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July’s Featured Game: SLARPG

DEVELOPER(S): Bobby “ponett” Schroeder
GENRE: RPG, Fantasy
SUMMARY: SLARPG is a short, turn-based RPG following the story of Melody Amaranth, a kindhearted but meek transgender fox who’s decided to learn healing magic and become a paladin. She’s joined by her adventurous girlfriend Allison, as well as their friends Claire (a sarcastic, rule-bending witch)(she is also trans) and Jodie (a dependable, somewhat motherly knight). Over the course of the story, our inexperienced heroes will meddle with forces beyond their control and find themselves responsible for the fate of their quaint little hometown. They’ll also fight some spherical frogs, travel to a forgotten land in the sky, befriend a robot or two, and anger the local librarian. But that should go without saying. 

Our Interview With The Dev Team Below The Cut!

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  • Genji: Very impressive, you’re one of the few people that can evade my blade for so long.
  • Sombra: Gracias, I’ve spent years trolling on public forums and doing jack shit.
  • Genji: But, are you good enough to evade my ultimate Dragonblade ability?
  • Sombra: Are you actually asking me that, because i have no fucking clue what an ultimate dragon-whatever is.
  • Genji: No that was-
  • Sombra: ‘Cus I’ve never heard of it, pendejo. It sounds like something out of fucking Naruto.
  • Genji: …Rhetorical questio-
  • Sombra: Weeaboo.
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Hey guys, gals, and everyone in between,

Ok, so here’s this week’s question.

What pissed you off today?

What (or who) made you mad?

Like usually, reblog with the answer, comment, message me, whatever you want. Get a good rant in, that always helps me. And if you guys want, I’ll even rant about something.

Peace out!

-Mel (the Slytherin)

Peter Pan Imagine/Mine

Imagine Peter finding out you had sex with a lost boy

Warnings:Smut, cursing,violence,possessive Pan

You came on this island because you were lost, you no intention on finding love, or anything of that nature, for you simply only wanted to find yourself.

Peter found you , you were crying at your window, you were begging for someone to take away your pain, you didn’t care who, or even what it was, you were willing to do anything and everything, that’s when he showed up.

Peter saw you and tapped your shoulder.

“(Gasp) Who are you ?” you say in shock

“Oh did I forget to introduce myself? I’m Peter, Peter Pan.” he smiles

“I’m Y/n.” you say with a sniffle

“Hi Y/n, are you okay? I see that you’re crying, and those don’t look like tears f joy love.”

“No I’m not, I’m miserable here, I just want to go, be free, do as I please, I feel like I’m trapped here.” you say as you start to cry again.

“Hey hey hey, It’s gonna be okay.” he said

“No it’s not.” you cry

“Yes, it is.” he says

“How do you know?” you ask

“Because , I’m going to take you, take you away.” he smiles

“To where?” you ask

“To a place, where you will never, ever have to worry about grown up things again.” he says 

“Where is that?” you ask

“Neverland.” he smirks

Ever since that day you became a lost girl, you were from Neverland, you usually hung out with Peter Pan.

If you weren’t with Peter, you were with the lost boys. Playing games, acting rough with one another, telling stories, and scaring each other at night.

Peter was right, he told you were free to do whatever you wanted to do, you could be anywhere you wanted to be,and go wherever you wanted to go. Nobody could stop you.

As the days go by, the days got hotter, so you would wear less clothing, this, was a problem.

You would wear shorts, a tank top, and some sneakers.

The lost boys couldn’t help but stare, I mean you had ass and tits, what boy in their right mind wouldn’t stare? 

And since you were always so active you were really fit, and had curves in all the right places, everybody noticed, especially Peter, but you would have never guessed.

One day you get ready to head out, you do the same old routine, brush your hair, put on your clothes, and with a little magic help you put some makeup on.

You walk outside and join the lost boys as usual.

“Hey Y/n.” a lost boy said, his name was David

“Hey David!” you smiled

“How are you?” he asked as he sat next to you

“Great actually, even though it’s hot.” you say

“Yeah man it’s really hot, we might go to the lake today, I heard.”

“Awesome!” you shouted

David stared at you, looking up and down, admiring your body ,“Yeah so like , I was thinking-” 

“Listen up guys.” Peter interrupted

“Today we are going to the lake, so bring your swimming attire and stuff, head back here in 15.” he says as he looks at you

“You come with me.” he says

“Yeah sure!” you say with no questio to where you were going

He brought you to his cabin, you’ve only been there a couple times, once on your first night because you were scared, and two times because you were totally drunk and Peter wanted to keep you with him, so that any of the lost boys wouldn’t get any ideas.

“Why am I here?” you asked

“You need a bathing suit yes?” he asked as he cocked up an eyebrow

“Yes.” you said as you smiled

“Well, here you go.” he said as he pointed to his bed

There were about 5 bathing suits to choose from, each decorated beautifully.

