queers and gears

I think my favorite is the line “I’m not sure he’s ‘Gay’, yeah sure he’s gay for BB, but that doesn’t…”

hey friends!

so, your dear mod is starting to have to pay my my student loans…eep! therefore, i’m offering a sale on my etsy shop. i’m going to spend all today putting up new queer/bi listings. i’m also available to do custom buttons if you want something more personalized. (for example: “bisexual dragon” or “femme bi snack queen” etc etc) i can do handwritten, like the photo above, collage style, or simply typed text (which is best for long quotes). message me on etsy if you wanna throw around ideas.

the code is “SUMMERSALE” for 15% off your total order–you enter the code at the checkout page. I also added a coupon code that’s sent to your email after you place an order as a thank you.


please share & boost!

–Sara <3

ps–i’m also open to trading zines/buttons/whatever.

Decided to follow up yesterday’s pic of my rifle with a full gear loadout.

Pictured is:

  • LBT 6094B Slick Plate Carrier, with issued Large SAPI strike plates, with attached IFAK, 27oz Source hydration pouch, and side magazine pouches (with Esstac KYWI inserts)
  • GoRuck SD25 Backpack
  • FrankenAR, with Primary Arms MD06, BCM Gunfighter Keymod VFG, Surefire M951 w/ LED head
  • Emdom E-MM Gunslinger Sling
  • Oakley Lightweight SI Gloves
  • VTAC Cobra buckle belt
  • Bravo Concealment RTT Light-Bearing Holster
  • Army RFI-issued combat pants
  • CZ P09 with a Streamlight TLR-1s
  • Howard Leight Impact Sport earmuffs
  • Smith Optics Aegis Echo eyepro
  • Garmont T8 boots

Some of this stuff (namely the plates and IFAK) will have to be replaced in the next year since I’ll have to return them when I ETS, I’m going to have to be on the lookout for replacements.

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call for submissions!!

so it took a while to get this together, but The Queer Sherlockian is gearing up to create its first issue which will hopefully be printed in time for sherlock seattle!!

here’s what we’re looking for:

  • poetry at or under 500 words
  • prose and meta at or under 1000 words
  • art or graphics or photos that you feel are relevant

there’s not going to be a theme for this first issue, so just anything pertaining to queerness in holmes is accepted!! minor or major characters, whatever pairings you want if there’s a pairing (and there doesn’t have to be!!) just anything that pertains to sherlockiana and is queer

the only rule for submitting is that you have to be queer - whether that be somewhere on the aro or ace spectrums, whether you’re genderqueer, if you’re trans, if you’re gay or bi or pan, if you consider yourself queer feel free to submit!