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Fili x Reader: Insecure

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(Wow, sorry for the big gif!  I’m running out of good Fili gifs to use for imagines/one-shots…  Btw gif is not mine!)

Request: Where reader is crippled and is in courting relationship with Fili.

(Author’s Note:   Credit to the lovely person who made this amazing request!  I must say that I’ve never written anything like this before, and I was all over the place with emotion!  Giggling, crying, etc… It was definitely an experience!  I hope you like it!)  

    A pleasant hum escaped your lips as familiar fingers ran through your hair.  Fili sat behind you, gently  separating the strands into sections for braiding.  The two of you were enjoying a peaceful afternoon in a sitting room within Erebor.  Your eyes fluttered shut as you just enjoyed the feeling of having your hair braided.

    The Quest for Erebor had been completed several months ago.  Fili and you had been courting since shortly after the Battle of the Five armies. Azog had been defeated, but at a cost.  Many of the dwarves returned to the halls of Erebor terribly injured, including Fili, Kili, and Thorin.  It was a relief that everyone had survived.  Even you had not escaped without wounds of your own.  But your injuries had lasting effects…

    When Fili asked to braid your hair for the first time as a sign of courtship, you had refused.  Deep down you were afraid that he was doing it out of pity over the fact that you could not walk anymore.  You feared it was pity, not love, that motivated him.  It was heart-breaking because you had cared for him long before the end of the quest. It was somewhere along the journey to Erebor that you realized your feelings.  You hoped that that he would return your feelings, but then the battle happened.  You suffered an injury from Azog that left you unable to walk.  All hopes were dashed.  It was life-changing, to say the least.  You had been a strong and capable warrior, and now…

    But Fili, with help of the rest of the Company, made you realize that he had cared for you long before the battle.  Your situation didn’t change how any of them felt about you.  It didn’t change who you were.  It didn’t change the fact that you had helped to reclaim Erebor.  It changed none of those things.  And so, you were beyond happy to enter into a courtship with Fili. No doubt your new life in Erebor had been an adjustment.  But the Company helped you through it.  Fili reminded you every day that your wounds did not end your days as a warrior.  Every day you were a fighter.

    And yet, you could not dismiss the doubts that came to mind every now and then.  How would the people of Erebor feel about their future queen with these…circumstances?  Would they even consider you fit to rule?

    It was unfortunate that your hair-braiding session had turned from a pleasant experience to something rather anxiety-filled as these thoughts plagued you.  Fili finished off the last braid and clipped on a silver bead to hold it together.

    “There you are,” he said finally, wrapping his arms around you from behind.  “I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of braiding your hair.”

   “I should hope not,” you mumbled.  “Considering you’re the only one who can.”

    He went quiet for a moment, seemingly sensing a change in your tone.  A few minutes ago, the two of you had been chatting happily about your day. “Is something wrong, Amralime?”

    The nickname always softened you up.  And he knew it, too.  That dork…

    “Nothing,” you replied smoothly, trying to act as nonchalant as possible as you fiddled with the sleeve of your dress.  “I just have some things on my mind.”

    “Like what?”

    “Oh, just things.”

    A  chuckle rumbled from his throat, and he leaned forward slightly to rest his chin on your shoulder.  “Really, _________.  You can tell me what’s on your mind.  Perhaps I can help.”

    “Well…”  You sighed, mentally debating whether you should bring it up.  If you didn’t talk to someone about it, it would surely bother you for some time.  And who better to talk to than Fee?  “I don’t think I’m fit to be a future queen of Erebor.  Not with my situation,” you blurted.

    Fili turned his head to look at you with concerned eyes.  “We’ve been over this…”

    “No, we haven’t.  We’ve discussed how my injury doesn’t change the way you feel about me.  I know that now, that you and the Company love me no matter what.  But I’m worried about the people.  They need security.  To know that their future queen will be able to handle such a responsibility.”

    “________,” he said seriously.  “You are more than capable of handling the responsibility.  Do you know why?”

    “No, please enlighten me.”

    “Well,” he paused, leaning forward to place a kiss on your cheek.  “You are smart and clever.  I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone else who has a witty remark or quip for everything I say.”  You couldn’t help but giggle at his comment.  Fili smiled and leaned the other way to kiss your other cheek.  “You’re strong and brave.  You prove that every day.”  And he tipped your chin so your lips met his.  “And you care about the people.  I’d say you are most definitely qualified for the job.  Are you convinced yet?”

    “I don’t know,” you said slyly.  “I may need just a little more convincing.”

    He chuckled again and gave you another kiss.  “And now?”

    “I am thoroughly convinced.”  

Bagginshield Week

For @bagginshieldsource’s Bagginshield Week

Day 7: Free day!! Anything you want. (Set during the quest, pre-relationship)

While most of the company settled into makeshift beds for the night, Bilbo found himself oddly restless. He ambled over towards the collection of ponies, something which was quickly growing into a nightly routine. During the day, he stuffed his pockets with any fallen fruit he could find, when they were lucky enough to be given breaks. It was hard to ration such meager pickings amongst thirteen ponies, so he had to alternate who was fed each night. (Bilbo absolutely refused to go anywhere near Gandalf’s horse - the ponies were smaller by comparison, yet still dauntingly huge to Bilbo’s practical sensibilities. That horse was just - just monstrously ginormous! …But every so often, he would roll an apple its way - from a safe distance. He did not want to anger the beast, after all.)

Tonight he had three bruised, withering apples. He first gave one to his own steed, Myrtle, who Bilbo was afraid had grown rather spoiled. She had not been given anything special for a few days now, and had taken to jostling her rider in his seat and moving restlessly any time he tried to mount or dismount.

“Now enough of that,” Bilbo murmured as he stroked the pony’s broad face. “You get your turn, just like everyone else, Myrtle.”

Next he moved onto Thorin’s pony, whom he had named Bungo. The creature had a funny shaggy coat, which ignited the hobbit’s allergies terribly if he ever touched it. “Now remember our deal,” Bilbo whispered as he offered the largest fruit to the animal’s large, searching lips. “I give you an apple, and you make Thorin take that giant stick out of his arse.”

