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You were never really good at it, you know. There was a naiveté to you that none of the ugliness could stain, as if you never truly believed in evil. It was what I liked best about you.

The Fool, Assassin’s Quest by Robin Hobb. 

I realised today that the precious cinnamon roll of this fandom (Beloved) has their own precious cinnamon roll (Fitz), who to the fandom is actually more like a piece of well-intentioned yet chaotically messy rhubarb crumble that someone, unfathomably, has put ketchup on. 

Adventures in the Multiverse

This has got to be my favourite of the whole week, I got a little lazy toward the end on perspective but it turned out how I wanted. This was heavily inspired by Monolith Burger from Space Quest 3 where I’ve wanted to draw Rick for aaaages. So it was a perfect opportunity.

Alien Stan and Ruben designed by @banana-cakes-k<3

The Prancing Pony's Meat Pie

Yum. Just yum.

Do you ever read a fantasy quest type book and the heroes always eat cold meat pies on the road after a night in an inn? I feel like 75% of the books I’ve read have included such a scenario. Well, here’s the pie. It’s delicious, it’s filling, and it puts you in a rather festive mood. “Yay, we’re on a quest! I can’t wait to slay the dragon/defeat that evil emperor/destroy the political hierarchy of the capital city! Everything is going just swell!”

Then, you sleep on the ground every night and it rains and your mentor dies and your love spurns you and your swordfighting isn’t up to par. 

But still. You had a meat pie. Keep practicing your swordfighting; you’ll kill the emperor eventually, since you’re fated to and all.

(And thus ends Hannah’s YA fantasy rant)

The Prancing Pony’s Famous Meat Pie


1 pound / 1.5 kg ground pork
½ pound / 0.75 kg lean ground beef
2 potatoes
1 medium-to-large onion diced 
1 to 2 large cloves garlic, chopped fine
½ teaspoon / 2 g ground clove
¼ teaspoon / 1 g ground nutmeg
¼ teaspoon / 1 g mL ground allspice
¾ teaspoon / 3 g mL ground sage
½ teaspoon / 2 g dried thyme
1 teaspoon / 4 g ground black pepper
1 teaspoon / 4 g beef bullion
¾ teaspoon / 3 g mL salt 
½ cup / 120 mL water
1 prepared pie crust, top and bottom


Pre-prepare pie crust; preferably homemade. Preheat oven to 375˚ F / 190˚ C. 

Peel and dice potatoes, actual dice size or smaller. Boil on high for 6 minutes; drain and set aside.

Cook meat and onions in saucepan. Add spices; cook until brown. Add water and allow to cook into the meat for about five minutes. Allow meat to cool; drain excess liquid. 

Place bottom crust in a 12 inch cast iron skillet. Then in goes the meat, and then the top crust. Pinch edges of crust and cut ventilation holes in the pie. Optional step: Brush egg wash on top of crust. It will make the pie prettier.

Bake for about 40-50 minutes or until top crust is lightly browned and flaky. 

Let cool before serving, or else your slices will fall apart, like in the pictures above. 

Recipe adapted from King Arthur’s Flour. 

I’ve been doing a lot of icon art for my game lately! I find it a lot of fun to do lots of little items at this size, and there are many more that I haven’t put here that are in the game.

The top two of Luana and Myrtel aren’t items, but those are still very important icons for something else!

The items below consist of gear, crafting materials, food, and various quest items. Fun fact: Food will be used to restore HP while drinks are used to restore MP!

Stuff like this can really make an inventory pop!


・Week Six got me like HEY GIRL IT’S GO TIME! ・

Rehearsals for my show officially begin tomorrow so I knew I had to meal prep like a CHAMP tonight! With the weather being so summer-esque, I went a little grill crazy and whipped up some spicy grilled chicken, grilled asparagus with olive oil and garlic, and the staple brown rice!

Special S/O to @questnutrition for helping me sustain my extremely long school days and to @isobag for giving me the best tools and tips for making meal prep possible!

Message me with any questions or comments!


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New video! made Costume Quest themed treats on Nerdy Nummies with special guest Eva! She is amazing! 🎃👻💕



When my roommate said “Lets eat some weird cookies” I was up for the challenge.