What if you had to load a punch like you do a gun? Jack and Jack #QuePasa

Social Times is reporting that Quepasa and myYearbook are merging in an effort to “create nothing less than the public market leader in social media arena.”  While both companies have extensive background in social media, their goal is to expand using each other’s large user base.

While Quepasa targets the Latino community, myYearbook is apparently incredibly popular with the teen and young adult demographic.  Check out the article to get more details on the $100 million merge.

I personally find the idea of myYearbook a little shady.  The premise “focuses on the people users want to know rather than the people they already know.”  I’m not comfortable with this considering such a young, and seemingly naive, demographic is reaching out to people they don’t know.  Isn’t that the number one concern for parents everywhere?  That their children will get involved with people they don’t know online? Or am I missing something here…


And here they are! 

One good thing about Karaw Craftventure is that they are empowering the women inmates of Naga City Correctional facility to actualize their potentials as productive members of our society. Not only are the women inmates earning from making plush toys, they are also involved in designing. From the initial designs I gave them, they were able to express their creativity in choosing and pairing colors, patterns, and textures. They also maintain high quality control of the products.