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Ay I just wanted to say that as a young trans kid who can't come out for the sake of his own safety I think you're amazing and I really look up to you

Thank <3  I love you and I hope you’re doing okay.

Apparently I’m everybody’s queer communist trans mom, and I love all my little queerlings.

I just want an adorable, sweet, girlfriend.
Someone who’s faithful, who understand I’m not extremely sexual, who can handle my depression and anxiety.
Who understands I have my bad days where I don’t talk to anyone, but she’s on my mind.
I would treat her like a queen.
Seriously. I need this so bad.
I need to love, I need to be loved.

The OB team is like, “Season four will be even bigger and better!” 

And I’m like, “Oh, my gosh!  Will Cosima have a house of her own again?  Will Collin and Felix get back together?  Will Delphine’s post-injury boots be even taller than those before?”

And they’re like, “More action!  More mind-bending plot twists!  More drama!”

And I am like, “Oh… uh… thanks… I guess… … … … 

Welcome to Letters

Hi everyone! This blog was created with the intention of someday perhaps making a real, live printed book out of its submissions, so understand that everything you submit may someday be distributed more widely than just via this blog. With that in mind, here’re some ground rules:

  • You may submit anonymously (or not)
  • You can sign your submissions with a first name, a blog URL, or Anon (only first names to maintain confidentiality)
  • You may not mention any people by full name in your submissions, but may use first names
  • Your letter can be to yourself at ANY age younger than you currently are - elementary school, middle school, high school, college, whatever
  • You MAY discuss sensitive subjects such as self-harm, sexual assault, mental illness, etc., but we ask that you utilize our trigger warning tags on the submissions box
  • Your letter can be as long or as short as you’d like it to be
  • To submit, you MUST identify as queer and/or trans

Go forth and submit, queerlings!

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