quentin collins


Windcliff Declassified File 937


"It was a triumphant return to Collinwood. I was welcomed with open arms by those ready to accept me as a cousin from England…"

"Not much changed at Collinwood. At least I was on the right side. As for Barnabas? He seemed to be at the heart of it all. My greatest fear wasn’t the Leviathans (whatever they were)."

"It was the prospect of destroying the only good man I ever met."


Windcliff Declassified File 935


"Out of the jaws of death and…what? Down its throat? Julia explained everything to me, and I resisted helping. Why?"

"Between us, I was angry that I should come forward seventy years only to find that Collinwood needed saving again…"

"There was only one man I knew of who could ride in on the stallion and save the day."

"Barnabas Collins."

"Unfortunately, it looked like I was being asked to kill him."