quentin was right


 updated favorite films 

21. Raging Bull 

22. pulp fiction 

23.  Rashomon 

24 . Se7en 

25. Pan’s labyrinth

26.  Nightcrawler 

27.  Do the right thing 

28. Donnie darko 

29. eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

30 . The butterfly Effect 

  • What she says: im fine
  • What she means: Quintavious Quinirus Quire aka Quentin Quire aka Kid Omega is a severely underappreciated character with many deep nuances and complexities with how wonderfully his story tells the tale of a young teenager who struggles to find a purpose in life while being incredibly lonely in a world that hates him so he begins to lash out and rebel in whatever way he can in order to get any form of attention he can even if its negative in order to validate his existence
Smut prompts for Penny/Quentin

Because we all know these guys have massive (sexual) tension. 

  • If you don’t stop humming Taylor Swift I’m going to come over there and make you stop.
  • Oopsies, did I just accidentally travel into the room while you’re getting changed?
  • I really, really need to test this spell out… for science 
  • You’ve got some dirty shit in your mind, Quentin… how about we make it a reality
  • You’re an asshole Penny. Speaking of…
  • Only sex-magic will save us from The Beast!
  • You’re singing Taylor Swift again
  • You slept with Margo and Eliot, I slept with Alice… seems only fair that we sleep together to complete the circle.
  • You want me to give you your nerd book back? Make me.
Tarantino gothic
  • you always take the opportunity smoke a cigarette when you’re passenger seat in the car, roll the windows down late at night and turn up the radio
  • you’re always sort of hoping that a fight breaks out everywhere you go, just so that you can get in the middle of it and make someone bleed
  • shitty diners with pleather seats are your heart and soul, black coffee and breakfast for dinner
  • you hate your job and are tempted every day to rob a bank and run away or become a dealer
  • motherfucking dark sunglasses
  • you’ve always got to get your rant in, even if you’re at a party and your friends want to dance, once you get started on something you can’t stop