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Could one of the mods make a guide on creating a village hidden in the mist OC?

Kirigakure OC Guide

So Kirigakure OCs are, of course, varied like OCs from any other country. But, Kiri has a history different from any other country too! The personalities and ways of life that develop in the Bloody Mist times and the New Era under Terumi Mei can be greatly different.


This first thing to note with Kiri clothing is the stripes. Almost every character we’ve been introduced to is wearing stripes; Zabuza, Haku, Chojuro, Ao…even Kisame. Some of them also seem to have a habit of wearing camo, but stripes are most common! 

Kiri shinobi also tend to wear darker, duller colors - or dark, rich colors if you’re looking at Mei’s blue and Ao’s green. 

High necked clothing also seems the way to go! A majority of the characters from Kiri tend to have a top that’s high-necked, or they wear bandages or scarves to cover their necks.

Some more common clothing trends to think about: 

  • Arm & leg warmers
  • Close-fit things.
  • Kimonos, haoris, etc.; they have lots of references to traditional Japanese styles.

Style brings up Hunter-nin:

Hunter-nin masks in Kiri are very simple - they’re plain, flat white masks with curved eyes. The marking on them are also kept simple, done in red or blue. Style comes up because they all wear the same uniform, though some have small variations. 

They all have a brown pinstriped under-layer - the length of it varying - covered by a deep green haori with white trim (also of varying length depending on the shinobi), belted shut with some type of obi.

Hunter-nin will be expended upon in the Culture section.


First of all: If your OC is going to be born during the Third War or after…Kekkei genkai are inadvisable. Towards the end of that war paranoia was rampant and most of the families with kekkei genkai were destroyed. Some escaped, but they live far away from shinobi villages and keep said heritage secret.

That doesn’t mean you can’t make an OC with one of Kiri’s kekkei genkai. They just wouldn’t be very well accepted, at least not until Mei takes over. Even then they aren’t quite accepted, as on page 2 of manga chapter 522 some Kiri shinobi refer to Reanimated Haku as a child of “that cursed ice-release clan”, which speaks volumes. Though, it can be done, and it can be done well, but it takes a lot of effort and story building. 

Can’t say much on eyes, but hair tends to be darker or more muted, not bright. Chojuro has blue hair, but it’s a dull blue. Same with Mei’s red hair - it’s a dull, rusty red. Exceptions to that are the Hozuki and Kaguya that have bright white hair - though they aren’t the only ones that can have said hair…which brings up Kaguyas: Don’t. The clan was wiped out after their attack on Kiri. 

Teeth are another thing that come to mind when one thinks of Kirigakure, thanks to the characters that have those sharp, “shark” teeth. Zabuza, Kisame, both Hozuki brothers, and Chojuro have those sharp teeth - so it’s doubtful that they’re specific to any one clan. Or they all have an ancestor from the same clan. Either way, normal or sharp teeth are available options to you.


The culture of a place has an unavoidable effect on a person who grows up there, no matter how slight. The continued fear of the Yuki clan mentioned above shows that, seeing as it was a comment made during the 4th Shinobi World War. Kirigakure has always been a darker village, and the Era of the Bloody Mist is the culmination of that darkness.

Many of the shinobi raised during that time were ruthless killers, hence the name. Of course you had people who rebelled against that moniker and style of life, hence Terumi Mei and her followers. Or you had Utakata who just left to live in peace because he didn’t like it. But their thoughts and feeling were molded by the place they grew up, and how they saw and felt about the things that were happening. 

Is your OC all for the Bloody Mist? Part of the rebellion? Indifferent? Were they born after? Before? What were their parents like?

Another part of their culture is their fighting styles:

Silent Killing is basically a trademark of Kiri, and they are know for it despite it being a technique others use. It makes use of the Kirigakure no jutsu, or the hidden in the mist jutsu, and quiet, precise movements. You can read more about it on the wiki

Combined with the silent killing techniques is the automatic aim for one of the seven vital spots. Which is a good thing to learn for any shinobi, but it works really well with silent killing since the purpose of it is a quick, silent kill.