“Wow…” you said

“I had the mermaids make them, I didn’t know your taste so I thought they’d make a couple so you could pick your favorite one.” he said

“Thank you!” you said as you hugged Peter.

Peter was shocked , you guys never hugged, but he hugged you back, but as soon as he did, he wished he hadn’t.

Hugging you meant having you close to him, his arms wrapped around your curves, it was unexpected, and he felt, almost attracted to you, which he didn’t like.

Peter clears his throat and you back away quickly. “Oh my goodness Peter I am terribly sorry.” you put your head down

“Don’t be love, now hurry up and change, I’ll be waiting outside.”

“Wait!” you almost shout

“Yes love?” he said

“Don’t you have to get dressed?” you ask

Peter lifts up his shirt , exposing his trunks were under his shorts already. But you were staring at something else, you have never seen his body, not like that.You quickly snap out of it and look at him.

“Oh right!” you smiled and nod your head

You get dressed and pick out the green bathing suit, it had green vines and flowers on it, basically looked like you were a fairy.

You step outside but holding a towel so that you’re kinda covered

Peter noticed some of the boys trying to take a peek, with that Peter takes off his shirt , “here.”

He hands it to you.

“Oh thank you Peter.” you say as you put it on.

You all head to the lake, once you get there , you all start to undress and jump in the lake, it was pretty easily the best day you had so far.

There were games, food, and music of course, you guys basically spent the whole day their,and even at night you built a campfire to stay even longer, because it was the summer, so it was still pretty warm at night.

You have about two drinks in you so you were feeling pretty good, well that’s when David came and started chatting you up

“Sup.” he said

You giggle “Sup” you said back

“You having a good time?” he asked

“This is probably the best time of my life” you said

“Haha same!” he said 

You just smile and giggle some more

“You know, you’re really beautiful.” he said

“Stop” you say but blush

“No no no , it’s true.” he lifts up your chin.

“Thank you David.” you smile

“You wanna get outta here?” he asked

“And do?” you said a little protective

“Just talk, I promise.” he had his pinky out

“Then of course.” you smiled, and your pinky and his pinky interlocked with one another

You walk along the lake, just talking about, everything, and nothing.

“Wait so you used to pay the flute?” you laughed

“Hey hey hey I was the flute master!” he said

You playfully push him and laugh even harder

“Oh I’m sure you were!” you giggle

David pushes softly against a tree, rubbing your hair, and looking deeply into your eyes

“David, what are you doing?” you ask

“Something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.” he says

He then kisses you, softly, but then roughly, it was something you had never experienced before, for this was your first kiss since you came to Neverland.

He then takes you deeper into the woods, undressing you, and you didn’t mind, you were loving every second of it, how sexy it was to have a boy basically drool all over you. It was such a good feeling, and you didn’t want it to stop.

Sooner than later, he’s inside you, you’re moaning and whining and just a mess, David covers your mouth because you get too loud, but you just smile and giggle and he laughs a little too.

“This is super dangerous, anyone could catch us.” you say

“Like I care?” He says

Well little did you know, Peter was watching the whole time, fire was in his eyes, he was furious, he didn’t know he wanted you until he couldn’t have you, you know how Pan was, he wanted you all to his self, he was selfish.

As he watch David fuck you all he could think about was how he could do it better, it was such a sick thing to think, but he did. He wanted to push David away, he wanted to take over, he wanted to show him how it’s really done, but he didn’t. He waited, and he watched, for he had a plan for the both of you.

The next day you all you could think about was your night with David, you both decided to keep it on the downlow, since neither of you wanted to be in a relationship, well he didn’t, you on the other hand wouldn’t have mind one, but oh well.

You ate breakfast, and this time before you ate Peter didn’t make an announcement, like he always does, it was strange, but you all let it go.

Peter was quite all through breakfast, he didn’t make a word, everyone was kinda freaked out by it because usually he would chat up a storm.

You were a little freaked out as well so you decide to go up to him

“Hey Peter.” you say with a smile

He smiles back and nods as he continues to eat

“Are you okay?” you ask

He puts his thumb up and smiles as he still has his mouth full

“Oh great, well it’s just because you haven’t talked, you know.” you said

He put’s his hand on his belly signaling that he was really hungry

“Oh gotcha!” you said with your thumbs up

You walked away still a little worried, this was not like Peter.

After breakfast you guys waited around until Peter gave orders, but all he did after he ate his breakfast was walked into his cabin

“Uhm, is he gonna give us our chores?” A lost boy asked

“Felix?” you asked

“I’ll go check it out.” he said as he rolled his eyes

Everyone knows Felix was Peter’s best mate,, so you usually go to him for anything if Peter wasn’t around

Peter was sitting on his chair, playing with whatever he had in his hand,

“Sup Pan.” Felix said

“What do they want Felix?” He said in annoyance

“They want to know why you’re so quite.” he said as he sat down

“I’m playing a game.” he smiled

“What game?” Felix became interested

“David and Y/n went off alone the other day.” he looked at him

“Oh yeah? And what happen?” Felix asked

“What do you think?” Peter said in a stern way, smile was gone, and he just had a mean cruel look on his face

“Oh… OH!” Felix said

Peter nodded , looking away, thinking more and more about you two.

