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Hello SoCal queers,

SQUAD (Solidarity, Queer Unity and Diversity) will be having its first meeting NEXT Sunday. As a collective, our mission is to build more queer visibility and solidarity within the punk and hardcore scene. One of the biggest problems with the scene is that even though it fosters understandings of queer sexualities and genders, there seems to be a general lack of visibility from actual queer individuals. That is, while many punk and hardcore bands talk about dismantling the heteropatriarchy, most of it seems to be token acknowledgement. Though allies are appreciated, we need them to step down and help US create a space where we can use our own voices in the production of ideas, shows, zines, and dialogues. 

If you are sick and tired of being the only queer kid at a show, anarchist event, or vegan potluck, here’s your chance to help build more visibility and growth within our scene. We are just as angry and ready for change as any other punk and hardcore kid. Indeed, our love of punk and hardcore stems from our hatred of a world that denigrates our entire being. 

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“With all the dialogue about gender that perpetually swirls around us, whether it’s the consolidation and circulation of gender norms or the critical thought that those of us who resist those norms engage in on a constant basis, the idea of gender being over provides a certain sense of relief. Of course, gender is not over; despite the cracks we’ve made in its foundation, gender is a material reality that continues to structure our daily existence, our life chances, our expressions of self and identity, and much more. To conceptualize gender being over, we have to imagine a future time, a utopian horizon (to borrow from Jose Munoz) at which we haven’t yet arrived. So for me, it’s about relieving myself of some of the stress that attends the barrage of gender discourse in our present, while thinking about how we might ache towards a future time when gender may, in fact, be over (if we want it).”

Listening to the new Solanas full length The Distance Within Our Bodies and drinking coffee in Friedrichshain. 80’s infused Queer Screamo. It’s so good! #goodstart #goodsaturday #ukscreamo #skramz #realscreamo #queerscreamo #queerpunk #friedrichshain #berlin #bialetti #moka by xquadsx http://ift.tt/1IabSsf