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♚ - Pushing them into a wall and kissing them with passion. 

Margharette’s heart raced with antici -

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When the woman took notice of his muscles tensing, she prepared for the worst. Almost immediately, her left hand slid under the jacket of her suit, the real battle being to wrap her fingers around the revolver and draw it – but she never got the chance. The man’s lips had already ensnared hers, his hands firm around her. Margharette was pushed back against the wall, pinned in place by ardent thoughts. It was only after her cheeks flushed with color, creating warmth throughout her body, that the woman realized she was not being attacked, but instead kissed. She abandoned her quest for the weapon holstered snugly over her sides, hand now pressed flat against her stomach.

The gesture was inevitably returned.Teasingly, Margharette flicked the tip of her tongue against his invasive lips, giving the fair warning of what was to come. This was what she loved the most in people, passion. Her right hand reached for his chest, grabbing hold of his shirt and pulling him even closer and made herself a little taller by standing on her toes. Marge was not shy about kissing him back, seeking not only his taste, but the tenderness of his flesh with half-playful nips. A few seconds went by. Minutes. Hours. Days. ‘Who knows …’



What else is there to do when you’re sitting in an empty office before the holiday break?! 😜 2016 will be my year to Quest for the Press! #yoga #asana #handstand #practice #yogaeverywhere #yogaeverydamnday (at San Francisco, California)

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I forget if I mentioned anything, but my book GRAVEYARD QUEST, is coming out MARCH 23RD from ONI PRESS! You will be able to find it at most comic and book stores probably that carry graphic novels. It’s good shit. please look for it in a week or so.

Also I will be in Seattle for ECCC! I will table with Topatoco and also sign at Oni Press’ booth. More details as they become detailed to me.