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what do you think joe says in the last part of bloodflood part ll? and by the meanings of the lyrics in every other freckle, warm foothills and pusher do you think he's a romantic guy or a dirty guy?

Ahh yes, the old “What the heck is Joe singing” debate. Here’s the thing. He has said he doesn’t even know, that he ad libs it on stage, and that when he recorded it, he had to go back and listen to it to find out what he said. I have NO idea. Every time I listen to it I hear something different. (To be honest, I’m more interested in what Gus is singing in the background just before the “quelea, quelea” begins!) 

I think Joe is deeply romantic but with an absolutely unashamed sense of openness when it comes to sex. I don’t think he considers his lyrics “dirty” because he doesn’t consider sex dirty. I have seen video of him discussing things that would peel the wallpaper off my room, and he doesn’t blush or even blink. I think he is blissfully living in that wonderful place of aware innocence where nothing is off limits and talking about it is almost as much fun as doing it. 

A while back he said his girlfriend brought her parents and grandparents to a performance. Can you imagine singing his lyrics in that situation? “Hi, I’m Joe, your granddaughter’s boyfriend and I want to turn her inside out and lick her like a crisp packet.”

Holy crap.