“Are you okay?” Felix asked

“I’m going to make him suffer, and her beg for my forgiveness.” he said in such a evil way.

Felix looked at Peter, “Don’t hurt em Pan, you know I’m just looking out for you , I want the best for you, you’re my best mate.”

“I know Felix, now, let’s go, we don’t want to scare them too much.” he laughed and got up from his chair.

You see Peter head out his cabin and then rush back to the campsite,

“He’s coming!” you yell

Everybody goes into position and sits down

“Today we actually need food supplies, so we can split up in groups of 3′s.”

Oddly enough, he puts you, him, and David in a group.

It was awkward as hell, half because you two just had sex, but second because Peter wouldn’t even talk!

You would ask him questions and he would reply with one word answers, it was so annoying and frustrating.

As the days go by Peter would talk more and more everyday, and it was like nothing was wrong.

Everything went back to normal until one day Peter asked David if he could join him for dinner in his tent, he needed to talk to him about something

Your head shot up like a deer in head lights, sure it was almost a month it happen, but still maybe Peter found out, maybe he knew this whole time? You don’t know but you were freaking out

Peter and David sat in the tent eating their dinner, and talking about random things, Peter played it off pretty well

“So how’s hunting for you?” he asked

“Oh man it’s good, I feel like I could catch a fish with my bare hands in a couple of weeks.” he said

“That’s great!” Peter said

You began to walk up to David’s tent, along with all the other lost boys, how can you not wonder what was going on?

“So, how was she?” Peter stopped smiling and looked at David straight in the eyes

“Uhm, I don’t know what-” 

“Cut the bull shit David.” Peter looked at David “Now, how was she?” he asked

You were shocked, how did he know? How would he even find out? You both swore to keep your mouths shut.

“You know Pan, I’d rather not say.” he said

Peter laughed “Oh come on, we’re both young men, we both know what goes on, did she give to easily?” he winked at him

“You know what Pan I gotta go” as he starts to walk out of the tent, almost out the door Peter stops him in his tracks

He looks him dead in the eyes, and laughs with a evil smirk on his lips. “What’s wrong David? Is this making you feel uncomfortable? Because I know? Because I can imagine what it was like? Fucking her brains out?” 

David had fear in his eyes and so did you, you were frozen, you had no words, and now, all the lost boys knew.

David had fear in his eyes, his heart was racing, stomach was turning, and he was sweating up a storm.

“Did you really think you could hide it?” “That it would be your guys little secret?” Peter asked

“Why do you care so much about who Y/n sleeps with anyway?” he got the courage to ask

“What?” Peter asked, a little taken back “What does that even mean? “

“Is it that bad? That she could be attracted to someone other than you? Are you threatened that she could maybe be taken from you? It’s not like you wanted to sleep with her!” he yells

Peter looks at him, he is about to loose it, he is about to loose all of it, he could feel the anger rise up in him, as he is about to punch the shit out of David you scream “Peter wait!“ 

Part 2?
Come home

Word Count: 2,040

Jensen x reader

Warnings: huh.. maybe that the Reader has a lots of insecurities

Note: I wrote that just because I was bored at work. Haven’t had the time to proof-read. Enjoy anyways and let me know if you liked it or not. 

Part 2: Come Home - Part 2

Originally posted by hallowedbecastiel

Waking up to an empty spot in your bed has never been easy on you. Ever since you moved in with your boyfriend, whom you meet 3 years ago, there was this fear of yours of not being good enough for him. He was a successful actor and you were a normal secretary working for a big local company. You moved to the states a couple of years ago to start a new living where you meet this handsome man in a coffee shop. 

After meeting him and having some smalltalk a few times while waiting for your coffee he asked you out and you happily agreed. After dating for almost one and a half year he asked you to move in with him. To every other guy you most probably would’ve said no, but he was different.

There was this strong connection you felt towards him and you knew you could spend the rest of your life with him. But with him being away almost the entire year and all those convention he had to attend on weekends for his job, it wasn’t easy for you.

You started to get insecure of yourself, you started to think that you weren’t good enough for him, that you would hold him back from things he liked, and the fact that you weren’t happy how you looked like didn’t really help. You loved him, that was true, but you couldn’t take the feeling of being a burden anymore, even though he tried his best to let you feel his entire and strong love towards you.

It was a convention weekend and you woke up – alone. You knew that the panel of your boyfriend would start in about five minutes so you searched for your laptop and opened a livestream to watch your boyfriend and his best friend being on stage and having fun. This was a thing you always did during convention weekends. It helped you getting through the time of being alone. On this day you decided to take a quick look through Twitter which clearly wasn’t your best idea. You scrolled through the hashtags and saw a lot of pictures of your boyfriend posing with people. Mostly women. You weren’t jealous, well maybe a little bit, but seeing him this happy with other women only made you more insecure.

