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Quest Crew

And this is why they’re the best:

Quest Crew - Airstrike

Quest Crew - The Shop
Quest Crew in Honey 2
Quest Crew on SYTYCD
Quest Crew - FireSet on WOD

Assorted tripes:
Assorted tripe pt. 0
Assorted tripe pt. 1
Assorted tripe pt. 1.5
Assorted tripe pt. 2 
Assorted tripe pt. 3
Assorted tripe pt. 4
Assorted tripe pt. 5

America’s Best Dance Crew performances:
Week 1 - Sudden Death Challenge
Week 2 - Fit Test Challenge
Week 3 - Britney Spears Challenge
Week 4 - Wack Track Challenge
Week 5 - Illusion Challenge
Week 6 - Battle of the Sexes Challenge
Week 7 - Hip Hop Decathlon Challenge
Week 7 - Last Chance Challenge
Week 8 - Finale
Champions for Charity
Season 6 Guest Performance LMFAO

anonymous asked:

Hyungwon, Wonho, Jooheon and Shownu reaction to you being friends with Super Crew and Quest Crew (b-boy dance crews) because you helped backstage at a few of their shows? Thank you and have a good day 💞

Their reaction to you being friends with Super Crew and Quest Crew (Hyungwon, Wonho, Jooheon & Shownu)

Hyungwon; He’d love it. He would ask a lot of questions and be curious about them, he’d want to know everything. Hyungwon would be so proud of you, that you danced with them.

That’s amazing. You can teach me some of the choreos!

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Wonho; He’d be so excited to hear that, and lowkey jealous lmao. Wonho loves dancing and is a great dancer so he’d whine how he wanted to meet them and dance with them too.

Baby, that’s not fair! Why did you get to dance with them? Let me meet them!“ 

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Jooheon; He’d be cool with it, and would think it’s awesome that you helped out on a few shows and danced with them. He’d ask you to show him videos if there were any of the performances and he’d ask a lot of questions.

How long have you known them for? How long have you danced with them? When was the last time you danced with them?

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Shownu; He’d be really surprised and curious about it. Shownu is knows for his amazing dancing so he’d be really proud and excited about the fact that his girlfriend danced with such popular dancing crews.

Really? That’s awesome.. How do you know them? Do you think i could meet them and dance with them?

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Hit The Floor 2015


Quest Crew performs at World Of Dance