The pony snorted as it took a huge bite of the apple, wetting Bilbo’s whole hand with the effort. The hobbit sighed, shaking his head. “Who am I kidding?” he muttered. “Not even the Valar could do such a feat!”

“What are you doing, Halfling?”

Bilbo jumped at the sudden voice, hand clamping down on the soggy remains of the fruit as he spun around.

“I, ah,” he stammered, staring up at none other than Thorin Oakenshield, rightful King under the Mountain - and rightful pain in the arse. Bungo’s large head nudged at his back, blunt teeth nipping at his enclosed fingers. “Oh, there’s no point in hiding it!” he muttered, turning back to the remarkably hobbit-ish creature. “I am giving the ponies some treats,” he admitted.

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Hello, Gentle Reader. This is Fan Fiction.

Recently, I’ve seen some rumblings across my dashboard about fan fiction again.  

I don’t want to dive into a debate because all the information that I have to go on are second hand sources and there’s always going to be a bit of bias there, because one person can see it in one way and another person can perceive it in another way.  

I’d rather explain to you, New and Gentle Reader, what fan fiction is, if this is the first time you’ve heard about it.  

Fan fiction is what happens when you walk out of the theater, turn off the TV, the radio, close that book or whatnot for the first time and ask yourself  “What happens next?"  Or:  "What if it happened THIS way instead?"  Fan fiction is what happens when you are six or seven years old and you take your dolls, your action figures, your stuffed toys and various household items as props and send them all onto adventure.  Maybe Barbie rescues G.I. Joe from Cobra or Optimus Prime fights the Evil Transforming Kitchen Thingy that Mom uses for making meatloaf but should really be the Evil Transforming Dark Lord of the Sith.  

Fan fiction is what happens when you are ten and you’re discovering how to really write for the first time and you put words on the page, in your math and English notebooks, one sentence after another, style be damned, painstakingly bringing forth to life the images in your head of your cartoon and movie and book heroes.  

Fan fiction happens when you are in your teens and you want to be the hero or the heroine of the story and you want to fight alongside Captain America and the Avengers and go on the Quest to Erebor or save Frodo from the effects of the Ring.  

Fan fiction happens when you are in your twenties or your thirties or beyond that and you are still writing because you just enjoy and love telling stories.  There’s a new maturity to your writing and that happens because you’re a bit older, though maybe not wiser, but you still love telling the stories anyway.  People tell you that you should write for money and sometimes you think, hey I could try that and you dream.  And sometimes you just smile and say, "I just like telling stories” and that is more than enough for you.  

And sometimes people fall in love in your stories, regardless of sex or gender.  Sometimes they fight.  Sometimes they laugh.  They cry.  They hate.  They die.  Sometimes they kiss.  Sometimes they make love.  Sometime it’s just sex.  You keep writing.  You can’t help it.  You get that idea and you just need to write it down.  Word for word.  One sentence after another.  Just like when you were a kid and you’d wear your pencils to stubs and let your pens run out of ink as you shape the letters.  

That’s fan fiction.  Sometimes, the best stories in the world start because they were fan fiction.  Ask Shakespeare.  Ask Jules Verne.  Ask Neil Gaiman.  

Gentle Reader, if this is your first time in here, then I hope you might find the time to read my stories.  I humbly ask, because a fan fiction writer’s currency is in the feedback of his or her readers and we’re happy to hear from them when it’s good and devastated when we get hate from those who don’t even have the courage to sign their names.  If it’s not for you, then I understand.  It’s all right.  Move on, that’s okay.  These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.  Maybe there’s something else you’d like.  It’s fine.  

And this is what I hope for if you do decide to venture in.

I hope you smile.  I hope you laugh.  I hope that you ended up snorting coffee out your nose in the middle of Starbucks.  (Here’s a napkin.  Sorry that I’m not sorry?)  I hope that I made you giggle in the middle of the subway or the bus stop and you get weird looks from folks passing by.  

I hope you cry, because sometimes I write sad things and that makes me cry too.  Here’s a tissue.  It’s okay.  Sometimes there are no happy endings.

I hope you are frightened, but only in a way that a good, scary story can make you feel frightened.  Sometimes there are dark and terrible things out there and they’re part of the Story too.  Hold my hand.  It’s all right.  I’ve got you.

I hope you blush and maybe smile a little later when love and romance and sweet things are told.  Love is a gift and true love is meant to endure.  And sometimes there’s hurt and pain and grief in there too, but you already know that.  You’ve lived that.  Sometimes we do have happy endings after all.  There’s always hope.  

Are you ready?

It doesn’t always start with “once upon a time” or “a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…” but every story starts somewhere.  

Turn the page.  Click the button.

Here we go.    


“Great fics with less than 500 kudos” Edition - Part 1

(Note: This rec list is sort of a response to a couple of asks I received on my blog from fic writers/readers pointing out that there are so many fics that don’t get the recognition they deserve. So I’ve scoured the depths of ao3 to bring you this list (I missed Love Up Fic Writers Month so hopefully this makes up for it). I read… so many fics oMG. I’m SURE there is something for everyone here. Happy reading!)


Letters to Erebor by serenbach. 12.5k. epistolary post-botfa. 

Many Paths by flakedice. time loop, “groundhog’s day au”

The Two Weddings of Bilbo Baggins and Thorin Oakenshield by sailingonstardust. 5.5k. what is says on the tin. shire + erebor post-botfa.

Two-Heart Sound by MistressKat. 2.2k. ptsd, reunion.


Written on his Skin by serenbach. 1.7k. bilbo’s scars. erebor post-botfa.

Red Lines in Dark Stone by Elenothar. 4.3k. tw: self harm, guilt, h/c. erebor post-botfa.

But If My Love Be Clad In Blue by PsychicPineapple. ficlet. consort bilbo.

Your Own Faithful Land by 61Below. 9k. frodo-centric fluff and happiness.

At the Hands of a Hobbit by fae_of_the_rose. 2.5k. smut, light dom/sub, bottom thorin.

these little wars of words by fideliant. 9k. When in doubt, don’t let Thorin navigate.

To sail away with you by Frodo_sHeart. 5.3k. old married couple, erebor post-lotr.

A Heart Will Always Stay by lacking. 7.5k. fluff. 

All Is Forgiven by mistymountainking. 13k. flirty bilbo, contrite thorin.

