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Hello SoCal queers,

SQUAD (Solidarity, Queer Unity and Diversity) will be having its first meeting NEXT Sunday. As a collective, our mission is to build more queer visibility and solidarity within the punk and hardcore scene. One of the biggest problems with the scene is that even though it fosters understandings of queer sexualities and genders, there seems to be a general lack of visibility from actual queer individuals. That is, while many punk and hardcore bands talk about dismantling the heteropatriarchy, most of it seems to be token acknowledgement. Though allies are appreciated, we need them to step down and help US create a space where we can use our own voices in the production of ideas, shows, zines, and dialogues. 

If you are sick and tired of being the only queer kid at a show, anarchist event, or vegan potluck, here’s your chance to help build more visibility and growth within our scene. We are just as angry and ready for change as any other punk and hardcore kid. Indeed, our love of punk and hardcore stems from our hatred of a world that denigrates our entire being. 

Join US!


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Slouch 2015 Summer Tour

Hey y’all, Slouch has stuck around the PNW for a long time now but just so ya know we are still kickin! We’re working on finishing up a new tape right now that we will have ready for our five week U.S. summer tour that starts July 1st! Listed below are the dates we have planned right now. This is a fairly finalized version of our list, but keep in mind it is all subject to change. Thanks for being the best babes and asking us to come through your cities. It is really helpful to know where we have reached, and who wants us to come to town! It is also super unexpected and sweet because I usually just assume people hate everything about me cuz I’m a real anxiety-guy. Anyway, check out our tour plan!


7/1 - Portland, OR

7/2 - Chico, CA

7/3 - Oakland, CA

7/4 - Bay Area, CA

7/5 - Los Angeles, CA @ Bridgetown DIY

7/6 - Las Vegas, NV @ the Womb Room

7/7 - Flagstaff, AZ

7/8 - Phoenix, AZ

7/9 - Tucson, AZ

7/10 - El Paso, TX

7/11 - Austin, TX (free slurpee day!!)

7/12 - Houston, TX

7/13 - New Orleans, LA

7/14 - Tallahassee, FL

7/15 - Gainesville, FL

7/16 - Columbia or Greenville, SC

7/17 - Asheville, NC

7/18 - Baltimore, MD

7/19 - Brooklyn, NY

7/20 - Boston, MA

7/21 - Providence, RI

7/22 - Philly, PA

7/23 - Pittsburgh, PA

7/24 - Columbus, OH

7/25 - Chicago, IL

7/26 - Chicago, IL

7/27 - Minneapolis, MN @ Memory Lanes w/ Tensor (Portland)

7/28 - Iowa City

7/29 - Kansas City, MO

7/30 - Oklahoma City, OK

7/31 - Denver, CO


8/1 - Salt Lake City, UT

8/2 - Boise, ID

8/3 - Spokane, WA

8/4 - Seattle, WA

8/5 - Olympia

If y’all see any dates you could help with, or know solid contacts for, let me know! Most of the dates we have covered but it doesn’t hurt to have back up plans, and some of them we are still looking for contacts (like El Paso for example, or even if you know a better city to stop in between Tucson and Austin…) Thanks y’all! See you soon!


PLESE RSVP AS SPACE IS LIMITED - http://hyperurl.co/queerpunks

We honor all identities within and outside the standard ways of understanding what “queer” and “LGBTQ” means including those who reject these labels. All are welcome.
In todays age, we follow hashtags, post on instagram and tweet our support for the LGBTQ movement but do we truly know each other? Have we meet the members that make up our own community?

Join us for a night of meditation and connection as we share our stories and come together to form a more supportive music scene for ourselves each other and the future. Hosted by @budthechud & @dasangeles in association with @queerpunksunite #queerpunksunite