I’d also imagine fighting on or in water is also taught there, since they are the major village in the Land of Water. While I don’t believeit’s been stated that they do, I’d imagine Kiri probably makes use of rebreathers, or that they even have a chakra trick that allows their lungs to hold extra oxygen or to hold oxygen longer.

Senbon and swords are also a big part of Kirigakure’s culture - though not everyone learns about the latter, though I suspect everyone in Kiri is sufficient enough with senbon. And senbon brings us back to another topic -

Hunter-nin. Hunter-nin from Kiri make great use of senbon combined with silent killing, so if your OC is a Hunter-nin, they’re likely going to have to be very proficient with them. Though that’s not to say that has to be their only specialty.

  • Kuriarare was a hunter-nin (he had the mask, anyways) - but his sword was basically a giant needle. But it still stands to say that hunter-nin don’t only use senbon - and that, once again, kenjutsu is pretty prominent in Kiri.

Good luck with all of your Kiri OC endeavors! 

- Syn

I read way too much Malec fics and love them all. Then I thought, I should make a post that no one actually asked me for. All of these fics are work in progress.

Destiny Calls by clockworkswan (@swans-hooks-and-books )

(Imagine Malec in a fairytale or maybe in a world like LOTR’s. It’s just that good.)

Chapter: 11/?   Word Count: 109k   Rate: Mature

Summary: A Knights of the Round Table inspired AU.

When Prince Alec of Idris and his knights are tasked with finding the legendary Mortal Cup, they must risk venturing through the Shadowlands; home to many fearsome creatures, and downworlders.With the reluctant warlock, Magnus Bane as their guide, the quest soon becomes something more.A war is brewing in the Shadowlands. Dark magic has begun to call to creatures and mortals alike. A race to prevent the Cup from falling into the evil, exiled Lord Valentine’s hands adds even more danger to the prince’s quest.Loyalties are tested and hearts are swayed, but who will destiny call to?

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (Or Something Like That) by @lecrit

(Read the story of world-class thieves and see how they suffer or fall in love or actually both.)

Part two of The Avengers Initiative. This will make no sense at all if you haven’t read part one. 

Chapter:11/?   Word Count: 73k   Rate: Mature

Summary: The thing is… Their plans have a history of not going accordingly so when they finally do, maybe they build a confidence a bit too quickly. Breaking Magnus out turns out to be indeed a formality. Selling the ruby, too. So what could possibly go wrong now?

In which our team of misfits has to deal with the consequences of messing with a dangerous man and again, everything goes according to plan. Or not.

I Won’t Let You Fall by @jezthemadficster

(Poetic, full of dance and emotions. Your heart might stop while reading.) 

Chapter: 6/?    Word Count: 75k    Rate: Mature

Summary: Alec Lightwood is the most beautiful and talented classically trained ballet dancer at the New York Arts Institute. He’s pressured by everyone in his life to carry the honor of the Lightwood name in the New York performing arts world, he feels trapped in a box. Magnus Bane is the most liked, respected, gorgeous, and innately talented hip-hop freestyle dancer who was accepted to the Institute on scholarship. He puts on the happy face for everyone around him, but inside he is broken and badly scarred by his past. When Alec finds himself wanting to branch out and add free movement to his final senior piece he seeks the help of the one person he’s been secretly drawn to for years. The one person he knows lives very much outside of the box.

In the Sin Bin by @otppurefuckingmagic

(I don’t even know hockey but I know my life would be meaningless without this masterpiece.)

Chapter: 15/25   Word Count: 160k   Rate: Explicit

Summary: As the goalie for the New York City Blazing Angels, Alec Lightwood thinks he’s finally found the team he can go all the way to the championship cup with. Then his agent and financial advisor are arrested for stealing their clients’ money, and Alec is forced to take on a side job doing endorsement deals, plus find a way to trust his new agent–Magnus Bane.

Alec hates Magnus the first time he sets eyes on him.

Magnus hates Alec more.

But they’re going to have to find some way to work together if Alec is going to make it to the championship.

Kiss With A Fist by clockworkswan (@swans-hooks-and-books )

(I don’t know how but this fic kills me everytime.)