A Kingly Gift by HildyJ. 1k. fluff.


Thorin and Bilbo, All Is Well by these_thousand_words. series. smut, bottom!bilbo, retired in the shire.

Old Men of the Meadow by TheBookshelfDweller. 3.3k. old sappy husbands.

Over Hill and Under Tree by Filin prinsessa (ErinacchiLove). 5.7k. fluffy fluff. + frodo, + kili/tauriel.

Some Sort Of Queen by nuclearjessels. 2.4k. +frodo.

A Kind Gift by darkfire75. 1k. fluffy fluff. 

Mister Baggins of Bag End by darth_stitch. 1.3k. light angst, humor.


As Everything Dims by figsoclock. 1.4k. bilbo dies, thorin joins the fellowship.

we will write our own happy ending by trulyunruly. 2.2k. bilbo destroys the ring.

Sink Into Your Heart by WednesdaysDaughter. 1.8k. au - fairy tale elements, magic, soulmates. 

Nakhshur by div2994. 2.7k. au - canon divergence, different botfa deaths.

Farewell, Master Burglar by Amralime. <1k. bilbo dies.

Madness by BoldlyGoingNowhereFast. 1.3k. bilbo dies. warning: dragon sickness!thorin.

our bones are broken still by fideliant. 4.5k. post-botfa, erebor, angst.

The Wandering Smith by VileVenom. 3k. au - erebor never fell. blacksmith!thorin.

Interludes of My Still Beating Heart by mephestopheles. 96k. transman bilbo, demisexual thorin. tw: homophobia, transphobia, gender issues. 

Lay Me Down by FoxDragon. 2.8k. post-botfa. king fili + bilbo dies.


there is one I could call king by driedupwishes. 2.6k. legolas-centric.

always about me (talking about the only heart he knows) by pointyshades. 6.5k. grieving, angst.

Strength is a Kindness (Kindness is a Lie) by nightwalker. 1.3k. you will cry. 

a moment of silence before your world comes crashing down by asthiathien. 3k. ambiguous ending.

Path of Memories by tirsynni. 3k. during the events of lotr, bilbo returns to erebor and stays. ambiguously happy ending.

One Last Journey by Sarcasmcat. 1.5k. consort bilbo. you will cry.

The Lifestone by Eareniel. 3.5k. years after the battle, balin brings bilbo a gift.


With the coming of Winter by poppy. 8k. the quest + post-botfa.

we’ve seen those mountains kneeling by Byacolate. 2.2k. fem!bagginshield.

Oh so crowned by Lumenn. 2.4k. beorn’s house, fluff, flower crowns.

Hardest of Hearts by filiandkiliheirsofdurin. 12k. soulmates. everyone lives.

Revelry by songs_of_the_moon. 1.7k. sex in laketown fic. smut.

Crates and Water by teaDragon. 30k. laketown. inspired by the hobbit video games. bilbo doing actual burglar work.

All Deep Things Are Song by PsychicPineapple. 7k. everyone lives.

Azaghâl by Ephemeral16. 3.5k. 5+1 fic, canon compliant, :(.

The Introspective Thoughts of a Mr. Bilbo Baggins by NikoArtagnan. series. alternate botfa ending.


painted blind by nasri. 28.6k. supernatural elements. a Must Read.

The Man In 14G by fideliant. 3k. au - neighbors.

How Rare and Beautiful it is that We Exist by TenTomatoes. 1.5k.  In one universe the men look up. In another they look down. It shouldn’t make a difference but it does.

You Can Get Anything You Want At Alice’s Restaurant by vilelithe. WIP. fake relationship trope.

Of Coffee and Pilots by PurrpleCat. 25k. au - coffee shop.


If You Were To Ask by TheLittleMuseficlet.

Lord Mandos’ Unexpected Party by mithen. ficlet.

And in the Darkness Bind Them by Cinderstrato. 73k.

it’s just safer to keep you in this heart of mine by KikiRose. 4.4k. some angst.

We all have our theories about why Thorin gave Bilbo the Mithril Shirt …

In the Book, Bilbo found it, showed to Thorin and then Thorin gifted it to him …

was the Mithril a simple gift?  was it a token of deep friendship?  was it a token of deep affection?  was the only the first, in what was meant to be a long line, of Courting gifts?  

before answering, remember that, regardless of what you think, Thorin did in fact give the shirt to Bilbo, a Non-Blood Relative, a Non-Dwarf, someone he at first did not care for.   this ‘shirt’ was so valuable, that Gandalf stated in LOTR that it was worth more than the entire Shire and all that was in it … THORIN GAVE THIS TO BILBO IN THE MIDDLE OF HIS GOLD-MADNESS, a time when he even thought his fellow Dwarves, who had sworn loyalty to Thorin, had stolen the Arkentstone.

now, in the story, we learn that when Bilbo took the shirt with him to the Shire … he never wore it again … but gave it to what was the Shire’s equivalent of a museum … and there it stayed for a great number of years … BUT WHEN HE LEFT THE SHIRE, at the age of 111, HE TOOK THE SHIRT BACK AND TOOK IT WITH HIM TO RIVENDELL.   Bilbo left behind his ENTIRE LIFE … his home, his books, his parent’s things, ALL OF IT, and he only took a few clothes, his walking stick, his journal (which told of his time during THE QUEST FOR EREBOR) … AND THE FUCKING SHIRT THAT THORIN GIFTED HIM!!

and don’t forget … Bilbo NEVER FUCKING MARRIED!  


I want someone to please FUCKING tell me how THE FUCK people STILL try and say that Thorin was only a FUCKING FRIEND TO BILBO! 


The King

You curl yourself into a tighter ball, pulling your thin blanket tighter around yourself. You know it’s fruitless, but you never know. It could contribute some warmth. Even though you knew exactly what you signed up for when you started this quest, you didn’t have enough money for supplies.


You roll over at the sound of your name and sit up. You look up at Thorin, who is keeping watch against the outcropping next to you. “Yes?”

“Come here.”

You frown at his request. Being Dis’s best friend, you had known Thorin your whole life. It took you almost no time to volunteer to go on the Quest for Erebor, and you’re pretty sure the only reason you’re here is because of your skill with daggers (and because Thorin wanted you to come so you could keep an eye on Fili and Kili with him.

