I feel like all the people calling Will’s speech “anti millenial” weren’t listening close enough. He didn’t imply anything against younger queerlings, just reminded that we need to remember who and what came before us. Remember how bis were attacked with a certain gatekeeping rhetoric, which was then reused on trans individual, was then used in on aspecs? Ever notice how it’s always the older people in the community who have to remind us this shit has happened before, and when we don’t remember and don’t actively try to prevent it, it creeps back in?

“I just dont want you to forget those who were fighting for rights you don’t even know you didn’t have”

The show said it was going to be tackling more modern queer topics, and face it, our generation not knowing shit about the history of the community until a self described “community gramdma/pa” steps in to teach and remind is something that happens. A lot. It’s not about insulting and disparaging millenials. It’s about appreciating those who came before us for the way things are now, and reminding everyone that there is work we still have ahead of us.

look at this wonderful thing I have helped cause to be in the world, have you ever seen such beauty~

[proceeds to stare at it all night]

Hey, no, realtalk here? There were *years* growing up as a wee gay genderqueer trans kid that I KNEW I’d never see 18, much less 36. And y'all? I didn’t even have WORDS IN MY VOCABULARY for how AWESOME life has been since I moved out of my hometown and got to see what I’d be like if I didn’t have to be Who Everyone Knew Me As anymore.

Never, ever, ever give up. You never know.

Alex? Dana? You two are wonderment in human form, and I thank you for helping my fellow queerlings out at a time it’s most needed. I thank you beyond what even my sincerest words could possibly convey. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.

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Mod E

I just want an adorable, sweet, girlfriend.
Someone who’s faithful, who understand I’m not extremely sexual, who can handle my depression and anxiety.
Who understands I have my bad days where I don’t talk to anyone, but she’s on my mind.
I would treat her like a queen.
Seriously. I need this so bad.
I need to love, I need to be loved.

The OB team is like, “Season four will be even bigger and better!” 

And I’m like, “Oh, my gosh!  Will Cosima have a house of her own again?  Will Collin and Felix get back together?  Will Delphine’s post-injury boots be even taller than those before?”

And they’re like, “More action!  More mind-bending plot twists!  More drama!”

And I am like, “Oh… uh… thanks… I guess… … … …