can avoid that awkward rub from you. Thank you.

e-rror-404  asked:

(1) Hey! So my whole life I've shown symptoms of ADHD - i was a super energetic child, and I'd always hyperfocus on things like video games but couldn't sit down for more than 10 minutes in school. I had always thought it was normal, and that everyone was distracted by the dog walking outside our school and then that dog turned into thinking about the dog you saw at the park yesterday and then how you want to go to outside and then how you wish it was summer. But I've recently realized that

(2) it’s not normal, and just recently it’s started actually affecting my grades (freshman gym class is playing tennis wait what do you mean I only have 5 minutes left on the test??) and I brought it up with my social worker but other than saying I might have ADHD she hasn’t really done anything, and I want to bring it up with my parents so i can get a diagnosis and maybe meds but my mom just thinks im being an attention seeker (ive done that in the past tho so its justified). Any advice??

From the FAQ:

My parents don’t believe me/I don’t think my parents will believe me/How do I talk to my parents about getting diagnosed?

  • If you think your parents will have trouble with the idea of you having ADHD, or if they have already told you that you don’t have it, it can be helpful to approach them with a list of your symptoms and explanations of how and why they are causing you difficulty. Then ask if you can be assessed to see if there’s something going on that you can get help for. Never mention “ADHD” during this conversation.
  • Sometimes your school’s guidance counselor can be helpful as a backup to your request, so try to enlist them.

How do I bring up the possibility of ADHD with my doctor?

  • Make a list (it’s okay to bring it with you to your appointment) of all of the ways your symptoms are negatively impacting your life. Be really specific and practical. For example, list “I’m always at least 15 minutes late for school, no matter what I do, and my teacher is locking me out of the class now” rather than “I’m late a lot.” Show your doctor the list, or talk about the things on your list, and ask if you can be referred to a specialist to be assessed for ADHD.
  • Some doctors won’t want to refer you for an ADHD diagnosis and will ask you unnecessary (ableist) questions about things like how you did in school when you were little and stuff like that. Hold firm. If they ask you about something that you know isn’t actually relevant and is based on ableist assumptions and stereotypes, ask why they want to know and say again that you would like a referral for an assessment.

This is a link to our self-diagnosis post, which might help you find out more about symptoms and how to go about getting a diagnosis. Social workers aren’t generally qualified to diagnose psychiatric disorders, which is probably why she hasn’t done anything. You could ask her for help with how to talk to your parents, or even ask her to talk to them and explain why it’s a possibility for you. Also, I’d suggest not mentioning meds until later, since that’s usually what scares people away. Good luck, and feel free to let us know how it goes!


Otp Questions

1. Who likes to dress up their pet?
2. How do they like family get togethers?
3. Who is the one who wants to watch netflix and cuddle?
4. How do they tell everyone they are engaged?
5. Are they each others ride or dies?
6. If they were youtubers, what would they be known for?
7. What is their favourite thing to do on a friday night?
8. How do they handle annoying neighbors?
9. Who is the impulsive one, while the other is their control?
10. What was their worst date?
11. How do they apologize to one another after a fight?
12. Who is the goofy one?
13. How are they better when they are together?
14. Who stays up late waiting for the other?
15. What is their go to song for car karaoke?

Tag 11

tagged by a wonderful gal; @creatingnikki
Rules: Answer the 11 questions the tagger sets, tag 11 people, and ask them 11 questions.

1. When was the last time you hurt/made someone cry?
Ok well this is heavy. i dont know when and who exactly. In exchange for my lack of awareness, ill state a time when i was most aware that i hurt someone. I hurt someone i loved back then, i was immature and insensitive and prone to standardising romance with hollywood chick flicks. Im sorry.

2. What is the one thing/opinion that you completely reversed growing up?
my career plan. My passion is really for the arts, fine arts but adult expectations and adult responsibility made me take a turn, probably for the worse, now im taking law. terrifying, i know

3. Who are your current top 3 people?
My current top 3 people, not limited to tumblr im assuming (not limited at all), are dana, sab, via, jo, hannah, aira, and athea

4. What’s the one assumption people always make of you that is actually true?
im a talkative, impulsive and adventurous gal. people assume that im always willing to travel places, hangout, chat and “gala” which i am. Talk to me people with sense.