After weeks of sleeping on the ground, your bones creak as you get up. You slide down the rocky outcropping next to Thorin, looking out at the view ahead of you. Bilbo stands next to one of the horses, feeding it an apple he thinks you and Thorin can’t see. “I like him,” you mutter. “There’s just something about him that adds something to the Company.”

Thorin chuckles. “Something that I haven’t figured out yet.” You shake your head and lean forward, poking the fire with a stick. “You need a better blanket, (y/n).”

You lean back against the outcropping once again. “Yeah. Didn’t plan that part the best I could.” You don’t notice him shrugging off his coat next to you. “I should’ve brought a heavier coat, too.”

“Take mine.” He holds out his coat to you, and you gasp.

“I can’t take your coat, Thorin. It’s the king’s fur, not meant for a commoner like me.”

“And the king can choose to give it to whomever he wishes.” Your eyes widen, and Thorin gives you half a smile, blue eyes sparkling in the firelight. “Now, take it. Before you get sick.”

You smile softly and take the fur, wrapping it around yourself tightly. The warmth is almost instant, and you sigh contentedly. “Thank you, my king.”

He smiles and wraps an arm around you, pulling you into him. “Get some sleep, (y/n).”

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On Tauriel and Her Purpose in the Narrative (And Why She isn’t a Mary-Sue)

(as a preface, I should note that this meta is entirely based on the movies— especially since those are what Tauriel is exclusive to them.)

So. We’ve all seen those “Tauriel only ditched her kingdom because of a dwarf” posts, which end more often than not with someone pulling shit out of their ass and passing it off like it’s canonical. 

Tauriel’s existence in the Hobbit trilogy was not for sake of romance. It was never for the sake of romance. Tauriel’s existence was for the sake of rebellion. The whole “Tauriel only left because she thought Kili was hot” train of thought is flawed because it ultimately shows a failure to comprehend the narrative, and thus, the character.

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Roads go ever ever on,
Over rock and under tree,
By caves where never sun has shone,
By streams that never find the sea;
Over snow by winter sown,
And through the merry flowers of June,
Over grass and over stone,
And under mountains in the moon.
Roads go ever ever on
Under cloud and under star,
Yet feet that wandering have gone
Turn at last to home afar.
Eyes that fire and sword have seen
And horror in the halls of stone
Look at last on meadows green
And trees and hills they long have known.
—  Bilbo Baggins returning from the Quest for Erebor. He changes the lyrics throughout the War of the Ring. The Hobbit, The Last Stage.
Being married to Bilbo Baggins would involve...

Requested by anon

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So you are married to the World’s No.1 Cinnamon Roll, let’s face it

Lots of cuddles, because he’s a freaking cuddle monster and anyone who thinks otherwise is welcome to fight me

He’s heartbreakingly sweet on anniversaries and your birthday and all that stuff

He gets you really personal thoughtful gifts, and can’t take the smile off his face when he watches you open them

Doting on little Frodo why does this sound like a euphemism to me

Reading to each other all the time

He also sketches your portrait a lot

He tries to hide his drawings but you’ve seen them all and they’re amazing

You almost faint when you answer the door one evening to see a band of dwarves looking for your husband

“Bilbo what the f-” “-fantastic surprise to see these lovely and slightly dangerous looking dwarves? I couldn’t agree more, darling.”

He refuses to let you go on the quest for Erebor with him

“It’s too dangerous!” “It sounds fun…”

You have to spend a year listening to everyone in Hobbiton whispering and spreading rumours about your husband

When he comes home you both cry and just hold each other for hours

He wakes up screaming about orcs and battles and dwarves some nights

You hold him and sing softly until he falls back asleep

He came back from Erebor a different Hobbit, but he’s still your Bilbo

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Thorin x Reader: Evermore Pt. 2

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 (Author’s Note:  Okay, here is the second and final part of Thorin x Reader: Evermore!  This one isn’t a songfic, but just a continuation of the story from the last part.  Thank you everyone for your patience and encouragement!  I really hope it was worth the wait! Gif is not mine, credit to original owner!

Link to Part 1)

   Adrenaline pumped through your veins as the sights and sounds of battle surrounded you.  Swords, shields, and axes clashed.  Dwarvish battle cries sounded, and orcs screeched.  Armor glinted in the sun.  You swung your sword, taking down orcs left and right.  

   Things had been somewhat confusing when Thranduil and Dain confronted each other.  You believed that both the people of Thranduil and Bard had their right to certain treasures in Erebor.  However, you did not want to engage in battle with the soldiers of the Iron Hills, knowing that they were friends and relatives to your comrades, the Company.  So when the initial battle took place, you stood by Bilbo and Gandalf, unable to do more than let the events unfold before you.  

   A loud horn echoed across the land, and all eyes turned to see soldiers in dark armor marching onto the scene.  Azog had arrived.

   It wasn’t long before Thranduil’s army and Dain’s army had finally ended their short-lived battle against each other in order to join forces against the oncoming, monstrous orcs.  Now that the two sides had united to face a common enemy, you bid dear Bilbo and Gandalf a farewell for now, as you itched to jump in and kill some orc.

   But things weren’t looking too good.

   It seemed as if another army had appeared from nowhere after seeing the signal from the totems at Ravenhill, heading straight for Dale to attack the defenseless Lake-Town people.  Bard led his army of men in defense of the ruined city.  Thranduil’s people had all but vanished, most likely reinforcing the defense in Dale.  All that was left was Dain’s army and, well, you.  The orcs seemed to be taking over.  

   You ducked to avoid the swing of an orcish blade, performing a smooth shoulder-roll before whirling around to block the next attack.  You had done a great deal of fighting alongside the Company on the quest for Erebor, but this ws something totally different.  It felt like the stream of orcs never ended,  You would defeat one only to be faced with two more.  You finished off the filthy orc in front of you by driving your blade into its chest before moving on.  

   “Fall back!  Fall back!” Dain called, and his men began to fall back in front of the gate of Erebor in order to make a last stand.  They began to gather in a defensive formation, raising their shields at the oncoming orcs.  You glanced around wildly, unsure of what to do.  You didn’t want to just jump in their line of defense since you were unfamiliar with their procedures.  However, it would be a dangerous move if you remained standing alone in between the two armies.  A dwarf in the front line lowered his shield to stare at you, as if noticing you for the first time in all the chaos.  He motioned with his ax for you to come, and you hurried over without so much as a glance to the orcs. 

