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Hi! I was wondering if you know of any spells to conjure any past lives? Or past memories? 🌛🌝🌜 Thank you!

Try thinking of things you like in this life that are not easy to explain, maybe you’ll find there a clue to help your quest *✰

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can I ask why your fanzine is called "Even the losers"? I feel like it's a reference I'm not getting...

honestly i just couldn’t think of a name and tom petty’s even the losers came on shuffle and i was like, “yeah, that’ll do”

the front cover+back cover says “even the losers get lucky sometimes”

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An sjw called my dad(who was drafted during vietnam( a babykilling monster. When I pointed out that he was drafted against his will,she said he could have avoided the draft by pretending to be gay or moving to canada. NVM that my dad couldnt afford to move to canada (he was poor) and that pretending to be gay would have made him into a pariah .

That is beyond disgusting. 

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Do you regret having phallo? I saw another person posting about how he regrets it and idk it really worries me. I want phallo so badly but seeing that makes me scared

No, I don’t regret having phalloplasty. I also didn’t experience severe complications like others have which changes our outcomes, recoveries, number of surgeries, relationships with our surgeons, perceptions of ourselves, and perceptions of how our surgeries have influenced our lives. His regrets are his own, my lack of regrets are my own. Neither is more important or should hold more weight than the other. Likewise, neither of our results are indicative of what you should expect because each recovery is completely unique to your anatomy, your surgical team, and how your body recovers. Keep in mind that hundreds, if not thousands, of phalloplasties are performed around the world every year. You can’t look at one person’s experience and say that reflects what we all go through or feel.

It might help to think of it like top surgery. The potential for complications is lower because it’s a less invasive procedure but those risks are still present. The people who’ve experienced those severe complications don’t negate the ones who had little to no issues recovering and vise versa. You can read about thousands of top surgery recoveries and how people feel about their results but at the end of the day that has nothing to do with what your recovery will look like or how you will feel because they aren’t you.


First let me say I’ve been a follower from the beginning and the blog keeps getting better and better. I really appreciate how you guys respond to inquiries in such a illustrative and effective manner. Now onto my request:

I have quite the gift for analyzing and typing others (it might sound pretentious, but I’ve been hearing this for many years so bear with me), but can’t seem to apply that ability to myself.

I’m absolutely sure I use Fe/Ti and Se/Ni, but I don’t know about the order. I’m 99% sure I’m an Extrovert, so that leaves ESTP and ENFJ. I have no problems in being brutally honest with myself, so I read material on inferior and immature Ti & Ni here in the site, but it seems like I can display negative behavior partaking both functions at different times, so it didn’t help.

Could you guys do a type contrast or maybe breakdown how would the two types approach the same situation, like say, analyzing or typing someone else?

Thanks for the time and consideration,



Hi There! I feel you, typing oneself can be extremely confusing. I have had similar problems in the past. In fact, looking back, I feel my confusion was a bit indicative of my true type. As a Fe-dom I would learn off of my surroundings adapting, in order to better relate to those around me. This process is so on-going its almost undetectable; and as a result, my surroundings would tend to be an influencer when determining my type.

I found the most grounding determinant to be getting tune with my other functions, particularly my introverted intuition. In my experience however, I’ve found introverted intuition to be a silent process, have patience when using it. I also find I tend to use my cognitive functions differently depending on its place in my function stack. I don’t necessarily use my extroverted sensing the same as someone who has it as their dominant, or even their auxiliary for that reason. My extroverted sensing will support my upper functions

I imagine studying how you use your functions may prove to be an enlightening experience. Why do you use which functions and for what purpose? Consider some of the following contrasts regarding functions and their position stacking:

  • Dominant Fe vs. Tertiary Fe – Dominant Fe works to attain peace by identifying the values of those around them and comes to identify them as their own. They absorb their relationships and may feel to certain extent they are a culmination of their experiences with others. Tertiary Fe manifests as an understanding of the emotions and motivations of those around you. Used as a supporting function to enable you to get what you want/need out of a situation.
  • Dominant Se vs. Tertiary Se – Dominant Se desires to emerge and engage fully in ones sensory environment, with out hesitation, wanting to be lead by experiences immediately available. Tertiary Se manifests as a sense of confidence to quickly revise or act upon input taken in from ones environment, even if one prefers planning before hand.
  • Auxiliary Ni vs. Inferior Ni – Auxiliary Ni develops as an intuitive understanding of how various events are likely to unfold; and then how best to apply retained foresight to go about achieving ones desired out come. Auxiliary Ni users will tend to have a general life outline or goal and tend to gage decision on wether their outputs will bring them farther or closer to that goal. Inferior Ni may manifest as a frustration towards over-analyzing, especially something that is already seemingly clear. Inferior Ni users may also have a distaste for over-planing when there is a succinct and direct approach.
  • Auxiliary Ti vs. Inferior Ti –  Auxiliary Ti develops as a sense of how a logical order or system in their surroundings can be changed or adjusted to fit ones own desired outcome. Ti as an inferior function, manifests at times as a critic, of others and itself. It naturally seeks to find objective truths, even when harsh; if immaturely developed, inferior Ti can be used as an advantage against others, but when mature used as a useful tool to guide others.

