Dragon Quest VII: The four spirits.

Ninth poster of a media campaign for the upcoming movie, Eden.

This is obviously fake, but wouldn’t it be cool if it were real?

Also, I would love to have Dragon Quest VII for the 3DS in English.

Elf Quest 5x7″ Digital Painting

Total Time: Uh… Probably six hours or so… I didn’t keep track…

This was originally for an art contest Mizuumi-con was hosting… I thought, “Oh cool, a chance to earn a free pass!”

Then I realized… Oh… It’s for vending artists… Whoops…

Still finished it anyway, might sell it as a print or something if I get the chance..

Dragon Quest - The Adventure of Torneco 3: Popolo.

Fake movie poster for a Dragon Quest movie: The Adventure of Popolo.

By the way, Popolo is the son of Torneco, from Dragon Quest IV. At the start of The Adventure of Torneco 3, Popolo turns 12 years old, and he can train monsters later in said game.