Hey there tumbletons!

Hope you all are enjoying your Labor Day!  The boyf and I were planning on going camping this weekend, but it has been pretty gross and rainy over here in Jersey so that literally put a “damper” on our holiday plans.  :(  So instead, here I am writing a post– and an overdue post at that!  

I’m taking it back to last weekend’s perfectly sunny Afropunk happenings! I’ve been meaning to post about how awesome the weekend was.  Words can not describe how perfect the festival weekend was.  Nice weater, good company, good music, good people, great fashion…. the list goes on.  The only way it could’ve ben more perfect was if I sold out of all of my jewelry!  lol

I wasn’t able to get many pictures on Saturday because I was manning the station most of the day.  Theonly time i left was after the boyf came by and surprised me in the afternoon.  I was expecting him to come with me on Sunday but he he came by Saturday night.  I was so happy!  We got to see Theophilus London perform, I love his music so i was pumped for that.  

Sunday was cool and action packed, I was away from the booth a lot more than days so I had an opportunity to explore.  I got some awesome shots of festival goers and their fashion.  God, I love Brooklyn!  If I had to live in New York, Brooklyn would be it.  During the day I ran into Chef Robleé, and Saada Ahmed founders of the EveryDay People Brunch, which as you guys know I attend as often as possible.  They were having a brunch that day at the festival.  I got a pic with them rocking (and loving!) their pieces of  QuÉrica Jewelry! :)  Other fun people I ran into during the festival were Danielle Brooks aka “Taystee” from the Netflix original series Orange Is The New Black, and my cousin Tony who was giving away free hugs that day.  lol.

Sharing the booth with Sunnie was  beyond a blast!  Don’t be surprised if you see a lot more QuÉricaJewelry x BiddiesandBlokes collaborations popping up.  Yes, it was that much of a good time!Check out the highlights above, and visit my QuErica By Erica Lasan Facebook page to see the full album of all of the street style and AfroPunk happenings as I saw them.

Stay blessed and stay well!




Been a while but it’s baaaaackkkkk! QuErica Outfit du Jour!


Stopped At Tiffany’s


I wasn’t shopping there, but it sure looks like I could have been, right?  lol  The other day I was in SoHo running errands.  The weather was beautiful and I was feeling purposeful, blessed, and all types of #liverich-y!  lol  

As I was prepping to continue running errands and walking back to my bike (which has a cameo in the background, lol) a guy stopped me in the street and asked if he could take my photo.  Anyone who knows me knows that I love photos and videos– the capturing of moments in time that can never be recreated has always been something that I love about those mediums.  So I gladly said yes!

The photographer, Victor Shoup, took a couple of shots but these were the ones that he sent me because they were his faves.  As he snapped away we conversed a little (as much as we could without getting awkward open-mouthed shots, lol) I found out that he is a street photographer.   If there is another thing that you know about me, I love “street” action, haha–  all of my shows are “street” shows focusing on real and random happenings with street citizens in NYC and the DMV.  So I was really excited about what the end results would be.    There’s something gritty and real, yet very pretty about his photography, and though the camera was a digital one, the resulting image looks like it could have been taken on film.  Love it, and how glow-y he made me look even though I’m not smiling (which is very rare).  lol  I’m so happy he stopped me and captured a memory of that live rich day.

Victor has a bunch of great work that you should check out.  I feel like he should be a featured photog for Humans Of New York or something.  Check out more of his GREAT work here

Oh and I know it’s not a #FashionFriday, but I guess I should make this an outfit post too and share outfit deets,  so here they are:

  • Ethnic Corset Crop-Top: Urban Outfitters
  • Khaki Safari Skirt:  Vintage snag from my mom’s closet
  • Suede Espadrilles: Steve Madden
  • Belt”: Actually a headband/sash thing I’ve had forever.  I don’t even remember where I got it from 
  • Jewelry: all part of my handmade jewelry line, QuÉrica Jewelry.  If you like what you see and would like to purchase a piece or check out other pieces from the collection, feel free to visit the site!  