Chapter: 17/?   Word Count: 124k   Rate: Mature

Summary: When agent Alec Lightwood is given his first kill hit, he doesn’t expect much trouble. Of course, he also doesn’t expect it to be a cheerful assassin who lands him in a whole load of trouble.
Enter Magnus Bane: an assassin turned thief who reluctantly teams up with Alec - and The Clave - after he pisses off a very important and powerful crime boss, Valentine Morgenstern.
In a world of violence and unjust laws, can the two put aside their differences and work together?
Aka: in which Alec is sent to kill Magnus, doesn’t, and then really wishes he had. Enemies to friends to lovers.

Magnus Bane’s School for Young Warlocks by Insomiak (@chairmanmeow-and-church)

(When you love a fic so much and you can’t write a proper comment on it because of your emotions.)

Chapter: 21/30   Word Count: 98k    Rate: Mature

Summary: Alec had never dreamt he’d be a father by the age of 25, let alone the father of a Warlock. He’s sure he can handle it alone, though. He doesn’t need anyone and neither do his kids.

(Or: Alec takes Max to Warlock School and finds himself falling fast for his teacher).

Set Me in Motion by @lemonoclefox

(Read the story of being a boyfriend of the wrong neighbor. But the right one is Magnus, so there is nothing to worry about.)

Chapter: 12/?   Word Count: 72k   Rate: Mature

Summary: Magnus spots a handsome stranger in the elevator of his apartment building – which wouldn’t be a big deal if said stranger didn’t turn out to be dating Magnus’s neighbor. In other words, his and Magnus’s paths end up crossing more than once, causing a friendship to slowly develop. Magnus should be complaining, but he’s not.

Take Me To Church by @m-aleciseverything

(My first Malec fic so I’m very emotional about it. :’) Are you ready for one of the slowest burn in history?)

Chapter: 18/?   Word Count: 201k   Rate: Mature

Summary: Alec is the acting head of the Institute trying to deal with the new pressures this title brings. A string of Mundane murders and strange demonic markings leads him to seek help from the nearest High Warlock, Magnus Bane. Upon meeting him, Alec realizes that his secret is at risk of being revealed. He tries to keep his growing attraction for Magnus hidden as best as he can. With the support of his sister, Isabelle, who is trying to find love herself; they both try to discover if they can let their worries go and accept love with open arms.

The Children of Merlin by @lecrit

(Imagine Auror Alec and shameless Professor Magnus!)

Chapter: 7/?   Word Count: 64k   Rate: Mature

Summary: Magnus Bane has everything he could have hoped for: a job at Hogwarts, a chaotic made-up family that he loves more than anything and the freedom of doing what he wants whenever he wants.

When his friends manage to drag him to a Quidditch game, he doesn’t expect it to change his life. For better or worse.

They call themselves the Children of Merlin and they are going to make his life a living hell.

Under New Management by Thessili (@highwarlockkareena)

(It just seems like a fake marriage because we all know Malec can’t be fake, ever.)

Chapter: 11/?   Word Count: 42k   Rate: Mature

Summary: Alec and Magnus never met each other. They didn’t join forces to fight the Circle when they attacked his lair, they never met to help Clary recover her memories.When the Clave refused to investigate the rumours about the rise of Valentine, Magnus, Luke, Raphael and the other Downworlders saw the problem coming for them. They banded together and rose up to stop Valentine.This story is set six months after his defeat.

Wild Life by crazyellephant

(I looove road trips and now I love ‘em more.)

Chapter: 3/?    Word Count: 39k   Rate: Not Rated

Summary: Alec Lightwood likes to go on road trips. He doesn’t pick up hitchhikers. But the one time he does, it’s Magnus. He’s in for an adventure or maybe even fall in love.

A Matter of Time by darcenator

(Imagine Malec as they are like Doctor & River Song.)

Part 2 of A Matter of Time Series. Must read Part 1.

