End of First Semester!

End of Semester

Well… Its official! I made it thru my first semester of Paramedic school. First off I want to thank my EMT Instructors for being so damn hard to kind of prepare me for the mental massacre that is Paramedic School! Sharron Davis… I understand now why you taught how u did! THANK YOU!!! Sharron and Tom Liles really showed me that you can’t just skate by in EMS…. You need to be on top of your game to succeed…. So for that I THANK YOU!!! 

First semester was a BITCH! We did general ambulance operations, advanced airway, pharmacology, pathophys, and cardiac in one damn semester!  It wasn’t that the classes were that hard, it was the amount of stuff you had to learn, and they were all on top of one another. We didn’t go from one class to another we kinda did them all at one time. Needless to say, I PASSED this semester with a 3.56 GPA!!!  YEA FOR ME! Along the way we lost a lot of people to failing out and leaving… and I’m gonna miss some of them! It’s funny to see how you forge relationships in the EMS field. I don’t know if it’s because were so stressed all the time, if it’s because we understand what the other person is going thru, or if there is some validity to the saying that most EMT’s and Medics are FUCKING CRAZY! There is something amazing and scary at the same time about the fact that we know just enough at this point to kill someone! Well… in true Jason Mayhew style I feel like I need to get some stuff off my chest! I will do this by now telling you what I have learned in my first semester of medic school


1.       It’s always good to stay on the instructor’s good side… NO MATTER WHAT!

2.       There are going to be some people in your class you don’t get along with at first… you will be able to tell who these people are by the end of the semester because the sound of their voice will make you want to punt a baby!

3.       NEVER miss a class day! The only time you can miss is your death and the rapture (unless you don’t go to heaven… in that case be in your seat at 8am!)

4.       Class time is relative to what your instructor has going on in life

5.       You are not the instructor so be ready at 8am… NO MATTER WHAT!

6.       5 hour energy drinks, Focalin, and shots at the end of your day will get you thru till tomorrow

7.       SLEEP is 5 letters that will not be put together until January, 2013

8.       Go with your gut reaction in every situation except for EKG Rhythm analysis!

9.       Be ready to regurgitate correct ET Tube placement at all times

10.   Many people will come in your life during school from class… Find the few that you connect with and don’t let them go for any reason!

11.   Do not get Married, Divorced, Move, have a long lunch, quiet afternoon, or have any sort of fun during medic school!

12.   There is always a fucking idiot in class… pray they fail out (It sounds bad I know but hear me out!) If they don’t, you will be subjected to the dumbest questions you will ever hear, and those questions are taking up valuable time!

13.   YES, there are such things as dumb questions

14.   Study groups  get you thru to next semester

15.   ENJOY the ride! I have had some amazing memories already!

16.   There is always a class around that is better, smarter, and more prepared than you are. Don’t let them get to you… a girl named Erica will always put them in your place

17.   Be nice to the ones on the golden child list! They will always be there for you when u don’t know what the hell you are doing! Yes they  send you constant emails and Facebook posts, but I know I have gone back and checked them more times than I can count

18.   Cliques are going to happen… just pray you are in a good one.

19.   Some people are doomed from the start

20.   Don’t piss off the class! If you don’t think this happens, you may be the one that is pissing off the class

21.   Pop quizzes will come when you are not prepared!

22.   Preceptors will never do exactly what they are supposed to!

23.   Nancy Caroline may be smart, but at some point you may want to kill her

24.   Test questions do not come from what you think should be on a test!

25.   Nancy Says has shown up on a test more times than I can count!

26.   Clinical Notebooks should be surgically attached to you at all times! While we are at it… surgically attach your 50 pound text book, workbook, stethoscope, trauma scissors, pen light, 20 pens, a highlighter, pot of coffee, and of course your Roadmap to success!

27.   Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook, and texting is the only interaction you will have with the outside world… but 9 times out of 10 you only check on your clique!

28.   Wear your pride on your sleeve, but protect your heart!

29.   Lunch can be done in an hour… if no one goes with you!

30.   There is always an asshole in class who talks too much and tries to make a joke out of every situation! That person’s name is always JASON

31.   EMS uniforms are ugly, and do not look good on a female

32.   Paramedic House needs to be on VH1!

33.   Don’t hate on the EMT or EMR class… we were there at some point.

34.   Group C lost everyone in their group except for 2…. They will graduate in 2012!

35.   #QuestForTheDiscoPatch has been entered into my twitter more than any other hashtag!

36.   Lastly, you will question your sanity many times. I have gone home pissed, I have cried because I was upset, angry, hurt, and felt used. I have had high times, low times, and times that I felt like I couldn’t go on… NEVER give up! There is always someone in your corner! They may be a friend, a spouse, a lover, or help may come from somewhere you never expected! All I am saying is never give up on your dreams!

Well that’s just a taste of what I learned and how I feel! I am sure that as the month progresses I will want to type more and explain some situations! Hope everyone has a great night!


First Exam...

Well I am happy to report that I have completed my first exam as a Paramedic student! I got a B, which I would not normally be happy with but with this being my first exam and not knowing the testing style of the teacher I am pretty happy about it! The exam was allot harder than I expected…. made my NREMT-I exam look like the first round of questions on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire! Overall I am happy with my progress in the class and how I have been doing so far! First exam out of the way… now I can really buckle down and focus on doing my best!!!