   “Lady ________, I presume,” the dwarf that waved you over spoke up.  Despite his gruff tone, he looked at you with kind brown eyes beneath his dark, bushy brows.  His long, braided beard moved with every word.  “We are under orders to protect you.”  He swiftly pulled you so that you were safely pressed in among the soldiers before taking a step forward and raising his shield protectively. 

   “What?”  You stared back at him, surprised that he even knew who you were, let alone took it upon himself to protect you.  “H-how?” 

   “Thorin Oakenshield sent a message for us to defend Erebor from intruders.  He was also very specific in mentioning that you were to be protected, if we ever came across you.” 

   This wasn’t the time to get emotional, but you couldn’t help the small smile and the tear that slipped down your cheek.  Even through all of that greed and dragon sickness, Thorin had thought of you.  Even after you had left… 

   Azog was in the process of sending forth huge, gray beasts to charge first, catching your attention momentarily.  Then, you turned to your new friend.  

   “What’s your name?” 

   “Onin, my lady,” he replied.  “At your service.” 

   “Just ______ is fine, and I am at yours.  Well, Onin, I am very grateful for you to have come all this way to defend me.”  You raised your sword, shooting him a small smile.  “But I do not intend to back out of this fight.”

   He nodded, and his mustache lifted as he smiled briefly as well.  “Then I shall remain at your side.”  

   By now, the orcs were advancing again, stomping rhythmically to the beat of an unseen drum.  You grasped your sword with both hands, ready to launch at the enemy when the order was given. 

   But then a new horn sounded, echoing across the battlefield and causing everyone to freeze.  The orcs and their monsters halted, looking around in confusion.

   You, as well as the other soldiers, looked over your shoulders just in time to see something absolutely huge come crashing through the gate of Erebor.  A loud chime sounded simultaneously, and you concluded it was the large bell.  All of the stones and boulders the Company used to rebuild that wall came flying out into the moat to create a sort of bridge.  Battle cries sounded from inside the entrance, and you watched as Thorin and Co. came racing out in a v-formation with weapons raised.  Thorin was at the very front, and Dain’s soldiers parted so that he could lead the Company forward.  

   “To the king!”  Dain shouted, raising his hammer.  “To the king!”

   “Thorin!” you called, joining in the proud cries of the army as he took the lead.  His eyes were so focused on the enemy that he did not see you among the soldiers.  That did not matter to you at the moment.  You were just glad that he had come to his senses and joined the fight, rather than leaving his people to die fighting for him.

   “Du bekar!”  Thorin roared, earning more battle cries from the army that followed.  You raised your voice and sword and raced into battle once more.

   It was vicious, that battle.  Upon first contact, you had collided with an orc and struggled to fight him off as he manged to pin you.  Fortunately, you were able to deliver a final blow to its exposed neck with your sword.  Your new friend, Onin, reappeared and pulled the limp orc off, and you jumped to your feet in time to shield him from an attack.  On and on, you fought.  You caught glimpses of your friends fiercely defending their own.  Fili, Kili, Oin, Gloin, Bifur, Bofur, Bombur, Balin, Dwalin, Nori, Dori, and even Ori…  

   “________!” a familiar voice called above the roar of battle.  You defeated another orc before whirling around in hopes of seeing the owner of that voice.  Thorin pushed his way through the battle to meet you, and you were glad to see that his clear blue eyes were no longer clouded by the dragon sickness.  Although blood and dirt were splattered across his clothes and skin, he was smiling.  For once, it wasn’t a plotting smirk or a twisted grin.

   “Thorin,” you breathed, halting to meet his gaze from a short distance.  “You came.”

   “I would not be much of a leader if I did not,” he replied, shaking his head slightly.  “And you.  You came back.  You returned to defend Erebor, even after all that has happened?”

   “Of course!  I was angry at you, but I don’t want you and your people to fall.”  Then, unable to stand it anymore, you closed the distance.  It didn’t matter that you were in a battle.  You just wanted to hug him.  “I’m sorry for running away,” you said, wrapping your arms around him.  He returned the gesture, enveloping you in a bone-crushing hug.

   “No, you had every right to.  I am sorry for the things I said and did.  And I apologize for the poor timing for this, but I-”  The moment was interrupted when his eyes locked on something behind you.  On instinct, you turned to slice the orc before it even reached you.  

   “Perhaps we’ll talk later?” you suggested with a smirk.

   “Indeed,” he nodded, jumping in the fight to cover you.  


   “Dain!” Thorin called to his cousin, who was fighting a hoard of orcs a little farther away.  You battled orcs fiercely, covering him so that he and Dain could speak with each other.

   “What took you so long?” Dain questioned with a grin as the relatives pulled each other into a huge, making Thorin chuckle. His cousin glanced around.  “There are too many of them.  I hope you have a plan.”

   “Aye.”  Thorin looked to the totem on Ravenhill.  “We’re going to take out their leader.”

   “Azog…”  Dain muttered.  The look on Thorin’s face as he stared at the totem gave you a bad feeling.  You weren’t sure why, but the thought of him going up there made you very uneasy.  Quickly, you finished off another orc before racing to his side.

   “No, wait,” you told him.  “I have a bad feeling about this.  Please, Thorin, I’ve never asked anything of you, but I’m asking you now…Don’t go up there.”

   “Is this the lass?” Dain asked, fascinated.  

   “It is,” Thorin responded, walking up to you and planting a kiss on your forehead.  “As you wish.  I won’t go.  We will find another way to defeat Azog.”

   “Thank you,” you told him, flashing a grateful smile.  

   “Well,” Dain surveyed the battlefield, resting the hammer on his shoulder.  “We certainly have some work to do.”

   You spun your sword skillfully, looking for a place to jump back into battle.  “Then let’s get started.”             

fandom fic rec days, post the second

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just hobbit stuff in this rec, i’m afraid, bar one! but i make up for it with quantity?

