What we Fear by Eirini Karoutsos

How angry can humans be

Tis always been a question for me

I often wonder all day, all night

How far a human can go before they ignite

A simple phrase about a day

Or a dreamy thought about come what may

A response of  cold and cruel

Or the shed of the blood of a fool

A tiny shove or a violent tilt

Which will crumble the lie that was built

If anger blinds

Then it reveals a dark human mind

If it is happy faces anger spoils

Then it makes careful façades uncoil

And if to light it brings the harshest truth

Then it makes the end of silly friendship youth

How angry can humans be

Tis always been a question for me

anonymous asked:

I'd take all the trash at this point. Liking Instagram pics, sitting next to each other. I can work with the little things and still have fun. The universe knows that finale broke at our poor westallen hearts. Let the trash come in all its forms.

Yeah. Same. If it was once or twice okay. But at this point they interacting a lil too much for one night. And I hope it continues. Let the trash begin!

Dodged Questions

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by TerminalMiraculosis

Sometimes, people call Alya crazy. She doesn’t agree with them, but she can’t deny that she is slowly going down that path. She is also progressively more inclined to jump up and strangle the secrets out of her friends in the middle of math class.

It started normally enough; sideways glances, oddly-timed winks, less than sound excuses; but Alya knows something is going on between her friends. There’s something they aren’t telling her.

And she is going to drive herself and everyone around her crazy finding out what.

Words: 1156, Chapters: 1/6, Language: English

May 22, 2016 at 02:42PM
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curlyhairedqueen asked:

Hi again! Your last reading was great and so I have another questio. I asked how my love life be the last time, but i would like to know if & how my love life will change within the next year or two? I hope this is an okay questions to ask. Thanks!!!

Aw thanks sweetie, I’m glad you liked it. Here’s what the cards say today:

External forces at work: The Fool, reversed. Over the next year or two, the major influences over your love life will come from those with experience. It could be your partner is older and more world-weary, or perhaps you’ll get advice from someone who is seasoned in the romance department. Heed their advice for best results, even if it stings your pride to do so. 

Internal forces at work: Queen of Pentacles. You got her last time! I wonder what the odds are of that? Anyway, as I said previously, the Queen of Pentacles is a nurturer. Make sure to know what you’re seeking and then go after it. If you want something from your partner, ask. Plainly, simply, openly. Do it for yourself because you deserve it. Think of the Queen of P like Molly Weasley: sit down, eat some pie, ask for a second slice, and put on a nice jumper. Take care of yourself before attempting to take care of others.

Result: Eight of Hearts. The hearts are upside down and leaving the river to float upwards, and to me this gives a sense of leaving one’s comfort zone. Your limits and boundaries may be pushed a little, which is great for personal growth and relationship development although it can be a little scary and uncomfortable at first. Some things may not meet your expectations and leave you feeling a little blue, longing for the familiarity of the past, but push onward. Each new experience gained evolves you and those you interact with.

Okay,so…This side- blog isn’t really an imagine anymore. The reason being,I don’t get any questios,requests or anything as much as I used too.That doesn’t mean I am going to delete this blog. I am just going to have to change it to an art blog for the crazy sextuplets.I hope you are all okay with this change.