oh yay! ok here we go

1) I am a virgin and I am waiting till marriage until I have sex (though I have had my share of fun)


2) I am 30 years old and I still visit comic shops and watch cartoons


3) I am a christian and it’s a big part of my life, but I don’t feel Christians have the right to judge people nor should they force their beliefs down anyone’s throats. So you won’t ever hear me preach unless asked about my faith.


4) All of my tattoos are very personal and have deep sentimental value


5) I have a 3 year old (on the 16th) goddaughter that I think the world of and I try to see her a few times each week


6) I have a phobia of large bodies of water and I rarely ever get into pools, lakes, oceans. Though I will sit on the beach and enjoi the view. And it’s hard for me to drive over bridges but I’m getting over that. Maybe one day I’ll overcome my phobia all together.


7) I’ve been playing music since 1995 and I’ve been in a bunch of bands and can play 4 instruments and I can compose for any instrument


8) Although I keep my hair short and shaved now, when I was in a band out of high school I had my hair down to my waist.


9) I once dated a lesbian and it’s not as fun as you’d think. (Before you all have a cow, yes she was in fact a lesbian. We had known each other and had feeling for each other for years, even before she became a lesbian, so one summer we decided to see where things led. In the end she wasn’t ready to identify with a role/label that wasn’t lesbian and so we ended it.)


10) The Breakfast Club is my all time favorite movie and I once Directed a music video that was inspired by the film. In fact the opening scene is as close to a shot by shot recreation as I could manage.

Giving you a little insight about what my Monday has been like. I’ve been tagging and commenting on what I have stuck in drafts for you guys, ready for queuing up when there’s room.

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Here’s a Bean to either frighten or persuade you with his adorableness.

I'm bored. Waiting for the people I'm pet sitting for to come home.

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(*quements is copyright, maybe, Chris Hardwick and co at Nerdist. It’s a question, it’s a comment, it’s a quement. Credit were credit is due. I love that man.)