So I know I promised this to several and for anyone interested, especially the Regular Show crew if they are watching to combine my love of the show with my knowledge of numbers, science, statistics, and a tad bit of ‘magic’.

Represented visually is the ENTIRE Regular Show Season 6 data in the form of a spreadsheet and two important graphs, and graphs that contains hard links used to derive the data so you know this isn’t BS and you can check the facts. Regular Show had a crazy up and downswing but it seems to be doing just fine, I predicted before Quintel announced Season 8 that it would be back, this S6 data really reinforces that too in good confidence!

I can explain more of the ratings, methodology, anything else you guys wanna know from my end, just go to the ‘ask’ section on this tumblr. And lets keep this discussion going… what were your TOP 3 Regular Show S6 episodes (aside from what you see now)? (My top three were 1. Sad Sax, 2. Men In Uniform, 3. Merry Christmas Mordecai)

Any comments to send off to the staff? Please re-blog so maybe they see this and to keep RS going as long as they do good work! Thanks to all the supporters too, lets keep Regular Show going as long as they keep doing a fantastic job!


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Video I made from my trip to Reunion Tower.


きんじ中々いそがしい。カノ女の誕生日にダラスのレユニオンタワーに行きました。このタワーはダラスのめじるしでインタラクティブ360度の展望デッキがあります。たくさんビデオと写真をとりました。( 私はすぐに共有します) 其れから、韓国バーベキューのバイキングに食べにいった。肉を食べすぎました。毎日、運動してよく料理もします。又、私はビールのブランドをデザインしています。いつもデザインのしごとをしている。


I’ve been quite busy lately! I took my girlfriend to Reunion tower in Dallas for her birthday. It’s a Dallas landmark with an interactive observation deck. I took some video and photos that I will share soon. After Reunion tower, we went to an all-you-can-eat Korean barbecue. I ate too much meat. I’ve been exercising everyday and cooking a lot. Also, I’ve been working on an idea for a brand of beer. And other design projects as well.