Heart of the Mountain by esama (post-botfa, everyone lives, gen, kiliel; drama, friendship, political) neat as heck (unfinished, but still neat as heck) aftermath-of-the-everyone-lives-outcome piece, following bilbo and the dwarves’ efforts to piece things back together post-betrayal and bloodshed and all that unpleasantness

The Winter of Discontent by Brass_Brassicas (universe alteration, bagginshield; drama, hurt/comfort, slow burn) wonderfully characterized universe alteration wherein bilbo reluctantly plays host to a pair of displaced young dwarves and ends up with far more on his plate than he knows how to handle

The Haunting of Bilbo by EinahSirro (post-botfa, canon compliant, bagginshield; supernatural, angst, drama) because you can’t go wrong with ghost!thorin, let’s be real

I’m Not Sure This is Actually a Coffee Shop by bendingsignpost (alternate universe, gen; drama, humour) aka this is not the trope you were looking for

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Pairing: Bilbo x Reader x Thorin

Characters: Bilbo, Thorin Oakenshield, Fíli, Kili, Balin, the Company

Warnings: A Bit of Angst

Word Count: 1, 612

Note: I hope the person that requested likes the one-shot.

Dunno if u r in the mood for a request but I will try my luck: How about this the reader-who’s a dwarf and elf hybrid- says goodbye to bilbo after the bofta and thorin watches her kiss bilbo a goodbye kiss, the reader had a thing for thorin but she knows she has no chance with him so when she met bilbo she fell for him and biblo is gone and she is upset because she’s confused of her feelings and fili and kili thinks she’s upset because she misses the blue mountain

Your name: submit What is this?

As hard as it still had been for me to believe, it had happened. 

Erebor had been reclaimed and restored to its peaceful glory, after the very long months that had passed by, journeying across Arda on a dangerous quest. Now, Erebor was to be rebuild and Thorin was to be crowned as King Under the Mountain. Without any further doubt, there would surely be a marvellous, grand feast that not a kingdom from across the four corners of Arda could have fathomed to organize. 

Though, everyone knew that this grand feast wouldn’t be arranged till many days later, as we all had felt deeply exhausted in body and soul. 

Upon the aftermath of the horrific battle cries of orcs that collided with the roars and shouts of dwarven soldiers, amongst other races - everything had grown silent and still. So still was the atmosphere that if a light feather would happen to fall, it would be heard. And should there be the beating of a bird’s wings - that would have been the only breeze. It was still, utterly still.

I gazed out the balcony of an abandoned chamber that had once belonged to a Durin ancestor of Thorin. There, I squint my eyes as the blinding sun, like a bashful youth who had been kissed for the first time, glowed with its final rays, flecked in gold. I rest my arms upon the railing of the balcony and begin to contemplate the sudden, unexpected paths I had taken in life.

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Hobbit/LotR Ask Meme:  Thepievanquisher, Meztliel and Anonymous asked 5. Favourite member of the Fellowship? 

“Gimli was a dwarf of Durin’s Folk, a direct descendant of Durin the Deathless through Náin II’s younger son Borin, and in turn Farin’s younger son Gróin, and his younger son Glóin. Despite being too young at the time of the Quest of Erebor (only 62), he became famous as the only Dwarven member of the Fellowship of the Ring.”  


Pairing: Fili x reader

Summary: You and Fili are clearly in love. Everyone knows…except for you two.

(Not my gif)

Your fascination with the stars was almost enough to rival that of the elves. As you sat in the grass a few metres away from the company’s campfire with your knees held against your chest, a small smile allowed itself to play about your lips. Chances to relax were few and far between on the quest to take back Erebor, and you certainly weren’t going to waste this one, choosing to stare up at the twinkling constellations scattered across the velvety black sky rather than joke and sing with the company.
“I saved this for you. Bombur was going to eat it.”
You were caught off guard as Fili sat down beside you, crossing his legs and handing you a bowl of stew, still warm. You smiled shyly.
“Thank you,” you said quietly, starting to eat.
“How come you weren’t sitting with the rest of us? If you don’t mind me asking, that is.”
You paused to finish your mouthful of stew before speaking. “I like watching the stars. It helps me relax. Which I now realise sounds very pathetic,” you added, covering your face in embarrassment. Fili chuckled, moving your hands away gently.
“It’s not pathetic. Everyone is drawn to their beauty,” he told you. You felt your cheeks burning scarlet at the close proximity between the two of you, his hands still holding your wrists. You were grateful for the poor lighting, and that he couldn’t see you blushing.
He seemed to snap out of a reverie, dropping your wrists quickly and clearing his throat. “Anyway, I just thought you might be hungry.”
You smiled softly as he stumbled over his words. His shyness was just one of the things you loved about him. Another one being his kindness. And his good looks. And his eyes and-
You blinked rapidly as Fili waved his hand in front of your face, interrupting your daydream.
“I’m sorry, what did you say?” you asked, mortified that you’d been caught daydreaming.
“I was saying you should probably come join us by the fire. I don’t-I mean, we don’t want you getting cold,” he corrected himself hastily. He was grateful for the poor lighting that prevented you seeing him blush.