5. If your entire vision could be in only one colour, which colour would you choose?
gold ☀🌙⚡👑💰🏆⭐👌 you’re probably thinking the fuck? most of these are yellow well they’re shining bishes gold shines. now you thinking fuckk? Gold reflects light it doesnt shine well im fucking poetic everything shines

6. 1 book you would recommend to someone who dislikes reading?
well maybe something with pictures first to open their eyes. Sorry, probably lois lowry’s number the stars, its war and nazis and oppression in the eyes of a child. since they’re still immature enough to dislike reading. Sorry

7. What’s the one quality in people that’s a must for you?

8. What is the last message you received?
“Hahahaha baliw 😂😂😂”
trans. Hahahaha maniac

9. What’s your favourite cake flavour?
RED.VELVET.CHEESECAKE.not craving at all.

10. Which is the one accent you really love?
British, oxford english bitch-esss

11. The one person on tumblr you would totally date?
but im flirty and malandi and slightly hoe so im listing more than one:
@langleav @attach @thatsthat24 @somepiecesofmyheartandsoul @sixpenceee @meanwhilepoetry @shatteredjuveniledays’ (jnh) because i would date myself

Seriously thank u for tagging me nikki i loved your questions, the first one made me think and question my humanity and the second one hit me hard.

I informed some of u beforehand, galingan niyo pls, while some of you i’ve never/barely interacted with, pls ignore no.1, i dont know a lot of people on tumblr im sorry i dragged you into this.
My eleven questions:
1. You love me right? Of course you do
2. If you could create yourself what would you look like, what skills/talents would you have, and what would be your story?
3. If you are going to die today and you have time enough to call one person about your regrets with said person, who would you call and what would be your regret/s?
4. What is the most common discriminative label people bestow on you? Not/true?
5. Give me an excerpt from your favourite poem.
6. Remember the self i asked u to create. Would you trade ur life with the one u made? Why/not?
7. Give me a look at your playlist. “You can tell so much about someone through their playlist”
8. What would be your unsent message and to whom would it have been sent?
9. What’s your favourite scent?
10. What were your parents’ greatest dream? what did they want to achieve that they couldn’t achieve? Would you let them live their dream if it means you will no longer exist? Why/not?
11. The one person on tumblr you would totally date?(this interests me so i didn’t change it)

@mdpdegalicia @misendlesstiles @atheaang @itsaiyaaah @shaifloresss @fadedsobs @tinyplanetexplorerd @themanwithathousandmoves @andeencarnacion @as-sane-as-she-is @cerealhaxerkiller

11/8 questions tag??

okay, so I was tagged by both bambam’s girlfriend @sadradmom (don’t fight it) and the sweet angel @sambashua, but I guess there are like different versions because one requires eight questions and the other eleven, so I’m just gonna do all of them and come up with eight (because there’s only so many original ones I can come up with lolol)

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anonymous asked:

this is not gender specific so ill understand if u dont answer my question but i dont know about any aro blogs that are active and ur so cool so i thought id ask u about it. ok so can i still be aro if ive been in love w this person for like 6 years? and ive also been in relationships before for a couple of months but never felt anything even remotely romantic towards them, so thats why i think i might be aro. theres just this one person that makes me question my romantic orientation (1/2)

(2/2) also ive never had any crushes or anything like that so thats also why i think i might be aro. and theres also the fact that that label feels so right to me but i dont want to claim it if im not actually aro. idk what to do and i feel so bad bc of it pls help if u can

I’m not aro so I’m not necessarily the best person to turn to for advice wrt aro stuff. But from what I’ve heard aro people say:

If aro is an useful label to you, if it helps you make sense of yourself, if it makes you feel comfortable, then you can use it. (Same thing as what goes for the vast, vast majority of other labels.) And it’s also worth noting that aromanticism is a huge spectrum of different experiences, with many subsets of different and more specific labels, if you think that you would be more okay with identifying as for example demiromantic rather than just aromantic.

Please do know that your feelings are always more important that labels though. You don’t need to feel bad for not having a label, and you don’t need to feel bad for using a label that you don’t fit 100% of the definition of.

It’s okay to just exist as you are.