Since 2010, we have continued to express the need to tell our stories as undocumented trans/queer immigrant families.

After the tragic failure of the #DreamAct , and identity has been condicioned hijacked in the narratives of politicians and programs that continue to fully discriminate the immigrant experience. Separating who deserves to stay vs who needs to be deported.

Identities like #Dreamer that are a danger for new generations of immigrants & criminalize the realities of our friends and families that dont feet the privileged overachiever identity need to be retaliated with our truth.

Criminalization ends when we begin to acknowledge our existance and speak of for our own reality: being black/brown, trans, Sex workers, escorts, Domestic violence susrvivors, political refugees,drug users, mental health challenged due to incarseration,being HIV poz, being homeless, being poor: even being political concious is precious and your live an identity matters just as much!✊

Join us this month shamelessly and a share your personal story.

Are you undocumented and ready to come out of all te shadows?? We are beautiful. We exist.

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