Half of the panel was done when you couldn’t take it anymore and decided to stop watching it. You took a shower and during that shower you made the hardest decision you ever had to make. You thought about it before but never actually had the courage to really do it. You thought you could change but sadly you couldn’t change who you were.  So after debating with yourself you came to the conclusion that it’d be the best if you just leave and let him live his life, without you being a burden.  You would do this for him.

You called your boss to take a few days off. After packing everything and putting it in your car, you wrote a goodbye letter for your boyfriend. Everything was done and you got into your car and drove to a friend of yours where you knew you could put your stuff for a few days.

“What? Why? I mean are you being serious, (Y/N)?” your friend said when you arrived. You just nodded and whipped away a tear while putting your things in an empty room. “I am sorry but I have to leave. I can’t be a burden for him anymore. I have nothing to offer. I am just a normal woman and he… he is Jensen Ackles. I don’t understand why he went out with me in the first place anyways.” Your friend looked at you with disbelieve. “You do know that he really loves you, right? You can offer so much, why don’t you see that, (Y/N)!”

“I’ll fly back home for a couple of days. I’ll let you know when I’ll be back. Bye.” With that you got into your car and drove to the airport, flying home to your mom.

In the meantime Jensen was finished with his panel and tried to call you. He always called you when he was away and you normally picked up immediately. But not this time. He came straight to your voicemail which was weird.

“Everything alright, Jensen?” Jared asked when he saw Jensen staring at his phone. “She’s not picking up the phone.” Jensen’s eyes still were focused on the phone. “Maybe she’s just being busy or ran out of battery, I am sure everything’s alright.” Jared tried to comfort Jensen.

“No, Jared. You don’t understand. She always picks up the phone when I am at a convention. There has to be something wrong. I came straight to her voicemail. You know that she feels so insecure about herself when I am gone. I try my best to make her feel my love and my feelings for her, but it seems that it gets worse with every time I am gone.” Jensen started to feel the panic slowly rising in his head.

He knew how you felt about yourself. He knew that you thought you couldn’t offer much. He knew that you had insecurities and he hated himself for not being able to make you understand how much he loved you and how perfect you were to him.

“Yeah, you told me about her insecurities but man, I am sure everything’s fine. Let’s finish this convention and then you can fly home. Thankfully we have the week off of filming.” Jared smiled to Jensen who only nodded and got up to get ready for the photo ops.

Ten hours later, Jensen finally was home. He unlocked the door and stepped in. “Sweetheart! I am home!” but there was now answer. “(Y/N), you here?” When there still was no sight of you, he started to panic. He ran up to your shared bedroom and looked around. Everything seemed to be normal. At least until he turned around and saw a handwritten letter lying on the dresser. He took the letter, opened it, sat down on the bed and read it with tears forming in his eyes.

Dear Jensen,

I am sorry that I am not good enough. I am sorry that I let you down. I am sorry that I am a burden. I am sorry that I hold you back. I am sorry for not being able to stay here anymore. I need you to be happy. I need you to live a happy life without me being around and that’s why I have to leave. I feel like that’s the only way you can live your life without me holding you back anymore.

I packed my stuff and stored it at my friend’s. I’ll send someone to get the rest of it.

Please know that I am truly sorry for stealing your past three years.

I love you.




He couldn’t quite believe what he was reading. He took out his phone and dialed your number but you still weren’t picking up. After he tried a couple of times he called Jared. “Jensen? Everything okay?” Jared asked with confusion.

“She’s gone, Jared. I don’t know where and I am freaking out.” Jensen nearly screamed in his phone. Jared had troubles to keep up with what his friend was saying. “Wait, what? What do you mean with (Y/N) is gone?”

 “I mean that she packed her stuff, wrote me a goodbye letter and left” Jensen had to take a deep breath while saying that. After all you were his love of a lifetime. “It’s my fault, man. I wasn’t able to show her just how much she meant to me. She wrote that she didn’t want to be a burden anymore and that her leaving is the only way how I can have a happy life.“

 “Okay. First of all calm down, J” Jared tried his best to calm Jensen down, “I’ll be there in 15 and we are gonna find her, alright?” Jensen had to hold back tears. “Thanks, Jared.” With that he hung up.

15 minutes later Jared was standing in front of Jensen door. He didn’t have to knock because the door was being open. He stepped in and went straight for the bedroom in which Jensen still was sitting on the bed.

“Do you know where she could be?” Jared asked while walking into the room. Jensen looked up, a sad smile across his face. “She’s still not picking up but she wrote that she brought her stuff to a friend. (Y/F/N) is the only one I can think of.”

“Alright, well that’s a beginning. Do you know where (Y/F/N) lives?” Jared asked and Jensen nodded a tiny yes. “So what are you waiting for, let’s drive to (Y/F/N) and ask her if she knows something.”

