quero ser tua

Quero ser tua aprendiza. Vou me sentar aqui e observar o que tu fazes, pois quero fazer também. É incrível esse teu jeito de amar e jogar fora minhas falhas, de perdoar e afundar em sua graça. Assim como Davi disse “… E como o Oriente está longe do Ocidente, assim ele afasta para longe de nós as nossas transgressões.”. Quero me sentar aqui e aprender contigo a perdoar, a dar sem querer nada em troca, a amar, amar e amar. Quero aprender contigo a olhar atenciosamente as coisas simples da vida que com a correria passam despercebidas muitas vezes. Como é bom olhar para o céu e te sentir. Saber que tem alguém que olha por mim. As palavras têm o poder de destruir ou salvar uma vida, quero sentar aqui e aprender contigo a usar as palavras com sabedoria. Quero ser tua aprendiza, Pai. Minha natureza é pecaminosa, eu bem sei disso, mas cá estou eu, para andar na contramão, para lutar contra o meu eu, para esvaziar-me de mim mesma e encher-me de ti. Quero me achegar mais perto de ti, ser tua imitadora. Aprender contigo a singeleza de amar a todos e a todo o momento.
—  Ao sentar e conversar com Deus, Baseada na Videira.

3. QUERO SER TUA by Suzy (Portugal - 2014)

(this series is a combination of music released in 2014, and older songs I first came across this year)

Come on, did you think a Eurovision song wouldn’t be in the Top 3? I will never forget this semi-final. I was sitting in the makeshift arena in Copenhagen where Eurovision was held, screaming my lungs out during this song. Can you hear me in the video? The atmosphere in the arena was electric with thousands of gays also screaming their lungs out. When the Top 10 was revealed and the song didn’t get through to the Final, I just couldn’t believe it. How could the voting public pass on this sugary slice of fabulous? And drummers in various states of undress? SHAME ON YOU EUROPE. Suzy had the last laugh though - this song is going to be popular among all Eurovision fans who felt they were robbed, and she performed it at every Eurovision event going in 2014.


This is ALL I could think of when watching this gif


PORTUGAL’S EUROVISION SONG JUST MAKES ME SO HAPPY. It’s just so catchy, dance-y, and a little bit ridiculous! I swear to god if she doesn’t qualify I’ll cry! I really don’t understand why there is so much hate being thrown in her direction.


Best of 2010 - 2014 (one song per country)

Portugal, 2014: Suzy - Quero ser tua

The Another ESC Site Award for the Barely there dress

PORTUGAL - Quero ser tua: Suzy

10 Score for the song 
-1 Deduction for the for vocal gymnastics
  9 Total Score for PORTUGAL

Rating: #29

The Portuguese were never ever going to go anywhere this this entry, but they gave it a good go. The song is not going to have any heavy impact on anything or anybody, but they spent three minutes as enthused, and cheerful as they can be. Suzy worked on her vocals, her team worked on choreography and it seemed to flow better than the performance in the national final where she was front and centre, and everyone else was behind somewhere.