Welp, that’s it for now.  Until the next time loves!  I’m about to binge on Orange Is The New Black!  lol  G'nite!




Hey there tumbletons!!!!

Episode 3 of #FashionPediCAB is hereeeeee!  The show where we scour the streets of New York for the hottest styled outfits and speak with the people that create them.

In episode three, we hit the Theater District where we spotted Mimi in her flirty-fun mash-up of an ensemble.  Check out the video to see what this #foxy business woman is wearing!  As usual, thanks for viewing!  Please subscribe comment and share the QuÉricaTV love!





Can I get a hoo-rah for no more late video posts! We figured out the problem. ::)

Day 4’s video is live! I hope you are all touch, moved, and inspired. Please watch, share, comment, and subscribe.

One of the goals I mentioned on Day 1 is to have 30k subscribers by Feb 1st. I’m using my channel to take you along with me as I make moves to transform my life during the 90 days of the Momentum Education Leadership Program. I’m also using these videos to update you with all of the projects that I am working on while on this journey and beyond– (some really amazing, world-shifting stuff) so stay tuned!

If each person shares the channel or one of these videos with at least 5-10 people who they feel will gain from seeing outrageous momentum in action then this is more than possible! Be prepared for some amazing results, because we declare them!

‪#‎LiveRich‬ and ‪#‎HappyDreamChasing‬!




Hey there love muffins!

Here’s the last installment up my weekend catchup (as I enjoy a quiet and relaxing Sunday home with the boyf).


Anyone who lives in NY or nearby knows that there is always a good party happening somewhere…. the trick is knowing the right people to give you the scoop and the deets.  The EveryDay People Brunch IS THAT party with all of it’s fun and without the pretentious and stuck up stank!  You gotta love it– the food is good, the music is even better, everyone is dancing and having a good time, people are ooozing swag and giving fashion life… oh and your chances of randomly running into a celebrity are increased by like 100%.

This is the second one I’ve attended and let me tell you, this event is a sure recipe for a good time!

The brunch, which is co-founded and co-hosted by Chef Roblé and Saada Ahmed, started sometime last year as a monthly dance party in NYCs Lower East Side.   Since it’s then, the brunch has become so popular that they are now have them multiple times a month and are taking the party on the road.   So look out, there may be an EveryDay People coming to a City near you!  So far Roblé has posted about EP happenings going down in Texas, Cali, and Chi-town, just to name a few.

This weeks edition of brunch was epic as per the usual!  DJ Beverly Bond founder of Black Girls Rock who provided the soundtrack of ALLLLl soundtracks for the night and Solange and her boyf, Alan Ferguson were also seen in attendance.   A lot of good energy and always just a feel good situation.

Not able to make it to NYC, but want to experience the party? Look out for future episodes of QuÉricaTV… **nudge, nudge, wink, wink**

Here are highlights from the day including a magical paper napkin rose and some hot-shorts that I picked up from my homegurl Sunnie’s vintage line Biddies and Blokes after I left the brunch.  You will be seeing me in those a couple of times before summer ends #theyfitlikeaglove.  For the full album of the day’s happenings visit my QuÉrica By Erica Lasan Facebook page.  

Ps:  if you haven’t already, check out my QuÉricaTV interview with Sunnie of Biddies&Blokes here and her awesome line!)

Til next time, stay brunch-y!




All Leopard Everything

When I was in middle school I CRAZY about animal prints.  Zebra, Cheetah, Leopard, you name it i probably had it and was wearing it HARD.  The zoo had nothing on me!

I remember I had this one particular outfit that was a spandex zebra skirt and top combo that I murdered… in the non-hunter sense of the word.  Sadly I killed the animal print so much that you will rarely, if ever, see me donning an animal print these days… and definately not as an ensemble.  Well, at least not until today! 

As the heat of summer kicks in, I’ve found that the wild, risky, and scantily dressed side of me is making its way out.  Little shorts, tanks, crop tops, and a good boot are all a part of my summer uniform, and this season since realizing that I had a couple of Leopard prints, animal prints may be making its way onto the list too!

