Stop saying "kweer" 2k17

Seriously guys it makes fun of queer IDing people. It devalues my identity. That’s not cool at all.

Ace discoursers, you’re trying to aim it towards people you view as cishet. Though it’s harming people who by your standards aren’t cishet.

Please stop. It’s not cool. It’s not funny. It’s harmful to people who aren’t straight and/or cis.

Stop leaving women of color out of discussions about racism.  Please.  We are criminalized, fetishized, and targeted just as much as (if not more than) cishetero men of color.

Stop leaving us queer people of color out of discussions about oppression against LGBT+ communities.  We are more likely to be targeted than our white contemporaries in every way.

And thats because our race, lgbt+ status, and gender intersect in a way that makes it okay for people to victimize us with next to no consequences.   

So I was around polyamorous people in Michigan

and multiple times they (so many cishets) referred to “coming out” as polyam.

Stop it. Stop it right now.

No, polyamory is not the norm. No, polyamory is not broadly accepted. No, your parents probably won’t approve of you being polyamorous.

But stop fucking appropriating the terminology of LGBT+ people.

Now before I get a million hate messages, let me remind you, this is my family:

That’s me, in the wheelchair. That’s my beautiful child with the dark blonde hair. And those are my two (count them, two) committed partners who I live with.

I came out as bisexual.

I came out as nonbinary.

I announced that I was polyamorous.

Lifestyle choices are not the same as inherent identities. You do not “come out” as a gamer. No one “outs you” as a student. There is no “closet” to hide in as a vegan. 

Might some of these things cause you backlash? Of-fucking-course. But that doesn’t mean you equate them to marginalized identities.

To the Parents Who Don't Accept Their Kids

There isn’t an acceptable child underneath their “unacceptable” outer shell.

There isn’t a child of their assigned gender inside your transgender child.

There isn’t a straight child inside your queer child.

There isn’t a neurotypical child inside your autistic child.

Stop trying to crack our “unacceptable” outer shell. You’ll rip off our skin and leave us prone to the pain of the world.

Make that “unacceptable” outer shell acceptable.

Love us to our core.

queer kpop fans are not more predatory than het ones
queer kpop fans are not insulting their idols or doing them harm for imagining them as queer 
queer kpop fans are allowed to have queer headcanons (and not everyone is straight until proven otherwise like wtf)

and tbh if kpop idols can profit off of our community by taking same sex skinship way too far sometimes (and without actively supporting the community) then we should be at least allowed to enjoy it?!

let’s not demonize lgbtqiap+ fans for searching for representation and let’s not act like het fans are any less predatory over their idols
 thank you

when all the world is a hopeless jumble
and the queerphobes tumble all around
heaven opens a magic land
when all the hate darkens up the skyways
there’s a rainbow highways to be found
leading from your window pain
to a place behind their glee
that’s where you’ll find me

somewhere over the rainbow, way up high
there’s a land that i heard of once in a lullaby
somewhere over the rainbow, lil’ gays fly
gays fly over the rainbow, why then oh why can’t i

“not all white people are racist” ok as a white person lemme tell you why that is bullshit.

If you live in the west, it’s almost definite that your society is white supremacist. especially Europe and America.

From the day you are born into one of these white supremacist societies, you will be brainwashed into believing bad things about poc. these internalized feelings will be a part of you no matter how hard you try to dismantle them. you can unlearn most of these, but you will always have internalized bigotry. this doesn’t mean that you can’t be an activist, dismantle white supremacy, etc. but the fact remains that as long as you benefit from the oppression of another group, you will be bigoted towards that group, whether it’s poc, queer people, disabled people, immigrants, women, and any other minority group.

As long as cis, white, straight, abled, native-born men are considered to be superior, everyone who is privileged will be bigoted. If I, a white, physically abled, native-born american man can realize this, you can too.

Cisphobia sucks. Transphobia sucks.

Heterophobia sucks. Homophobia sucks. Biphobia sucks. Queerphobia sucks.

Racism against white people sucks. Racism against black people sucks. Racism against anybody sucks.

Sexism against men sucks. Sexism against women suck.

Hating on someone for factors they can’t control sucks. 

Stop trying to justify it as “fighting against oppression” “"venting” “its unnatural” or other similar bullshit, okay?

