They now probably think we’re all about being identity politics police, we’re probably not about having fun and we’re mean, instead of real or something. Pun? haha.

Well, see the thing is, one of the main reasons why I wanted to tell folks RVIVR’s decision to peace out because of their “uncomfortableness” with the term “white dude” was because I felt like a conversation was possible, you know growth was possible.

Because this is pretty elemental stuff, but maybe because it’s Olympia, WA these things were still super new to them, so we could try to do this borderless solidarity and re-create punk in our own terms. 

Just like they said in their banter in TO, that this isn’t 1980, its 2013, and as such, shit NEEDS to change, and change happens when we educate one another. No?
(obviously not everyone is in this position, and some of us are frankly exhausted, and sometimes white folk need to talk to one another to learn some shit and thats, I think awesome)

And Toronto is changing, we’re getting much more sick and tired of shit over here. HC shithead bro, you’re next! 

And don’t come to me with this shit like, my identity as a bro is being dismissed and I’m upset, because bro, you own the world, and that’s your shit, and yes I’m challenging it. Brown or whatever, white and cis, your bro-ness is a way of existing that is socialized to be dominant, so check it.

And trans bros, you gotta unlearn some shit too, remember. patriarchy hurts us all. and we still live in a world where being read as feminine is fucking shit. And it’s still extremely dangerous for us.

And the feminine people out there, we need to remember not to continue doing the bro’s emotional work for them ok? because that’s also how we’re socialized to be under patriarchy.

I don’t care how white you are and I don’t take POC folk for granted, if I feel you’re worth it, I’ll try to give you my two cents, and expect you to respect me just as much and listen to me, so that we can like, work together no? 

I value relationship, I value confrontation, and I want to live in a community where we’re checking our shit all the damned time.

And doing something about it. Actively looking to live in the imagined safety we’ve always craved.