On a final note; go to your loved ones and those closest to you and see if they have any valuable insight. I was surprised when my best friend since childhood (an INFP, btw) pegged me as an ENFJ even while I was confused myself. Come to find out, my parents had also typed me as an ENFJ since the second grade. Others can sometimes see you better than you can. They aren’t in your head all the time, listening to the plethora of conflicting messages you are telling yourself by-the-minute. They see what moves you, what inspires you and especially what drains you. Family and friends can be a great resource when pondered constructively.

Let me know your thoughts, I’de love to hear more of your progress!


- Teilani, ENFJ Mod.  

Deaf (Sherlock X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Sherlock X Fem!Reader

Universe: Sherlock

Warnings: Harrassment, assault

Request: sherlock x reader where the reader is mute or deaf and she uses ASL to communicate but she is having some problems with some ignorant people and sherlock jumps into action to help and defend her

Originally posted by imaginesherlock

Your hearing had always been a problem. You had Grommets when you were only 5, since your hearing was already bad, but it only seemed to get worse, and by the time you were 18, there was no point in having hearing aids anymore.

So when you witnessed a murder, you didn’t know what to do. You hadn’t had speech therapy and you were basically mute, so you couldn’t go talk to someone. You tried signing to police but they couldn’t understand you.

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Is it weird if when I get top surgery I have my nipples removed completely? I have HUGE areola and inverted nipples, so I'm worried that if I just get them resized they will look weird and misshapen..

Not at all. We all go into surgery with an idea of what we want our chests to look like/what we would be most comfortable with and for some people that includes not having nipples. I’ve seen at least 50 results from people who went that route and their reasons included wanting to limit potential complications after top surgery, having psoriasis on their nipples and not wanting to deal with it anymore, wanting to tattoo nipples on at a later point, wanting a ‘clean canvas’ for a large chest piece, having inverted nipples, and for many just not wanting them. If you have the chance to sit down with a surgeon it could be helpful to have them assess your chest and tell you what outcome you could expect by keeping your nipples since it sounds like you feel resigned to that decision. Regardless of what happens, at the end of the day this is about you and whatever is going to make your life more worth living.

Morning Witches! I wanna start asking some questions on here.

I am hoping you guys, whether we are mutuals or not, will answer and share your input on the things I ask about!

For starters…

What things in your life, the world, yourself, and or others motivate your craft? What things inspire you to act or not act?

anonymous asked:

Do you think if i am thinking about a person and missing him/her they could be thinking about me too? Is there some connection between people like that?

I do. I think, and this is just my personal belief, that people are not as we see them in three dimensions. Rather, we are beings in the fourth dimension.

A point is one dimension. A point extended in space-time is a line. A line extended in space-time is a flat plane. A plane extended in space-time is a solid a cube. The fourth dimension is time. Think of the atoms making up that cube extending back to the beginning of time like a thread in a tapestry. I think consciousness is like that. A thread back to the first conscious creature. All those threads are woven together in a multiplicity of patterns. Some of those patterns are us and sometimes we seem to be woven into patterns with other people throughout time. We connect with these people and recognize them in crowds.

zolar-the-29th  asked:

Could you, or somebody else explain what "internalised misogyny" means? Is it just a feminist shaming tactic?

Like the majority of ruined buzzwords on this site, “internalised misogyny” is absolutely a real thing that’s been bastardised.

“Internalised misogyny” is basically where a woman genuinely believes misogynistic things and believes herself to be lesser because she is a woman.

For example, if a woman says, with no hint of irony, “We women just aren’t as intelligent as men are,” then that’s internalised misogyny. 

Internalised misogyny is not “I’m choosing to be a housewife.” Internalised misogyny is “I’m a housewife because that’s all I’m good for.”

Internalised bigotry of all kinds really do exist – they just don’t exist in the way that Tumblr likes to tell you they exist.

milkdog73-blog  asked:

Can you draw 707 from Mystic Messenger? I'm sorry i just love him so much and i love your art so i thought this would be a really good combination!

I don’t know who he was or what you were talking about, so I hope this is what you were talking about…

I kept getting a bunch of different drawings of him in clothes, so I tried…

Hope you like it! I tried!

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I'm writing a fantasy story where it's possible for bodies to have no soul while still being alive. I was thinking of ways these bodies could behave and I thought of them not responding to outside stimuli and moving in erratic, unplanned and unpredictable ways, but then I thought that might come too close to stereotypical autism portrayals, and I obviously want to avoid implying autistic people have no soul. DOES it come too close, and if so, can I salvage it or should I think of something else?

The “not responding to outside stimuli” part can be close to some autistic stereotypes, but not so much the “moving in erratic, unplanned and unpredictable ways” part. It could refer to stimming I guess, but stimming is generally repetitive behavior, and as such it is on the contrary very predictable. So your portrayal of soul-less persons doesn’t scream autistic stereotype to me.

 If you want to be absolutely sure that no one could interpret it that way, you can always add an autistic character to your story, the contrast between the soul-less and the autistic character should be important enough to show that they’re not the same at all.

-Mod Cat

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If I end up writing something based on a submission I found here, do you guys want it?

If you find inspiration from one of the imagines and wish to submit it, we would love to have it on the page here too if you wish to share it. :)

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It baffles me how sjws will raise hell over someone using the word "stupid"/"dumb" but will turn a blind eye to actual ableism. I've noticed that they wont say shit about the shitty treatment that disabled veterans receive at the hands of the VA. Not to mention the shitloads of ptsd-ridden vets commiting suicide or ending up homeless due to not being able to get help.

I know. It’s shocking.