I was inspired to do this post as a salute to every feline in heat… the heat of the summer that is!  Get your minds out of the gutter!  lol

Here’s the Style Diary:

  • Jacket: from Pac Sun.  My little bro hooks me up whenever he sees and awesome men’s finds.  Loved this one!
  • Shorts: ZARA
  • Black Tank: Forever 21
  • Boots: Urban Outfitters (an On Sale score, gotta love their half off of sale sales!)
  • Umbrella: Tina purchased from Daffy’s (R.I.P. I loved that store :-( )
  • All Accessories: “QuÉrica Jewelry” (my personal jewelry line)  The day’s jewels included: “Coin Chain” Earrings ($33), “Single Coin Trio” Necklace ($77), YingYang Buddah and Assorted Stone Bracelets ($24), “The Hunter” Double Finger Ring ($95).  All accessories are handmade by me and can be found at www.QuEricaLiveRich.com.  Enter the code QuE-Tumblr at checkout and get 15% off your purchase!

Stay blessed, stay well, and stay wild! ;o)




Retro Cowgirl aka QuÉ Rick James…

So a while ago I got a bodacious weave.  It was cool for a couple weeks but then I started getting tired of it.  I was bored at work one day, and got a little stir crazy so I started combing through it with my fingers and brushing it like a madwoman– then to finish things off, I cut myself some bangs. The result?  Retro magic! :)  The new “do” took my thrown together country-esque getup to the era of peace, love and souuuuul!  lol.  I felt like there was something funny about this look, but I couldn’t put my finger on it until I saw one of these pictures… I look a little like Rick James (in a QuÉ way)!  ha!  Check it out! :)

  • Boots: BCBGeneration 
  • Skirt: Aoyama Itchome from Callalilai 
  • Top: Aoyama Itchome from Callalilai
  • All Accessories: from my jewelry line QuÉrica (featured QuÉ jewels: “Reefer”  and the “Hunter and The Hunted” crystal charm bracelets) www.quericaliverich.com

Spread the QuÉ love and Hit me up on Twitter: @QuEricaLasan and lemme know what you think yo! ;)


Le Sac Noir 

Heller my loves!!  This day’s outfit du jour makes shapeless trash bag dresses scream fabuloussssss!

  • Dress/Tunic: Aoyama Itchome
  • Leggings: Forever 21
  • Leather Jacket: TopGun
  • Shoes: Pour La Victoire
  • Accessories: (my jewelry line) QuÉrica www.QuEricaLiveRich.com–featured QuÉ jewels: Tres Caliente, Hunter&Hunted charm bracelets ;)

Check me out boiiiiii, leave a comment, and spread the QuE love! :)


Heya guys!!!  I know it’s been a while since i’ve posted buuuuuuutttt I’m back and with a whole lotta awesome!  Recently decided to do a DIY project and made it a video so that you can enjoy and have some DIY fun of your own!  Check it out if you like yourself a badass situation. Don’t forget to spread the QuÉ love and Happy crafting! :)

THANK YOU: QuÉrica's 1st Happy Hour Jewelry Party

I want to thank everyone who came out for QuÉrica by Erica Lasan’s 1st OFFICIAL Happy Hour Jewelry Party!  Great energy, great drinks, great people and great moments. Pics and official post coming soon. Thank you all for your support and I can’t wait to see you at the next one!  Have a great day and don’t forget to “live rich”! :o)



New York Fashion Week- Harlem’s Fashion Row

Last night I was honored to attend and cover New York Fashion Week’s Harlem’s Fashion Row (HFR).  The night was nothing less than pure fabulosity.  The Collections shown last night took place at JAZZ at Lincoln Center and marked the 6th Annual showase of emerging African American Fashion Designers.  The designers chosen to show this season included: Modahnik by Kahindo Mateene, Espion by Deidre Jeffries, Sandro Romans, as well as fan favorite and former Project Runway finalist Kimberly Goldson who presented her eponymous line’s SS 2014 Collection.

This Season HFR collaborated with sponsors Glaceau Smart Water and Soft Sheen Carson’s Dark and Lovely (their Au Naturale products were used to create the fabulous hair looks that were seen on the runway).

