I just want an adorable, sweet, girlfriend.
Someone who’s faithful, who understand I’m not extremely sexual, who can handle my depression and anxiety.
Who understands I have my bad days where I don’t talk to anyone, but she’s on my mind.
I would treat her like a queen.
Seriously. I need this so bad.
I need to love, I need to be loved.

The OB team is like, “Season four will be even bigger and better!” 

And I’m like, “Oh, my gosh!  Will Cosima have a house of her own again?  Will Collin and Felix get back together?  Will Delphine’s post-injury boots be even taller than those before?”

And they’re like, “More action!  More mind-bending plot twists!  More drama!”

And I am like, “Oh… uh… thanks… I guess… … … …