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I can't wait for the new season!!! Like can we at least get the trailer alreadyy pleaseee 😩😩😩

It’s nice to know that they’re working on the trailer and it’s almost done, though. The sneaks JR has given us aren’t more than we’ve already gotten, though. Clarke’s outfit and gun we already saw at the end of the season. And Octavia’s bloody shot, we already saw in a BTS photo. So it’s just them in action, but no idea about what the conflict is or who is on the other side of it. 

I am looking forward to it and I’m getting excited.

I know everyone is complaining we’re not getting enough, but I think we’ve gotten a lot. I don’t want the story spoiled. Every week we get something new. BTS. STS. Articles or reviews or a little tease. I mean, we’re in the quiet time right now and it’s frustrating, but you can’t rush a season.

I do wish we could know when the airing date is. That’s scheduling. Not spoilers. 

Ok, I warn you it’s a hiatus, I’ll try to explain something, something I’m currently living and that disturb me a lot. I actually don’t feel that well with almost everything, I’ll explain why.
First, as you know I’m now 38 and, I dunno, I think it’s more and more harder to talk with people, I mean I do understand you got a job and a family, but I’ve pretty much been ignored lately and simply bypass, except when someone want to ask me something (of course). For lots you know me as an artist, but I don’t think it does make any sense now. You know I tried at one point to be a cosplayer to be accepted and I just end in a huge failure (not the body type plus I’m blond and that’s not helping that most of the characters are not, I wanted to do sport but that I was like “what for ? for who, myself or the others ?”.)
More than that I feel literally rejected, unloved and all, being ignored is the worst part.
I work and do my best professionnaly and for people to have a decent life but all in all, everything is without any taste, I don’t want new stuff, I know people love having material stuffs but I’m not like that, I haven’t been educated that way.
All in all I feel that I’m pushed behind, to just a name or a contact you call when you need and not a contact you want to be with (or be anymore)…


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1. Nicknames: Moni, Monikute.

2. Gender: Female.

3. ⭐ sign: Virgo.

4. Height: 5′4, I’m quite small. ;;;

5. Time: 4 pm.

6. 🎂: August 24th.

7. Favourite band: I don’t have a favourite band at the moment;;;

8. Favourite solo artist: Too much to choose. ;;

9. Song stuck in my head:  † CΛIN † - † † †

10. Last movie I 👀: Spirited Away.

11. Last show I 👀: Hetalia- Other than that I don’t remember.

12. When did I create my blog: July 2017? Probably? >:0

13. What do I post (or reblog): Art for asks, currently on a Hiatus though. *cri*

14. Last thing I googled: Tumblr.

15. Do I have any other blogs: Nope. though I’m planning on creating a Deus blog soon. <3

16. Do I get asks: Yes, Yes, I do need to answer them soon–

17. Why I chose my url: My Albert bean became popular to the point I had to make a blog of him, bless.

18. Following: G o o d  A e s t h e t i c  B l o g s .

19: Followers: 488.

21.  Average hours of 💤: BARELY.

22. Lucky number: 16? Don’t ask why. ^:’)

23. Instruments: Piano is ma shit.

24. What am I wearing: A big black jumper and black pants.

25. Dream job: Animator? Though I haven’t planned yet.

26. Dream trip: Visit Norway and learn the language, Norway is just  👌

27. Favourite food: (B U R R I T O  A N D  P U S S Y) Wait, what?

28. Nationality: (Prussian-Lithuanian) Lithuanian.

30. Favourite song right now: † CΛIN † - † † †

hearing Liam say how much the stress actually got to him pains me so much. I mean, we knew it and we knew they were overworked and they really deserved a break. what pains me is that most likely this is what they remember from their time as a band? being overworked, being tired, frustrated? never. enough. always on the go?
earlier this year I was working on a big project with two coworkers. we got along really well and I’m glad I can call them my friends now but when we think back the first thing that pops into our mind is that we worked 12 to 15 hours a day, six or seven days a week. we did have fun doing it, it was a great project and it turned out great. there are many memories from these two months: “haha, do you remember when the two of you were literally lying on the office floor in the middle of the day, feet propped up on a chair ?” (because our legs apparently hurt from sitting too much) - “do you remember when X teared up because we were out of coffee?” - “do you remember how shocked Y was when they noticed it was Thursday.“ (because when every day is the same the days feel like one massive blur) HAHA, yeah, look how much fun we had.
in hindsight we did laugh a lot doing it, and I know a few people were actually jealous of what we had and how close we got over doing it. I remember being sad when it was over. However, I also remember how much weight I took in these two months, how many painkillers I took because of the headache from the lack of sleep and the constant sitting, how stressed and moody I was outside of work, how much I fought with my girlfriend and how worried my parents were.
if our boss came to us now and asked whether we could do a similar project again we wouldn’t be happy about it. we would do it because we don’t want to lose our jobs, reluctantly though. (one of my coworker would maybe even leave the company instead because it nearly ruined their relationship.)
what I want to say is that even though One Direction did have fun doing this together and even though they love being around each other, THIS [the stress, the pressure] might be what lasts. I did it for two months but they did it for what??? FIVE YEARS! and it pains me so much and I feel bad and guilty because something that brought me so much joy actually made them so unhappy and affected their health. (I know it’s not our fault, it’s the management and their contract but still.)
I would love to see them back together, ooohhh believe me !! I can’t put into words how happy I would be. NOT if their health is the price though.

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Can you explain your tags on that post about a ten years contract? Thank you!

Hi anon, i’ll try my best (me and english: a notp ;)

The hiatus has never made sense to me. Regardless of what Liam said, it seems that they have commitments as solo artists for a long term (world tours –cheers-)  so why didn’t they simply break up the band? They could easily decide to come back together later, as a lot of boybands already did. Why did they decide to stay on hiatus for so long? What’s more, it looks like they have the same media image, and the resulting obligations, as when they were active members of 1D. In particular, can Louis’ decision to stay with Simon and his situation with Eleanor and Freddie be explained just saying their contract expired but he lost a legal war with Syco? I’m not sold on this theory, given that the other boys seem to have the same media image as before, too (Let’s talk, for example, about Harry, shared clothes and blurry pictures, but also daddy Liam and carefree Niall ) So my theory (one of them at least lol) is that their contract had a term, and obligations about the number of albums and tours. They likely fulfilled the latter, but not the duration of the contract, so they were free to go in hiatus and go solo ( with the right of first refusal )  but they still had to be officially members of 1d (ergo, maintain that image), because their contract was not expired. So, given what Liam said about 2020, the theory of that anon, on a ten years contract after X-Factor, like for example Kelly Clarkson with America Idol, can make sense to me. In any case, I hope they will be free of Simon when they’ll be back (and they’ll be back because they want it, not just because they have to)

edit: anon, i forgot to say (thanks to @afulltimelarrie who reminded me) that given that they didn’t have a tour for mitam, it’s also possible they had a ten years contract, fullfilled all ther albums/tours obligations but the tour for mitam and agreed on going in hiatus, on condition that they come back before the ten years mark for that tour. 2020 makes sense in this hypothesis too, because they would have a tour just before october/december 2020. Obviously, i prefer the other option, because i’d love to see them back together free from Simon, and not just because they have to. Either way, i don’t think they’re free yet,

Carica la tua pistola e punta alla mia tempia, che nella vita ormai più nulla mi spaventa.
—  Yota Damore