The two of them got up, locked the front door and made their way over to where your friend was leaving. Jensen could feel his heartbeat speed up when they reached the front door of your friend’s apartment. “You ready?” Jared asked.

Jensen knocked on the door and whispered “Let’s do this.” After knocking a few times your friend finally opened the door. “Jensen? What can I do for you?” She asked. “Hey, (Y/F/N). I know (Y/N) was here bringing you some stuff of hers. Do you know where she is now?” Jensen asked nervously. “Uh, yeah. She was here. She… She told me she has to leave.” (Y/F/N) told the two men standing in front of her home.

 “Did she say where she was going?” Jared asked with a polite smile on his lips. “She said she was gonna spend some time at home. She wanted to fly back to Europe to visit her mom there. That’s all I know.” Your friend returned the smile to Jared.

“Thank you.” Jensen said and turned around to go back to the car. Jared said goodbye and followed his friend. They got in the SUV and started to drive back to Jensen’s. “What are you gonna do now?” Jared asked. “I am gonna take the next flight to Europe. I need her to know that I love her and that I want her to be here… here with me.”

After an eleven hour flight you arrive at the airport near your home town. Your mother picked you up from the airport and as soon as you saw her you began to cry because you missed her so much.

 “I missed you, too.” She assured you while hugging you. “But sweetie, why are you here? Don’t get me wrong, I am happy that you came but did anything happen?”

You didn’t want to tell your mom why you really came to visit so you lied to her. “Everything is fine, mom. No worries. I just wanted to see you.” The two of you made your way to the car. You loaded your small suitcase in the back and started to drive back home. You didn’t talk much because you were exhausted and you were thankful that your mother seemed to understand that. But every now and then she would ask you something and suddenly the question you feared popped up.

“How’s your boyfriend doing?” You froze when you heard that question. “Earth to (Y/N). Did you hear me, sweetie?” your mother asked when you weren’t giving her an answer in the first place.

 “He’s doing well. Everything is fine.” You lied to avoid any further questions. After driving for about half an hour you reached your old home. You said your hello’s to everyone at home and made your way to your old room. It was just the way you left it the last time you were here. Your bed, your dresser, your pictures on the wall. Exactly how you remembered it.

Before you went to bed, you took a warm shower to realis some of the stress you felt in the past few hours. Your thoughts always were with Jensen and if he already found your letter. Little did you know that he already was at the airport, boarding a plane and thinking about you non-stop


Warning(s): Explicit (18+) sexual contents
Fandom: American Gods
Pairing: Mad Sweeney x Reader (Female)

Authors Note: Yeah this character has me weak. This is a soft launch and the first fan fiction I’ve written. I feel totally cringe, but fuck it!  I love the expression in this pic. Found here 

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Bellarke big prompt: Austenland

I’m a big fucking bellarke nerd with more imagination than I can actually write, so I made a long prompt for an Austenland Bellarke AU:

Bellamy’s friend Jasper is an actor at the Jane Austen reinactment manor and he gets injured, so he recruits Bellamy to fill in for him for a week. Bellamy is a History teacher, and it’s summer break so he could use the extra work. He agrees to do the job for a week. He’s a low-key Austen nerd. Since its his first week, he is not assigned a romance; he is there to learn the process and to provide general flirtatious company for the paying guests.

Clarke is a lawyer and a workaholic. She doesn’t know anything about Jane Austen except having read P&P once in high school. Her firm is tipped off that there could be a good case against the resort owner’s husband for sexual harassment, or against the travel agency. So to get some info and to force Clarke to take a day off, Kane buys her a week pass to the Austenland and tell her to have fun and dig up some dirt. Unfortunately, her stingy law firm only paid for the copper package. And she refuses to put any of her own money into the farce.  But she goes, and…

(the rest under the cut pretty much only makes sense if you’ve seen the film)

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If you would have told me at age 12 that I would one day spend my time on a website where it’s almost universally agreed to that Luke Skywalker is gay, I’d probably be fine with it, but I would definitely have questios


Harry Potter x Reader

Request: Dude maybe a Harry Potter x reader where the reader is getting self conscious bc they’re falling behind in class but Harry lifts their spirits and it turns into fluff! ((I don’t know much about Harry Potter so you can add in whatever details I’m missing))  
Requested by: Summerkid423
Warnings: None
A/N: Reader has a learning disability fyi, it’s kinda a vent due to my recent diagnosis w/ Autism
Words: 2,130


You could be doing so much better.

That was always the sentence running through your head when you were working, while you were talking. Anything you did, you knew you could improve. You could do this better, there’s a better way to say this, to write this but you just… couldn’t. It wasn’t even a matter of could, it was a matter of won’t. You couldn’t learn because your brain took too long to think the things over,  or you couldn’t pass because you wouldn’t write in the way the teachers wanted you to.

