I’ve loved Godzilla since I was 7 years old, I legitimately remember asking my mom if she believed in Godzilla– like as if he actually existed, hiding somewhere out in the ocean, and bless that woman she said “yes” just to keep my imagination flaring. I always knew Santa was mom. But Godzilla was some real shit goddamnit and I knew it.

So anyway Im about to be 25 now, and Godzilla still to this day has me in awe. I love giant monsters and battles. coolest shit ever. so naturally, going into monster hunter I’ve more than once wished that capcom would team up with TOHO and put in a special event quest or something where u can actually hunt Godzilla. (AND THEN CALL THE QUEST  "KING OF THE MONSTERS" :D) Much the same way they did special quests in japan where u could get Attack on Titan armor and look just like mikasa and eren, but u had to hunt a giant giant giant duramboros.

Did alot of Black Gravios hunts today for everyone’s urgent quests, and it just reminded me so much of Godzilla with its color, fire beam and general size and slowness.

ANYWAYS. I did a thing. I wish it was real. Hope yall like it. Happy hunting everyone.


Now, onwards to complete my quest of drawing every DQ monster out there!(or the majority at least, I’m pretty sure I won’t draw EVERY slime there is… there’s too many XD) Goodness knows how long this’ll take me, but it’s been pretty fun so far. I’m doing the Sanguini line next to change things up a bit, then I’ll go back to the slimes. 

I used pencil, coloured pencils, Faber Castell pens and watercolours for these ^^

My knight~

Finally got around to doing some Final Haikyuu Quest related art. (Looking at other fan art of these two from that game butchered my soul. It still kinda hurts. T-T)

I spent a lot of time on this. Overall, I am really pleased how this piece turned out. I hope you all like it too. ;3