Is there anymore I missed?

With everything that’s been going on lately, I figured now was an important time to remind the world that we won’t go back with these pink triangle never again pins. The pink triangle was a symbol used to identify gay men in nazi concentration camps during WWII. With the ongoings in Chechnya, it is important to remember our history and that never again means NEVER AGAIN.

A Black man who does nothing but love and support you? Nah.

A white woman who does nothing but love and support you (AND COVER YOUR OFFICE WITH FLOWERS HONESTLY LENA WHAT KIND OF GAY SHIT)? Nah.

Arrogant white dudebro that treats you and the rest of the world pretty damn terribly? Sure.


(PSA: it’s okay to have more than one interracial couple in a show. It’s okay to have more than one queer couple in a show. In fact, it’s HIGHLY ENCOURAGED.)

I *definitely* think that people need to talk about why racism is tolerable until it happens to a group they can humanize or identify with (no matter why that is…even though many of them do it for erroneous reasons i.e. they see those people as “kind of white” sometimes, or something along those lines).  But I think that it needs to be framed as an indictment against a system that has normalized *our* abuse instead of proof that a certain group is an a “protected class” when all evidence shows that they aren’t.  I think that our inability to frame the current actions of the trump administration as a symptom of the preexisting white supremacy (instead of just nazi holdovers infiltrating and forcing America to the right) is a part of the problem.  

Its important to discuss why people like Pewdiepie can make racist jokes about black people, with no repercussions, to the point where it becomes a part of youtuber culture to target us. This page has examples of his racism, especially against blakc people, “”   Hell, in defending him from the backlash at his most *recent* bout of racism (targeting Jewish people) folks fell back on the anti-black racism (something folks celebrating his “fall from grace” have ignored). The environment is so unfriendly to black people that popular content creators are met with incredulous responses when they reveal that they’re black.  You can’t even participate in popular activities like “Try Not to Laugh” because there’s some kind of racist joke against black people there (or its littered with racial slurs).  Half of the “memes” are stolen videos of black people, a few even being personal moments, turned into laugh fodder.  There are people on youtube who literally lie and pay people to be violent so that they can mobilize racists against black people, there are others who have built their audience around spreading white supremacy and obsessively trolling black content creators.  And that’s just with black people, that’s not even mentioning what’s done to other groups on there (Youtube is terrible to Muslims, and queer people, especially transwomen)

So it makes sense why people are frustrated that it seems like you can succeed in attacking marginalized people on Youtube as long as you target “the right group”. And its even worse when you see that these companies will ignore indignity after indignity when its directed at your people but will suddenly be motivated to act the “one time” that person targets someone who actually *matters*. It seems like these were resources folks had for *years*, that they could have mobilized at anytime but just didn’t think your people were important enough to fight for.  And worse (in regards to the airport protests) they used the same tactics they were demonizing back when YOU used them before.

But I think the problem is that people who talk about the liberal’s inability to be multifaceted or take responsibility for past behavior do so in a way that scapegoats the people who are victims of the policies folks *are* fighting against instead of talking about the reason why companies and *allies* only show up for certain “causes”. 

I think that the conversation around this needs to center around why violence against us is so normalized that people accept it as “The way Youtube is”.  Or they see it as black people “complaining” about something that’s “just part of life” and “if you don’t like it, leave”.  I think we also have a responsibility to take a serious look at the history of the U.S. and how racism was so normalized that people didn’t see it as “fascism” till now (and even now, they don't’ see the racism or antisemitism or transphobia, etc. itself as “fascism”, even though many of these things have been happening for YEARS, they just don’t like who’s enacting it).  The apathy here happens because of the precedents set way before Trump was even a presidential candidate, not because Jewish, Muslims, or Native people are uniquely privileged over other marginalized groups.  I don’t think a country that committed genocide, had Jim Crow and turned Jewish refugees away during the the Holocaust can honestly pretend everything now isn’t an extension of that.

**Though I do think people in those groups should think about the fact that the reason black, queer and trans people have to force their way into the center of these resistance movements is due to the fact that they will always ignore what happens to us otherwise (even those of us who are a part of their groups), because the violence against us is normalized in their spaces just like it is in ‘cis white spaces.”**