Even when you were at a muggle pre-school things never stuck out to you. You always wrote your equations wrong, always struggled with spelling and expressing your words. You were called stupid, marked as ‘special’ and that was enough to tell the kids to ignore you. That, and the strange things that happened when you got too frustrated.

You were told about your magic earlier than most, it’s hard to keep magic secret from a 6-year-old who managed to turn a passing car into a puff of powdery blue smoke in broad daylight. It made you feel better for a while, even though you weren’t all good during primary school you knew that once you turned 11 it would all change. You could start doing magic, wave wands and all the physical hands on stuff you loved!

But things didn’t change, even at a wizarding school, a higher comprehension was needed for exams and projects. Subjects like Transfiguration and Charms, while being about wand waving, also required a skill with a quill, something you were less than proficient in. So you struggled through your first few years, went through tutor after tutor, and as the prospect of NEWTS and OWLS growing ever closer, you knew that if you showed no improvement, you’d be dumped back into the muggle world with no qualifications or job prospects for either reality, which would ultimately lead into an overarchingly painful and awful life.

So your objective was clear; make an improvement, learn how to push yourself, even if it was only an inch over the passing grade. Because in your current situation, you couldn’t ask for more.

Night after sleepless night you stayed up, hiding in an alcove on the 7th floor where prefects and even Filch barely patrolled. There you’d stay, scrolls, parchment and quills with essay structure sheets and stack upon stack of paper. It was painful, often leaving you with bags under your eyes and ink stained fingers, but that was something you were willing to put up with if it meant your success.

It was well past 10, this much you knew. Moonlight shone through your window, casting your shadow onto the grey-sky stone floor of the castle. Nobody was expected to come here, it was a Thursday, and you had been doing this little routine long enough to memorise both Filch and Percy Weasley’s patrol timetable. Tonight at least, you were safe.

Moving your gaze back to your frankly abhorrent assemblage of homework and past exams, safe in the knowledge of your isolation, you allowed yourself the privilege or a long and mournful groan, letting the pain of your aching muscles and exhaustion into the sigh. It lasted a good 5 seconds before you tilted your head forward once more and picked up your quill, preparing once again to delve into a difficult literary world. You had only been writing a minute or two, however, when the sounds of footsteps, and what sounded like a blanket being pulled from a bed, startled you from your peace.

“Uhm… are you ok?” A hesitant voice caught your attention, sending a shock up your spine and sending you into a defensive, position. Raising your head and quickly rubbing your eyes, you turned to the person who had addressed you, he, who had seemingly appeared out of thin air did not look like a prefect, much to your relief. At first, you were going to ask the stranger why he was out so late past curfew before your eyes fell on his face. Oh. You knew him.


“Harry Potter. Yeah.” He said it very quickly like he was brushing through dialogue in a game that he’d heard a thousand times over.  Maybe that’s what it’s like when you’re one of the most famous people the wizarding world has ever had. Like being the main character of a video game, full of awestruck and plain npcs.

If you were honest, you didn’t feel all too starstruck. He was just a kid in your year group. He didn’t seem any different from you, as far as you could tell. You stared on at him, and he shifted awkwardly. For someone supposed to be so unreachable and famous, he really didn’t seem all that cool and collected. Hell, some of his actions during Quidditch seemed to back this observation up, but you weren’t complaining. It was nice to think that he could be as human as you.

After a while, you weren’t sure how long, you realised that you and Harry had been staring at each other. You admittedly unknowingly and he, still waiting for an answer to a question you had long forgotten. Flushing a little, you gave him a small, awkward, regretful smile.

“Uh- Sorry. What did you ask?” You picked at the sleeve of your robe sheepishly, a bit embarrassed. Harry didn’t seem too bothered, luckily, and spoke again.

“I, was- er. Just wondering if you were ok. I heard groaning, and… yeah.” He made a strange movement with his hands, his cheeks reddening.

“I’m fine. Just having study problems. It’s… yeah.” You shrugged, patting your parchment with a reluctant smile. Harry’s eyes trailed to the pile of papers and quills, widening a little at the amount perilously teetering on the edge of the windowsill. Suddenly, his eyes flickered back to you.

“What kind of study problems?” His brow creased, and you shifted in discomfort. It wasn’t any secret that you had difficulty with writing, but it still wasn’t something you took joy in talking about. Not to mention, he was Harry goddamn Potter. No doubt someone would’ve told him about the moron in his Charms class. You let out a slight sigh, trying to hide it, before explaining.

“I’m bad at… writing and… yeah, that kind of stuff…” You trailed off and looked down at your lap, playing with a stray thread on your sleeve as your stomach twisted in shame, waiting for the inevitable laughter that always crushed your spirit in the

“Oh. Well, maybe you-”

“Somethings wrong with me.” You blurted it out before he could finish. You really didn’t know why you’d said that, and you really did wish you hadn’t. He didn’t know you, he didn’t need to know about this. But your exhaustion, your frustration and your inability to vent to any of your close friends all compiled to send you into a rambling, distressed mess. You were tired of making excuses for yourself but even moreso for others doing it for you. This was your fault, and it was your problem to solve. You hated the way Harry’s face fell, but you didn’t want to waste his time with something as silly as this.