“Get to sleep. We’ve a long day ahead of us tomorrow. (Y/N), Fili, take the first watch,” ordered Thorin. You nodded absentmindedly, biting your lip. Sitting up with Fili for hours was not going to end well, you were certain to embarrass yourself. Unknown to you, the very dwarf you were worrying about was facing the same trouble as you.
“I can’t do this, Kee. I’ll mess things up,” Fili hissed. Kili grinned.
“No you won’t! No brother of mine could ever be bad at getting girls.”
“You’re not helping.”
“Sure I am! Just tell her how much you love her, and that you want her to bear your children.”
“Kili, get to sleep and leave your brother alone. He’s young and in love, his mind is troubled enough,” Bofur teased, rolling out his sleeping bag. Fili groaned, holding his head in his hands.
“Fili? Are you alright?” you called across the dying fire. He looked up quickly at the sound of your voice, the voice that he loved so much, and his mouth hung open slightly. He’d had a response ready, but all thoughts and words had left his mind at the sight of you. The dying glow of the embers caressed your face, your usually pretty features now beautiful, the firelight dancing in your eyes and bouncing off your soft hair. His jaw hung open uselessly, and he was vaguely aware of Kili chuckling behind him.
“He’s fine!” called Kili, still grinning. “He saw something he liked and got distracted.”
You watched in confusion as Fili clapped a hand over his brother’s smirking mouth, and what looked like a blush dusted across his cheeks. You shook your head slightly; it was probably just a trick of the light.
You sat down on a log by the fire, rubbing your hands together in an effort to warm them up. A few moments later, Fili joined you. The two of you sat in awkward silence, both wracking your brains for something to say.
“Are you cold?” Fili asked eventually, noticing you shiver. You cursed yourself mentally; now you just looked weak to him.
“A little,” you admitted. “I’m fine though.”
He chuckled, holding his open hands out to you questioningly. “May I?” he asked, nodding to your hands. Unable to form words, you nodded slightly. He took your hands, which were considerably smaller than his despite you being a human, in his own, rubbing them gently and blowing warm air onto them. You found yourself staring at his face while he did all this, the corners of your lips twitching slightly in a tiny smile.
The expression of concentration on his face was beautiful, his brow furrowed and the tip of his tongue poking out from between his chapped lips. His golden hair kept falling over his eyes, and he kept tossing his head slightly to fix it. You would have fixed it yourself, if he wasn’t holding your hands in his own, and if you weren’t enjoying it so much.
You were suddenly aware that he’d stopped rubbing your hands, and that his clear blue eyes were staring back into yours. You bit your lip nervously, your cheeks flaring red. You fought the urge to sigh in annoyance; there you went again with the blushing.
Fili glanced briefly down at your lips, his eyes finding yours again as if asking for permission. You gave a tiny nod, holding your breath.
He leaned in agonisingly slowly, pressing his lips cautiously to yours. The cool metal of the beads on the braids of his moustache tickled you a little, but it wasn’t unpleasant. One of his hands still held yours, the other moving to hold your neck gently and pull you closer. You obliged, cupping his warm cheek with your free hand.
You pulled away reluctantly, needing to breathe. Fili’s eyes found yours once more, his forehead resting against yours, his hand still holding your neck gently.
“I suppose this would be a good time to tell you how in love with you I am?” he joked, and you smiled softly.
“Probably,” you answered. “For now though, just kiss me.”

Kili x Reader x Fili:  Cats

Originally posted by avengers-of-mirkwood

(Author’s note: So…I felt like posting something for you guys in between requests.  This was actually a piece of a fanfic that I wrote for the Hobbit with my OC, Robyn, but I edited it to be a reader insert.

Basically, the Reader is someone who is journeying through Middle Earth with the Company; loves cats, but hates reptiles.  Also, we get a cute Fili and Kili reacting to a cat!  And who doesn’t want to see that?

Gif is not mine, credit to original owner!)

   You cautiously approached a couple of little goats that chewed on hay casually in Beorn’s house.  It was kind of funny how the animals weren’t alarmed in the least to see strangers in their house.  You knelt down and gently scratched goat’s pelt, smiling at how soft it felt under your fingertips.  No doubt these animals were very well taken care of.  How could you not love this place?  Beorn’s house was basically a petting zoo.  

   After escaping the bear who you knew to be Beorn from the movie, Gandalf had just ordered the Company to get some rest.  It had been a long journey so far, and the group was on the run from the orc pack since the first showdown with Azog outside Goblin Town.  It was nice to finally be able to kick back for a while.

   “Aww!” You couldn’t contain your excitement at the sight of a cat that came padding out to stare with wide, curious yellow eyes.  It was a pudgy thing, but that made it all the more beautiful and adorable.

   “Everything alright, Miss ________?” Balin asked, concerned. He had been busy clearing a spot in the straw for himself to sleep in.

   “Look at this cat!  She’s so cute!” you gushed.  The dwarf shook his head in amusement, chuckling, and returned to his work.   You sat down on the hay-covered floor criss-crossed.   “Ps-ps-ps-ps,” you called to the cat, holding out your hand temptingly.  It hesitated before finally giving in to its curiosity and approaching you.  It touched its nose to your fingers tentatively, as if checking things out to be sure you weren’t dangerous.  “That’s right,” you cooed.  “I’m not going to hurt you.”  The cat seemed to decide that the coast was clear because it rubbed its cheek across your hand lovingly.  “What a sweetheart.  How come I didn’t see you in the movie?”  The cat purred loudly as it circled you, brushing its silvery-gray pelt with a swirled stripe pattern against your sides.  

   “Someone seems to be enjoying their stay already,” Fili teased, standing over you with arms folded.  Kili was a little further away, watching the exchange curiously.  

   “This cat just made my day,” you giggled. “She’s so sweet!  She came right up to me and let me pet her.”

   Fili and Kili looked at the cat, somewhat fascinated but cautious.

   “Don’t you like cats?” you asked, noticing their expressions.  If you didn’t know any better, you would have suspected them of being afraid of the animal.

   “We don’t really keep cats as pets.  Dogs are much more useful,” Kili informed.  “They can at least hunt and keep guard.  Cats just look…evil.”

   You gasped in mock offense.  “Cats are adorable too, you know.  You just have to be familiar with how they communicate. But yes, I suppose they do look evil sometimes,” she admitted.  “One of my cats back home is named (______) and she is a total witch.”

   Fili’s eyes widened in horror.  “Your cat is a witch?”  He shot the cat in front of him a wary look, as if expecting it to shoot lasers out of its eyes.

   “No,” you laughed.  “ Not literally.  Calling someone a witch is another way of calling them evil.  It’s a figure of speech where I come from.”


   “But anyways, don’t you want to pet Little Miss Kitty- I mean, uh, the cat?”  You caught your slip-up.  But ofcourse you were already giving the cat a nick-name and getting attached to it.  “I promise she’s really nice and not a witch.  You have to be gentle, though, or else she might turn into one if she’s scared.”

   “Right.”  Kili stepped up bravely, looking as if he were about to do battle as he knelt down beside her and slowly held out his hand.  Little Miss Kitty stared at him for a moment with her big, hypnotic eyes before tipping her head as a silent request for him to pet her.  He ruffled the silver fur on her head, making her pull away with disdain.

   “Cats don’t like being pet the same way dogs do. Not so rough.  They like to be gently stroked.  Like this.”  You ran a hand along Little Miss Kitty’s back gently until it reached the tip of her tail.  “See?”