Chapter: 4/?   Word Count: 19k   Rate: Teen and Up Audience


Excerpt from the Prologue: 

Magnus: “As a time traveler, Alec visited him in different eras of his life and yet time itself never distorted. Time obeyed in his presence. When he would eventually vanish back to his present, Magnus would discover new interests, spells, and pleasures in his absence until the next time they meet and time fixes itself again.

The ultimate curse of immortality: being left behind.”

Alec: “It’s agony being anywhere Magnus was not. Being immortal means having been abandoned by loved ones more times than he deserved and yet he would still choose Alec.

Time travel is cruel that way. Always going where Magnus can’t follow.”

Blue, Yellow and Green were our little cars by Realitysucks

(Gotta read if you wanna see cute little Malec in kindergarten.)

Chapter: 3/?   Word Count: 33k   Rate: Explicit

Summary: “For $200, Alec has to kiss a boy !” shouted Lily before raising her glass of vodka.

Alec stared at her with a frown. $200? he thought. It was a lot. He wondered with confusion how many books it would make and could already imagine them in his room. He really wanted those $200 now, but he didn’t know who to kiss and even less how.

He didn’t want to kiss a stranger, the only people whom he thought about were Jace and Magnus. His choice was quickly made, Jace was straight and had Clary whereas Magnus had no one.

Alec hoped he wouldn’t mind a little kiss.

For $200, he motivated himself before standing up under the encouraging and alcoholic cries of his friends.


This is a video game blog, so it’s time to make some video game posts!

On display here is some of my of video game+merchandise collection. A lot of it, namely loose game cartridges and other figures and stuff are not on display here as I just do not have the shelf space for it, so a lot of it is in storage. 

DAI: Ardent Blossom quest guide

a.k.a. the Tiniest Cave.

Hello Dragon Age fans!  Have you ever had a mighty need for a flower crown to dress your party up with? 

Bioware has already anticipated this need! There is a specific quest in the game to get one!  I’m going to go into detail with lots of screenshots for anyone who wants to complete the quest with lots of visual hints.

Keep reading

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I kinda want to pair my OC up with Hanabi but I'm not sure of how to do it since there isn't much info on Hanabi. Could one of the mods help please?

Another guide thing. I’m starting to like these.

All the info is from the anime, because in the manga she has 2-3 appearances.


Unlike Hinata she is quiet confident.

Originally she was like this, but then she learned the harsh nature of her can an how she was ecxpected to lead them some day. After that  she was very serious. After Hinata showed how much she had grown she was once again playful. (This was shown in the Anime Shipuuden 390)

During Part one until Shipuuden 390. During this time she tries to become stronger and even though she is injured several times she keeps going.

As every Hyuuga she is respectful to everyone.

When she learned that she would one day lead the clan, she changed from playful to serious. So we can assume that she takes this very serious.

She cherishes her sister so much. Before Part 1 she looked up to her, tried to spend as much time as possible with her. After Neji got the seal she wanted to protect her and become a great leader. Also apperantly she stalked Hinata, while she stalked Naruto.

So if you want this to happen and they know each other since childhood then you have to show how much she changed. And how your OC reacts to this. I mean she makes a 180° two times in her life. The first time must have been when she was 6. Because in Part 1 (There she is 7) we see her sternly watching the match Neji vs. Naruto. The other time must have been when she was approx. 11. After the Pein attack we see her smiling again. 
If your OC comes later into her life then there isn’t really a problem. After 11 she seems to stay a happy girl.

Her relationships: 

You have all the freedom. Not even a crush is shown.

If you want to stay entirely canon. Only taking from the manga then she is more of serious person until the film ‘The Last’ where she is shown joking around with Hinata.

I hope this helped you!


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Could someone write a guide-thingy for pairing an OC up with Darui?

Hi there!

Let’s start with his personality. As always.


  • Calm - Generally he is very laid back and it doesn’t seem like anything could break his calm. 
  • Proud - He is very proud of the fact that A sees him as his ‘second right hand’.
  • Loyal -  He is very loyal to A/village and would want this from OC as well.
  • Apocaleptic - It doesn’ matter who does something he always aplogizes for it.
  • Understanding - When Naruto arrived late for the Kage-Summit he defended him saying his life must be busy, beeing a Father, Husband and Kage.
  • (Dull - Now don’t get me wrong! I don’t mean he is a dull character. It just seems like he doesn’t sense much other than dullnes.)