“What… what do you mean?” He pushed on, moving forward by an inch, making your edge further into your alcove.

“I mean I- I just can’t do this. I want to, I’ve tried to but- but- I just can’t! I’m not like you or- or Hermione or any other smart kids. When I say I can’t it- it’s because I can’t!” Your arms tensed and your hand clutched the edge of the stoney slabs you sat on, the sharp cold against your hot skin grounded you, and you looked away apologetically.

“Something is…” You began, voice quiet. “Maybe, it’s, something in my head or… or somewhere else… whatever it is, it’s different. It makes it impossible for me to put my thoughts into words on paper.  It’s not feelings, it’s like… critical thought. And I’m capable of that, I know I’m capable of that but when it gets to writing I just fall apart.” Your head dropped into your hand as your stomach swirled and churned. You hated that he was seeing this, you hated that you were allowing yourself to admit your own flaws in front of a person who so seemingly embodied the definition of good.

But most of all you hated that he hadn’t left. That he hadn’t run away with a laugh or talking about how you were crazy or broken or wrong. Instead Harry just… Harry just stood there. You could see his feet steady on the ground, feeling the silence around you hang with dripping tension. And you waited for him to take a step, to move down the hallway and most likely avoid you for the rest of your school life.

And then the foot stepped forward. Once, then again. And then he was sitting on the slab, keeping a comfortable distance between you, staring as your hand stayed on your forehead and your eyes kept their gaze on the ground.

“Do the teachers know?” You shook your head, moving your hand up a bit to push back your hair as Harry sighed a bit.

“Are you… afraid of them knowing?” At this you made no movement, keeping completely still as Harry took your silence as a clear answer to his question. A soft sigh escaped his lips, and you felt the innate fear that you had somehow caused disappointment.

“They aren’t going to… expel you for having a learning disability, you know.” He scooched closer, pushing your papers back a little. You made no move to stop him.

“But they aren’t going to help, are they? This isn’t like the muggle world, Harry. There isn’t support for people like me.” Your voice came through broken, which you supposed you were. Raising your head, you finally faced him,  heart jumping in your chest as you found no pity in his eyes. Only a determined stare.

“Maybe not yet, and maybe not for a while but… It has to start somewhere.” Your eyes went from his face, to the papers and quills that had taken over your entire purpose, and then down to your bruised, stained hands. The question was, would approaching your teacher with a request for support be harder than torturing yourself with sleep deprivation and destructive, failure induced thoughts…

“It has to start somewhere…” You repeated his words, breathing in and out.

“I… guess I could try to talk to the teachers… maybe find new ways of learning… offer support…” You mumbled quietly and looked down in thought, missing the soft smile on Harry’s face that was slowly growing wider and wider.

“If it, uhm, makes you feel better, I could maybe… help?” You stared at him a little wide eyed, cheeks flushing at his offer.

“You want to help?” You questioned, honestly confused as to why he would want to get involved. Sure, he’d come up with the idea but the effort spent trying to help you just… didn’t make any sense.

“I mean, you’re in Charms with me and I just want to… want to see you do better,” Harry said, becoming flustered with your questions. You tilted your head, still not quite understanding

“What I mean is that I’d miss you if you were to drop out. You’re a… comforting face in class… I… guess?” He stumbled over his words as you smiled, still a little confused but chuffed that he had noticed you.

“Oh, well. You’re comforting too!” You tried to chirp cheerfully, but your voice probably sounded weird and high and awkward, and once again you felt yourself recede into your shell a little, becoming aware of the time.

“Well I uh… thanks, for your help today. Or tonight.” You stuttered, slipping off the bench as Harry jumped and followed suit.
“Yeah, that’s a good idea. Should, um, sleep and… stuff.” He nodded, backing away a bit as you shoved your things haphazardly into your bag.
“ I suppose. I uh… should sleep. You should too. Or you could do what you were doing before and- I won’t ask questions!” You put a hand up as you used the other to hoist over your shoulder, the two of you awkwardly waving goodbye.

“Night, Harry. I’ll uh, see you.” You mumbled, turning around.
“Night, Y/N. I hope that… I know this means things will get better.” You caught this and turned, only to see the hallway empty, leaving no trace that Harry was there. You breathed out a soft, tense relieving sigh.
“Better…” You nodded with a growing, confident smile. “Things will get better.”

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Ok, i'll ask all the question i have to you, because you know a lot and you're really kind (and so fucking talented i love your art omg). So, my next questio is: why does everyone in fics rapresent chuuya as a foreigner, mos of the times a french one? Is it because of his (faboulous) look, because the wines (honeslty why think of france for wine though, Italy has the best ones), or what else? And why does he always know all the languages, russian included?


