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Every time a post on queerplatonic relationships makes its way around tumblr, the comments are inevitably filled with a flood of “IT’S CALLED FRIENDSHIP” or “WHY DO YOU NEED A WORD FOR THIS.”

Do you honestly think society regards friendship as an acceptable substitute for romance and marriage?  The thing is, most aros would LOVE if it could just be called friendship.

Because that would mean a world where:

  • Friendships are considered equal to or sometimes *SHOCK HORROR* more important than romantic relationships.  This is not an exceptional occurrence.
  • Romantic partners know that they might not be their datemate’s Most Important Person and are not bothered by this.
  • People commonly plan major life events around their friends up to and including housing, finances, employment, ect.
  • It is common for people to be in their 30s, 40s, 50s, hell even old age having lived with friends that entire time and no one has ever asked them why they’re not married.
  • It is common for people to have a committed lifelong partnership with their friend and no one bats an eye.
  • Having a life friend is considered something that can be regarded as equally close to marriage.  It is also taken just as seriously.

Until the day that those are true, friendship is unfortunately not an accurate word to convey the types of relationships we’re talking about. 

You can fall in love with anyone. You can fall in love and it not be romantic. No matter what anyone says, falling in love doesn’t have to be a strictly romantic concept. You are allowed to fall in love with someone without romance. You can fall in love with your friend and they still be just a friend, an agaplatonic partner, not a romantic interest. Falling in love does not equal romance. You can fall in love with more than one person.

Five years from now we’ll get a small apartment somewhere in the city. In the evenings we’ll go sit out on the fire escape. It’s a little chilly but we’ll bring blankets. We can read our favorite books out loud, or listen to music, or just relax and watch the people walking along the street.