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The San Bernardino County Sun, California, July 27, 1929

Ode To A Typewriter

Why do we press the keys we want
And never hit the keys we press?
Why is it that we fight far more 
And always end the fight with less?

Why do we aim for “P’s” and “Q’s”
And counter only “A’s” and “B’s”?
Why must we walk along the road
When we would wander where we please?

Why can’t we type a word like this
Without a hundred fool mistakes?
Why does an hour never pass
Without its share of rotten breaks?

Why is it that this life is just
A futile quest for happiness?
Why do we press the keys we want
And never hit the keys we press?


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Characters- Sam x Reader
Summary- A few drinks can make you brave, and maybe a little horny.
Word Count- 1,203
Warnings- !!! Smut !!! NSFW under the cut, guys.
A/N- This is my first time writing any sort of smut, so be gentle (hehe) Special thanks to @impala-dreamer for her beta work, and tequila for tipsy smut ideas. This was originally going to be a smutty warmup drabble, and yet again I prove I can’t really drabble to save my life.

You giggle relentlessly, the alcohol in your system a nice buzz under your skin. Every cell feels alive and humming, and life is just a series of small joys. You watch as Sam sits on the side of his bed, dimples making a delicious appearance as you excitedly tell him about this lore book you’ve been reading.

You’d shown up at his room earlier, drinks in hand, and asked if he wanted to spend time together since Dean was out for the night. He’d agreed quickly, and it had been one of the nicest nights you’d had in awhile. As the night wore on and you’d had a few drinks in you, you couldn’t help but notice how beautiful he was. You’d always had a thing for him, sure, but tonight? He was gorgeous.

Broad shoulders and a trim waist, all firm muscle beneath his flannel. Yup, judging by the ease in which your mind turned to the gutter, you were tipsy. You watched as Sam spoke about things he liked, face lit in enthusiasm, and you couldn’t help but want to kiss him.

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Unconventional Techniques

*dips toe delicately into the Spiritassassin waters* *runs quickly away*

This is set some amorphous time during their Temple days as Guardians, though I’m picturing as perhaps early 20s and full Guardians rather than in their teens and still acolytes, and it is mildly NSFW-ish.

“Are you trying to seduce me?”

Baze stilled and looked down at Chirrut’s grinning face where he was lying underneath him and reminded himself, not for the first time, that glaring would have no effect whatsoever on his friend. They were crammed into this rather narrow vent and Baze was firmly of the opinion that this was not how this assignment was supposed to go. They had come to Coruscant as part of a deputation of Disciples and Guardians from the Temple to deliver the Jedi’s consignment of kyber crystals. One of the Jedi Masters had mentioned a bookseller who had intriguing texts and Baze and Chirrut had been dispatched to examine the texts and if they were worthwhile, to purchase them.

Or rather, Baze had been sent to do that since his interests leaned more towards the scholarly, Chirrut had come with him because, by this stage, everyone in the Temple had accepted that where Baze went so too would Chirrut go and vice versa. Usually vice versa, if Baze was to be brutally honest.

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New Sormik headcanon where before the game, when Mikleo gave Sorey his true name, Mikleo meant it as a confession but it completely went over Sorey’s head.

Hence why the cut scene for Mikleo’s 2nd mystic arte is totally Mikleo bailing out on confessing (cos I mean it went so well last time). Because if they were Established, saying “I love you” would not have been awkward at all.

To save a dash, further Sormik analysis under the cut.

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Roll Initiative [V:LD]

A Voltron: Legendary Defender fic, Klance.

  • Theme: DnD AU, KlanceWeek2017
  • Pairings Klance (Keith/Lance)
  • Rating: Rated E for Everyone, swear warning
  • Words Total: 2520
  • Tags: mutual pining, living vicariously through dungeons and dragons characters, dungeons and dragons dating lmao, lots of dialogue, coran’s a snack mom, everyone’s there, even matt!!
  • Summary:

“Holy crow,” Lance shot up, excitement written in the way his face lit up, “Are you going to propose to me, Keith?”

The gang plays DnD.
Klance Week 2017 Day 1: Free Will vs Fate

Alternate Title: Shut up and ask him out roll the dice

Read on AO3 (please)

Tired eyes stared down all around the table. Pidge pushed her glasses up her face, past her bangs to rest on her head, and gave a long, suffering sigh. From beside her, she could see Matt look up and glance her way, having heard her pull a signature Shiro sound, but she couldn’t help it. Not anymore.

Lance, as usual, was the first to verbalize his complaints. “Allura,” He whined, shifting in his seat so he could lean forward, “You always make your campaigns so long . Can we just go to a tavern or something? We’re still recovering from the giant nest!”