- He does have a foreigner look both in clothing taste (mmmmmmmm flash that trench coat baby) and physical appearance (blue eyes are more often than not associated with westerners I believe).

- He’s obsessed with wine so… Idk France is referred to as the wine country so hon hon hon sauvignon baguette bonjour??????? 

- This one is an important one. Irl Nakahara Chuuya is said to be very fluent in french (and I don’t remember it very clearly but possibly other languages?) so I think that plus the wine equals all the french chuuya headcanons. 

- Chuuya moaning in French is hot. Like come on. Please. Think about it. Actually no don’t think abt it I almost killed myself 5 mins earlier. 

Take a Break, Steve x Reader

I’m so sorry for not posting for so long ugh, anyways here’s a new thingy I’ve written!!! :D

Summary: Basically, the reader is studying for a psychology test and Steve comes in and it gets super fluffy.

Content: Fluff, Steve x Reader, even more fluff

Warnings: none. (Except for the title, that’s a Hamilton reference)

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You were sitting curled up in the corner of your bed, reading a psychology book, trying to study for the exam you had the following week. You sighed as you flipped the page, mildly irritated. You have understood the principles of social psychology and you knew about the situations that changed everything within social psychology (like the second world war and why people were willing to participate in such horrible things), yet you still found yourself rereading the same sentence over and over. There was a sudden knock at your door, followed by the noise of its opening.
”Doll, shouldn’t you at least take a break?”, Steve said as soon as he entered the room. ”I know this is important to you but you should take a short break every so often. And you already know everything important.”
”Yes, I know. But I need repetition. Repetition is key to studying.”, you said, looking back into your book.
”Okay, name two of the most famous experiments within social psychology.”, Steve asked of you and sat down on the bedside.
”Alright. Milgram’s experiment, Zimbardo’s experiment at Stanford.”
He nodded. ”And why are they so important?”
”Milgram wanted to see if people would blindly follow an authority without questioning them. Zimbardo wanted to try if normal kids without any criminal records whatsoever, could ever be or turn evil and what it takes for someone to be evil. Basically.”
”I hope you write more on the exam.”, Steve smiled.
”Yes, I cut it short to answer you questio-”
”Yes honey I know, I’m just saying.”, he climbed on the bed and took the book out of you hand. He leaned closer to your face.
”Steve please give it back I need to study.”, you asked of him, drawing a smile from him.
”You need a break. I made tea and sandwiches in the kitchen and I really would like you to join me.”, he kissed you softly. ”What say you?”
”Sounds great.”, you smiled and leaned in to kiss him but he got up quickly, leaving you on the bed, very surprised.
”You will get all the kisses you want if you come out, aaand get your book back.”, he waved your book in the air. ”Come on.”, he grinned and left the room.
You smiled as you dipped your head, getting up and making your way to the kitchen.

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Requested by anon <3
Prompt:  Hiya! Love your blog btw could I have a Stiles Stilinski imagine where the reader and stiles are just friends but stiles loves the reader and then one day she gets kidnapped and he goes to save her just as she is going to be killed and the whole pack helps out and they somehow end up together etc… Thanks!
A/N: love this dork 


He ran through those damp cold corridors like lightning, his breath coming out in wheezed gasps as his head was starting to spin. But he refused to slow down. The smell of water and rusting metal hit his nose but he didn’t pay any mind to it, his earlobe echoing with the footfalls of the pack behind him, yet the only thing on his mind was you. You were here, somewhere, alone and most likely terrified out of your mind and he did not care if he was mortal – he will tear down anyone who dared to harm you. God, he loved you. He loved you and didn’t even get to confess his stupid feelings and now you were in danger and—

He felt himself grow sick. No, he couldn’t think like that. You’re okay. He will find you and him and his friends will save you damn it, even if it were the last thing he would do. He didn’t care about himself anymore. He was trembling from worry. He was going to find you, no matter what…


“I love you.” He blurred, not letting go of your hands once you and the pack were finally safe from whatever beasts that threatened your life. You froze; your cheeks strikingly hot and gulped, glancing away from those wide surprised eyes of his. The pack shared a look, distancing themselves from the two of you as Stiles blushed an equally bright shade of red from his own words, “I-I mean—“ he cleared his throat, “No!” He suddenly yelled, making you jerk from the loudness of his voice, “I mean what I mean! (Name) (Lastname) I’ve been in love with you since your first day at school but so was everyone else but I just—I wanted… to tell you before—I was really scared and—you should stay away from werewolves from now on! Scott included! And Derek! Especially Derek! Peter is out the questio–!”

“I love you too.” Was all you said, a beautiful smile stretching on your face as you squeezed his hands. Stiles stopped. Blinked. His mouth fell open and closed in a matter of seconds.

“Y-You do???” He asked, uneasy. Chuckling dryly, he painted a grin on his face, “You sure? I won’t be mad if you don’t, don’t say that you do if you don’t, no pressure—just — you—I—“ You silenced him with smashing your lips onto his.

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