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Olicity: Luxuriance

Anonymous said: Can you write a fic (not dialogue) about pregnant olicity? Maybe them telling the team or something

It happens on Sara’s third birthday.

They’ve been enjoying things in their bubble, the one they’ve fallen into since the positive pregnancy test became a permanent fixture in their lives. She’d crept nervously over to him as he served up dinner one night, placed the plastic stick into his hands, and watched that soul-deep look of joy spread over his face. Since then, they’d existed in this closed off space where between bouts of morning sickness there was nothing but smiles and a nervous excitement they weren’t sure how much longer they could contain.

But they kept it to themselves. They’d debated telling select few, but wanted to wait until they had all okay from the doctor before announcing it officially. Unfortunately, the issue of who to tell didn’t leave them with many options. Telling Thea would leave small hints that would trickle through to Digg, which included Lyla, which lead to Curtis, who might hint something at work, then Sara, who might get that ‘I have seen the future’ look they were starting to fear, then Donna, who quite frankly, would have an announcement out before they could finish their sentence.

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