I’m going a bit more in depth about the dull part. The following is no where stated and it is more a personal opinion. Due to his lack of emotions and general near extremes of calmness I think he has some sort of Depression. Maybe this was intended maybe not. As I said this is a personal opinion. Use it if you want to disregard it as bullshit if you don’t want to.


Nothing is shown. No affection or crush.

How it could work

The OC should be laid back themselves, but not to his extremes. I’d say OC has to be the driving force at some points. (Going out, attending birthday partys,…)
Other than that OC has to put up with constant ‘Sorry’. As he apologizes for everything. But if OC explains calmly to him why this ticks them off he could try to change for them. But this will take time. So OC has to be equally understanding and very patient.

How they could meet

You have so much freedom here. About his childhood is nothing known, about his Genin, Chuunin, Jonin, etc. days also nothing. Just create your OC and see where they meet~

Well I hope this helped.

Have fun creating!


Fairy Tale Au Meme: [1/5 Genre Swaps- The Snow Queen as a Greek Epic]

When the greek goddess Khione steals away a mortal boy, a young female hero goes on an epic quest guided by her patron, Athena, to rescue him. Along the way she encounters many dangers, including a lonely sorceress, who uses the power of lotus flowers to try and trap her forever on her island; a spartan prince and princess; and a band of high-sea raiders and the raider captain’s daughter. Finally, after a long journey, she comes to the snowy land where Khione reigns and solves Khione’s devious riddle to defeat the goddess and save her love.


I was going to save Snape for the very end of the deck. However, with the passing of Alan Rickman, I decided that now’s a good time to draw the card. As soon as I saw Rickman on screen as Snape, I thought that the character had popped out of my head right in front of me! Rickman’s performance was exactly the way I had envisioned Snape from when I had first read the books, and I’ll read the books with his voice in mind from time to time. With every other character design for this deck, I do my best to portray the characters as I see them, not as they appear on screen. But I have no problem with showing a bit of Rickman in my Snape design, since the two have always been inextricably connected for me. (Note that I’m going to clean this up before the deck is complete.)

Whether you know him from Jane Austen films, Harry Potter, Galaxy Quest, or Hitchhiker’s Guide, Alan Rickman will be missed. I’ll let this little card be my thanks to him for bringing to life a brilliant and complex character that challenged the way I read books. 

On the plus side, you can reenact the Mysterious Ticking Noise with all of my cards now.

EDIT: Fixed up the colors and background a bit.


Here’s one of the official Dragon Quest IV official guide books from 1990. It’s full of a lot of lovely art I had never seen before for the most minor of characters and items. Here are some of my favorite highlights.

First, we have my favorite page in the book, because Alena looks sweet in her toga-dress, Maya looks wonderful in her 80s workout outfit, and Borya is just hilarious. Next, it’s cool to see Ragnar in other armors befitting a royal knight.

I’m amazed that pretty much every single character of minor importance gets a little blurb. Cynthia on the right there makes sense, but I have no clue who Jill is to the left of her. I can read their Japanese names, but I’m more familiar with minor characters’ English names.

I don’t remember an important dog. I can’t believe he warrants a place here haha. The next page has some old men who, despite having the same sprites, have different art, which I appreciate.

I adore Lucia’s art. She’s adorable. The last thing of note is just how amusing some of the transliterations are. “Rollins” is clearly supposed to be Laurence, but due to the limitations of Japanese when writing foreign names, Rollins is technically correct too. Other fun names include Lyon instead of Ryan (Ragnar) and Arena instead of Alena.

sagittarians are responsive to the spiritual quest that guides them intuitively through life, in the aware archer this is a delightful conscious exploration. they have a great ability to gather information and comprise this into a generalized notion, using tremendous intuition to fill the empty spaces. sagittarius can be a prophet, a priestess, or philosopher. when they allow their intuition to flow, the universe creates a show of symbols and light just for their eyes