Bechloe week day: I don't know anymore



That was the first thing Beca thought when Chloe had slipped her hand into hers, linking their fingers for the first time as they walked back to the gingers apartment together after the confession of Nodes.

Beca had been the only one to stay behind, other bellas leaving in favor of class, or boyfriends, or sex, or whatever the hell Lily does.

“That really sucks Chlo.”

“Yeah, but I think I’m going to be fine, as long as I have my best friend,” Chloe smiled and Beca wanted to reach up and brush her fingers across her newly proclaimed “best friend"s lips. She wanted to turn the sad smile into one of happiness.


Was the first thing the brunette thought when she ran her hands through Chloes hair that evening, trying to massage her scalp as the woman sat on the floor in between her legs.

"Has anyone ever told you your hair is amazing Chloe?” Beca was saying before she even realized she had opened her mouth. She could sense the smile on her friends face as the woman between her legs wrapped an arm around her calf and gave it a squeeze.

It had meant to be more of a comforting, understanding gesture, but had make Beca squirm, and Chloe think the same thought as her brown haired friend.


Beca Mitchell must have just shaved that evening before coming over for pizza and bad TV.

“Has anyone ever told you that you give amazing scalp massages?” Chloe said as she leaned back into Becas touch, trying to surpress a moan as the woman scratched here and there.

“Only you Chlo.”


Was the only thing running through Becas mind as the red heads feet brushed against her leg, causing her to shiver. And in turn Chloe only cuddled closer, mumbling a soft “sorry Becs” as she smuggled into her chest.

“Night cold feet,” Beca smiled down, running her hands through silky hair once more.

“Night human furnace,” Chloe said in nothing more than a whisper.

Beca felt a warm yet gentle kiss being placed on her collarbone by the woman cradled in her arms. And Beca immediately became burning hot, longing for the touch of Chloes frozen feet to sear her skin, to reassure her she was in fact, still alive and breathing.

But all that came of the situation was Beca smiling like an idiot, wrapping her own arms around the girl and placing her own gentle kiss on top of thick red hair.


That was Becas first thought the next morning.

She woke up with a mess of red hair in her face and arms tightly secured around her middle. Her best friend cuddled into her chest.

Carefully, Beca extracted herself from the woman, taking her hands off her best friends butt and slowly sitting up in bed. She stared down at Chloe, all thoughts from the previous day coming back to her.

How soft Chloes hand had been. How silky her hair was. How cold her feet were and wondering once again what it would feel like if she had Chloes lips on hers.


Chloe was hot.

Especially when she woke up slightly confused, and sat up slowly, curling into Beca and linking their hands again.

Hot. Beca thought as she cautiously reached over to brush red hair out of bright blue eyes, both smiling.

Hot. Beca thought as she glanced down to see the Cami Chloe had been sleeping in–slightly askew and showing more boobage than when they first entered the gingers bed around 1 am.

Hot. Beca thought as Chloe spoke for the first time, her voice soft and cracking.

“Morning Becs, sleep well?”

Beca could only nod, because for the first time she was realizing how hot her best friend was.

So like any idiot, she told her.

“Chlo, you’re like, super hot. I hope you know,”

Chloe blushed but pulled Beca closer nonetheless.

“And you’re hands are so soft and your hairs smooth and your feet are so damn cold but if you put that all together you get a really hot person. And that person is you.”


“Holy…what is happening to me?” Beca said to herself, extracting her hands from Chloes and moving to stand up. “This is so queerballs.”


The brunette turned to see Chloe yawning which, yes. Solidified her on the fact that Chloe Beale was HOT.

“Yeah?” She said softly, blushing like crazy and making her way slowly back into Chloes bed, grabbing for soft hands moments later.

“You’re hot too,” the girl whisper yelled before kissing her on the corner of the mouth, setting Becas whole being on fire again, until cold feet brushed her own legs. “And I was wondering if you’d like to grab coffee with me this fine morning?”

“Like as a…”

Chloe nodded.

“Like as my hot date Beca.”

And now it was Becas turn to nod, and she reached up to run her fingertips lovingly over what were, in fact, the most moisturized lips she had ever felt.

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“The audience love the Trebles, they tolerate us. We could change the face of a cappella if we…Oh my god, that sounded so queerballs. What’s happening to me?”