A few generations ago, boys grew up with people like Superman teaching them how to be gentlemen. I believe there’s a greater need for all of us to engage in the heroic sides of ourselves. If we look at the Ferguson riot and how it’s affecting the whole world emotionally, it’s not that we need some saviour. It would be wonderful if we could advertise the idea of looking to the hero inside, so we could all find a way of being our best self when faced with adversity.

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do you ever think about steve's remark in tws about how the kiss with natasha wasn't his first kiss in 90 years bc i think about that a l ot


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samsteve hc: they both love being the little spoon so much they have to take turns. they'll play fight about it too, shoving at each other gently in bed and teasing each other. it feels so comfortable and nice and safe in each other's arms. sam will kiss the back of steve's neck when steve is the little spoon, or when sam is, he'll snuggle back into steve and steve will rub his hand against sam's chest~

oh my GOD

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people are WAY MORE judgmental of female actors than male ones. like they fall over themselves and bend over backwards to excuse/justify shitty things male celebs do but if female celebs do it then they’re the devil

mmmhmmmmmmmmmmm like I know scarjo’s politics are whack as fuck and I’m so uncomfortable with her but rdj is equally untrustworthy (like…his whole past aside, he is biffles with mel gibson and yet no one’s saying shit about that). LIKE COME ON GUYS DON’T BE SO TRANSPARENT

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not for the meme but! share your thoughts on owen+claire post-movie?


i mean like claire is super practical/pragmatic/logical so i imagine that once things settle down she’d pull that whole “relationships based on intense experiences never work” (thanks speed) but it wouldn’t work but lbr owen and claire were dtf long before the intense experience happened.

i imagine claire does the whole therapy route because she’s claire and she reads up on it and she knows what she needs to do for herself? i just don’t see it being owen’s thing. he seems very good at compartmentalizing/not dealing and more than that his relationships with people in general (as presented to us in the film) seems minimal a best. a sort of like “don’t approach owen without announce yourself” kind of reaction from him but like he’s always been like that? half-wild already. never enter his blindside he will attack.

owen crashes on claire’s couch because his bungalow has probably already been appropriated by dinosaurs. so there’s that. there isn’t a WHOLE lot of sex at first because claire’s caution, and owen not wanting to push her into anything. the first few months there’s just a whole lot of being there for one another, helping each other out through nightmares, late night runs together, owen makes her eggs at 4am, she leaves him notes reminding him to call his sister (i have this whole headcanon for owen about why he’s in the navy, where his folks etc). and then they hit an anniversity months and claire is basically like “wow still really want to be in this relationship with you?” because owen makes her branch out, take risks. claire connects him to something other than deadly predators, reminds him of his humanity. owen gets really close to grey and zach. claire doesn’t completely let go of her rigid scheduling and controlling but she does learn to be flexible. no work on sundays. dropping out early to catch a movie with owen.

then there’s a lot of sex. like a lot. claire and owen are ridiculously sexually active. and they’re both dominate so it’s not usually gentle. that’s how they like it.

and then because i am absolutely jurassic park trash and because jp2/3 are no longer canon owen and claire definitely wind up meeting both grant and malcolm. owen actually did his masters under grant (who was a little peeved when owen left the department to go with masrani co.). owen winds up back meeting with grant, they talk about velcoiraptor experience (owen emotes about blue clearly), owen probably gives getting his masters a thought. claire meanwhile is brought under a LOT of attention (owen would be too except he hates it and purposely goes off radar) and since masrani needs good publicity they use claire as a poster girl (the cctv got her leading the t-rex to the indominus of course) so there’s a whole press tour with larry king, dateline, etc which is how she meets ian malcolm who really just loves when the anti-jurassic world things get going. though he’s nice to claire (”write a tell-all” is his suggestion for coping).

then claire straight up quits masrani because of course they’re looking to reopen the park. people still want to go, maybe even more so now that there’s aura of danger. but claire is contacted by dr. ellie sattler who works for some off-branch government agency tasked with monitoring the use of genetic splicing (because jurassic world can literally recreate a human gnome/clone dinosaurs and i’m supposed to believe other companies don’t want their hands on this?) and wants to sign claire on board bc of her experience and because he’s just a damn good manager. owen gets hired on by a non-profit organization who’ve got the go-ahead to monitor the now loose dinosaurs on isla nebular, possibly isla sorna, mostly just to mire the park in red tape so masrani can’t reopen (which owen has no problem with). this, of course, let’s him see blue again even if they can not, and will not, ever have the same relationship they did. he at least gets to know she’s okay.

[deep breath]

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what's wrong w/ chris carter? i'm a fan of the x files but i've never gotten too deep into the fandom so i just watch the episodes/movies and miss the drama, haha

well, in my books, my main issues with carter are as follows:

  • stubbornly insisted that david and gills had no chemistry when it was obvious to a blind, deaf person that they had SCADS of said chemistry
  • as a result he was pretty dismissive to fans who shipped sculls and mulder from day one (STRICTLY PLATONIC PARTNERS DO NOT TOUCH EACH OTHER SO MUCH AND MAKE DECLARATIONS OF UNDYING TRUST, SUPPORT, AND DEVOTION, YOU DOORKNOB), and then proceeded to drag out the will-they-won’t-they for almost ¾ths of the entire fucking series. talk about aneurysm-inducing frustration.
  • THAT FUCKING BEE. no fandom in the history of fandoms will be more enraged when someone mentions the word “bee”. JUST GIVE US PEACE AND LET US BE HAPPY FOR FIVE DAMN MINUTES.
  • and now he’s saying that sculls and mulder have split up in the space between the last film and this revival, to which i call a resounding BULLSHIT. after everything they went through – and all of the shit dana put up with over the years – i refuse to believe they would split.
  • also it’s just such fucking, terrible writing when couples are split up for no reason other than “drama” – you can still have interesting characters and couples when they’re happy about their relationship, people. the obstacles they have to overcome can be external forces, not just in-fighting and bickering, you know. i constantly feel the need to shove nick and nora charles in the faces of such hack writers.

i know others probably have better-reasoned, more eloquent reasons, but them’s my five cents.