This is the sweet sweet face of victory.
After a week of hardcore roleplay diplomacy, guarding our camp against seige and an EPIC final battle, my faction (one of five) reigned victorious!

I’m dirty and exhausted, but bubbling with stories from quest and ideas for the next. I want to tell you everything!

You enter a large cave. You notice there is ankle deep water. The water rises subtly as you walk on. It gets murkier. You start to notice cave drawings of people and strange text. As you continue on, the drawings depict giant monsters and seemingly random objects. e.g. feet, or a cave entrance, or fishing poles. All of these drawings are scribbled over violently, or have an X on them.

Dragonborn's Bizarre Adventure Special Edition

So I’ve just finished the main quest scenario in Special Edition and some interesting things happened.

So I think a lot of people have encountered this glitch before. I’ve just arrived in Sovngarde and talked with the three nord heroes that’ll help me slay Alduin.
We ran out and proceeds to do our Clear Skies shout to clear the mist but when Alduin does his shout to make the mist reapear it doesn’t happen. All I hear are the sound effects but we proceed to do our Clear Skies shout.

And in the end Alduin doesn’t appear. So I thought “Well shit I guess I’ll just use console commands then.”
So I force Alduin to appear and our battle starts. Everything seems to go smoothly and I start to feel myself lighthen a little since the command seemed to work.

So I cast my last spell at him and his health goes down to zero. So he starts doing his animation except… he doesn’t explode and turn to goo. He dies like a normal dragon and ragdolls and the quest doesn’t proceeds either.

“Well fuck I guess I’ll just have to use console commands again.” Since I need the nord guy to send me back to Skyrim.
So I do the command and I get the dragonslayer achievement.
I go up and talk with the guy and around that time I notice something weird with the sky. It’s normal, cloudy gray like in Skyrim and then the nord says he’ll send me back to Nirn nothing happens. I’m locked in place.
“Fuck… I guess I’ll have to use the console again…”

So I pause the game and google around for a while to see if anyone has encountered this glitch and to look up the coc command for the Throat of the World.
Meanwhile I took a break for maybe 45 min to eat dinner and when I came back and started the game again the screen turns blurry and the nord heroes stagger backwards.

So it was almost like the game was really slowly loading in the effects of me teleporting back to Skyrim but suprise suprise nothing happens so I need to do the command anyways.

So I get to the Thoat of the World and talk with my dragon buddies and then fast travel to Whiterun. I do have an ENB installed but the lighting is still a bit weird so I look up… and what do I see. The sky of Sovngarde.
Well whatever I think. If I’m lucky it’ll just dissapear by itself.

So I’m somewere on a road between Whiterun and Riverwood I think and paused the game again for a bathroom break.
While I was doing something else I thought it would be best if I took care of my pets before I dove in again which took maybe 20 min.

So I start the game and the screen gets all blurry again and I hear someone shout (probably the nord guy in Sovngarde) and then sky turns back to normal.

And all I thought was, “The shit you put me through Bethesda.”

anonymous asked:

How do I control my anger?

Salam Alikum

Sulayman ibn Sard said: “I was sitting with the Prophet ﷺ , and two men were slandering one another. One of them was red in the face, and the veins on his neck were standing out. The Prophet ﷺ said, ‘I know a word which, if he were to say it, what he feels would go away. If he said “I seek refuge with Allaah from the Shaytaan,” what he feels (i.e., his anger) would go away.’” (al-Bukhaari)

The Messenger of Allaah ﷺ said: “If any of you becomes angry, let him keep silent.” (Ahmad)

The Prophet ﷺ stated: “Anger comes from the Shaitan. The Shaitan was created from fire and fire is extinguished only with water. So when one of you becomes angry, he should perform wudu” (Abu Dawood)

The Messenger of Allaah ﷺ said: “If any of you becomes angry and he is standing, let him sit down, so his anger will go away; if it does not go away, let him lie down.” (Ahmad)

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