quest 225

KHUx reference - main quest challenges (201-400)
  1. 1-200
  2. 201-400 (THIS POST)
  3. 401-600
  4. 601-

same notes and tips apply:

  • many of the ‘defeat at least X number of [specific enemy]’ quests only have X number of enemies, no more
  • for challenges that are ‘defeat the target enemy in X turns’, if there’s more than one enemy in the target’s party, you only have to defeat the target enemy in one turn; if it takes you more than one to defeat the rest you’ll still get the reward. take advantage of this if you need to!
  • i’ve personally never had a problem completing the ‘gather at least X lux’, but i also go after every enemy on the field unless i know it’s one i can’t beat easily at my current level (morningstars, gargoyles, invisibles, etc.)
  • for challenges that are ‘clear the quest without using a continue,’ that basically means don’t die and use jewels to revive. i’m a cheapass who saves her jewels for medal draws so i don’t do this anyway, but this is usually an indicator that there are some tough enemies in the map, so be careful!
  • apple faces have red apples for a head, apple heads are those weird zombie looking motherfuckers
  • the second reward for quest 310 is a title; you’ll also get one just for clearing the quest itself. i believe the reward title is クラウド (Cloud).
  • the second reward for quest 314 the title ケルベロス (cerberus); the second reward for quest 350 is the title 泣く子もだまる (crying kid shut up). the second reward for 379 is the title クラスタ (cluster) and the second reward for 400 is the title かたまり (katamari; bundle/crowd).

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