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interactive flights.

excuse the typos and mistakes. it got kinda long.

i want a world map that zooms way in on each flight. this is just a dump of ideas for each flight. i added that every flight have a temple for their deity. players could summit art pieces related to their flight. all things would be mod approved.

-explore coves along the beach. discover new familiars.
- go deep sea diving for food and items. you could level up and swim deeper the better your level.
- a tidelord temple.
- sea and beach themed shops for apparel.
- some sort of swimming lesson feature that lets your dragons compete in water races.
- ocean tours. you can interact with the local wildlife and if they take a liking to you, they will start giving you things. familiars without being in a bestiary.

- a complete history of sornieth.
- a museum with fossils.
- tons of quizzes related to lore that gives out rewards.
- library. the more books you check out and “read” the better your dragon can compete in an academic decathlon.
- archeological digs. a bit different from scavenging because the items will be much more specific to this activity.
- an apparel shop dedicated to lanterns.
- lightweaver temple.
- BRUH!! back to the digs. what if you could piece together bones and “discover” new familiars? that’d be so cool.

- a complete collection of what diseases and sicknesses can harm dragons.
- quests for vaccinations and cures. you bring items to the plaguebringer and she grants immunity to things.
- museum full of extinct species that died because plagues she set out. she animates them, so can view how they lived/moved/ etc.
- plaguebringer temple.
- OOOO. create new diseases!! everything would be tested on some sort of dead Thing that thrives off of sickness, so it’d be totally ethical and actually feeding it.

- glow skins. seriously. you pick out an all black skin and use glow paint to design over it. costs like 50 gems to print.
- ispy!! but every room is super dark and glowy.
- shadowbinder temple.
- riddle games that give out rewards per correct answer.

- a place to design your lair. architecture!! how much fun would that be?
- mining! oh my god! i want this so badly. the more you mine, the better at it you can get.
- sell the gems you mine to jewelers.
- wow, jewelry designing. you can design jewels, crowns, etc from materials you have. they would only be per breed/gender. like what you created would only be for female skydancers. you’d have to start the process all over again to make something for male skydancers.
- earthshaker temple.

- volcano games. complete x amount of tasks before the volcano erupts.
- weapons training. the better your dragon is at certain weapons the better they can battle in the coli against beastclans that use real weapons.
- forge weapons that can be approved by a mod, and then sold!! you can attach them to dragons to use in the coli.
- i guess there could also be a separate quest for making pre designed weapons. more metals could be introduced on the site.
- flamecaller temple.

- obviously more magic!! magic classes. the more you advance in magic, the more magic you can use in the coli.
- complete “magic tricks” to produce items.
- fun apparel shop to match the theme.
- brews. better than baldwin. witches can brew up things like “5 egg guarantee.” that would obviously cost you a pretty penny, but it’d be fun.
- brew up new familiars.
- OH MY GOD. @ the first thing on the list…an addition. build up your lair’s grimoire.
- magic competitions against other lairs.
- create healing crystals as coli items.
- create new stones for coli team building.
- ASTRONOMY!! a freaking planetarium so we can see whatever galaxy sornieth is in. people can make up constellations and submit them.
- arcanist temple.

- hello dragon athletics! say hello to wind surfing! you can compete in competitions.
- a kite flying game. like doodle jump!!! you have to navigate your kite through and over things.
- a game where you have to match wind tunnel sounds. a simon says game.
- guide dragons through clouds and wind streams.
- matching cloud designs. “is that x?” users could submit cloud designs.
- create ships that are wind powered. steam powered. think ATLA!! (screams)
- use those ships to race.
- windsinger temple.
- hot air ballon festival that turned into custom vistas.

- sorry but i really want a snow cone station 🍧 . a shop that sells snow cones for food points.
- faux fur coat and winter clothing shopppp. mittens. scarves. ear muffs. ridiculous faux fur coats.
- a sledding game.
- hello? ice skating lessons? or snowboarding? any kind of snow games.
- snowball fight game.
- discover long frozen species of beast clans and familiars. thaw them out and keep them.
- tetris but with ice blocks.
- i can’t think of much for ice. sorry. :/
- icewarden temple.
- ooo. snowman creation for dragon apparel/props.

- A FLIGHT RISING VERSION OF GIZMOS AND GADGETS! if you don’t know what that is.
- stormcatcher temple.

- gardening. lots of it. create food points.
- butterfly designing. new and separate kind of bestiary.
- new flora and fauna creation via quests.
- bird watching as a game like ispy.
- complete a book of pressed flowers and plants by growing them.
- a maze game.
- scenery creation for dragon backdrops and vistas.
- gladekeeper temple.

welp. that’s all i got.