   Kili tried again, taking your advice, and was much more successful this time in winning the cat’s favor.  Even Fili joined in the petting session, a big smile spreading across his face as the cat purred even louder.  He quickly pulled his hand away when Kili cringed.

   “Ow, ow, it’s licking me.  Why does it hurt?” Kili panicked, watching as Little Miss Kitty’s tongue rasped along his hand affectionately.

   “It’s okay,” You laughed again.  “She likes you.”

   He winced.  “What an odd way of showing it.”

   “Well, I’m off to bed,” Fili yawned.  He gave you a playful nudge.  “Don’t stay up too late petting Little Miss Kitty.”

   “No guarantees.”

   His chuckle came out as a half-yawn. “Goodnight.”

   “Goodnight.  Sleep tight. Don’t let the goats bite.”

   “Very funny.”

   “No, really,” you said seriously.  “Goats have a tendency to chew on things.  Don’t let them get a hold of your cloak.”  You looked back at Kili to see him petting the cat with a huge smile on his face.  It was rather cute as well as comical to see him so captivated by the creature after being so hesitant to approach it in the first place.  

   “Fili says dogs are better, but…”  He chuckled when Little Miss Kitty rubbed her cheek against his hand.  “I may have to reconsider.”

   “I just like animals in general,” you told him. But then you made a face.  “Except reptiles.”

   “Kind of funny, considering we’re on a quest to reclaim Erebor from a dragon.”

    “Well, that’s different.  Smaug isn’t tiny and slithering and creepy with venomous fangs that sink into your skin.”  You shivered.

   “You’re right.  He’s more on the huge and monstrous and evil side.”

   “Yeah, true,” you sighed.  A part of you wondered how you’d would react seeing Smaug in person.  Would you be brave enough to stand up to him?  Would you be too frightened to move?  Kili interrupted your thoughts.

   “I’m tired.  I suppose I’ll leave you with those words now,” he said, giving the cat one last pat before he stood to his feet.  “Sleep well.”

   “You too.”  You watched him leave for a moment before turning your attention back to Little Miss Kitty.  The silver cat meowed and moseyed her way to the kitchen, leaving you to let out an exhausted sigh and spare a glance at the pile of hay that was to be your bed for the night.  It beckoned for you to lie down and sink into blissful sleep.  Unable to resist any longer, you set to work on removing the boots and socks as well as unclipping your belt and sword sheath.  The house was filled with the loud snores of the dwarves, though you did not mind.  They had become comforting sounds.   You went to lie down on the hay, which made an excellent mattress, and pulled your cloak up over your body to use as a blanket.  To your utter delight, Little Miss Kitty had returned and crawled up onto your chest for more petting.  The cat turned around in a full circle before settling down.  She gazed at you lazily through half-lidded eyes with a constant purr emitting from her throat.

   It was like having a piece of home with you that night.  Your cats back home poked their noses into your business all the time, whether you were doing chores or studying.  And at least one of them slept in your bed every night.  Little Miss Kitty brought a certain kind of comfort that you hadn’t felt since the journey started.  With the sounds of friends’ snoring and cats purring, you were able to drift off into a deep and comfortable sleep for the first time in weeks.


“Ugh,” You grunted as you scowled in the mirror, adjusting the rigid corset tied around your middle, “I don’t know if this is right.”

“Huh?” Dis turned to you, her dark hair shone with a sprinkle of grey but still lush as it hung down in perfect braids across her back, “Oh, Y/N, I told you, it’s supposed to look like that…though it could be a bit tighter.”

“Tighter?” You whined and set your hands on your already constricted waist, “I don’t—Oh!”

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Imagine that you and Thorin are in love and you die at the Battle of Five Armies, defending him against Azog. Thorin contemplates taking his own life, and you visit him as a spirit, begging him not to.

(This is actually from a fanfic I was considering writing, which I was discussing with @buckyoakenshieldxo If you’d be interested in reading it as a full length one shot, then you can request it and I’ll see what I can do)

Originally posted by tinysofia

Thorin had lost you in battle only five days previously, and each day he tried to live with the thought of your absence from this world, his grief deepened. His strength was waning, that strength you had given to him when you had promised yourself to him in Lake-town whilst all the townsfolk partook in merry making in Thorin’s honour. You had both snuck away, making love in an empty room and it was here that he had asked you to be his Queen once the mountain was taken back from Smaug. 

The King sat in his bed chamber, listening to the crackle of the fire to his left hand side and looked at the small dagger upon the table. All he wanted was to be beside you in eternity, and by driving the blade into his own chest, it would all be over. The grief would be gone. And he would be with you. 

“My love, don’t,” you whispered. 

He felt a cold caress against his cheek as you touched him. 

“Do not expect me to live without you beside me,” Thorin wept. “Every night before my eyes I see you being prepared for burial; your life…gone. The life we would have shared. Life we would have created.” 

He did not look you in the eyes, but he knew you were there. 

“You can still have life,” you urged him. “I died to make sure you had the chance to become the King you are destined to be.”

Finally he lifted his head and looked into your eyes, and his whole face crumpled. “My quest was to re-claim Erebor and it has been. Let me be with you.” 

The Secret of the Forest - Thranduil x Reader fanfic

Finally I have gotten around to make a nice cover for my ever expanding Thranduil x Reader fanfic The Secret of the Forest. Pictures and edits are all my own, so please don’t copy without permission.

This fanfic is a reader insert, set during the Quest of Erebor. You wake up under a tree in Mirkwood, alone and lost, your memory gone. An enthralling stranger sweeps you off into a most extraordinary adventure. A mysterious world and a romance, bittersweet and beautiful, await you…

Here are links to all the chapters I have written up to now:

Chapter I - Under the Tree

Chapter II - In the Halls of the King

Chapter III - The Banquet

Chapter IV - An Unexpected Ally

Chapter V - Regulations and Revelations

Chapter VI - Memories of the Past

Chapter VII - A Questionable Quest

Chapter VIII - Mayhem in Mirkwood

The entire story can also be found on AO3. Nice comments and kudos are always very welcome :).

I hope you all enjoy your time in the Woodland Realm with majestic and gorgeous Thranduil :)