Nonbinary Survey

O boy so I finally made a survey so I can help my project along. It might be kinda weird because I suck at these types of things :/
Also send an ask or message me if you want a question to be added or if something needs to be changed!

Also to the people I’m tagging, it’s partially because I need help spreading this!

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There’s a correct way to be an ally to a marginalized community you’re not a part of. 

In particular for the LGBTQ community, it’s important to note that being an LGBTQ ally isn’t an identity. It’s not something you discover about yourself, and it’s not something that you alone can proclaim yourself to be. Being an ally is a role, and an active one at that. Just because you helped a community in the past and advocated for them does not mean you are still currently an ally, and your past actions absolutely do not cancel out any negative actions towards that community that you do in the present. 

My university’s gender and sexuality center offers ally training. As in, you actually have to put in work and learning in order to earn the position of being an ally. Only upon finishing your training are you allowed to display an ally card on your office or dorm room door. And y'know what? If you mess up, if someone sees or hears that you’ve done something against the LGBTQ community, even inadvertently, you are called back in for more training. And if you really mess up, your ally card is revoked. 

Being an LGBTQ ally isn’t the same as not being homophobic. There’s more work to put in than just that. It’s actively ensuring that you are not saying or doing things that are homophobic, or that when you see others doing homophobic things, you call them out on it. And when you make a mistake, you own up to it, apologize, and listen to the effect you had on members of the LGBTQ community. 

You don’t get to pull your ally card as defense or justification. Because that allyship is not yours. You earned it through your actions, it was given to you by the community. And your card can be revoked.