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  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: Ao3's most read fic has 844,743 hits. Any book with those readership numbers would end up in all the top most read lists in the world. If we put our money where our mouth is and consumed queer literature by queer writers not only it would become normal to see queer representation in libraries, but we would also distribute wealth to queer writers. Instead we continue consuming the same old media by the same old white cishet male creators and providing it with free advertisement with our fanfiction and I don't get why you all are okay with this!!!

I made this and I would just like to say that if you supported Trump, please unfollow me. I do not want someone who thinks a man like this should be president to look, nor admire what I write.


*Letters between Forster and Isherwood on Homosexuality and Literature (2008) edited by Richard E. Zeikowitz. **The drawings of Isherwood and Forster on the book cover are by Don Bachardy.  :-)  In fact, the book was dedicated to Bachardy by the editor.

***A letter where Isherwood is sending his high praise to Forster for his book, Maurice.

Favorite quotes about Maurice from Isherwood’s letter:

”What a book! In some ways, your very best.” - Totally agree, Christopher!

“And Maurice himself is a masterpiece–one of the few truly noble characters of fiction.” - Heck yeah! You better believe it!

“I have nothing, really, to criticize about the ending–except that you shouldn’t stop there. Or there should be a sequel.” - I love that Isherwood was demanding a sequel! LOL! 

“I should love to know what [Alec and Maurice] are doing now.” - The moment when Isherwood became ALL of us in the Maurice fandom.

The San Francisco Writer's Conference LGBTQ+ "Pop-up" Conference

Some of you may know me as an intern and assistant to Laurie McLean, co-director of the San Francisco Writer’s Conference, the SFWC Foundation, and a founding Partner of Fuse Literary Agency. Some of you may know me as a published author. Some of you may know me as the freelance editor of Simon Alkenmayer’s “The Creature’s Cookbook” series.

But I now have a new thing to tackle, and that is that I’ve been asked to help fact-find and organize a new and exciting wing of our organization. The SFWC is in the early stages of planning several inexpensive. single-day, in-person or online conferences tailored to a few specific areas of publishing. In light of the current political climate, we are focusing mostly on diversity in the industry, and our first idea is an LGBTQ+ focused conference.

What I want to know is this: what sorts of things do you want to learn? If you are a writer (of any genre) who is queer/non-cis or write characters who are, what is it that is most important to you? Are you interested in craft-based classes that help you shore up plots or characters, give ideas about technique or process? Are you interested in understanding how the industry is changing and how well it has embraced diversity? Are you interested in meeting certain industry professionals like agents, editors, authors, etc? Do you want to learn how to write a query letter that highlights your unique voice and subject matter? What specific things would help you best?

Do you have any ideas about the organization of a writing conference, in other words, what style is most helpful to you? SFWC often has a great mix of lecture/Q&A sessions, meet and greets, speed-dating, pitchcraft, keynote speakers, and one-on-one meetings. How would you like your conference to look?

This is the early stages of planning, and right now I am just researching. Our goal is to provide enough information to get the voices heard, so we definitely want to craft a conference that fits you best!

If you’d be willing to pass this to all the writers you know who might be interested, I would be very grateful for the input!

Thanks very much.

anonymous asked:

the other day a 'friend' was describing my style as q***r library chic or smth, and i just wanted to look at them and be like. lesbian. the style is called lesbian

That’s SO annoying. God, any chance of this friend being receptive if you sit them down and say that yr not comfortable being called “queer?”

Also, uh, lesbian library chic is actually alliterative and CLEARLY the better choice for that reason alone.