Niall/Harry, 5.5k, set after the AMAs. Can be considered a continuation of over and over, but also works on its own.

There is a hotel room in this town, Niall knows. This town, this town, this town, he thinks. Sings. Knows in an inebriated state of alcohol and success that the lyrics are applicable and tied in soulful strings across buildings and streets, glowing within him to guide him home in this town. This town, this town, this town, that didn’t win awards tonight, but that has something golden waiting to press itself in warm breaths and a low tone against him when he gets home. Temporarily home. The skin of another person, encompassing. He truly would dance, now, with the world watching, though that might be the alcohol talking.

It’s late, and he slips out of the after party and into a car. Whispers conspiratorially to the seatbelt that he hopes that the driver can see the golden flecks of guiding light even though they’re Niall’s to keep, to see, to feel. The street lamps seem pale in comparison; they don’t love like he does. Don’t have someone to long for in the late night breeze that scratches itself on brick walls in its haste to get away.

The seatbelt stretches over his chest in response – puts pressure on the middle of it, where Harry’s hand often rests when they sleep. He pats affection onto his lifeline until the car comes to a stop in front of the hotel. Mutters hopes of a future love to it before they part. The driver smiles over his shoulder before he drives off again, and Niall hunches his shoulders against that breeze – isn’t as naturally intimidating as a brick wall when his opponent is a type of weather.

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Hot Dogs

Most ideas aren’t that good. They’re not precious flowers sprung from divine inspiration, and unless you’re extremely lucky—or perhaps extremely unlucky—your life is probably not a rich, thrilling tale for the ages, an endless fount of inspiration from which to draw your stories.

If you’re anything like me, or the vast majority of other creators I know, your ideas are more like hot dogs. They’re made by taking a bunch of meaty bits from other things that you love and mashing them all up into a sort of paste which is squeezed through a tube to form what looks like an autonomous idea. A hot dog. How you dress that hot dog up, how you cook it and prepare it, that comes with practice—and undoubtedly some hot dogs are better than others, but let’s not kid ourselves—at the end of the day, most of us, save for the rare, once-in-a-generation geniuses, are making hot dogs.

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Fic: Thrandolas, first kiss, PG

For do-me-thranduil who asked for a Thrandolas first kiss. Hope you like, my dear :)))

Warning: Incest

The first time it happens Legolas is just about to leave for the borders in a month-long guard patrol. Orcs have been spilling in, trespassing closer and closer to the wood elves’ home, and Thranduil is obviously fretting about his departure, spending hours lost within his concerned imaginings. It is not as if this is Legolas’ first time out away from the fortress but Thranduil has felt the darkness seeping into the forest deeper and deeper and many have seen the turmoil that is slowly capturing the king.

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some unexpected-twist AUs:

  • ‘someone put a post-it on my car complimenting my taste in bumper stickers, and that’s why I’m in this parking lot at midnight putting post-it notes with my phone number on every car, Officer. hey, what’s your name?’ AU
  • ‘I received the wrong person’s flowers on Valentine’s Day – are they yours? oh shit, you’re dead. I go on a quest to discover the identity of your murderer, accompanied only by a pressed rose, a wallet photo of your face, and the dreamlike hallucinations I have of you out of the corner of my eye’ AU 
  • ‘quick, I need a fake date to my family’s Easter breakfast! you answer. but so do twelve others. I bring you all to confuse the situation. this is actually a drawn-out metaphor for the last supper. whaddaya think of that, cute ex-boyfriend novitiate?’ AU
  • ‘we’re stuck at the same table at a wedding with one of those disposable cameras, and spend the entire time betting who can take the more hipster-looking photos. two weeks later, I sheepishly ask the bride for your number. she instead shows me the developed photos. “do you see it?” she whispers. “it’s in every single one. and I think it’s hungry”’ AU 
  • ‘this is the number 1 speed-dating event of the month, and you and I almost come to blows when we find out the agency double-booked our spot. but wait – no, we actually have the same name. and – we look remarkably alike? we’re twins separated at birth, and by the way, Host of the Event, we can’t help but find you immensely attractive’ AU
  • ‘we’re complete strangers who’ve been abducted by aliens and have to depend on one another to survive. slowly we are forced to learn their language, only to discover that we are meant to tell the people of Earth about the destruction that is soon to come. and this is why you need to listen very, very carefully, Mr. Hot-and-Single President’ AU

Well, it’s nearly been a week since I found my last shiny… and ran away from it… so it’s nice to find something. Though I was still trying to Static for a Shinx (which popped up for Gif making purposes, not shiny no less)  I found this little girl instead! I’m kinda determined to get a golden Shinx for my badge quest now so I’ll press on!
Found her at about 8,200 encounters.

Edit: Turns out it was 8,400