Just look at this photo and say one more time that they can’t act. This is the scene after they held hands (which was improvised). Yumi is looking up with a dreamy sight probably thinking about Ulrich and the situation happened before. The same with Ulrich. He’s looking down with a smirk on his face and he’s probably also thinking about Yumi. This photo is just perfect just like their acting in this scene.



Helloooo everyone :D miss me?

I’ve got some news to tell you and I think you might be interested because I get very luck! As you can see, I met Quentin and Melanie at the Comic con in Paris, it was just like a dream!

Sunday, the team of codelyoko.fr was waiting for the actors, and when they arrived (at 2 PM), it felt like we were discuting with some friends. They were really nice and simple, they took the time to talk with every fans and took a picture with everyone. 

And also as you can see I met Morgiane, Quentin’s sister and she’s really sweet (btw if you see this : hellooo girl :D)

I think everybody already knows that but they’re HILARIOUS! If you don’t understand french, Melanie signed me an autograph that says “I’ll lend you Quentin sometime…” XD

And one more thing, they say hello to everyone on tumblr ! :D

SO YEAH, I think it’s time for me to go back on tumblr, I miss you guys so much! And more pictures will be posted on wednesday on cl.fr so be prepared people !