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Mire un post que hiciste de un comic de veggeta y no se quien mas?Bueno tengo varias cosas que decirte, primera le pusiste como tag #lgbt lo que lo encuentro muy estupido? Porque los comics que hacen ustedes son sexualizando las relaciones de la comunidad lgbt asi que no creo que necesitamos su yaoi niñas cis hetero, segundo me molesta que haya salido en busqueda segura,y ultima tienes un talento y espero que un gran futuro pero por favor lo que les pido es que no lo gasten en sus fetiches homo

Disculpa anonimito, pero yo TAMBIÉN pertenezco a la comunidad LGBT, participo activamente defendiendo los derechos de las personas homosexuales y trans, y no soy una “niña cis hetero” que sexualiza a la comunidad por QueerBaiting,  que tan de moda está. 

Para mí dibujar cómics que representen esas orientaciones es una forma de visibilizar el tema, tanto gay como lésbicos, y de aportar a la cultura Queer con material de calidad y lo más realista posible.

Por otro lado, quizá tú no los necesites, pero otros hombres gay, amigos míos incluso, son los mayores fans de éstos comics, porque también tienen derecho a tener material sobre su sexualidad, y son los que más me dan ánimos para seguir dibujando todo con detalles que solo un hombre gay conoce~

Me disculpo si te incomoda la página, no tengo problema en borrarla y comenzar a subir todo con censura, es lo que iba a hacer desde el principio, pero por favor NO INSULTES A LA GENTE QUE DIBUJA COMICS GAY SI NO SABES LAS RAZONES DE POR QUÉ LO HACEN. Generalizar siempre es malo.

Por último, si te molesta tanto mi material, te invito a que me bloquees y así no vuelvas a verlo por tu dash ^^ es la opción más sana!

Un beso, y espero aprendas que no puedes generalizar la condición sexual de otros “suponiendo” que son hetero, o mujer, o CIS. Y QUE HAY QUE RESPETAR LOS GUSTOS Y LIBERTADES PERSONALES DE CADA QUIEN.

PD: tengo una pareja homosexual~ y por lo mismo hago todo con mucho respeto.

I’m sorry, but I gotta say this :// Please stop asking me to reblog your het deadpool fanfics.

This blog is NOT about heterosexual relationships, this blog was made to bring light and celebrate queer headcanons, fanfics and queer-guided materials related to Deadpool. Eventually I reblog Wade and Vanessa because thats exactly what happened in the movie and the comics, and yes he is pansexual, but this is as far as I will go.

I’ve created this blog exclusively for non-het/queer material, especially because almost 99% of the Deadpool blogs back in the days were not only handled by white het sexist dudes, but were also dedicated to extremely homophobic and sexist materials, so I thought that it would be nice to create a blog dedicated to celebrate Wade’s pansexuality/queerness and to provide a safe space for queer fans in general.

So please don’t get me wrong, I appreciate your fics and I’ll gladly read them (I love all types of fics, do send them to me) but please understand that I won’t be posting them here. There are tons of ‘imagines’ or general deadpool blogs out there, just talk to the blog owners. ;)

I was so in love with @ktorr19 ’s shirt that she bought me my own, because that’s what friends are for. 👭💁

What is QT Talk?

QT Talk was first thought up a couple of months ago, I had first bought a dyke shirt on the internet, the the crack in the U.S. political system had just completely unhinged, and all of us pals had just been to a queer ladies dance night that left us feeling jazzed and also bummed at the lack of community and space we are finding (or not finding). This idea for a newsletter made for and by queer and trans people materialized shortly after. Honestly, we are just a couple of queer and gender nonconforming nerdy feminist pals who are drawn towards writing, radical thinking, and art. This is our way of taking action, of being direct, and building community and thought. We invite you and the other queer and trans cuties to divulge in what we are putting forward and help us continue to put it forward. This is not just a space for our own thoughts, this is a community; if you have art to share, an analysis piece you wrote, want us to help publicize your book, really whatever, contact us–we want you! This is for us, for you, to take over and to claim what is yours. Education, feminism, politics, the academy, publishing, let’s queer it, right here.

QT Talk is a monthly newsletter created by and for queer and transgender people. We are here to cultivate alternative queer media focusing on the writing, art, and ideas with specific interest in elevating and amplifying topics on feminism, anti-racism, decolonization, and trans liberation. QT Talk works to be current and forward with all of the work published. Everything you say is created by a queer or trans person. This is your way to get monthly news, tips on your practice, learn about local artists, and find community.

This short piece was written by Grace Piper, a QTPoC Portlander with an interest in cheese and education. 


About 10 years ago I met her. We were 16, she was the best friend of a friend of mine, and that was basically how we met: through a common friend.

The same friend that we shared our deepest wish to kiss another girl.

So let me explain this a little bit further….

We came from a small town in Brazil, and as you can imagine, we were in a very hostile place to be out as queer. That’s why kissing another girl was such a taboo. Also keep in mind that this was 10 years ago. We didn’t have as much queer media - we didn’t even have things like youtube to check for some queer material - so talking about this was very very difficult for us.

Anyways, this friend helped us to set up a date for us to kiss. That’s right, nothing more and nothing less, we just wanted to know how it was gonna feel. I know this could sound a little bit strange, but we wanted so bad to know how it was to kiss another girl that we actually set up a date just to kiss.

What I wasn’t expecting was to fall in love so hard with her. It was the most intense thing that I ever experienced, I actually could feel the love running through my veins. I know this sounds cliche but it was how I really felt.

The problem was that Julia was dating this other guy, and she wasn’t ready to come out as bissexual to her family, so although we had all this love and urge to continue to be together, we just couldn’t.

For about 2 years we stayed friends. She dated other people, I dated other women. However, we couldn’t be left alone because we could feel the sparks even though it was 2 years after our first and only kiss. This continued for a while until we decided to stop this bullshit and admit our love for each other. So we ended our relationships and started dating.

Now, 8 years later, we are finally married. She is the love of my life and I’m more than sure about this. She is not only my best friend and my better half - oh no, she’s way more than that. She’s Julia, this amazing person that I’m lucky enough to share my life with. It’s not that I couldn’t exist without her, it’s that I’m better at life with her by my side. I’m so lucky not only for having her with me through all this time, but I’m also lucky to have friends and family that care so much about our love.

The main point as to why I’m sharing this is because in the past I was in a very bad place, and I didn’t want to continue living, so I took some actions about this that I’m not proud of. But now I’m at a better place and I’m just too excited to see what else life has to bring me.