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Reflecting on Access: Student Experience at Quest University Canada

Quest University Canada is an idyllic mountain top university, nestled amongst rain clouds and snowy peaks, we begin this essay as look at this little campus’ accessibility. Accessibility is the ability for people with disabilities to enter, participate in, or use with or without the help of assistive technology, all aspects of social life with safety and dignity (“ADA 101 – ADA Glossary – Legal…

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One of Squamish’s universities is beating out Ivy League schools as students scramble to enter its doors.This coming school year, 260 new students will sit in Quest University’s classes, helping Quest achieve its maximum capacity-2 years ahead of schedule

Quest University graduate Mawuena throwin’ it down at the launch of his new company Artspurt. Artspurt was Mawuena’s final Keystone project at Quest, and he continues to pursue the project a year after graduation.

More about ArtSpurt: “ is a curated online platform that facilitates commission free sales for artists and galleries worldwide. allows artists to create profiles, host high quality images and add their location to an interactive google enabled map for consolidated visibility within the community." 

Reframing Rape: Culture Change is Social Justice

Reframing Rape: Culture Change is Social Justice

Me at Quest University Canada Last Fall, Source: Sophia Matthew

As a culture, how do we talk about rape? How don’t we talk about rape?

Last spring, a student, who I will call X, was sexually assaulted on my campus. Following the assault, she did everything in her power to get justice. X went to the university and the police. X wanted to make sure what happened to her did not happen to others. X…

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