The Collections shown were amazing and really displayed the tailored talents and independent visions and spirit of each designer.  With such a creativity and beautifully crafted pieces being shown, it’s only right that I mention how beautiful the show’s attendees were as well!  Guests who came out to show support for the HFR showcase and young designers included: Basketball Wives' Tami Roman, Actress Elise Neal, Media Maven Harriette Cole, and fashion expert / “image activist" Michaela Angela Davis, and actor Justiin Davis of Boardwalk Empire just to name a few.  

Enjoy the pictures above of some of the night’s highlights, and look out for JuicyTV and QuÉricaTV videos coming soon on all the backstage action that went into creating the show!




Me and my #QuÉricaJewelry are featured on Zandile Blay’s site AfricaStyleDaily.com!  Whoop whoop!!!  Have a read! :)   



Friday Weekend Re-cap:  Floating Down the Delaware

Hey there Tumbletons, 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  I know I certainly did!  This weekend was just perfection, there’s really no other way to describe it.

It started on Friday.  A couple weeks ago the boyf asked me if I was interested in going rafting with him and a friend of his.  Of course the first thing that came to mind was white water rafting.  Why?  I have no clue.  Lord knows I don’t even know how to swim, but I told him yes, because you know, I’m always down for an adventure.  

And an adventure it was.  I HAD SOOOOOOO MUCH FUN!  It wasn’t anything like water rafting at all.  We literally floated down the Delaware River in a raft for 4 hours.  It was one of the most relaxing things I think I’ve ever done in my life– the weather was perfect, the water was calm, and the company wan’t too bad either.  ;)

The only thing that could’ve possibly made experience better was if we had thought ahead and packed food and drinks to bring onto the raft with us.  Nicks friend, Sean, was starving the first hour-and-a-half of the trip.  Luckily for him (and us too, because at that point we were getting pretty hungry), there was the Famous Hot Dog River Man– a pit stop mid-way through the river where our inclusive lunch was provided.  The lunch package we had included a drink, a snack, and 2 hotdog or 1 hamburger.  While most people who were tubing opted to eat at the snack stop, we took our food to go! 

We spent the next 2 hours floating down the river, eating and talking about life, love and the pursuit of happiness.  Like I said, perfection.  Wouldn’t you agree? 

After a day on the water and under the sun, exhaustion snuck up on me; and by the time we were on the hour drive home I was knocked out.  

It is days like this that remind me that there’s so much more to life than living to make an extra dollar.  This morning there was a message from my Yogi Tea that spoke to me: “Work, but don’t forget to live.”This is a motto that I live by, but as I am trying to pursue my ambitions, things like this speak as confirmation to me.   There’s so much to appreciate in life and most of time the riches that we should be working so hard to attain are already freely available to us.  We just have to remember to take the time and acknowledge them.

Stay blessed, Be Well, and Live Ri¢h!



s/n:  this weekend I decided I’m going to try my hand at vegetarianism.  It may seem random, but I’ve been thinking about it for a while.  So you’ll probably be seeing a bunch of random meat and food related posts from time-to-time.  Just an FYI :)



Day 25 of 90 Days of Momentum is up and it’s all about playing T.A.G.!!!  #TAGYouAreIt  





Hola Amigos!!!

Day 23and 24 of 90 Days of Momentum were posted late due to travel– but alas, here it is! :)

We are on a roll guys!  So much has happened so far during the first 25 days and we have 65 more to go!  We’re claiming #rockstar results and we need your help getting there.  

One of the goals set in Day 1 was increasing the youtube channel subscriptions to 30,000 by Feb 1st.  Please subscribe, like, comment, and share– there is some more goodness coming within the next 2 months and I’m so happy to bre taking you along as we chase these dreams and make them realities! :) 





Hi Tumbl-loves!  

Day 14 of 90 Days of Momentum was a quickie!  But the day was well spent, all the same! 

Please subscribe to the channel, comment, like and share!  The aim is to touch, move, and inspire 30k by Feb 1st, 2015!!! :)