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Get To Know Me Tag

Thanks @simsleyy for tagging me :)

1. First person you messaged on tumblr?

honestly I haven’t messaged anyone by myself that wasn’t a tag or anything (I’m shy) so I don’t think that counts, but the first person that messaged me was @cyphsims

2. Last person you messaged on tumblr?

the last person I messaged was @simsleyy  (I don’t think I’ve messaged anybody in a week, antisocial much) 

3. Original blog name?

my first blog name was marenplays for about a day but then I didn’t like it anymore so I changed it to sneakysimsie 

4. # of posts in your quene?

5 terrible dialogue posts :)))))

5. Who are you going to tag?

Sorry if I tagged you and you already did this (btw tagging followers that I don’t think have done this)

@mysticllamasim @saroskysims @syrupsimming @misfitifulsims @wolfsimss @awkward–simmer @kateplayssims @messysimblr @cherrychaossim @ttrashlordd @spaceage-crystal


  ❤ I adore u,  Adore

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