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Moriarty had Bond and Q right where he wanted them. This time he would destroy all three Holmes brothers at once. 

Mycroft and M knew that Moriarty had the keycode needed to take down all the computers in the Eurozone if not all the Middle East, Japan and Australia. Moriarty was working with hackers in both China and North Korea while he toyed with MI5 and 6 as well as the Holmes Brothers.

The icing on the cake for Moriarty was Sherlock’s little brother Quentin – a white hacker by trade. Could his loyalty for Bond and his brothers make him the perfect target and defector? What would Q do to keep Bond and his brothers alive and well?

Bond and Q are now on the run from Moriarty but he knows where they are. He keeps sending Mycroft, M and Sherlock photos he’s taken of Q and Bond on the lam. They are slacking if they think they are hidden from Moriarty’s prying eyes.

I’d stay away Q if you know what’s good for you and those you love!

Holmes Family Headcanon

Okay, so I’ve been meaning to write this down for ages!

- There are 4 Holmes brothers - Mycroft, Sherlock, Sherrinford (Martin) and Quentin.

- Mycroft was born to Sieger and Violet Holmes a year after their wedding (well, 9 months and a bit really). Violet was 23 years old, Sieger 25. Mycroft is now 41.

- There is a 7 year age-gap between Sherlock and Mycroft making Sherlock 34.

- There is a 4 year gap between Sherlock and Sherrinford (the result of Sieger’s short-term affair), who is now 30.

- Quentin is the youngest Holmes at only 23. There’s a 7 year age-gap between him and Sherrinford. Quentin was unplanned, a surprise after Sieger was finally allowed home. Violet was 41 when Quentin was born, and there is a difference of eighteen years between the youngest and eldest brothers.

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Characters: Mycroft and Q

Setting: During The Blind Banker

Synopsis: Mycroft drops in to say a few words to Q before leaving to attend to more serious matters. 

Rated: E for Everyone (unless you have something against god complexes and snide remarks then maybe not everyone..)

Author’s note: I just wanted to see them interacting and to test how their relationship works with each other. :) Btw, this is not a shipping fic. Unless you do ship them, then more power to you.

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Bondlock Time!!!!

00Q / Johnlock: Meeting Parents!!!!

First Part:

Quentin Holmes , aka Q , the quartermaster of MI6 and boyfriend of the agent 007, James Bond, receives a call from his parents, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, to ask him that he take his partner for a weekend with the family. 

Quentin accepts and gives the news to James during a mission. James tells him that he knows Sherlock , and he worked with him on a mission many years ago and they were not on good terms, but agrees to go with him to tells Sherlock that he loves his son. 

However, Sherlock is not happy with the relationship that his son has with the agent, he is willing to use all his have to force him to leave alone Quentin. John, his husband, tries to reason with him, but Sherlock is a genius, and he is very foolish at such times.

Finally, Quentin and James arrive at 221B Baker Street to visit Quentin’s parents, but when they meet, the contempt between Sherlock Holmes and James Bond returns.”

to be continued…


“John, You’re stating the obvious again,” sighed Sherlock as he surveyed the crime scene.

“There’s another Holmes brother!” said John again completely surprised but not really. Nothing Sherlock or his family did ever totally took him by surprise anymore.

The family resemblance was there. The dark shaggy hair, the killer cheekbones with an air of mystery surrounding them. How had John not known?

Emrys looked at John quizzically, “You haven’t told him, Sherlock? There’s two of us.”

(The Holmes twins didn’t like to talk about their meddling and annoying older brothers!)



Molly’s Marril never liked Pikachu. Pikachu couldn’t understand why but then Pikachu loved Sherlock. He couldn’t understand why people were so harsh to Sherlock. 

Sherlock was only being honest and telling the truth. What’s the harm in that?

The Holmes Brothers were master Pokemon trainers except for Quentin Holmes. His Togepi was a gift from 007 after he found a mysterious pokeball hidden in the wall of the Moscow underground. Q wasn’t sure what to do with a crying baby pokemon at MI6. 

Sherlock’s lip lifted into an almost smile… Q would soon learn how to bond with his Pokemon. If Mycroft could do it so could his little brother.


Oh what a tangled web they weave. Are John and James really together? Or is this just their first meet up since the botched mission in Afghanistan? Is Q worried about Sherlock or is he really worried that James has moved on? Should Sherlock be worried about John? How loyal is John?

Obviously Mycroft knows more than he’s divulging but that’s Mycroft for you. MI6, 007, the British Government – a finger in every pie.

“When do you leave?” asked Q. Quentin refused to look at Bond. It was bad enough Q gave into his craving for Bond but he wouldn’t look like an eager schoolboy.

“We could go right now. I have a room upstairs but you know that don’t you?” drawled Bond. Using Q’s crush against him gave James leverage. He needed it if he wanted to stop falling hard for the brainy, quirky quartermaster.

Bondlock Headcanon:

Quentin, or Q, is very intelligent just like his two older half-brothers, as all Holmes boys are.
He is able to make well off deductions but not as well as Mycroft or Sherlock.

Quentin does, however, have more heart than Sherlock or Mycroft. He’s willing to show genuine sympathy and compassion for those who deserve it.

Despite all of his mild passive-aggression and sardonic remarks toward his brothers, he becomes very over protective of them when something becomes a potential threat. But he wouldn’t dare tell you that, if you asked him.